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20 Business Card Templates Design

A business card is an important tool to promote yourself and your brand after leaving a conversation with prospect clients at a local meeting.

Over the years, the use of business card have transformed a lot than that in the past.

What is a business card?

A business card is a type of card that provides information about who you are or simply about your company or brand.

Most often, it contains company’s logo, the holder’s contact details, and his relationship to the business or company.

These cards are often exchanged at conferences, expos, meetings, interviews, and in many various formal introductions.

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Why use business card?

Business cards power up your chance to make a positive impression. Nowadays, where social media is at its peak, business owners tend to recreate the look and feel of the business cards.

For instance, company also include their mission and vision statement of their company or organization to further build an image about who they are and what they do.

In this way, a business card is a tool that publicize your brand, offline. According to John Date, a senior graphic designer for FedEx, that business cards are more powerful than ever, especially when complemented by social media.

Today, it has become more of a portfolio that is used to convey an idea, than it was in the past.

Tips for designing your business card

There are countless of business cards given every day and your greatest challenge is how to make your business card stand out from the others.

A careful consideration should not be overlooked when designing a business card. Below are some tips to make it work for you.

Tip #1: Decide on the size and shape

If you want your card to be handy then you may want to consider the standard pocket size. It is easy to give out and slip into a pocket or wallet.

Also, it is cheaper than the customized one. However, rectangular or pocket sized business cards are often used by many small and large business or organizations.

So, if you don’t want to be part of the usual then try some unique ideas like die cuts, magnetic, round-edge, or folded business cards.

Tip # 2: Consider the type of Coating

You can freely choose between a high UV gloss and a matte coating. Gloss coating often brings out the vibrant color of your design that is why it is considered as elegant and professional.

But, glossy cards are difficult to write on. On the other hand, matte finish allows you to write on the business card effortlessly. Also, matte business card is soft and silky.

Tip #3: Typography should represent your business

In many website design, typography is an important factor that needs to be considered in the design scheme. It is a powerful force in all forms of communication art, be it an advertisement design, brochure, business card, logo or website.

Choose a font size that reflects to your company or brand. If you are in a financial industry, using a serif font is appropriate than decorative fonts that are difficult to read.

Moreover, consider the font sizing especially when they are printed on a small format.

Tip #4: Blending of Colors

Just like typography, colors also play a vital role in designing. They most likely convey the emotion and nature of your business. The right color combination is a key to a successful design.

In many business cards, colors like white and blue brings out impression of loyalty and trust, yellow or orange suggests warmth, creativity, and imagination, green and black may give a sense of elegance and sophistication, and purple offers sense of calmness.

Business Card Design Ideas

Creative Lawyer Business Card



Creative Corporate Business Card



Wedding Business Card



Business Card PSD Template



Minimalistic Business Card Design



Nail Salon Business Card

image3 2


Splat Business Card

image4 2


Mojo Themes Business Card

image7 2


Free Business Card PSD

image6 2


Coffee Cup Business Card



Business Card Mock-up



Sarah Powers Media



Metal Business Card

image9 2


Kwong Business Card



Google Themed Business Card


Combed Card



Box Office Business Card



1scale1 Business Card



Cherryl Business Card



Reactor Business Card




Remember that business card represents you and your company, so ensure that the design in your business card is associated with what they see in your website, social media pages, and other company profiles.