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5 Reasons Your Magento Store Needs A Mobile App (with Mofluid)

Online shopping means convenience, more variety, better prices, product/price comparisons, less expenses and much more.

The past few years have seen a steady growth in both the Ecommerce and mobile commerce industry.

The global retail ecommerce sales are slated to reach $4.479 trillion in the next couple of years. While the mobile commerce is set to touch 669 billion U.S dollars.

The numbers clearly display the changing shopping trends adopted by both retailers and the consumers – from the traditional way of shopping (through the brick and mortar stores) to shopping via websites and now through mobile apps.

Mobile apps have most certainly redefined our lifestyles. Be it searching on Google, accessing social media, ordering food, booking a cab, playing games, streaming media – we have an app for almost everything.

Studies have revealed that users spend more than 80% of their mobile minutes on apps. Moreover, the mobile usage in the ‘shopping’ category too has grown by 54% – with the consumers preferring shopping apps to shopping websites.

This means that mobile apps are no longer ‘nice to have’, but rather a necessity.

Businesses would need to give some serious thoughts to providing mobility to their online stores.

Even though the websites built on Magento are flexible with excellent functionalities and performance, having a mobile app will enable them further to connect and engage with their mobile users.

Let’s look at the following 5 reasons your Magento store needs a mobile app –

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1. Better Accessibility

Downloaded mobile apps are easier to access, irrespective of your location or internet connection.

The app icon on the device homescreen is a constant reminder of your brand, and users can browse through the app-content as and when they like.

You can get the users to opt-in and then send your promotions, sales or exclusive offers through SMS, in-app notifications and emails.

Moreover, mobile apps for your business enables you to utilize all possible platforms – that can help you generate a huge database of users and create a long-term customer relationship.

2. More Conversions

Mobile apps play a significant role in boosting your conversions. With social media integrations, you can make your promotions go viral on social sites.

Adding testimonials and videos related to your store will only increase both the conversion ratio and the organic traffic to a greater extent.

The apps also allow you to engage your users with push notifications and send personalised offers. Deep linking the notifications directly with your offer page will also increase the chances of a purchase.

You can even use it for cart abandonments and save your potentially lost sales.

3. Mobile Payments

One of the major advantages of using mobile apps is the ease of payment and one click checkouts (along with guest checkouts) – that are way faster and much more secure.

QR code scanning and several payment gateways like paypal, stripe, google wallet etc. can easily be integrated within the app, giving more options to the users to make their payment choices.

The single-click payments have reduced the hassles of re-entering the billing information everytime you make a purchase, which in a way also encourages ‘impulsive buying’.

4. Analytics

Mobiles apps are great source of information related to business, users and app performance.

They give you insights into how your business is doing in terms of conversions, engagement and retention.

For instance, you get to know which are the most/ least viewed pages of your app; what are its heavily/ rarely used features or its most popular component that is drawing the traffic.

Moreover, you also get to analyse how well the app is responding, or at what point it is crashing and where it needs to improve.

It is extremely important to measure these user interactions with your app, if you want to optimize your business solutions, applications as well as user engagements for enhanced user experience.

5. Loyalty Opportunities

Customer retention is extremely important to e-business. It is believed that acquiring a new customer is four times more expensive than retaining an older one. Nurturing existing customers builds brand loyalty and trust.

Mobile apps are known for higher user engagements and provide ample loyalty opportunities as compared to websites.

The word of a happy customer intrigues newer customers into downloading your app that can boost up your sales.

Sending customized in-app messaging or offering discounts based on the user’s online activity and interests will lure them into making a purchase.

Incentivizing the users with credits, cashbacks or referral points will only bring them back to you for more.

How Can Mofluid Help?

Mofluid is one of the best Magento Mobile App Builder that can help convert any ecommerce store into a fully functional mobile app – for both Android and iOS devices.

It comes with several customizable themes that can be matched with your brand, while the swipe gestures and animations enhance the overall look and feel of your online store. A single app can be accessed to view multiple stores of the same brand.

The product catalogue is equipped with multiple functionalities including the downloadable product types, zoom function, sorting, out of stock listing and more.

With Pushwoosh, you can draft, schedule and send the push notifications while the Push Analytics allows you to track the open rate of these messages.

Mofluid is a multilingual app which means you can view the app content in different languages and currencies. It also supports Right to Left languages like Hebrew, Arabic etc.

It has over 15 authorized payment gateway integrations for secured transactions, Google analytic plugin for customer insights and social logins for easy one-click sign-ins.

Apart from that, you also get social sharing buttons along with the Wishlist feature, that allows the users to maintain their own list of items for future purchases.

And these are just some of the features. For more information, click here.

Bottom Line

Creative and unique apps are super effective in enhancing the overall shopping experiences for your users.

Unlike websites, they are more visible and act as a direct marketing channel in real time.

They not only make you stand out in the marketplace, but also help you connect and build relationships with your consumers.

Mofluid extension is one of the best and easiest way to turn Magento ecommerce store into a beautiful mobile application in just a few minutes.

If you still haven’t got an app for your business, Contact Us Now !