11 Best DTF Printers For Beginners

In printing, DTF stands for Direct To Film. It’s a newer printing technology for textiles that is quickly gaining popularity in the garment industry.

In DTF printing, you print directly to a film, which is then used to apply the print to the garment or fabric. It uses adhesive powder and heat to transfer the design from the film to the material.

DTF printing is perfect for t-shirts and other garments. If you want to start a small online business selling t-shirts with unique prints, getting a DTF printer will save you a lot of money compared to outsourcing the production.

For example, while you could use a print on demand platform, it will usually charge a large commission, which could hurt your profits. Some print on demand platforms take the majority of the sale and only give you a small commission.

Instead, by owning your very own DTF printer, you can create your t-shirts at home. Just buy blank t-shirts, the materials you will need for the printing process, and the printer, and you can start printing.

It’s important to note that DTF printing is not DTG printing. DTG stands for direct to garment, and it eliminates the step of first printing to a film, but production quality varies.

Owning a DTF printer will allow you to remain in full control of your business. In this article, I will be reviewing the 11 best DTF printers for beginners.

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Quick Summary

The best direct to film printers for beginners include:

  • UNINET DTF 100
  • UNINET DTF 1000
  • UNINET DTF 6000
  • VersaSTUDIO BY-20
  • Pioneer 14 DTF Printer System
  • DTF L1800 A3

For the full list of direct to film printers for beginners, read on!

11 Best DTF Printers for Beginners


A fantastic DTF printer for beginners is the UNINET DTF 100. It’s designed to be an entry-level direct to film printer for beginners and entrepreneurs who want to start a home business.

It’s small and compact, without too many parts that could make operating the machine confusing. The printer is designed for quality over quantity, and its small size makes it portable and easy to move around.

It can print in various sizes, ranging from A3 to 13” × 19”. It doesn’t require any weeding, making it great for fast and on demand printing for beginners.

The UNINET DTF 100 is designed to be versatile; you can print on many fabrics, including cotton, nylon, canvas, polyester, and more and on fabrics of all colors.

To make things easier for beginners, the UNINET DTF 100 comes with the UNINET DTF ProRIP RIP (Raster Imaging Processor) software.

This software helps you prepare your files and colors before the printing process begins to ensure that the file is optimized for printing.

And that’s not all. Beginners can also benefit from the UNINET DTF Master Class Video Training Series. This series will teach you both all you need to know about DTF printing in general and how to use this particular printer.

From UNINET, you can also buy powders, inks, film papers, and other materials you will need for the printing process. Certain things, such as the powder, film sheets, and color inks, are provided with the printer (in a limited quantity).

It also comes with the UNINET starter bundle, which includes a hygrometer and other accessories.

Despite being small, it doesn’t take long to print. You can print most A3 sized prints within 10 minutes.

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2. VersaSTUDIO BY-20

Another DTF printer for beginners is the VersaSTUDIO BY-20. It’s simple to use, making it perfect for newbies in the industry who don’t have a lot of technical experience with direct to film printers.

It prints in vibrant colors on a wide range of fabrics, and you can even use PVC sheets for transferring graphics. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a type of synthetic polymer.

The VersaSTUDIO BY-20 is a desktop printer. It comes with contour-cutting functionality, and it offers several print modes to optimize the printing process and make things easier for beginners.

Whether you want to print on t-shirts, caps, tote bags, or other garments, you can do so with this model. You can print designs and even sports jersey numbers.

No weeding or masking is required, making the four-step printing process simple for beginners.

As a desktop printer, it is also perfect for your home office. If you’re just starting out with a home t-shirt business, you will find that it doesn’t take too much space.

It has excellent production capabilities, and it can print garments in high volumes. For example, it can print on 90 t-shirts per hour!

The printer comes with utility software aimed at beginners. The software can be used to help cut the sheets and perform all steps of the printing process.

It also comes with the VersaWorks 6 output software to help optimize the printing process and its output quality, as well as the Roland DG Connect App. This app monitors your machine and ensures it is running at optimal performance.

The multicolor LED lights on the printer itself help you confirm the status of the printer and detect errors in operation.

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3. DTFLinko L402 Epson-i1600 Dual Head Desktop Roll A3 DTF Printer

An excellent printer for small business owners who need something a bit more powerful is the DTFLinko L402.

It offers a touchscreen interface, making it easier to operate for beginners. It also offers high-precision printing and allows you to make small-scale customizations, allowing your company’s t-shirts to stand out.

The DTFLinko L402 features Epson i-1600 dual printer heads for high-speed printing.

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4. DPU24-4 Printer 24”

The DPU24-4 Printer 24” from DTF Printer USA is more than just a direct to film printer. It is a complete direct to film printing system.

With a 24-inch print width, it allows you to print on a wide range of garments without needing to crop your prints.

In addition to the printer, you will get access to its RIP software. This software interface is intuitive and easy to use and allows you to better manage your printing processes and ensure quality.

Although beginners can use it, it’s best if you at least have some experience with photo editing software like Photoshop.

Training is provided, although it’s not necessary. If you are a complete beginner, you can benefit from the training and learn how to use this printer optimally.

5. UNINET DTF 1000

I already covered the UNINET DTF 100, but the UNINET DTF 1000 is a great model as well if you need something larger. It’s best for more serious business owners, such as those with physical clothing shops who want to start printing their own custom designs.

Both full color and white graphics can be printed in exceptional quality. It comes with five color inks, powder, and film roll.

Your purchase also includes the training videos, making it ideal for beginners. Furthermore, all customers get access to advanced software for help with file preparation.

6. UNINET DTF 6000

Yet another UNINET direct to film printer we will be looking at is the UNINET DTF 6000. This one is designed for high-volume printing, making it ideal for large enterprises.

If your business has grown significantly, and the other UNINET DTF printers no longer fit your production needs in terms of volume, consider investing in the UNINET DTF 6000. Alternatively, you may simply want to invest in it upfront if you forecast significant growth.

With a 24-inch printing area, you can print on large surfaces without weeding. It supports a wide range of textiles, including nylon, leather, canvas, chemical fiber, and others.

This particular model actually comes with two print heads, using a combination of five inks to produce high-quality graphics in a stunning display of precision.

Two-hour virtual onboarding training is provided, although this virtual onboarding will soon be replaced with a Master Class video series.

In either case, you won’t have to worry about not knowing how to use the system, as training is available, making it great for newbies.

7. Arcus Pioneer 24 DTF Printer System

The Pioneer 24 DTF Printer System from Arcus has the benefit of coming in a complete system. That means that it comes with an operation-ready computer that you can use with the printer and, of course, a RIP software called CADLink Digital Factory.

CADLink Digital Factory is a direct to film software that supports high fidelity color printing.

Training and customer support is provided, so even if you’re new to DTF printing, you can use this machine, although you should expect at least somewhat of a learning curve.

The training will teach you how to use the system, and technical assistance and support is always available if you run into any issue.

It comes with a dual Epson I-3200-A1 print head and supports a max print width of 24 inches. It’s a great option if you have high-volume production needs, since it can print up to 110 linear feet per hour.

You can use the Pioneer 24 printer to print on a wide range of materials, including cotton, denim, and even leather! Whether you want to design t-shirts, tote bags, or household decorations, you can do it all.

The printer comes with a one-year warranty.

8. Arcus Pioneer 14 DTF Printer System

If you don’t need such a large print width, you can opt for the smaller Pioneer 14 DTF Printer System.

It’s mostly the same as the previous model, but it is smaller. Since it’s an entire system, it comes with an operation-ready computer, RIP software, training, and support.

If you are planning to use a DTF printer at home, the Pioneer 14 could be a better option than the Pioneer 24 due to its smaller size.

It fits in residential doorways, allowing you to easily put it in your home office and move it from room to room.

9. MTuTech DTF Printer

MTuTech offers a DTF printer that comes in several versions, depending on your needs. The 24-inch printer comes in several versions:

  • 60Plus II
  • 60Pro II
  • 60ProMax

All of them are suitable for all kinds of fabrics and can be used to print jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and all other types of merchandise.

They all offer a print area with a width of 24 inches, although there are some slight variations, such as the speed. For example, the 60Plus II can print up to 220 t-shirts per hour, while the other two versions can print up to 100 t-shirts per hour (considering a print area of 30 × 30 cm).

The supported color schemes vary as well.

Meanwhile, there is a smaller version, the 40Plus II, which offers a 16-inch print area and which can print up to 220 t-shirts per hour.

I suggest checking the comparison table on the product page to truly understand the differences between the different versions.

10. ProColored DTF L1800 A3 Gen-1 Printer

The DTF L1800 A3 Gen-1 printer is an easy-to-use printer that is suitable for beginners.

Your purchase includes a full set of ink cartridges and 500 grams of powder, although these items ship separately and not in the same package as the printer itself.

You also get the ProColored RIP software for rendering.

The printer offers a print area of 13 inches, and it can print on various fabrics, including nylon, poly, and blended fabrics. Furthermore, it can print on black fabrics.

The entire printing process is designed to be beginner-friendly. There is no pretreatment needed, for example, which helps ensure the printing process is streamlined and smooth.

11. ProColored UV DTF A3-PRO Printer

An interesting option is the UV DTF A3-PRO from ProColored. It utilizes UV printing to print directly to the film, which is a somewhat new innovation in the world of DTF printing.

The printer comes with an adsorption filtration system to absorb the dust and smell from the ink, and its adjustable UV lamp allows you to adjust the power based on your desired printing speed and material.

It comes with two print heads for both color/white and varnish. With a touch-screen control and see-through windows, it is easy for beginners to use and doesn’t involve a big learning curve.

It is also small and compact, making it perfect for home use.


DTF printers can be expensive. However, despite the initial startup cost, they can save you a lot of money in the long run.

One alternative is using a service such as which does the printing for you and sends you the prints, meaning you won’t have to buy a printer yourself but can still have control over your business.

However, while for small volumes, it might make sense, it easily adds up when you have many orders.

As you can see, there are many options suitable for beginners. However, you have to make sure that you buy one that offers the printing area you need.

The more compact and portable printers will usually have a smaller print area, such as 14 inches. This might not be sufficient if you want to print on larger surfaces.

In any case, make sure to read reviews before buying a DTF printer.

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