10 Best Free Autoresponders For WordPress

Email marketing remains an active marketing channel for businesses. One study puts the email open rate across industries at 21.33 percent.

Autoresponders are a critical part of the email marketing process. This easy-to-use tool is helping marketers 

  • Save time and resources 
  • build meaningful customer relationships
  • Streamline productivity

According to an Epsilon report, open rates for triggered emails are 74.9 percent higher than traditional emails, and click rates can be 169 percent higher.

So why the leap?

It’s the era of personalization, and customers want personalized responses. Autoresponders can drive incredible value for marketers who use them well.

Here, we’ll talk about the same. We’ll cover the ten best free autoresponders for WordPress. Our article should help you decide on the best tool to implement for your WordPress website.

Best Free Autoresponders For WordPress

1. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Brevo is a complete business suite that helps businesses drive meaningful customer relationships. The software offers free autoresponders for WordPress. With this tool, companies can drive effective customer communications via 

  • Email, SMS, and instant chats 
  • Marketing automation

Features of Brevo

Brevo makes it easy for businesses to automate emails. Just create a marketing automation workflow and set rules to trigger the email autoresponder. Then, define actions to be taken, set email order, and frequency, and that’s it. 

You can go ahead and start driving better email conversions.

With their autoresponders, you can

  • Send special offers or discount code to customers on their birthday
  • Send welcome emails to new subscribers

What Users Love About Brevo

  • Autoresponders work perfectly
  • Customer service responds on time
  • You can easily create marketing automation workflows

Limitations of Brevo

  • You may experience email deliverability issues


Check Brevo’s pricing here.

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) | CRM Suite

Be it marketing, sales, or customer relations, Brevo is an all-in-one tool helping businesses to carry out everyday business functions with ease. Try it today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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2. Sumo


Sumo is a powerful email marketing tool that allows users to send automated emails. With this tool, businesses can grow their email lists and keep in touch with customers and prospects. Sumo helps eCommerce sites and businesses 

  • Optimize their marketing campaigns 
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate and increase average order value
  • Drive sales and business growth

Features of Sumo


Sumo offers free Autoresponder for WordPress websites. Without an email service provider, users can send automated emails to their subscribers. Also, users can connect the autoresponders to email service. 

Sumo makes it easy for users to configure events and what they want the autoresponder to achieve. Here are some of the ways you can use it:

  • Welcome Emails: Businesses can give their subscribers gratification by welcoming them to their list.
  • Coupon Delivery: Companies can instantly send coupons, promotions, and offers to new and existing subscribers.

What User Love About Sumo

  • Simple user interface
  • Customer support is great
  • You can use the autoresponder without an email service provider

Limitations of Sumo

  • You may experience technical glitches
  • Limited automation features



Sumo has two pricing plans including 

  • Free – $0 per month 
  • Pro – $49 per month

Pricing may vary from time to time. Kindly refer to the pricing page.

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3. Twilio SendGrid


Twilio SendGrid is an email service and marketing tool that helps businesses build meaningful customer connections. Companies like Yelp, Spotify, and Airbnb use Twilio SendGrid for email marketing. With this software, WordPress websites and marketers can start conversations and drive more sales and engagement.



Twilio SendGrid has a complete suite of tools to help users create engaging emails. With their free autoresponders, businesses can send automated emails in a few minutes. The autoresponders are set to trigger emails when there are specific events such as

  • Welcome messages for new subscribers
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Twilio SendGrid has an email API that allows businesses to integrate email into their app or website. Users can view analytics to measure automation results and optimize their processes.

What Users Love About Twilio SendGrid

  • The tool is easy to use, scalable, and fast
  • SendGrid offers excellent email deliverability
  • Customer support is great
  • SendGrid offer email analytics 

Limitation of Using Twilio SendGrid

  • Emails may appear in spam folders
  • You may experience technical issues 


Twilio SendGrid has different pricing plans for email API and marketing campaign plans. 

For Email API

  • Free – $0 per month
  • Essentials – starts at $14.95 per month
  • Pro – starts at 89.95 per month 
  • Premier – talk to an expert

For marketing campaign plans 

  • Free – $0 per month
  • Basic – starts at $15 per month
  • Advanced – starts at $60 per month 

Pricing may vary over time. Visit the pricing page for more information.

4. AWeber

AWeber is a feature-rich email marketing software for businesses of all sizes. With this tool, WordPress and eCommerce website owners can configure and send automated emails to visitors and customers. AWeber helps companies to drive productivity via email automation. 

Beyond email marketing, the software provides business growth solutions including

  • Email Autoresponders
  • Landing pages
  • Mobile app and more
AWeber - Powerfully-simple Email Marketing

Smart designer, drag and drop landing page tool, template library, campaign automation, AMP for email & more, AWeber gives complete control to your email marketing.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Whether you’re building an eCommerce site or a portfolio site via WordPress, you need autoresponders to help you make timely conversations with your audiences. With AWeber’s drag and drop smart email designer, you can 

  • Create high-converting email campaigns
  • Engage your audience at the right time 
  • Build key customer relationships

With autoresponders, you can start conversations with millions of customers and keep them engaged. AWeber makes it easy for users to configure autoresponders and drive meaningful interactions.

Managers can use autoresponders to 

  • Follow up new subscribers and visitors with a warm welcome 
  • Reach out to customers on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, etc. 
  • Trigger essential emails and messages based on the visitor’s interaction with your software
  • Automate cart abandonment emails to remind shoppers about products they left in their online shopping cart
  • Provide recommendations to customers about products they love
  • Send order notification and emails to let shoppers know their order is on the way
  • Trigger product retargeting emails to remind visitors about items they viewed
  • Send automated emails with a personal touch to boost customer loyalty 
  • Reward loyal customers with exclusive sales, offers, and promotions
  • Thank new clients after they make their first purchase

What Users Love About AWeber

  • Email Autoresponders are easy to set up
  • They offer live chat and phone support
  • AWeber allows users to track their campaigns using the mobile app
  • They provide detailed campaign analytics

Limitations of AWeber

  • You may face technical difficulties while using the WordPress plugin.



AWeber has two pricing plans

  • Free – $0
  • Pro – starts at $19 per month

Pricing plans for this tool may change. Kindly visit the pricing page for details. 

AWeber - Powerfully-simple Email Marketing

Smart designer, drag and drop landing page tool, template library, campaign automation, AMP for email & more, AWeber gives complete control to your email marketing.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

5. Benchmark Email


Benchmark Email offers powerful email tools to help businesses accelerate growth. The software provides marketing and productivity solutions including

  • Email marketing 
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Generation
  • Landing Pages and more

With their free autoresponders for WordPress, businesses can turn subscribers into customers. 



Benchmark Email allows you to send timely and highly-relevant emails to your contact. With simple autoresponders, you can  

  • Onboard subscribers with ease by sending welcome emails
  • Follow up with prospects to convert them to buyers
  • Send confirmation for purchases and more

Benchmark email offers pre-built automation templates to help users get started. Also, users can quickly build their automation workflow from scratch. 

What User Love About Benchmark Email 

  • They offer email automation templates
  • Users can track and optimize email performance
  • Autoresponders are easy to set up 
  • They support integrations with multiple software

Limitations of Benchmark Email

  • Limited email customization options 



Benchmark Email’s pricing is based on the number of contacts you need. 

For 500 contacts

  • Free – $0 per month
  • Pro – $15 per month
  • Enterprise – talk to sales

Pricing may vary. Kindly visit the tool’s website for more information.

6. MailerLite


MailerLite is an email marketing tool for businesses and freelancers. With this software, users can send automated email campaigns. Other solutions from MailerLite include

  • Landing pages
  • Pop-ups
  • Surveys
  • Email Automation and templates



Mailerlite has plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce users. With both plugins, website owners and admins can 

  • Automate welcome emails from their account 
  • Send automatic subscriber updates 
  • Trigger emails to go out on specific dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and more. 

You can use their super-intelligent automation editor to create simple workflows. With real-time reports, users can track audience engagement and growth. Managers can leverage these insights to 

  • Optimize their email campaigns 
  • Make campaigns more targeted and effective
  • Increase sales and profits 

What Users Love About MailerLite 

  • Simple user interface
  • You can easily set up email autoresponders and triggers 
  • They offer email monitoring and analytics

Limitations of MailerLite 

  • Customer support does not respond on time
  • Plugins may slow down your WordPress site



MailerLite’s pricing is based on the number of subscribers. 

  • One to 1,000 – Free (monthly email limit of 12000 monthly)
  • 1-1000 – $10 (unlimited emails)
  • 1,001 – 2,500 – $15
  • 2,501 – 5,000 – $30
  • 5,001 – 10,000 – $50

Pricing for this software may vary from time to time. Visit the pricing page for more information.

7. Moosend


Moosend is an email marketing solution that lets marketers communicate smarter. By reaching people at the right time, marketers can grow their brand. With this software, brands can 

  • Create smart email campaigns
  • Automate email and messages 
  • Acquire leads and build lists
  • Execute campaigns and drive social engagement



With email autoresponders, brands can drive sales by building valuable relationships and keeping their audience engaged. 

Businesses can use autoresponders to 

  • Send automated greetings each time a new customer signs up to the platform
  • Send greetings, special offers, or discounts to customers on their special days
  • Automate emails, reminders, etc. to go out specific dates and times

Creating autoresponders on Moosend is incredibly easy. With the drag and drag automation editor, you can generate autoresponder sequences in a few seconds. Here’s how it works

  • Just select events that will set the autoresponder in motion
  • Choose the filter(s) for the triggers 
  • Select from a list of actions to be performed

You can jumpstart your email autoresponders with more than over 30 pre-built templates. Moosend offers ready-made high converting workflow templates to help you drive conversion and you can customize the template to suit your needs and save them for future use.

What Users Love About Moosend

  • The email automation workflow is easy to use.
  • Moosend provides a wide range of email automation templates. 
  • Moosend supports integration with a wide range of third-party tools. 
  • Customer support is excellent.

Limitations of Moosend

  • Live chat support from chatbots.



Moosend has three pricing plans. Albeit, pricing plans are based on the number of subscribers. 

  • Free – $0 per month
  • Pro – starts at $10 per month 
  • Enterprise – contact the sales team

Pricing for this software may vary from time to time. Kindly visit the pricing page for more information.

8. Sender


Sender offers secure and affordable email marketing software. With this tool, businesses of all sizes can streamline their email marketing needs. Sender allows businesses to

  • Design mobile-friendly email campaigns
  • Connect with customers and build long-lasting relationships

The tool offers seamless integration with WordPress and other eCommerce platforms. You can integrate Sender with your WordPress website to 

  • Capture customer email addresses
  • Setup and use email autoresponders workflows 

Features of Sender


Sender allows marketers to maintain communication by creating drip campaigns and sending pre-written messages. Businesses can trigger a welcome email to inform prospects about their subscription status. This solution offers an opportunity for brands to create a lasting first impression. 

With abandoned cart emails, eCommerce businesses can drive sales and conversions. You can stop leaving money on the table by reminding customers of the products they viewed in your store. 

You can trigger happy birthday and anniversary emails to show your subscribers that you genuinely care. With autoresponders, users can nurture and stay connected to prospects and subscribers and give them the chance to get to know you. 

What Users Love About Sender

  • They offer integration with popular eCommerce platforms
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • The tool provides high email deliverability
  • Email reporting and analytics

Limitations of Sender

  • Limited customer support options
  • You may experience technical issues
  • You need to be tech-savvy to integrate the WordPress plugin 



Sender offers a free and paid plan. The free plan is based on the number of subscribers. 

  • Free Plan – $0 per month (up to 2500 subscribers and 15000 emails per month)

Paid plans include

  • 5000 subscribers – $10 per month
  • 10000 subscribers – $21 per month
  • 15000 subscribers – $31 per month

Pricing for this software may vary from time to time. Kindly visit the pricing page for more information. 

9. Klaviyo


Klaviyo is an all-in-one email marketing and automation tool for businesses and marketers. The software helps businesses to 

  • Create and grow email lists
  • Deliver valuable and mobile-friendly customer experience
  • Build key customer relationships

Klaviyo’s autoresponders take critical actions based on customer data and activities. 

Features of Klaviyo


Klaviyo provides the perfect autoresponders to help you drive conversions. With pre-built email workflows, you can get up and running quickly. 

You use trigger abandoned cart emails to recover and drive up sales quickly. With automated win-back emails, marketers can convert windows shoppers into buying customers using special offers, discounts, replenishment invites, and more. 

First impressions are everything. With welcome autoresponders, businesses can send emails to welcome new subscribers to their brand. Also, they can introduce them to their best-selling products.

Why Users Love Klaviyo 

  • Excellent customer service and support 
  • Simple and user-friendly interface 
  • Supports integration with a wide range of tools
  • Autoresponders offer excellent email deliverability
  • The software works without hassles

Limitations of Klaviyo 

  • Building email automation workflows is time-consuming



Klaviyo’s pricing plan is based on your email list size. You can use the price estimator to get your price estimates.

  • One to 250 c0ntacts – free 
  • 251 to 500 contacts – starts at $20 per month 

Pricing for this software may vary from time to time. Kindly visit the pricing page for more information.

10. Redcappi


Redcappi is an email marketing tool that allows users to create mobile-friendly email campaigns. The software offers email marketing solutions like

  • List building
  • Email automation and autoresponders
  • Email personalization
  • Contact management
  • Social media management and more

With their easy-to-use campaign creator, you can create personalized emails that drive positive relationships.

Features of Redcappi


Redcappi allows marketers to create autoresponders and email marketing automation. With autoresponders, businesses can communicate with their customers at the right time. 

You can create schedules to send a series of emails to your customers automatically. Users can also automate their entire customer email journey. 

Redcappi makes it easy for marketers to keep customers engaged. With pre-planned campaigns and autoresponders, businesses can increase sales.

What Users Love About Redcappi

  • The tool is feature-rich 
  • Redcappi is easy to use
  • They offer reporting tools and email analytics

Limitations of Redcappi 

  • You may experience technical issues with WordPress integration
  • It’s free for only 100 contacts



Redcappi has multiple pricing plans. Pricing is based on the number of contacts. 

  • Up to 100 contacts – $0
  • Up to 500 – $10
  • Up to 1,000 – $15
  • Up to 2,500 – $19
  • Up to 5,000 – $34

Pricing for this software may vary from time to time. Kindly visit the pricing page for more information.

Wrap Up: What’s The Best Free Autoresponder For WordPress

There you have it. We have reviewed the ten best free autoresponders for WordPress. 

Although choosing autoresponders can be a very daunting task, the tools we have selected are free and easy to set up. 

All tools are good but for what it’s worth, Brevo is our top pick. With their free plan, marketers aren’t limited to basic email autoresponders.

You can create advanced marketing automation workflows and drive better customer engagements.

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