5 Best Hello Bonsai Alternatives

Whether you are a freelancer or a growing business, managing your finances is essential to business success.

For many businesses, invoicing, payments, and accounting are key stressors. Freelancers are not left out, delayed payment or non-payment has impacted their trade.

About 71 percent of freelancers agree they have struggled to collect payments at least once. More so, 82 percent of businesses fail due to insufficient cashflow

Hello Bonsai is a popular invoicing tool for freelancers. But is it suitable for modern freelancers?

Hello Bonsai has many limitations, including customization features and language options. Also, you may need other accounting solutions for backup.

In this article, we will review some of the best alternatives to Hello Bonsai to help you manage payments and invoicing.

1. InvoiceNinja

InvoiceNinja is a top tech solution for invoicing, receiving payments, and expense tracking. This software has tools to help freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses get paid.

With InvoiceNinja, you can create and send customized invoices to customers. Your customers can print invoices, download them as pdf files, and make online payments within the system.

You can also create recurring invoices, add tax settings, and receive alerts when you get paid. InvoiceNinja allows integrations with Authorize.net, PayPal, Stripe, and payment gateways.

InvoiceNinja is an open-source platform and built by a community of developers globally. Being open-source software, users can host the platform on their server. More so, the app is both web and desktop-based and supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

InvoiceNinja adds new features and functionalities every month based on users’ requests.

Shalom Stark, Hillel Coren, and David Bomba founded InvoiceNinja in 2014. Currently, more than 100,000 businesses use InvoiceNinja.

Getting started on InvoiceNinja is easy. You can start receiving your payments in four steps:

  • Create an account, confirm your email, and login
  • Enter your company details and upload logo
  • Enable payment gateway
  • Create invoices, proposals, work tasks, and time trackers.
Invoice Ninja - The Most Popular Invoicing & Payments Tool

Be it preparing invoices, quotations or proposals, Invoice Ninja does it all. It's a complete suite for businesses and freelancers helping them easily manage projects, expenses, payments and more.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Features of InvoiceNinja

InvoiceNinja has incredible features to help improve your business. Let us take a look at some of them.

1. Invoicing and Payments

With this feature, you can create and send quotations and invoices to your customer. You can build your invoice templates from scratch or use existing template designs.

From the platform, you can send your quotation via email. After viewing your quotes, your clients can click to approve and convert to an invoice.

More so, your customers may choose to view their invoices online, print, or download in PDF format.

This feature lets you receive alerts you when customers view and pay your invoice. InvoiceNinja provides a wide range of payment service options, currencies, and languages. You can collect payments online from credit cards, ACH, Bitcoin, PayPal, etc.

Recurring payments help you simplify your billing process and save time. This feature enables you to set up automatic, recurring payments to your repeat customers. You can set your recurring payments to occur weekly, monthly, and annually.

Also, you can customize your invoices, add your company logos, and use unique colors themes.

This feature allows multiple users to access your invoicing account. To control access, you can set permission levels for each user.

2. Expenses and Vendors

This feature helps you track your expenses. This smart system puts you in control of your finances. You can manage your income, expenses, customers, and vendors in one place. Furthermore, you can

  • Create, import, and view expenses
  • Invoice clients for expenses
  • Import expenses from your bank
  • Create vendors and organize them into categories
  • Run key financial reports
  • Create recurring costs and much more

3. Proposal Creation

With this tool, you can create and send professional looking proposals to your customers. Using a simple drag and drop tool, you can create attractive proposals. More so, to save time, you can use existing templates or snippets to develop proposals. This feature lets you embed images into your proposals.

Furthermore, users can convert quotes into a proposal and email them to clients. Clients can view your proposals using the client portal and download it as a PDF file.

4. Time-Tracking, Projects, and Kanban Board

The time tracker allows you to monitor time-bound projects to ensure timely delivery. With this tool, you can create projects and tasks, track projects, and completion time. Additionally, users can send invoices and receive payments after a work task

5. Payment Gateway

InvoiceNinja supports integration with more than 40 payment gateways across the globe. Some of them include

  • Paypal
  • GoCardless
  • Authorize.net
  • Braintree
  • WePay
  • Stripe
  • Alipay and more

InvoiceNinja Pricing

InvoiceNinja has three pricing categories. They include:

  1. Forever Free – $0 per month
  2. Ninja Pro Plan – $10 per month
  3. Enterprise Plan

InoviceNinja allows a 14- day trial period for the Ninja Pro plan and a 30-day guarantee for the enterprise plan. Users will also get two months off if they pay annually.

Invoice Ninja - The Most Popular Invoicing & Payments Tool

Be it preparing invoices, quotations or proposals, Invoice Ninja does it all. It's a complete suite for businesses and freelancers helping them easily manage projects, expenses, payments and more.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Advantages of InvoiceNinja

InvoiceNinja has had some great reviews. Here’s what you will like about this software.

  • The basic plan is feature-rich
  • The platform is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • InvoiceNinja is flexible and a complete tool for invoicing
  • Scalable pricing options
  • Wide range of payment integration options

Disadvantages of InvoiceNinja

Here are some of the reasons why people dislike this app:

  • The manual installation of the software is complex
  • Customizing the invoices requires knowledge of JSON
  • Customizing the client portal requires the use of  CSS

2. FreshBooks

Freshbooks is a complete invoicing and accounting software for businesses of every size. From invoicing to expenses to payment, Freshbooks makes accounting easy.

With FreshBooks, you can manage invoicing, organize your expenses, and track your projects. More so, you can set the tool to automate this process while you follow up with just a few clicks.

Whether you are own a business or you are part of a project team, FreshBooks can help y0u save valuable time.

FreshBooks is a cloud-based solution. Therefore, you can access your account and manage your business anywhere in the world. You send invoices, record expenses, track projects, and receive payments on the go.

Users can access the tool via a web or mobile browser. More so, the FreshBooks app is also available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

FreshBooks had received media features from reputable media companies including

  • CNET
  • Forbes
  • CNN
  • The New York Times
  • Techcrunch 
  • The Huffington Post

Mike McDerment founded FreshBooks in 2003. And since then, over 24 million people in more than 160 countries have used FreshBooks. FreshBooks supports integrations with apps such as

  • Stripe
  • Fundbox
  • G Suite
  • Shopify
  • Gusto and more

Features of FreshBooks

FreshBooks has features that make it a standout solution. They include:

1. Invoicing

FreshBooks makes invoicing easy. With this feature, users can create and send invoices to clients. Also, they can customize invoices with their brand essentials, such as logos and color themes. Users can even personalize thank you emails to customers.

FreshBooks allows you to automate your accounting processes. Users can send periodic reminders about unpaid and overdue invoices. You can get partial deposits or payments on your invoices

You don’t need to wait for your clients for checks. FreshBooks allows businesses to accept online payments via credit cards.

With this feature, you can

  • Create and send automatic reminders on invoice due dates
  • Customize invoice payment conditions, offer discounts, and automatically calculate taxes
  • Choose your preferred currency
  • Get instant updates when customers have made payments on your invoice

2. Projects

This feature helps you boost productivity. More so, users can manage projects and collaborate effectively with clients, employees, and business partners.   You can invite relevant project stakeholders, control file access, and share roles. Also, this feature allows you and your team members to chat, share images, and files.

With this tool, you can see project progress, the status of key deliverables, and assign project due dates.

Plus, you can assign time components to specific deliverables. This feature will help your team stay on track.

Lastly, users can control members’ access using permission features.

3. Expenses

The FreshBooks expense tracker will help you keep tabs on your spending. With this tool, you can automatically record and categorize your expenses.

Furthermore, users can

  • Automatically import bank expenses
  • Snap receipts and store them in the cloud
  • Designate recurring expenses
  • Mark client re-billable expenses

4. Estimates

With this feature, users create and send estimates to clients. They can also get notifications when clients have viewed and accepted their estimates. From this platform, you can add a discount and tax. After your client has approved your estimate, you convert to invoices.

5. Time Tracking

The time tracking feature lets you monitor your team’s activity. You can track time spent on client and their project. Time tracking is an effective way to measure productivity.

Plus, this tool lets you track time via third-party apps, including Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and Teamwork.

6. Payments

FreshBooks provides easy, faster, and secure ways to help you accept payments. When customers pay via invoices, it records directly into your account. You can accept credit payments online, in person, or through the phone.

7. Accounting

FreshBooks accounting provides every necessary feature your account needs to keep financial records. You can access accounting features including

  • Balance sheet
  • Trial balance
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Other income
  • Chart of accounts
  • Accountant access 
  • Journal entries

8. Reports

With FreshBooks, you can access financial reports to help you make data-driven decisions. You can quickly view insights on business performance. Reports you can access include:

  • Profit and loss reports
  • Expense reports
  • Payment collection reports and many more

9. Mobile

With the FreshBooks mobile app, you don’t have to miss out on anything. Whether its an update, conversation, an opportunity, or overdue payment, you can create invoices and receive payments in real-time

FreshBooks Pricing

FreshBooks has four pricing categories. However, as at the time of this writing, they were offering a 50 percent discount on all plans

  • Lite: The regular pricing for this plan is $15 per month. With the 5 percent discount, users will pay $7.50 per month.
  • Plus– Regular pricing starts from $25 per month. Discounted pricing starts from $12.50.
  • Premium– Normal pricing is $50 per month. With the 50 percent off, pricing is $25 per month.
  • Custom pricing: To use this plan, you can request a demo and customer support will be in touch.

Annual subscriptions will help you save 10 percent on all plans. You can have unlimited trial access for 30 days, with no contracts and no credit card required. You even get a free phone and email support in case you have questions about setting up your account.

Advantages of FreshBooks

Here is why this app has positive reviews:

  • Creating invoices and estimates is simple and straightforward
  • You can access the software via a mobile app
  • Customer service and support is responsive
  • The platform is customizable
  • The integrations work perfectly

Disadvantages of FreshBooks

Some of the issues you may find in this app include:

  • The ticketing feature is basic
  • Pricing is high when compared to similar solutions
  • Invoice customizations are limited
  • No quarterly tax estimates.

3. HoneyBook

HoneyBook offers tools to help businesses manage invoices, projects, and receive payments. With HoneyBook, you can manage clients, payments, bookings, meeting, and contracts.

HoneyBook was founded in 2013 and attracted positive reviews from users globally. About 93 percent of their customers agree they will recommend HoneyBook to other users.

HoneyBook has received media features from

  • Entrepreneur
  • HuffPost
  • Fortune
  • Fast Company 
  • Bustle

HoneyBook supports integrations with

  • Quickbooks
  • Calendly
  • Zapier
  • Gmail 
  • Google Calendar

Features of HoneyBook

Some of the fantastic features you will find in this software include:

1. Invoices

With this feature, you can create customized invoices. You can choose from existing templates or create your invoice from scratch. Users can create and send invoices from anywhere in the world.

2. Proposals

HoneyBook allows you to create and customize your proposal with attractive designs. You can include your payment terms and get clients’ approval and signatures online.

3. Contracts and Agreements

With this feature, you can access professional ready to use contract templates. You can customize the templates to meet your needs. Your clients can review and sign the contracts online.

4. Task Automation

This feature lets your business run on autopilot. You can design your workflows and set your clients’ processes and tasks in motion. HoneyBook helps you manage the process while you focus on other essential tasks.

5. Project Tracking

This feature enables you to manage all your projects. You can also organize clients with bookings and payments.

Check out more HoneyBook-like alternatives here.

HoneyBook Pricing

HoneyBook pricing is simple and straightforward. It starts at $40 per month. Annual payments will help you save $80. HoneyBook offers a 7-day software trial.

Advantages of HoneyBook

  • Seamless and easy to use
  • Helps businesses keep track of multiple clients
  • The customer service is great

Disadvantages of HoneyBook

  • Occasional glitches occur
  • The software does not have a free version


AND.CO is a business management tool built to help businesses grow. It offers a full suite of features to help companies to send invoices, proposals, and receive payments.

AND.CO helps in task management, tracking income and expense, time tracking, contracts, and projects.

AND.CO was founded in 2015 by Leif Abraham and Martin Strutz. They currently serve more than 300,000 businesses and freelancers globally.

AND.CO has service and tools to help freelancers work better. With your AND.CO membership, you can access professional, educational, and financial tools.

Some of the tools include:

  • Finance: Minerva, Currencyfair
  • Professional: Invision, Droplr, AWeber, Freedom, etc.
  • Education: Skillshare
  • Free Time: BlueApron, AmberJack, Barbox, etc.

Features of AND.CO

Here are the features you will find on AND.CO

1. Invoicing

This AND.CO invoicing app helps you create invoices and notifies you when your clients have viewed your invoice. Furthermore, users can receive secure payments directly on the platform.

This tool will notify you when bills and invoices are overdue. You can connect your bank accounts and receive alerts on your devices when clients have paid.

Users can customize invoices using logos and color themes to reflect their brand image. Furthermore, users can apply discounts and tax on their invoices. If you are expecting a consistent payment from your clients, you can set up recurring invoices.

2. Proposals

With this feature, you can create compelling proposals with just a few clicks. You can customize your proposals using your logos, custom images, and color themes.

Additionally, users can sign proposals and receive payments. They can also receive full or advance payments from their proposals. AND.CO provides tools to help your online payments.

3. Payments

AND.CO offers multiple payment options. You don’t need to miss out on any sale. Your customers can choose any suitable payment option. Users will also receive payment alerts.

4. Recurring Payments

This feature allows you to set recurring payments. Users can receive upfront payments from clients based on billing schedules and project scope.

5. Contracts

With this feature, you can establish a safe and secure working relationship with your clients. AND.CO has partnered with the Freelancers Union to develop a contract that ensures a secure working relationship with clients. More so, both parties can sign the contracts online.

6. Expense Tracking

The feature lets you monitor your expenses. Users can file expenses and retrieve them for tax filings and deductions. You can see an overview of your expenses and filter them based on clients and time. Also, you can access business statistics to help you track performance.

7. Time Tracking

With the time-tracking feature, you can create time frames for specific activities. More so, users can create invoices based on their timesheets.

You can share your timesheets with clients and provide updates about the projects in real-time. This feature lets you track your time on the go and also on multiple devices.

8. Reports

Users can access business reports to help make critical business decisions. You can get a detailed overview of your invoices, revenue, and expenses, etc. More so, you will also receive alerts on all financial transactions.

9. Apps

With the AND.CO desktop app for Mac and Chrome, you can track your time, track, and manage all your essential tasks.

AND.CO helps you keep track of essential activities, saves time, and increases your productivity.

AND.CO Pricing

ANDCO has two pricing plans

  • Free- $0 per month
  • Pro- $18 per month

Advantages of AND.CO

  • Software is simple and easy to use
  • The app has contracts and proposal features
  • The mobile helps you achieve so much on the go.
  • Customer support is great

Disadvantages of AND.CO

  • The free plan has minimal features

5. Hiveage

Hiveage is an online software designed to help businesses manage invoices and billing.

With this tool, users can create and send professional invoices with customizations.  They can also manage customers and receive online payments.

This tool lets users charge subscriptions and recurring payments. More so, users can track time, expenses, and also view detail financial reports.

Hiveage is a cloud-based software. Therefore you can access the app on a mobile or web-enabled browser. The software is also available as a mobile app on the Android and iOS platforms.

Lankitha Wimalarathna founded Hiveage in 2014. And more than 65,000 businesses trust Hiveage.

Features of Hiveage

Hiveage has excellent features to help you manage your finances. Let’s take a look at its features.

1. Online Invoicing

This feature lets you create and send invoices in simple steps. You can quickly close a deal by creating estimates and converting them to an invoice.

Hiveage allows you to customize your invoice to carry your company logo and details. Furthermore, users can track invoice status. They can monitor sent invoices, viewed by clients, or saved as drafts.

Users can add taxes, discounts, and shipping costs to invoices.

2. Estimates and Quotations

This feature lets you prepare and send quotes to your client. When your clients approve your estimates online, you can convert them to invoices. Also, you can set expiry dates for estimates and inform clients about the validity period.

3. Payment Gateways

Hiveage supports integrations with multiple payment gateways. You can enable various payment options so that customers can choose the best option.

Also, you can serve customers globally and still be able to receive payments. Hiveage allows users to accept partial payments.

4. Financial Reports

This feature will provide detailed financial reports on your finances. You can access reports on

  • Income and expenditure.
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Clients account statements

Furthermore, you can export financial data in CSV format for analysis

5. Recurring Billing

With this feature, you can charge customers for recurring payments or subscriptions. You may choose to charge manually or set it auto-bill the customer. Recurring payments could be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

6. Teams and Businesses

This feature lets you manage your teams and business. Also, you can grant different access levels for staff and multiple teams.

You can share estimates, invoices, and bills with team members. Plus, you can manage more than one business using a single account

7. Time Tracking

You can manage your tasks and track time spent on projects. Also, you can create estimates and invoices, and bill customers based on project time.

8. Expense Tracking

With this feature, you can track your expense, categorize them and convert to invoices,

9. Mileage Tracking

The mileage tracker lets you track mileage for your trips in miles and kilometers. You can further rates to each trip and add it as a business expense. Also, you can bill clients for these trips by converting the trips to invoices, bills, or estimates.

Hiveage Pricing

Hiveage has three pricing categories

  • Basic – starts at $19 per month
  • Pro- starts at $29 per month
  • Plus – starts at $49 per month

Annual payments allow you to save up to 17 percent. Hiveage offers a 14-day free trial period. This trial period provides access to all the features of the Pro Plan.

Advantages of Hiveage

Hiveage offers so many benefits.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Software is easy to use
  • Quick responses from customer service
  • Product support is excellent
  • The multi-currency invoicing is a plus

Disadvantages of Hiveage

  • The invoice layout has limited customizations
  • The app does not have customizable dashboard reports and charts

Choose Your Best Hello Bonsai Alternative

Apart from the list above, you can find other Hello Bonsai alternatives as well but these are among the more popular ones.

With all the tools, you can create, customize, and send estimates and invoices. Furthermore, you can track time and projects and bill customers based on time. The payment integrations allow you to receive online payments globally.

Most of the tools also have standout features.

HoneyBook and AND.CO allows you to create contracts and agreements and share them with clients. Also, with Honeybook, you can automate tasks and focus on other vital activities.

FreshBooks offers a robust accounting tool to help you manage finances. With the mobile app, you can access your account on the move, so nothing is stopping you.

Go ahead and choose a suitable tool to start receiving payments.

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