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Best Push Notification App For Shopify – Pushflew

Selling your products is important but it is no longer the only thing that matters. Engagement! Actually personalized engagement, are the two words swirling up the e-commerce industry these days.

Staying in touch with your customers at all times, good or bad is inevitable.

The levels of engaging your customers are getting deeper and deeper everyday.

You can now manage cart abandons, website bounces, user updates, cross selling and up selling by merely sending notifications to your user anywhere, anytime, even when the user is on your competitor’s website.


PushFlew is one of the best push notification app for shopify which covers up engagement in almost every aspect.

It allows you to send push notifications, email sequences and even display email capture and other popups.

In addition to these features, PushFlew has a boatload of other features too. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Customer Segmentation: You can segment your customers on the basis of device, location and the page viewed i.e. the URL visited
  • Mobile as well as desktop friendly: You can target your mobile and desktop users separately with different customized pop ups for each
  • RSS to push: Got a RSS feed? Just connect it to PushFlew and your users will be automatically updated about all your posts
  • API for developers: Give more control to your developers with our API. Now they can make changes at your whim
  • Different notifications for every page: Not all of us want all the focus on our homepage. Usually a few products are the ones driving our sales. PushFlew lets you focus on them and not deviate your users
  • Exit-intent popups: An exit intent popup reduces the overall abandon rate for your website by bringing back the user just when they are about to leave
  • Display popups after x% scrolling or after a delay: Add these features to your popups and capture traffic that actually matters
  • Email drip sequences: Email campaigns are still the most dominant way to engage your customers. Create workflows by adding emails or some delay and send them to a particular segment or all your subscribers
  • A/B testing: Can’t figure out what’s the best popup to engage your users? Try PushFlew’s A/B testing option and choose the popup that your users choose

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Pushflew Pricing

Don’t be intimidated by the features of this app.

It’s still available free of cost and has a direct plugin for Shopify.

Why PushFlew?

  • Unlimited messages, subscribers as well as websites, all available in a single account
  • New with push? Our automated content-rotation for push will take care of that. You can sit back and sip your coffee while your users keep getting notified about your content
  • No spying and selling of data. We respect your privacy
  • Don’t want them on your homepage all the time? Fine with us. Try them out on your high traffic pages first and direct your customers to other pages from there
  • Cart Abandonment won’t be your nightmare any longer. Reduce it by over 60% by our special abandon cart pop-ups, that appears as soon as a user is about to exit your store
  • Tired of running Paid Ads that don’t reap any results? Using PushFlew you can easily capture all your paid traffic and increase your visitor’s life span with URL based retargeting
  • Notify your users with personalized offers, order status and also upsell effectively

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  • And if you still don’t like us, you can easily shift. We do not lock you or your subscribers with us in anyway
  • What more? Personal PushFlew assistant for your account to guide you and give you tips at each and every step
  • Supported by Chrome, Firefox and Android and can be directly installed from Shopify, WordPress, Magento and Drupal


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Final Word

Overall, PushFlew is a great app if you have an e-commerce store and  want to capture and engage your traffic more effectively, upsell or cross sell your products, keep your users updated about your products, blogs and offers or for simply building up your email lists.

The app might feel a little complicated but that is mainly because it provides you a lot of features unlike others.

So, if you’re stuck and can’t figure out the best strategy for your store I would suggest you to go and get a free product demo. You can thank me later.