10 Best Long Range TV Antennas

For some, it can be challenging to receive a decent television signal with an ordinary antenna.

For those living in areas far away from a broadcast station, a long range TV antenna can remedy this by providing better and stronger reception, even from many miles away.

A decent long range antenna is well worth the investment as it:

  • Gives you access to more channels
  • Provides more HD quality
  • Saves money

There are many long-range antennas on the market to choose from and the choices can be confusing.

Here are ten of the best long-range TV antennas on the market today:

1. Channel Master CM-2020 Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

Channel Master Advantage 100 Directional Outdoor TV Antenna - Long Range FM, VHF, UHF and Digital HDTV Aerial - CM-3020Check Price On Amazon

The Channel Master is a powerful long-range antenna that is super easy to assemble. All you have to do is unpack, mount and connect.

It offers an impressive reception range of up to 100 miles. The antenna is very easy to assemble.

It can be used on its own but it also has the option of being used in conjunction with a Channel Master preamplifier for optimal performance.


  • Reception Range: Up to 100 miles
  • Picks up UHF, High VHF, FM and HD
  • Turning Radius: 69.5 in
  • Number of Elements: 41
  • Turning Radius: 6 feet
  • Reception Range: Channels 7 thru 69 up to 60 miles
  • Output Connector: F-type

This is also one of the best long range outdoor TV antenna for rural areas you can find.

2. ANTOP UFO Amplified Long Range Omni-directional TV Antenna

Outdoor TV Antenna for Multiple TVs, ANTOP UFO Amplified Rooftop/Attic/RV/Marine HDTV Antenna 65 Miles Omni Directional Extremely High Reception with 33ft Coaxial Cable and Signal Splitter for 2 TVs

Check Price On Amazon

This compact, long range omni-directional TV antenna is ideal for those trying to receive a range of signals from multiple directions.

It offers a reception range of up to 65 miles, is equipped with High Gain reception and Smartpass Technology for a strong and consistent signal.

The 2-way coaxial signal splitter means that signal can be shared between two TV’s, making it ideal for family homes.


  • Reception Range: 65 Miles
  • Omni-directional
  • VHF/UHF Range Enhanced
  • Weather proof: Anti UV & Waterproof Exterior
  • ANTOP On-Line Customer Support Team
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Smartpass Amplifier System, for balanced short and long range reception
  • Built in 4G LTE Filter
  • Noise-free digital reception
  • ANTOP HDTV Antenna receives free broadcast High Definition /4K Ultra High Definition Over-To-Air (OTA) TV signals

3. ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna With Mount

Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna, 60+ Mile Range, UHF/VHF, Multi-directional, Indoor, Attic, Outdoor, Mast w/Pivoting Base/Hardware/ Adjustable Clamp/Sealing Pads, 4K Ready, Black – C2-J30-V

Check Price On Amazon

ClearStream is a leader in antenna technology and the ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount uses patented technology to deliver clear Full HD TV signals from ranges of up to 60 miles away.

What’s more, it is multi-directional, increasing your channel range. It is easy to install and includes all necessary installation parts.


  • Reception Range: 60 miles
  • Receive free TV from networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS, Univision, MeTV and more. Dedicated UHF and VHF
  • multi-directional elements deliver range and reception in less than ideal locations
  • Includes ClearStream 2V Antenna
  • 20 in mount
  • 30 ft coaxial cable
  • All-weather mounting hardware
  • Lifetime warranty on parts

4. 1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna

1byone is a Global Leader in TV Accessories. This long-range antenna offers reception of up to 150 miles, doubling that of many of its competitors.

It can receive superb HD and 4K ultra HD broadcast quality throughout its long range and is built to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Set up is simple. All it requires is to be mounted and plugged into the television with a coaxial cable.


  • Reception up to 150 miles
  • Frequency Range:174-230MHz; 470-862MHz
  • Receiving Range: VHF/UHF
  • Uncompressed full HD (1080P), ultra HD (4K) and 3D channels
  • Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Built-in Amplified Antenna Gain: 21-23dB for VHF; 26-28dB for UHF
  • Power Supply Input: AC 110V 60Hz
  • Power Supply Output: DC 12V 100mA
  • Included Mounting Pole and Built-in High Gain and Low Noise Amplifier
  • 12-month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee

5. Jeje-Tv-Antenna Outdoor Amplified

The JeJe Outdoor Amplified Antenna is one of the strongest long-range antenna on the market, with its reception range of up to 150 miles.

It supports full HDTV and can receive UHF, FM, and VHF. It has a 360-degree rotation range, with a remote control for signal from all directions and has dual TV outputs for use on 2 TV’s.

There is also a built-in Super Low Noise Amplifier to ensure the best broadcast quality.


  • Reception Range: 150 Miles
  • Supports Full HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Working Frequency: VHF 40~300MHz | UHF 470~860MHz
  • 360 degree rotation
  • 32db high gain reception
  • Built-in Super Low Noise Amplifier
  • Power: AC15V 300mA
  • Our digital TV antenna for HDTV includes a built-in 360 degree motor rotor
  • Built-in super low noise amplifier
  • Weather Resistant
  • Wireless remote control to adjust the antenna from inside the comfort of your home
  • Easy Installation

6. Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV Antenna, 70 Miles Range, Multi-directional, Indoor, Attic, Outdoor Applications, Special Bracket to Turn Both Panels, All-Weather Mounting Hardware, Adjustable Mast Clamp, 4K Ready, Silver - DB8e - DB8-ECheck Price On Amazon

The 8 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna has patented technology that allows you to receive clear TV signals from up to 70 miles away.

The omni-directional brackets receive broadcasts from various directions. The reflectors serve to increase the power of the signal to increase range and to protect from multipath interference.

It is ideal for those living in areas with many obstacles, like tall buildings or heavy foliage.


  • Reception Range: 70 Mile Range
  • Omni-directional
  • 8-Element
  • 17.4Bi gain
  • UHF, 470 MHz to 698 MHz, US Channels 14 – 69.
  • FullHD 1080 where available
  • Beam angle is 24.5 degree at 470 MHz to 16.3 degree at 698 MHz
  • Includes DB8e Antenna
  • All-weather mounting hardware
  • Connector: 75 ohm F Connector
  • Coaxial Cable: 2 each 28″ cables to combine antenna panels
  • Lifetime warranty on parts

7. Xtreme Signal Long Range Yagi Style VHF/UHF – Long Range Outdoor HDTV Antenna (HDB91X)

The Channel Master is a powerful long range outdoor hdtv antenna that is super easy to assemble. All you have to do is unpack, mount and connect.

It offers an impressive reception range of up to 100 miles. The antenna is very easy to assemble.

It can be used on its own but it also has the option of being used in conjunction with a Channel Master preamplifier for optimal performance.


  • 70+ miles reception for UHF
  • 25 Miles for High Band VHF
  • Mounting hardware is compatible with masts 1.6″ outer diameter and smaller.
  • Adjustable antenna angle
  • Uses built-in transformer for direct 75 ohm (coax) connection
  • Weather proof
  • Strong back reflector
  • 6 month limited warranty

Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right long range TV antenna for you.

Take some time to think about the channels as well as the formats you are looking to watch.

Long-range antennas are a great way to make the most of the free channels out there.

It is worth it to invest in an efficient and durable antenna the first time around so that you can enjoy high quality broadcasts for years to come, hassle-free.

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