Best Soap2Day Alternatives You Can’t Miss In 2024

Soap2day abruptly shut down its operations in June 2023 without providing a specific reason. According to Vulture, the abrupt closure led to a wave of reactions on social media.  The official Soap2Day website is no longer available after shutting down.

Despite this, some domains still claim to be associated with Soap2day, which suggests they offer similar streaming services.

However, users should be cautious as the legitimacy and safety of these sites cannot be guaranteed, and they may not be affiliated with the original Soap2day service.

In this post, we have listed the top reliable Soap2day alternatives.

Note: It’s important to note that while some alternatives may be free, they might still be ad-supported, and not all of them are legal in every jurisdiction. Always use a VPN when accessing streaming services to keep your browsing private and secure.  I do not recommend taking risks with your online security.

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Each of the Soap2Day alternatives has been tested for quality and variety. When I tried these platforms, I focused on their ease of use, content range, and overall reliability.

Dive in to find the perfect fit for your streaming needs.

  • Popcornflix: A legal and free streaming website with an easy-to-navigate interface and a vast content library. It’s safe for streaming without legal concerns.
  • Tubi TV: A free on-demand video and TV show streaming app with a massive content library and a personalized media recommendation engine.
  • Hulu: A popular streaming service offering original TV series with various subscription plans, including add-ons like Showtime and HBO Max.
  • Vudu: A freemium platform offering a vast range of TV shows and movies, with access to unpublished films and high-quality digital movie rentals.
  • Peackcock TV: Run by NBCUniversal, it provides a vast library including live channels and sports, with both free and paid subscription options.

Our Top Picks of Soap2Day Alternatives

1. Popcornflix – 100% Legal & Free Soap2Day Alternative


Popcornflix is a 100% legal, safe & free streaming website you can use instead of Soap2day for a reliable & quality experience. It isn’t just a favorite among streaming fans—it’s also 100% legal and free to use.

I really like how it has an easy-to-navigate interface and extensive content library.

It’s both safe and legal, so you can watch without worrying about legal repercussions or security issues. So if you want a hassle-free streaming experience, my recommendation is Popcornflix.

When I tried it, the ease of access and the variety of content available were impressive.

While in my experience, streaming sites often compromise on quality or legality, Popcornflix maintains both. And I use it regularly for my movie nights.

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2. Tubi TVMassive Library with Personalized Recommendations

Tubi TV stands out as a leading, free on-demand video and TV show streaming app. I really like how Tubi TV provides a user-friendly app and web platform, making it easy to access various genres and series.

It boasts over 20,000 movies and TV shows, top-notch streaming technology, and a media personalization engine that recommends excellent content.

The platform provides better ways of discovering new content, with thousands of 100% legal media to choose from. It’s available on all devices, and you can stream it free of charge.

Once you open the site, you can access media content and start streaming.

Signing up on Tubi TV comes with benefits like creating watchlists of your favorite media content and resuming playback on any device.

It is both an app and a web-based platform with a simple interface. You can spot the categories and options in the browse tab to access the various movie genres and TV series you want. There’s no learning curve to worry about, and its design is neat.

Compared to Soap2Day, Tubi TV curates its media collections, which you can stream anywhere, including your Xbox, Xfinity X1, Roku TV, Smart TV, and smartphone.

3. Hulu – Unique Original Series and Diverse Subscription Plans


Hulu is one of the popular Soap2Day alternatives that offers original TV series. Its content is unique and only available on the site.

The platform offers paid subscriptions, but its rates are reasonable compared to platforms like Netflix.

On Hulu, you’ll get Movies Live, Stream TV, and Online Watch TV shows for online streaming anytime, anywhere. It has everything you love.

You can stream Hulu on your PC, Apple iOS and TV, Chromecast Echo Show, Mac, Fire tablets, Playstation 3, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Besides the monthly free subscription, you can also subscribe to its paid plans. The Hulu Plan goes for $6.99/mo, Hulu (No Ads) Plans at $12.99/mo, and Hulu + Live TV at $12.99/mo.

Showtime, HBO Max, Starz, and Cinemax are available on Hulu as add-ons, which isn’t the case with Soap2Day. Its Disney Bundle gives you live sports, endless entertainment, and the movies and shows you love. You can stream the entire series, current season’s episodes, Hulu originals, hit movies, and kids’ shows.

A business segment of Walt Disney Company owns this platform, and NBCUniversal from Comcast is an equity stakeholder.

This is your site if you’re looking for live news, live TV, TV shows, movies, and live sports. You’ll also find original content, kids’ content, and more.

To keep up with Hulu’s latest offerings and updates, you can refer to Variety’s coverage on this popular streaming platform.

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4. Vudu – High-Quality Movies with Unique Rental Options

Vudu - Popular Soap2Day Alternative

I do find Vudu a notable Soap2Day alternative. When I tried it, I was impressed by its extensive collection of new and old films, including 4K UHD titles.

Once you sign in, you’ll gain access to new and old films to stream.

I really like how it integrates with Walmart and Facebook accounts, offering a unique feature that Soap2Day does not.

Launched in 2007 as Vudu Box (set-top box), it was the first on-demand platform to provide HD quality digital movies. Since then, it’s been improving the home streaming experience.

Today, Vudu has over 200,000 new releases, TV shows, and catalog movies that it rents out or sells, including an extensive collection of 4K UHD movie titles and thousands of other titles you can watch for free.

It boasts over 60 million registered users and millions of content consumers who use it daily on their connected devices, smart TVs, online, and mobile. It’s also an official TV and movie store on Roku.

5. Peacock TV – NBCUniversal’s Diverse Streaming Platform

Peacock TV, run by NBCUniversal, offers an expansive library that rivals platforms like Soap2day.

It’s not just about TV shows and movies; Peacock TV also includes live channels, sports, and an ever-updating catalog.

I do find the interface makes navigation a breeze, and it’s available across multiple devices, from your smartphone to your smart TV. I really like how Peacock TV sets itself apart with its dual approach to subscriptions.

So if you want versatility, I can simply use my experience to say you get a free tier with a decent content range and two paid options that unlock the full library, live events, and an ad-free experience.

And remember, unlike platforms like Soap2day, Peacock TV is completely legal, keeping you on the right side of the law.

Risks of Using Unofficial Streaming Sites

According to Consumer Reports, using unofficial streaming sites can pose significant risks to users. These sites often host unauthorized streams of copyrighted content, and while watching these streams may not be a violation of the law, it can expose users to various security and privacy risk.

One of the main risks is the potential for malware and viruses. By visiting these websites, users could unknowingly download harmful files to their computers.

In addition to malware and viruses, these websites can also include inappropriate content and numerous ads, further compromising the user experience and potentially leading to other security issues.

For those who choose to use unofficial streaming sites, Consumer Reports recommends taking measures to protect their online privacy and security.

This includes using a VPN to encrypt connections to the websites visited, and avoiding apps from unofficial sources to limit exposure to malware.

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Use a VPN to keep your browsing private and secure. When you’re online, you don’t have to worry about being secure or about your information getting out there if you have a VPN. NordVPN makes it simple.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

For a comprehensive understanding of how VPNs protect your online activities, Tom’s Guide is a great resource.

Legal Implications of Using Unofficial Streaming Sites

According to the Copyright Alliance, the legal implications for streaming can involve criminal penalties for illegal streaming activities.

The Protecting Lawful Streaming Act (PLSA) was signed into law to modernize criminal copyright law by ensuring the availability of felony penalties for illegal streaming, consistent with those that exist for other types of copyright infringement.

This law aims to deter commercial-scale streaming infringement through criminal prosecution. Streaming piracy, which accounts for 80% of all U.S. piracy, costs the U.S. economy more than $29 billion a year.

The PLSA was enacted with widespread bipartisan support and is the result of over a decade of efforts by Congress, the Copyright Office, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies to close an unintended gap in copyright law.

The law will not affect the activities of ordinary internet users. Nor would it criminalize good faith business/licensing disputes or noncommercial activities.

Best Soap2Day Alternatives For Movies and TV Shows Online – Recap

So these were some of the free streaming websites to consider as alternatives to Soap2day.

Tubi TV is the winning Soap 2 Day alternative platform. First, it has an extensive library of TV shows and movies (over 20,000).

Additionally, I do appreciate its media personalization engine and streaming technology, which ensure top-notch content. And I use Tubi TV to discover new content and stream it on any device at no cost.

If you decide to sign up with Tubi TV, you’ll be able to create your watchlists and resume playback.

The best part is that Tubi TV is a web-based platform and an app. Until I tried it, I did not realize how effectively it curates its media content, which you can stream on various devices and apps, including Xfinity, Roku, Smart TV, mobile devices, Xbox, etc.

For an in-depth look at the evolving landscape of online streaming, Wired offers a collection of articles and resources.

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