10 Best FaceRig Alternatives

Animations are a fun thing to watch, no doubt. What’s even more exciting is creating them — even if it’s just your face.

Platforms like FaceRig help you create animations in an easy and fun way.

With FaceRig, you can digitally embody amazing characters, as long as you have a webcam. Plus, you can capture the performance as a movie or stream it to Hangouts, Twitch, YouTube, and so on.

Though FaceRig comes with its unique features, the paid version is quite expensive. Plus, the free version has limited features.

Here, we’ll look at the best FaceRig alternatives for creating animated characters. If FaceRig doesn’t work for you, you can easily pick any other software on this list.

1. iClone

iClone is an interesting FaceRig alternative if you’re a pro animation artist.

The software’s technology lets you create 3D animated videos and render them directly. You can also upload your videos on different social media platforms.


iClone wouldn’t be on this list if it didn’t come with many exciting features.

3D Facial Animation

iClone lets you use motion key editing tools to create facial animations. You can use puppet emotive expressions and audio lip-syncs for animations.

The software also provides over 50 facial morphs. This allows for precise facial feature animations like eyes, cheeks, and mouths.

Character Generation and Animation

With this software, you can create stylized and realistic humanoid 3D characters for animation. You can also easily animate these characters using tools for body and face animation.

Content Resources

iClone gives you access to numerous ready-to-animate props, accessories, motions, and characters. This way, you can easily use various elements and props like trees and skies to create natural environments and interiors.

Video Compositing

The software lets you combine 3D scenes and videos with different effects and real-time playback. Even more, you can turn videos into billboards or use them as textures and backgrounds.

IBL, VXGI, and PBR technology also allows you to turn 3D scenes into photorealistic environments.

Import and Export Files

iClone allows you to export and import different 3D assets. The software supports assets like motion files, a skin-bone rigged character, animated props, static objects, and so on.

Extensive Plugins and Python API

With this software, you get access to tools for VFX and motion capture. The platform offers many plugins for expanding your toolbox.

Also, creative users can use Python scripting to add custom devices to the software. Plus, they can easily augment animation features.


Alongside a 30-day free trial, iClone offers a single membership plan that starts at $149. This is cheaper compared to FaceRig.

Also, this pricing might change with time. Visit the iClone website for information.


  • Huge library of animations
  • It allows you to import elements of scenes from a different format
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Clothing can be a bit complicated for non-standard figures
  • Limited clothing options for characters

2. F-Clone

F-Clone offers you technology for recording individual movements and facial expressions. This is done in real-time and with a webcam.

The software also allows you to create avatars and share on platforms like YouTube.


With F-Clone, you can access exciting features like direct avatar recording, DAZ studio compatibility, and much more.

Sound and Motion Recording

F-Clone allows you to record both sound and facial motion in real-time. All you need is your webcam.

Also, you don’t need any markers to record your sound and motion.

Direct Avatar Recording

The software provides you with over 15 background videos and character models. This allows you to record 3DCG videos directly for an original animation or YouTube video.

Motion Broadcast

F-Clone offers a WebSocket functionality that lets you transmit your facial motion data in real-time. This way, you can broadcast facial data via the internet.

The software’s WebSocket broadcasting function also lets you animate your models in real-time.

Cartoon or Real Mode

While creating an animation, F-Clone lets you switch between animation mode and real mode.

This feature allows you to create motions that fit your character.

Motion Parameter Modification

You can change motion parameters to fit your requirements. For instance, the software lets you maintain the direction of your head while everything else changes.

Multiple Format Support

F-Clone lets you export motion data in formats like PZ2, which is compatible with DAZ3D, CSV, and FBX.  Plus, you can read the data to your preferred 3D software.


The software provides you with a Motionbuilder where you can read optical face motion data. You can also easily attach this face motion data to your character models.

DAZ Studio Support

F-Clone supports PZ2 data. So, you can import the PZ2 data and adapt motion capture data to numerous DAZ character models.


Aside from its trial version, F-Clone offers three licensing plans, which are cheaper compared to FaceRig.

  • Personal: $58
  • Indie Developer: $134
  • Business: $399

These prices may change with time. Please visit the F-Clone website for more information.


  • Numerous tutorial videos on how to use the software
  • Supports multiple data formats
  • Captures motion and sound in real-time


  • The free trial is limited

3. SparkoCam

SparkoCam is a web-based webcam supporting software built mostly for Canon cameras. The platform gives your default cameras additional functions, features, and effects. This functionality makes it different from FaceRig.

Also, with this software, you can apply live webcam effects to video recordings and chats.


There are many great features that SparkoCam has. Turning a DSLR camera into a webcam for video recording apps stands out for me. But, here are some features you’ll come across with this software.

Video Recording

You can use this software to record videos from a USB webcam or DSLR camera. These videos can then be streamed later in video chats.

Green Screens

The software automatically changes green backgrounds to your selected background image in real-time. So, you don’t have to worry about changing your background while recording or in post-production.

Desktop Stream

SparkoCam lets you show your desktop screen during video chats or recordings. You can also broadcast your desktop screen through your webcam.

Multiple Face Accessories

With SparkoCam, you can bring a little more fun to your video recordings and chats. The software allows you to add visual effects to your webcam videos in real-time.

Anaglyph 3D Effect Support

While using this software, you can watch your video through an anaglyph. This way, you can enjoy stereoscopic 3D effects.

Animations and Image Objects

SparkoCam lets you include animations and image objects in your video. Even more, you can import images from your hard drive and create custom objects for your video.

Virtual Webcam

Even if you don’t have a webcam, SparkoCam allows you to share your videos through different chat apps. The software changes your DSLR camera to a webcam and lets you record and share your videos.

Split Webcam Videos

With this software, you can use a single webcam simultaneously for different apps. It could be for a video recording and a video chat app.


SparkoCam offers three licensing plans. These include:

  • Standard License: $69.95 and allows for one activation with free upgrades for a year
  • Ultimate License: $99.95 and allows for one activation with all future upgrades for free
  • Multi-User License: $179.95 and allows for up to five activations with free upgrades for a year


  • You can stream from different sources
  • It allows you to use a single webcam for multiple apps simultaneously
  • The platform is web-based


  • Does not support Mac devices

4. CrazyTalk

CrazyTalk is another FaceRig alternative if you’re looking for options for facial animation. The software provides you with multiple advanced features like auto motion engines, lip-syncing functionality, and 3D head creation.


CrazyTalk has some unique features that make it a good FaceRig alternative.

Talking Avatar

With this software’s 3D face fitting technology, you can transform images into classic 2D and 3D heads. You can also use both side and front image profiles to synthesize a whole 3D head.

CrazyTalk also provides you with numerous multi-layer editing and 3D Vivid Eyes options. Plus, you can use size adjustment and neck length to give your animation a more accurate look.

Clothing and Weather Modifications

CrazyTalk lets you include clothes in your animations and also customize accessories. You can also change atmosphere settings like lighting, wind, and background.

Also, the software provides you with dynamic spring FX and soft-cloth physics. Even more, you can freely adjust clothing to fit different body shapes.

Facial Animation

CrazyTalk has a puppeteer feature that lets you use your mouse to control 3D and 2D actors. You can also access sliders and expression templates for muscle control and 3D motion key editing.

The software also has enhanced timeline editing tools for motion clips and specific part control.

Auto Motion

You can easily use your audio or voice files to generate facial and head movements automatically. Even better, the software provides you with 3D and 2D auto motion libraries for matching animation scenarios.

Also, you can fine-tune facial behaviors and control specific parts of your animation.

Multiple Formats Support

CrazyTalk supports different video and image formats, even up to 4K videos. You can also use alpha channels to export image sequences for your video’s composition.


CrazyTalk offers a single pricing plan that starts at $99. This makes it a cheaper alternative to FaceRig.

This pricing is subject to change. So, visit the CrazyTalk website for more information.


  • You can import additional styles and characters
  • Active online community
  • Photoshop integration support


  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited settings for exporting media

5. FaceFX

FaceFx is a robust FaceRig alternative that provides audio-based animation apps in different video games. With an audio file, you can chat to a 3D avatar.


FaceFx’s unique features are what put it on this list.

Intuitive Animation

With FaceFX, you can access a workspace that lets you create a custom slider setup for your characters.

Interactive Targets

The software provides you with a Face Graph for setting up relationships between multiple targets.

Multiple Editing Options

FaceFX offers you a workspace and phoneme bar for fine-tuning your animations. You can also edit your characters from the software’s curve editor.


This video animation solution offers two pricing plans.

  • FaceFX Studio Professional: $899
  • FaceFX Unlimited: Billed per project

These prices may change over time. Visit the FaceFX pricing page for more information.


  • Offers many editing options
  • Supports different video games


  • It is expensive

6. MocapX

MocapX comes in handy if you want to create an animation with your iPhone. The software uses your data cable to connect your phone’s camera to your computer.

With your iPhone camera, you can easily change the facial expression of animated avatars. This alone makes MocapX different from FaceRig. You can also animate different character types.


You’ll come across numerous features while using MocapX. So, let’s talk about them.

Real-Time Facial Capture

MocapX allows you to take advantage of your iPhone’s true-depth camera. You can see live previews of facial captures on your 3D characters.

Also, the software lets you record eye movements and track them.

Record to Local Devices

With this software, you can record facial captures offline. You don’t have to stream to AutoDesk Maya. Plus, you can save clips with audio and video and process them later in Maya.

Keypad Animation

You can animate characters with keypads, joysticks, and sliders. The software has a similar interface to a game controller or DJ equipment.

Multiple Facial Expressions and Head Positions

MocapX lets you add over 50 different expressions to your characters. You can add a smile, blink, or leave your character’s mouth open.

Custom Rig and Production Support

With the software, you can work with custom rigs in Maya. These custom rigs help you animate in Maya.

Multi-Character and Device Support

You can connect multiple phones with the software. This way, you capture the performance of multiple characters simultaneously and in real-time.

Pose Library

MocapX allows you to store expressions and poses for 3D characters. With this feature, your characters can match your expression properly.


MocapX offers three pricing plans.

  • Free
  • Pay-as-you-go: $19 – $49.99, depending on your recording time
  • Pro: $299 one-time fee

MocapX’s prices are subject to change. Visit their visit for more information.


  • You can test projects directly in Maya
  • Offers Maya tools for setting facial expressions


  • The free version is limited

7. Blender

Blender is an open-source 3D platform. The software lets you change images to live-motion videos. Plus, you can access tools for the entire 2D and 3D pipeline like rendering, simulation, animation, rigging, and so on.


Blender has many interesting features. But, in my opinion, the rigging feature is what makes Blender stand out.

Modeling Tools

Blender provides you with different modeling tools for editing, sculpting, transforming, and creating different animation models. You have access to tools like:

  • Python scripting
  • Bridge and grid fill
  • N-Gon support
  • Keyboard shortcuts

UV Unwrapping

With this software, you can easily unwrap meshes from within the platform. You can also paint customized image textures or use any of the software’s textures on your model.

Blender also supports multiple UV layers and lets you export UV layout images.

Animation Tools

Blender provides you with a character animation pose editor.

You can also perform non-linear animation for independent movements. Plus, you have access to inverse and forward kinematics for quick poses.


With Blender, you can transform models into posable characters. The software provides you with rigging tools like:

  • Mirror functionalities
  • Colored groups and bone layers
  • Weight painting
  • Automatic skinning

Built-in Compositor

The software has a built-in compositor that lets you post-product your clips from inside Blender. With the compositor, you have access to a library of nodes for color grading, vignettes, and so on.

Also, Blender lets you render in layers and to multilayer openEXR files.

Motion Tracking

The Blender software comes with object and camera tracking functionalities. This lets you import raw clips, track them, and reconstruct camera movements. You can also mask specific areas in your 3D model without switching between apps.

This feature also gives you access to:

  • Tripod solver and planar tracking support
  • Real-time preview of clips and 3D scenes
  • Manual and automatic tracking


Unlike FaceRig, Blender is completely free to use.


  • Advanced modeling tools
  • It is free


  • It has a steep learning curve

8. VUP

VUP allows you to capture faces and turn them into digital copies and characters. Also, with VUP, you can easily use facial expressions to move characters and customize them to fit your requirements.

You can also use VUP to customize animations in real-time from the software’s dashboard.


VUP’s capture technology is its crown jewel. But, it won’t be right if we don’t talk about all its features.

Capture Technology

VUP supports precision sound capture and facial capture from Android phone cameras and webcams. Also, the software has built-in motion capture interfaces. This way, you can capture your motion data and synchronize it to your avatar in real-time.

The software also captures movements like fingers and arms and half-body and full-body motions. Plus, it supports motion capture models like:

  • Kinect, Xsens, HTC VIVE, and Intel RealSense full-body capture
  • ChingMu and Nokov optical motion tracking

Resource Cloudization and Customization

You can upload character models, actions, and props in different formats. Even more, the software lets you edit parameters for resource sharing, cloudization, and diversification.

Also, VUP supports different shots and shot transition methods. Plus, you can customize shortcut keys and emojis.

Multiplayer Support

VUP allows you to create online rooms, customize room settings, and join rooms. You can also create a multi-person live scenario online.

Barrage Interaction

VUP supports live streaming barrage interactions on multiple platforms. This allows you to turn gifts and barrages into exciting visuals using animation effects.


VUP is free to use, which makes it different from FaceRig. But, you need a third-party VUP account.


  • Supports multi-person live scenarios
  • It is free
  • Supports different character formats
  • Shape keys for creating facial gestures


  • Webcam tracking can be a bit slow
  • No support for Zoom or Google Meet

9. Plotagon

Plotagon is an exciting animation tool available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Once you choose a character, you can easily start animating and customizing your videos. Even better, you can write lines that your characters will do or say.


Plotagon’s interesting features are something we have to talk about.

3D Animations

The software lets you edit videos with 3D animations. You can also customize your characters. Plus, you have access to over 200 original scenes.

You can also create characters of yourself, friends, or celebrities and use them in your movie.

Easy Workflow

Plotagon provides you with tools for an easy workflow. The software gives you access to speech synthesis, animations, characters, and scenes.

Audio Effects

The software allows you to record your own voice and include it in your videos. You can also add background music and sound effects.


Plotagon offers three pricing plans.

  • Business: $49 per month
  • Discounted: $7 per month
  • Academic: $3 per month

Compared to FaceRig at $299 for the commercial-use option, Plotagon has cheaper pricing.

Plotagon is subject to changes with them. So, visit the Plotagon website for more details.


  • A variety of character customization options
  • Fair pricing


  • Computer voices sometimes sound unnatural

10. Snap Camera

Snap Camera is an extension that gives your live streams the effects of Snapchat’s lenses. Being able to bring you the power of Snapchat’s lenses is what differentiates Snap Camera from FaceRig.

The tool has numerous face lenses to select from.

You can also react to game events, access lens studio community creations, and amplify your streaming persona.


Snap Camera might sound like you’re using Snapchat, but it’s a lot more than that.

Multiple Gaming Lenses

Snap Camera offers multiple lenses that you can choose from depending on your mood, persona, and play-style. Your viewers can also unlock the lenses you wear.

Also, Twitch affiliate partners can drive channel subscriptions using Snap Camera’s lenses. You can choose lenses that activate when a viewer subscribes to your channel. This is a customized way of thanking your subscribers.


The software provides a visual programming tool that lets you change your graphical style. Also, you have access to a material editor for creating custom shaders. Plus, you can choose premade shares from the software’s materials library.

Multiple Tracking Options

Snap Camera provides multiple tracking features and options like landmark tracking and segmentation. This way, you can create different world scenarios.

Numerous Art Styles

Using machine learning, Snap Camera makes your lenses more intelligent. You can plug in any ML model and apply art styles to camera feeds.

You can also attach pictures to detected objects and use custom segmentation masks. Also, machine learning helps you understand your scenes.

Import Designs

Snap Camera allows you to design using your preferred 3D and 2D software and import your artwork to the software. This makes it easy to use custom designs to design animated videos.


Unlike FaceRig which is a paid solution, Snap Camera is a free-to-use desktop app.


  • Neat Twitch-use case
  • Simple interface
  • Instant movie recording


  • Does not let you choose where to save images

Verdict: What’s the Best FaceRig Alternative

The FaceRig alternatives we’ve mentioned come with their unique features. But, iClone is my top pick here.

iClone is a fast FaceRig alternative that lets you create innovative face avatars. The software helps you create professional avatars using advanced technologies and features.

With iClone, you can easily incorporate 3D animation with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Plus, you can create animated images using iClone’s character animation and generation features.

Also, with a pricing plan starting at $149, iClone is cheaper than FaceRig.

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