10 Best Apps Like Wattpad

Since it launched in 2006, Wattpad has become the de facto home of aspiring writers and dedicated fiction readers. It has more than 90 million users worldwide. Stories written on the platform have become New York Times Bestsellers and Netflix hits.

Despite its fantastic track record and large community, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are many apps like Wattpad for writers and readers seeking something different both in terms of features and interface. Commaful, Book Breaks are some of them.

The best app like Wattpad is Miraquill as it offers excellent features. You also get to interact with a vast community of writers and people in similar field. The app is free as well.

Rather than spend hours kissing different frogs in the form of the hundreds of alternative Wattpad apps out there, we have selected ten princes that will suit your writing and reading needs.

Best Apps Like Wattpad

1. Miraquill

Even though it launched years later, in July 2016, Miraquill, formerly Mirakee, is proving to be a more than decent Wattpad alternative.

Although it does not have exposure mechanisms like Wattpad Studios and The Wattys, Miraquill is excellent at the primary goal of being part of a writing community.

On Miraquill, you can share and read any work with the writing community. Quotes, blogs, haikus, stories, poems, or passing thoughts.

You can share all kinds of writing in visually stunning designs that you publish on the platform or social networks like Pinterest.

What’s more, Miraquill is not just a place to publish your thoughts and imaginations and have others read your work.

It is also a place to discover and meet thousands of writers all over the world. 

Although its exact number of users remains unknown, the app has been downloaded over 50,000 times across Android and iOS stores and third-party websites.

Through published works like short stories, micro tales, tweets, and poems, you can find other passionate writers, follow them, and comment on their creations.

Not only does Miraquill offer a writing community like Wattpad, but it also has built-in tools to help develop the writer inside of you. 

Through daily writing challenges hosted by the platform, you can let your imagination shine by crafting stories, poems, and quotes based on word prompts. You will also be able to track your performance against others via likes and comments.

Miraquill’s Google searchable feature is also helpful in creating an online writing persona. It allows anyone to find your writing under your pen name if you want. However, you have to share at least 20 posts on the app before others can find you via keywords like “your username Mirakee write-ups.”

Add the fact that Miraquill supports all languages, and it is undoubtedly one of the best free apps like Wattpad you can get.

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2. Sweek

Available on Android and iOS, Sweek’sSweek’s central selling point is its relationship with creators similar to Twitch.

You can write a book and publish it on the platform, earning up to 60% of the sales price. It can either be an ebook or a physical copy, printed based on the number of purchases.

It also offers widgets and buy buttons you can use on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or your website.

The more you attract buyers from other channels, the higher the margin you earn on every purchase.

The most impressive thing is that you can publish your book within a few minutes. It has tools to help you through the publishing process, from manuscript to cover design.

Aside from being an excellent way to monetize your imagination, Sweek is also a genuinely useful app for writers and readers.

You can read thousands of free books and stories from amateur and professional writers. There is also a ton of poetry and fan fiction published every day.

Additionally, you can also start your journey as a writer on the platform by writing and publishing your stories with few steps.

Feeling void of ideas? You can access word prompts from its large community of writers via its Explore feature.

Sweek also has writing competitions with prompts. When you participate, you stand a chance to win cash prizes or get published by renowned publishers.

What’s more, with its Explore feature, you can build a fanbase of readers who enjoy your stories.

You can also discuss the latest plot twists with other readers and become an active member of a global community.

Like Wattpad, all of these features are available for free. You can start using them by downloading the app and signing up for the app via email or with your Facebook account.

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3. Commaful

Do you prefer to read your stories in multimedia format? Have stories told over contextual gifs and images? Commaful is a Wattpad alternative you might want to consider.

Although Wattpad is capable of similar formats, this app offers its stories entirely in picturebook format.

All you have to do is click on a title and tap on each image to load up the next part of the story.

You can upload your pictures with real people or use stock images from places like Unsplash and Pexels.

It has a rich tapestry of stories across various categories including poetry, short stories, comics, and fanfiction.

It also has broad genre options, including horror, thriller, and romance. And because of its format, it is ideal for those looking for suspenseful reads and slow reveals.

Like Wattpad, it has a web platform, so you don’t have to download the app if you prefer not to.

It would come in handy for users transitioning from Wattpad who are used to reading on their computer. But if you prefer using an app, it is only available on iOS.

All you need to do is go to the website and sign up via three available options: Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

The website, however, allows you to check out a few stories before you sign up to see if its format is your cup of tea.

Beyond being one of the best sites for readers, Commaful is also a solid platform for writers.

The app is home to professional bestselling authors and renowned screenwriters who experiment with different story ideas for readers to enjoy and writers to be inspired by.

Furthermore, you can have your work exposed to a ton of readers and other writers who will support you regardless of your skill level.

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4. Inkitt: Books, Novels, Stories

This app is probably the most popular Wattpad competitor, despite coming into existence in 2013.

The app has grown to over three million users worldwide, thanks to sharing a lot of features that make Wattpad the world’s leading storytelling platform.

The number one thing users want from apps like Wattpad and Inkitt is access to a large database of stories. In this regard, the German-developed app does not disappoint.

It has thousands of stories published across multiple genres, like drama, romance, erotica, adventure, and sci-fi.

Also, there are many fanfictions, with popular titles like Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Glee, Harry Potter, and Supernatural leading the list.

Not only can you consume multiple stories on the platform, but you can also share your thoughts and contribute to trending conversations via its Trending Topics feature.

Would you rather avoid the noise and stick to conversations with like-minded readers? Inkitt also has different groups, where you can talk about your favorite niche.

Writers can also find special groups of readers who review their stories before publishing them to the wild.

Speaking of writers, Inkitt also allows readers to post their own stories.

You can flex your creative writing skills through its writing contests or write a book that can be published via its publishing arm, Inkitt Publishing.

Writers whose works draw many readers and engagement can receive a publishing contract and have it published in print, ebook, and other formats. 

Aside from that, you will also get published on its sister app, GALATEA. It is a reading app where Inkitt stories are adapted to create immersive experiences through visual effects, haptic feedback, sound effects, and chat fiction.

Inkitt is available as an app on Android and iOS. Its stories are also accessible via a web browser.

All you have to do is sign up with either your email, Facebook, or Google accounts.

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5. Book Breaks

Looking for a Wattpad alternative purely as a reader? Perhaps you find the multi-genre distracting, or you want to read something exclusively from published writers?

Consider getting Book Breaks, it is also a free app, and it caters only to romance lovers.

The app is the product of Harlequin, the Canadian publishing company renowned for its romantic novels. Book Breaks gives you free access to hundreds of romance stories written by Harlequin authors.

Although you won’t get the entire book at once, new chapters are released every weekday.

With the app, you can enjoy many of the most enjoyable romantic stories you grew up with or discover new tales.

There are multiple categories, like women’s fiction, family life fiction, romantic suspense, and more. You will be able to choose any story that fits your mood.

Are you looking for stories written and about people of color? Harlequin’s Book Breaks also has a dedicated diversity category for authors of color.

All of these are available via the app, which is also accessible through its online website.

However, before you can access the stories on the app or the web, you have to create an account with Harlequin. Other than that, every chapter is free.

You can do other things with the Book Breaks app, including selecting the stories you want to read based on your available time.

You can choose between 30, 45, 60, and limitless minutes. So you can choose to start or finish a story while waiting for an appointment or during a flight.

Additionally, you can also choose your preferred mood with options like “fall in love”, “be seduced”, and “be inspired”.

When you find stories you love, you can create a personal favorites list to come back to them when you want to read again. Lastly, Book Breaks also has a community where you can discuss stories with authors and other readers.

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6. Penana

One of Wattpad’s advantages is the accessibility to stories from all over the world in native or translated languages.

That can be a pretty significant feature to give up if you are looking for Wattpad alternatives. That is where Penana excels as an alternative to Wattpad.

It is populated mainly by Asian writers and readers. Thus, it features plenty of stories, including K-Pop fanfiction from Japan, China, South Korea, etc. Stories are available in practically every genre, including drama, sci-fi, comedy, adventure, and romance.

You can either read them in the native language or read translated stories.

As a reader, the app offers different categorizations tailored to various users. There are long read stories, and there are short pieces.

You can also read contest entries and check out the most read and most commented stories via its Charts feature.

You can also follow writers and submit your recommendations, creating a more dynamic relationship between authors and readers.

Penana is not just a place for readers to read multiple stories; it is also a place for writers to share their works with thousands of readers.

Users can upload their work or join writing contests with different themes. You can also collaborate with other writers to craft a story, elevating it as a social publishing platform.

Furthermore, a Suggestion Revision function allows your readers to send your suggested revisions of your story.

All you have to do is activate the feature. Also, the corrections are visible to you alone, only available to the public after you approve of them.

Despite this, Penana does not offer a publishing deal or contract. So, writers can only use it to shape the quality of their work and gauge audience response.

The app is available on the web via all types of browsers. It is also available on Android and iOS. Again, the app is entirely free, and all you need is your email or Facebook account to sign up.

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7. Movellas

It does not have as wide of a user base as Wattpad, but it can be ideal for those looking to share their story or read stories on less populated platforms.

It has had an up-and-down journey since its original launch in 2011, but it is still here as a web app—the developer plans on releasing its iOS and Android apps soon.

Out of the many Wattpad alternatives, Movellas distinguishes itself with an intuitive and straightforward design. Web-users will particularly enjoy how adaptable it is across all of their mobile devices.

It makes it easy to keep up with the thousands of available stories across several genres.

Movellas has 19 genres, including plays & screenplays, fanfiction, fantasy, poetry, and realism. Other than that, you can also track stories posted in writing contests.

This app also does an excellent job of creating a community as a social storytelling platform. It has a Discover feature, through which you can find new writers and stories.

When you find the authors you like, you can follow them, and they can do the same, similar to traditional social networks.

You can also track authors who are online if you wish to engage with them.

There is also a Mumbles feature where you can read personal comments and posts from other readers or writers.

Additionally, writers can participate in writing competitions based on word prompts or themes created by groups or the platform.

Other creative writing tools include a regularly updated advice blog where writers give different writing advice.

In line with the fundamental qualities that define the best apps similar to Wattpad, Movellas has a low barrier of entry.

It is free, and you only need your email, Google, or Facebook account to sign up. 

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8. Scary Chat Stories

Looking for something that resembles getting a text from your friend via your phone? Scary Chat Stories is one of the best sites for readers of short, engaging horror stories free of charge.

You will have access to hundreds of scary chat stories in ghost and horror categories.

The stories are all available in bite-sized text message conversations, making them easier to read.

It also gives you an experience similar to reading someone else’s chat history. It further enhances this experience through the use of pictures to keep you immersed.

Although scary stories are its primary domain, the app also offers stories in other categories. They include love stories, action & thriller, Granny horror, text games, and more.

Writers inspired by a story they read cannot publish their fanfiction or original stories on Scary Chat Stories. And while you might think that would impact the number of tales available to read on the platform, it doesn’t.

New stories are released every day, and you can also access them offline.

Scary Chat Stories, also known as Addicted, is available to users on Android and iOS only. Former Wattpad users who read via the browser will have to download the app to access its library of stories.

Additionally, while it is free, the Android app does contain ads. If you mind the ad intrusion, there is a premium version of the app that you can buy.

Aside from getting zero ads, you also get access to every single story all at once and forever.

9. NovelCat

This Wattpad alternative is one of the most capable social storytelling platforms out there.

Although it does not have the popularity and millions of community members, thousands of readers and contributors create for and read its extensive library.

Unlike other apps that pay little attention to their web versions, NovelCat has a robust online presence that is just as efficient as its Android and iOS apps.

You can choose from over five million stories from more than 20+ genres, including fanfiction, fantasy, romance, and many more.

You can also earn rewards, such as money, by contributing your own stories to the library. This option is available to writers via its Writer Benefits program.

If you do not wish to explore the stories via genre, the app is also designed to recommend weekly stories for you.

There are also featured and ranked categories to discover new stories and writers.

Ranked lists include top hits, popular stories, rising stories, and frequently updated charts.

When you find the stories you love, you can interact with the writers and send them gifts to show appreciation for their their content.

NovelCat doesn’t just excel at being a library of stories. It is also a great reader app. Although customization is not as robust on the web version, you can customize actions like the page-turning effect and font on the mobile apps.

The customizable design is part of the app’s general intuitive UI.

To use on your mobile, download the app from your Android or iOS device. On the browser, visit the website and sign up using your Google, Facebook, or LINE account.

10. Books and Writing Amino

Lastly, if you are looking for a dedicated community of literary fans, as far as free social storytelling apps like Wattpad go, Books and Writing Amino is a worthy alternative.

It is one of the fastest-growing mobile communities filled with readers and writers alike, especially Young Adult stories fans.

Those seeking the pleasure of being part of the community will be able to read new stories every day, share their writing and get appropriate feedback.

It is also a good tool if you are only looking to discuss your book or what you are reading or learn about what others are reading worldwide.

Readers can discover new authors. You can also gain reputation points by sharing your knowledge—all actions geared toward making it an active community.

Using Books and Writing Amino, you will also be able to create a collection of your favorite novels and share them with the world.

Writers, as well, have access to editing tools to make your stories more engaging and fit for the platform.

There are two ways to become part of this literary community and use the app. You can download the Books and Writing Amino app, from the Google Playstore or Apple Store, depending on your device. 

Another way is to download Amino: Communities and Chats. It will give you the whole gamut of communities available under the Amino social network, one of which includes the Books and Writing community. 

With it, you can cross-match your interests, read fanfiction in the writing community and check out the cosplaying community for characters from the same stories.


Whether you are prioritizing being a writer in a literary community or looking for a place to read different kinds of stories, there are plenty of free apps like Wattpad out there.

These ten represent the best of them, across various platforms, with minimal tradeoffs depending on your primary goal. 

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