10 Best Bluetooth Party Speakers For An Outdoor Party India

It’s one thing to plan a good party, but it’s another to make it great, and what better way to do that than with some great music from party-perfect speakers.

A party without your favorite tunes is drab and boring. With a Bluetooth party speaker though, you can take your shindig to another level of auditory bliss and jam out to your favorite songs.

Subpar speakers will ruin the good vibes, so before you send out the invites to your family, friends or colleagues, you need to check out our collection of the best Bluetooth party speakers.

What Is A Bluetooth Party Speaker

A Bluetooth party speaker is a portable but powerful speaker that you can use in your home, at your neighbor’s house next door, the beach, outdoor adventures, picnics, or even the garden.

They’re not only portable, but their sound is just as good as most wired speakers you can get today.

The best Bluetooth party speaker is a great piece accessory that lets you carry your music on the go, moving between rooms, or far from any outlet.

Bluetooth party speakers aren’t the same size as other wireless speakers that tend to be pocket-sized or just enough to carry in your backpack or laptop bag.

They’re a little on the big side, but have similar features including voice assistants like built-in Google Assistant or Alexa.

This means they double up as smart speakers you can use to control the smart devices in your home.

Plus, you can get them in a variety of models, from affordable to high-spec, which is why we’ve compiled this handy buying guide so you can find the best Bluetooth party speaker for your party needs and wants.

Best Bluetooth Party Speaker For An Outdoor Party

If you’re hosting a huge party at your home or heading out in the elements by the beach or poolside, one of these Bluetooth party speakers is bound to make your party a memorable success.

1. Zoook Rocker Boombox Atom Bluetooth Speaker

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This Bluetooth speaker sports a classic design with great features like USB, TF card slot, an LCD screen, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, AUX, and FM. Its sound quality is good, loud, and thanks to the Bass and Treble control, you can adjust based on what you want for your party.

However, it doesn’t deliver too much punching or thumping bass, but you’ll still get to enjoy quality sound during your party.

It also has a good battery backup, and the speaker is lightweight and big though you can still fit it on a slab or small table.

You can receive local channels and get good strong and constant signals while playing the FM radio.

However, it also plays MP3, WAV, and FLAC files, whether they’re 16 bit or 24 bit with 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz.

2. boAt Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker

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This powerful Bluetooth speaker packs monstrous, loud bass and crystal-clear sound that can be extremely loud, which is great for a party as you can really crank it up when you want.

The 14-watt dual speakers are IPX5 waterproof and shockproof too, which makes it great for an active outdoor lifestyle, so you can go with it to a beach party or hangout if you prefer.

Its body is built with durable silicone and a rubber matte finish making it shock resistant and gives it all-round protection against water and dust.

The Bluetooth range is up to 11 meters, and the 3000mAh rechargeable battery, which charges up to 4 hours, delivers a whopping 10 hours of music so you can enjoy your party all evening.

It’s compatible with and can be paired with a variety of devices as long as they use Bluetooth technology.

3. JBL SB110 Powerful Wireless Soundbar

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JBL is a renowned brand when it comes to electronics, especially its audio products.

This powerful wireless soundbar comes with a native subwoofer that packs 110 watts and four woofers all in one for deep bass, plus Dolby

Digital embedded for quality sound.

You can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth from this hassle-free soundbar whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It also comes with an HDMI ARC connection cable for a simplified user experience and hassle-free setup to your compatible HDTV.

The cable provides a superior quality connection to compatible devices plus high speed all in one cable, helping you manage messy wires and extra cables that you’d otherwise need to connect your devices.

A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is available, which is an added benefit in case of defect or damage.

4. Thomson BBX01 Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

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This Bluetooth Boombox speaker has 10 watts of pure, crystal-clear sound output with great bass.

It’s overall look and feel is great thanks to the good quality of material used to build the speakers, plus there is an easy handle and a strap for portability.

Connectivity is a lot better than other Bluetooth speakers in its range, and it offers other features like FM, SD, USB, AUX mode, and MP3 so you have more options.

You won’t be tied down because the speaker has a 30-foot Bluetooth range so you can move up to 10 meters and still stay connected.

Plus, you can use it with your devices such as iPhone or iPad and Android devices you want to connect.

The pairing is fast and the connection has clarity and range.

The battery life is great, running up to 7 hours of continuous playback, plus the dual 3-inch woofers and two passive radiators are bound to deliver a great music experience for your party thanks to the thick and solid bass output.

5. Artis BT90 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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The Artis BT90 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker in a compact size that’s suitable for indoor or outdoor parties.

It serves crystal clear sound with a dynamic sound that’s extremely loud and powerful.

As a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect it to your Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly, through a quick and user-friendly pairing process or play your music via a pen drive by connecting it to the USB port or AUX-in slot for different devices.

It also has a microSD card slot and TF card reader so you can plug in your memory card directly if need be, or play the FM radio if you prefer listening to the latest tunes on the airwaves.

You’ll get up to 5 hours of playback, and up to 10 meters of Bluetooth operating range.

It’s robust cubical designed body shape also packs a wrist band and holding strap so you can move the speaker around wherever the party is at.

6. Zync Zumbox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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This Bluetooth speaker offers up to 10 hours of music playback thanks to its powerful 4400mAh battery, and 5 in 1 connectivity that provides USB input, SD card reader, FM radio and AUX-in support.

Its operating range covers up to 10 meters delivering superior sound quality with dynamic sound effect from a 32-watt full-bodied stereo speaker.

There are also operational buttons on top of the speaker and a micro USB cable for connectivity.

You can control the mood and energy of any party with fingertip control of all your music tracks and enjoy HD stereo with impressive volume.

It comes in a choice of stylish colors so you can pick one that suits your tastes.

7. Qualimate Karaoke Bluetooth PA System Portable Speaker

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Qualimate offers more than just a Bluetooth speaker, as it throws in a telescoping rear handle and wheels, wireless mic, remote control, and support for FM radio among other connections.

The full functions include Bluetooth, USB, SD, AUX/Micro, and FM radio, so you can enjoy your favorite music on your phone, but also music from the CD player.

You can also plug in your guitar or mic and get all your friends involved too.

This makes it great for a party that includes a karaoke session, stage performances, and crowd control.

It’s easy to move about thanks to the telescoping rear-handle and wheels, plus a remote control for convenience.

The power output is 40 watts, while the battery lasts up to 8 hours so you can enjoy your party uninterrupted.

8. F&D T2 Trolley Speaker with Bluetooth (Black)

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This Bluetooth T2 trolley speaker by F&D delivers an immersive experience with its 10-inch subwoofer, for powerful and heart-thumping bass.

The two-way acoustic design creates high quality and crystal clear sound, while the unique metal grill design gives it a high-end look that will wow your party guests.

Other features include a USB port, karaoke function, FM tuner, mic, remote control, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

9. LG FH2 Speaker

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This portable Bluetooth speaker has up to 15 hours of playback time thanks to its powerful battery whose capacity is 12V/7Ah.

It features an LED display karaoke creator that converts almost any track to karaoke by removing the vocals, multi-phone connection via

Bluetooth, wheels, and a telescoping handle.

You can play music without interrupting the party, and charge phones, too, thanks to the USB port with a wide 110/220V power capability and power consumption of 36 watts.

The LG speaker delivers crystal clear sound and allows up to three different people to connect via Bluetooth and build playlists on the fly by picking available songs and adding them to the list.

10. Zoook Rocker Mean Machine Bluetooth Speaker

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This Bluetooth speaker is a mean machine as its name suggests, though it has a lower battery life than others on this list at just 6 hours of playback time.

The five-in-one speaker offers Bluetooth, USB, AUX, FM, and SD card, which help you if the Bluetooth disconnects owing to low power.

It has a masculine build and delivers up to 10 watts of power from its 3-inch subwoofer.

It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor parties with deep thumping bass designed to fill your room with rich and crisp sound in true HD sound quality.

A shoulder strap is available so you can carry your music anywhere you go, plus its very lightweight so it’s portable and convenient.

Its cylindrical shape also makes it easy to fit into a travel bag or backpack.

How Bluetooth Speakers Work

A Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth connectivity to link your source of music and the speaker itself.

Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity standard used for short-range communication, though it has developed into a standard for other forms of wireless connectivity thanks to the 2.48 GHz ISM band and frequency hopping among other techniques.

This way, it can work in the Internet of Things (IoT) and other wireless connectivity forms where low power is essential.

Bluetooth speakers contain an amplifier, the speaker itself and Bluetooth connectivity, plus a battery, which is why it’s portable and self-contained, making it great for parties of any kind. An auxiliary input may be available depending on the model and brand you want, which enables wired connectivity if it’s necessary.

Some of the controls you’ll find on a Bluetooth speaker include volume, on/or switch, pairing button, and an indicator.

Some may also have NFC for easier pairing.

Buyer’s Guide: How To pick Out The Best Bluetooth Speaker

For party speakers, you definitely need to forgo portability over the size and volume/loudness.

If you get bigger speakers, you’re bound to enjoy a bigger sound for your party, but there are many other factors to consider especially for Bluetooth speakers such as a water-resistant casing, battery life, multiple input options, and others like party mood lights, remote control, or microphone.

Here’s a list of the features you need to consider if you’re looking to buy a party speaker:

The size is important especially if you plan to carry it along with you to an outdoor location, and you don’t have a large car trunk.


Bluetooth party speakers are big, but you can get others that are just big enough to fit into a suitcase or backpack, and still enjoy a fun and music-packed party.

Battery Life

The good thing with big speakers is that you’ll definitely be getting a high capacity battery compared to the smaller ones.

The battery life could be as low as 6 hours to as much as 40 hours depending on the one you pick.

But, with a Bluetooth speaker, you have to check on battery size and battery life especially if you plan to take your party outdoors where there’s no nearby power outlet to charge it from.

Water Resistant, Rugged Build

This is especially important if you’re hosting an outdoor party, sometimes at the beach or other location where the elements can affect it.

You need a tough enough speaker that can withstand the elements while you and your guests are outdoors, so find a unit that’s at the very least water-resistant (not waterproof), shockproof, and can withstand knocks and mild bumps.

Water and electronics don’t mix, so you may find a waterproof speaker but water-resistant ones are better as they’re submersible and useful at the beach or by the poolside.

Input Features and Options

A party speaker requires more than just the on/off switch and connectivity cables.

You want something that can allow you to hook up other devices, especially when they’re low on battery, and offer more options to connect your other devices and play music.

Bluetooth connectivity is a given, but you can get speakers with USB ports that let you hook up a pen drive with your music, or plug in your media player directly using auxiliary input, so you have more options than one.

Some also have microphone inputs, which comes handy if you want to deejay or emcee your own party, while others throw in an SD card slot for even more ways of playing your tunes.


You need to check the speaker’s power rating or maximum output power as this will tell you whether it’s powerful or not.

Some manufacturers may not publish this, but you’ll get an estimate of the kind of power the speaker you want will deliver.

Check the watt rating to see the speaker’s efficiency, but it’s important to note that more power is needed for large rooms or use outside.

Audio Quality

No one wants a party with drab treble or bass quality; you want something that sounds good for a memorable experience and to impress your guests too.

Speakers usually have specifications for overall harmonic distortion, but you want to aim for lower than 1 percent, which means you get better audio quality.

Some speakers sound better than others owing to frequency response.

For example, there’s the 100 Hz point (low frequency) and 20 kHz (top frequency), which can be heard depending on the ages of the people in the party.

Younger crowds prefer deep bass and loud volume so they’ll go for low-frequency quality, but ideally, you want speakers that can produce loud enough music with deep low range, so people can get on their feet and dance.


NFC or Near Field Communications can also be used in place of Bluetooth to bypass the settings and play your music.

Compatible devices can connect via Bluetooth with a simple tap of the device and the speaker via Bluetooth, but you can’t do it with iPhones because its NFC feature is only for Apple Pay. You can use it with your Android phone though.

Connecting multiple speakers

Some Bluetooth speakers let you connect more speakers for stereo sound, which you may want if you want to spread the sound across your party, especially if it’s outdoors.

Type of Speaker

There are many types of speaker styles you can pick from, including Hi-Res audiophile, soundbars like the JBL pick we mentioned here,

Dolby Atmos speakers, waterproof, smart, and much more.

A Bluetooth speaker should be portable and convenient for use with other devices, but you can get one that works with voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

You may also be looking for durability instead of a “smart” speaker, or something you can easily clean and use anywhere, with multipoint pairing so you can connect more devices simultaneously.

It all boils down to your preferred type, but you still need to look at sound quality, battery life, and the power of the speaker especially for a party speaker.

Bluetooth Version

This determines the transmission and distance of audio quality you can keep between the speaker and phone. Check for Bluetooth 4 or higher, as this adds support for low energy profiles, better battery life, and can go up to 60 meters.

The latest standard is Bluetooth 5 that improves the transmission and range of data vastly.


At the heart of any speaker lies its driver, so check that the one you want has a decently-sized driver. Most Bluetooth portable speakers have a 40mm driver, but bigger drivers mean bigger speakers.

The number of drivers and where they’re placed on the speaker also impact how it’ll sound.

Smaller Bluetooth speakers have one full-range driver that faces downwards or upwards for better sound displacement.

However, many speakers come with a twin-driver setup that tends to be louder, and since portable Bluetooth speakers don’t have much space in them for a woofer, you’ll find most of them having passive radiators that vibrate so you can enjoy some bass.

Charging style

For added convenience, find a Bluetooth speaker with a standard USB charging port.

This is helpful if you’re outdoors partying or at a friend’s house and didn’t come with your cable. Most speakers have a micro-USB port so you can charge with a power bank especially if you’re not near a power outlet.

Enhanced features

Most Bluetooth speakers can do a lot more than just stream your music.

You can get speakers with party or mood lights, smart features like virtual assistants, companion app support, multiple speaker support, high-resolution audio profile support like LDAC or aptX HD, among others.

Wrapping Up

Bluetooth speakers offer a convenient way of listening to music that you’ve stored on your phone or other mobile device.

If you’re having a party, any of these Bluetooth speakers can help you get the party started and entertain your guests as long as it lasts.

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