10 Best Free Page Builders For WordPress

You’ve chosen WordPres over its competitors for one of many reasons. If you’re like most users, the platform’s sea of plugins and website themes attracted you.

Whatever your reason is for choosing WordPress, you need your website to stand out. Thus, you want exceptional page designs and layouts.

You can only achieve this type of design prowess without building codes from scratch by using a page builder. Luckily, WordPress has a lot of page builders. But if you’re on a budget, you might want to use a free WordPress page builder.

We cut through the noise to give you the ten best free page builders for WordPress. This selection is based on their notable features, styling options, templates and widgets, interface, and more.

As a bonus, we would also look at some paid options. Let’s get to it.

1. Elementor

Elementor is a free WordPress page builder. This tool has a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to make changes to your page from your site’s frontend.

With Elementor’s exclusive toolset, you can create fully responsive and visually-appealing websites. With reverse column ordering, margin ad padding for different devices, and numerous font sizes, this page builder allows you to create web pages that work excellently on any kind of device.


Elementor has five notable features. Let’s go through each of them.

An Extensive Template Library

Yes, you can create page designs from scratch with Elementor. However, the tool provides you with a template library with different templates to put into your page.

These templates come in two formats:

  • Blocks:  Designs for specific parts of your page
  • Pages: Customizable full-page designs

Moreover, you can also save your own designs as blocks or templates to reuse them later.

Responsive Design Controls and Mobile Previews

Pages created with Elementor are automatically responsive. Hence, they adjust appropriately to different sizes.

Even more, you can see a preview of your design on different devices without leaving the Elementor interface. Plus, you can hide and show each widget on specific devices.

Comprehensive Layout Controls

Elementor comes with multiple intuitive controls that allow you to place columns, sections, and widgets in their precise locations. More so, you can place widgets vertically within columns, change column widths, set margins and padding for widgets, columns, and sections manually, and so on.

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Full Revision History

If you make any errors, this tool allows you to undo your mistake easily. Elementor logs every action you take and allows you to revert them if needed. Even more, when you save designs, the tool saves new revisions that you can also revert to.

Inline Text Editing

With Elementor, you can click on a page and start editing the texts directly, without having to use a popup.

Elementor Pricing 

Asides its free plan, Elementor has three paid plans. These are quite affordable than some of the other tools in the domain like Avada. These include:

  • Personal – $49 per year for one website
  • Plus – $99 per year for three websites
  • Expert – $199 per year for 1000 websites

These prices may change with time. Kindly visit Elementor’s pricing page for more information


  • Multiple premade templates and content modules
  • Its free plan comes with numerous features
  • Pricing is fair


  • Steep learning curve
  • Its templating system can do with a little more refining.

Check out more Elementor-like tools

Elementor - The Most Popular Wordpress Website Builder

With Elementor, you can build beautiful Wordpress websites in quick time. It's simple, robust and loaded with exceptional features. More than 5M users globally trust Elementor for their Wordpress needs.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

2. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is one of the WordPress builders that supports other themes. Even more, it allows you to perform real-time editing and provides you with multiple widgets and re-positioning options.

This is also an open-source page builder that allows you to create responsive websites.


Some features of Page Builder by SiteOrigin include:

Drag-and-Drop Building

This page builder has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to build your website with numerous drag and drop options easily. This helps you save time and create your website faster.

Compatible With Any Theme

SiteOrigin offers multiple WordPress themes but also works fine with other themes. It has a clean code that prevents it from conflicting with different themes or plugins. Plus, this page builder works on the backend without requiring any specific type of theme.

History Browsing

This allows you to keep track of any edits and changes made to your website. Even if different people manage your website, this page builder logs the changes made by anyone. Plus, you can redo and undo these changes.

Live Editing

Page Builder by SiteOrigin shows you a live preview of edits being made. This way, you can decide what changes to save and remove. More so, edits are reflected in real-time.

Page Builder by  SiteOrigin Pricing 

This page builder has three pricing plans which include:

  • Single – $29 per year for one site
  • Business – $49 per year for up to five sites
  • Developer – $99 per year for an unlimited number of sites

Prices for this page builder may change over time. You can visit their pricing page for recent information.


  • Compatible with WordPress block editor
  • Easy-to-use user interface


  • Limited advanced features

3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another page builder for WordPress that lets you create layouts from the frontend of websites.

Beaver Builder also works with numerous custom post types. Even more, you can restrict access to the platform to specific user groups.


This page builder offers features such as:

Drag and Drop Functionality

You can visually change the individual pages of your website. Even more, this page builder allows you to choose content blocks and place them in their appropriate areas. Plus, you can preview what each block looks like on your page and see changes in real-time.

Pre-formatted Blocks

This page builder allows you to embed content with media, position images, and format texts.

Customizable Modules

With Beaver Builder, you can customize visible modules on different pages of your site. This allows for better flexibility and lets you toggle widgets on pages.

Multiple Theme Compatibility

This page builder works well with different WordPress themes.

Customizable Custom Post Types, Posts, and Pages

You can use this page builder to create website pages with individual designs. More so, you can decide to have a consistent look across these pages.

Column-Based Layouts

You have access to columns of different sizes with several row layouts. These layouts allow you to showcase important information on your website.

Beaver Builder Pricing 

Beaver Builder has three subscription plans. These are:

  • Standard – $99/year
  • Pro – $199/year
  • Agency – $399/year

These prices may differ with time. Hence, you need to visit their pricing page for more details


  • Easy-to-use frontend editor
  • High-quality premade templates unlike some of the other alternatives
  • Multiple styling options


  • Steep pricing
  • The free plan is limited.

4. Brizy

Brizy is a page builder for WordPress that allows you to use drag and drop capabilities to create websites. You also get access to numerous predefined blocks that can be mixed and matched.

Moreover, Brizy provides image and content optimizations, global styling, and cloud auto-save.


Let’s look at some of the features of Brizy.

Popup Builder

Brizy offers you numerous built-in templates for building popups. Also, these popups can be triggered to appear automatically or on click.

Additionally, you have multiple display conditions for embedding your forms.

Headers and Footers

This allows you to design footer navigations and widget and place them on your web pages. Even more, you have access to multiple header options.

Multiple Layouts

Brizy provides you with visually-appealing layouts that let you create websites effortlessly.

A/B Testing

With Brizy, you can split test multiple versions of your pages to find the best fit.

Dynamic Text

This feature allows you to customize templates and design dynamic pages such as author pages, archives, 404 pages, footers, headers, categories, and so on. Even more, you have access to dynamic navigation.

Brizy Pricing 

Brizy has a Pro version that comes with three pricings. These include:

  • Personal – $49 per year for three sites
  • Studio – $99 per year for unlimited sites
  • Lifetime – $299 per year for unlimited sites

Prices for these plans might change over time. For more information, kindly visit Brizy’s pricing page.


  • Numerous pre-made templates
  • Easy-to-use editor


  • Limited content modules
  • Resetting layouts is a bit complicated.

5. Nimble Builder

This page builder offers you drag and drop functionalities, as well as responsive designs and layouts. Even more, you can easily add elements like tweets, contact forms, images, columns, and so on.

Nimble Builder also allows you to add widgets to your website pages. Plus, you can drag and drop widgets and edit them in real-time.


Nimble Builder offers numerous features. These include:

Multiple Content Modules

You have access to content modules such as a menu, HTML code, buttons, map, icons, contact forms, column layouts, and so on.

Live Preview

Nimble Builders offers a live preview that allows you to style, remove, move, or duplicate elements as well as create content, and see your changes in real-time.

Pre-designed Sections

You can drag and drag different predefined sections and makes changes in real-time.

Mobile-Focused Content

With Nimble Builder, you can customize your website content to work specifically for mobile device screens. You can also change column layouts, alignments, spacing, font size, and even responsive breakpoints, all in real-time.

Google Fonts Compatibility

This feature gives you access to numerous fonts styles. Hence, you can customize any text on your website.

Parallax Effect

With Nimble Builder, you can use full-width videos and images as backgrounds for different sections. Plus, you can enable a parallax effect that allows you to showcase important information.

Live Customizer

This feature lets you schedule publishing and auto-draft content. Even more, you can save your content drafts before publishing.

Custom CSS

Nimble Builder allows you to add custom CSS to your preferred web pages, WooCommerce product, 404 pages, and so on.

Nimble Builder Pricing 

You can download this page builder for free.


  • No coding skills required
  • You can easily embed shortcodes and multiple contents


  • It has a dull interface compared to other page builders.

6. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a user-friendly page builder that enables you to build custom layouts easily. It provides you with templates, content elements, and a drag-and-drop builder for quickly building websites.

Just like Beaver Builder, Visual Composer provides you with frontend editing capabilities. Even more, you edit your website’s sidebars, footers, headers, and so on.


Visual Composer comes with six notable features. They include:

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Visual Composer provides you with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to easily build websites. Even more, you can see a preview of your actions with its frontend editor.

Content Hub

You can download add-ons, templates, content elements, and stock images from this platform’s hub. Also, this hub is updated weekly with new content options.

Multiple Content Elements

Visual Composer offers you numerous content elements with different design options and attributes. You have access to WooCommerce blocks, tabs, advanced slideshows, and so on without building elements from scratch.

Popup Builder

You can create unique popups and also set their triggers.

Premade Templates

This page builder helps you save time by providing you with templates that fit into different industries.

Row Layout Builder

You have access to easy-to-use columns and rows for building the structure of your pages. Also, these layouts are responsive. Hence, they can adapt to mobile device screens automatically.

Visual Composer Pricing 

Asides its free version, Visual Composer, has three pricing plans. These are:

  • Single website – $49 per year
  • Three websites – $99 per year
  • Developers – $349 per year

With time, these prices may change. So, kindly visit their pricing page for more details.


  • You can save element presets
  • Easy-to-use frontend editor unlike most of its alternatives 
  • You can save sections and rows as templates
  • It offers numerous content templates and modules


  • Many features need to be downloaded separately
  • Pricing is steep, especially when you own multiple websites.

7. CoBlocks by GoDaddy

The CoBlocks page builder displays your content using blocks. These blocks expand WordPress and allow you to create intuitive content. Even more, the blocks are reusable, distinct, and flexible.

Additionally, CoBlocks uses Gutenberg to provide you with more functionalities. More so, you can easily manage margins and padding. Plus, you can use shape dividers and other layout features.


Coblocks offers numerous features that make it easy to page WordPress pages. Some of its key features include:

Comprehensive Page Builder System

This page builder allows you to insert columns and rows into your web pages. You can also set preferred responsive padding and margin settings. At the same time, you can use shape dividers between your rows to create visually-appealing websites easily.

Custom Typography Options

With CoBlocks, you can create your pages with topography in mind. Hence, you can set transformations, weights, sizes, fonts, and so on. Even better, these customizations can be added to WordPress blocks.

CoBlocks also has a typography control panel that allows you to control the typography of blocks on your page.

Multiple Block Styles

CoBlocks offers you over 30 different block styles for whatever content you have.

CoBlocks by GoDaddy Pricing 

This page builder is free.


  • Integrated Google map
  • It provides you with a block manager for turning off irrelevant blocks
  • CoBlocks provides you with useful guides
  • You have layout controls and typography control over blocks
  • It provides you with a customizable Masonry gallery
  • Integrated contact forms
  • Its Media Card block allows you to display different text and media content combinations


  • It doesn’t come with a proper demo.

8. Live Composer

This is an open-source page builder for WordPress that allows you to create pages from your website’s frontend using drag-and-drop functionalities. Even more, you can customize elements of each page of your website.

Live Composer also gives you access to responsive modules. Plus, you can export entire pages or sections of a page and save it for later.


Let’s explore some of the key features of this page builder.

Multiple Content Modules

Live Composer provides you with over 20 modules for building blog posts and custom landing pages. Even more, it allows you to put comment forms, CTA buttons, image galleries, and testimonials on your web pages by dragging the module and dropping it on the page.

Theme Compatibility

Though Live Composer comes with builtin WordPress themes, this page builder works well with other WordPress themes. This way, you can start making changes after installing the plugin, regardless of the theme.

Responsive Pages

Live Composer enables you to create pages that are optimized for mobile devices and desktops. Regardless of the device used to view your site, your pages adjust appropriately.

Custom Post Support

This page builder supports different custom post types. You can create galleries, testimonials, portfolios, and so on.

Live Composer Pricing 

Live Composer can be downloaded for free. But, it also offers one-time purchase pricing plans. These include:

  • One site – $49
  • 2-5 sites – $79
  • Unlimited sites – $99

These prices are likely to change with time. So, please visit their pricing page for updated information


  • It works well with any WordPress theme
  • You have access to numerous modules for adding elements


  • Limited database

9. PageLayer

PageLayer is a light and easy-to-use page builder that’s compatible with different WordPress themes. Even more, it provides a live editor and enables you to create visually-appealing web pages.

This page builder also comes with a simple user interface.


PageLayer offers you numerous top-notch features. This includes:

Multiple Widget Options

You have access to numerous widgets for designing web pages. The page builder makes this available in a widget area where you can drag and drop widgets on your page.

Also, these widgets are customizable. You can change their spacing, sizes, and font colors.

Inline Editing

With this page builder, you can click on any text on your page and start editing. You also have access to numerous text and header options.

Real-time Editing

Changes made on your page are instantly updated. This saves you time and helps you design faster.


PageLayer enables you to add animation effects to your elements. This effect is triggered when an element is displayed.

Multiple Styling Options

With PageLayer, you can design your web page with box shadows, background images, background overlays, and so on.

PageLayer Pricing 

PageLayer has a free version but also offers a Pro version with three pricing plans. They include:

  • Personal plan – $39 for one site
  • Professional plan – $75 for five sites
  • Business plan – $199 for unlimited sites

These prices may differ with time. Kindly refer to PageLayer’s pricing page for more information.


  • Easy to customize
  • Numerous widget options


  • Not compatible with some WordPress versions

10. KingComposer

KingComposer is a fast page builder with a backend editor. It has an intuitive user interface that allows you to create pages easily without any knowledge of programming.


KingComposer has some interesting features. Let’s look at some of them, shall we?

Live Customizer

You can instantly see tweaks made to your pages. Plus, you have access to different element options that appear the way you want them to.

Online Presets

KingComposer offers numerous element styles with built-in online presets. You can decide to use these presets as they are or make a few modifications to meet your requirements.

Responsive Designs

This page builder comes with a CSS inspector that helps you create responsive pages. Even more, each column and row on your page has its own responsive options.

KingComposer Pricing 

You can download KingComposer for free, but it also comes with four yearly subscription plans. These include:

  • Individual – $39 for one site
  • Professional – $99 for ten sites
  • Commerce – $199 for unlimited sites
  • Developer – $499 for unlimited sites

Prices for these plans might change over time. Kindly visit their pricing page information for more details.


  • Free backend editor
  • Live customizer options
  • Feature-rich


  • Steep pricing, especially for users with multiple sites

So, we’ve looked at ten free page builders for WordPress. If those don’t do the job for you, here are some paid page builders that you can try.

Divi Builder

This is a standalone page builder that supports different WordPress themes and offers drag-and-drop capabilities. More so, you have access to multiple content modules that can be arranged how you want to.

Divi builder also provides you with different design settings that allow you to customize your page’s layout. Plus, there are numerous ready-made layouts that you can use.

Check out this interesting comparison of Divi with Astra.

Divi - The Ultimate Wordpress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Divi offers an excellent drag and drop builder, along with true visual editing, custom CSS control, responsive editing, global elements, styles & more. Explore Divi today to experience the best of WordPress page building.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.

Thrive Architect

This frontend page builder offers you numerous content modules and landing page templates. Plus, you have access to landing pages for lead generation, recommendations, online courses, product launches, webinars, and so on.

 Oxygen By Soflyy

Oxygen comes with an intuitive building process and numerous functions that can be incorporated into pages. This page builder also enables you to create responsive designs in tune with retina screens and compatible with different browsers.

Wrap Up: What’s The Best Free Page Builder For WordPress

We’ve successfully gone through ten of the best free page builders for WordPress. As a bonus, we even skimmed through some paid options.

These page builders come with a live editor and drag-and-drop functionalities. However, we need to pick a winner, and that’s none other than Elementor.

Elementor - The Most Popular Wordpress Website Builder

With Elementor, you can build beautiful Wordpress websites in quick time. It's simple, robust and loaded with exceptional features. More than 5M users globally trust Elementor for their Wordpress needs.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Elementor offers you numerous features for building fantastic website layouts. It also has a collection of pre-built designs that you can use to create web pages, forms, and landing pages. Plus, you have the freedom to customize your page any way you want them.

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