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10 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Cars In India

Are you looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your car in India? Look no further!

Unlike the car exteriors that can be washed with soap and water, car owners typically experience challenges when cleaning up their car interiors because of some unreachable spots.

Fortunately, you can make use of a vacuum cleaner for your car. Moreover, these devices can quickly suck out the specks of dirt on your car seats, and most especially unreachable spots in your vehicle.

Additionally, car vacuum cleaners can protect you from adverse health effects that are associated with bad air quality due to the dirt and pollutants in your car.

Before we show you our big list of car vacuum cleaners for cars in India, let’s answer the fundamental question – how does a car vacuum cleaner work?

How Does A Car Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Car vacuum cleaners are portable devices that are specifically designed for cleaning up car interiors.

In essence, they can suck out impurities such as dirt, debris, hair, and other impurities from both conspicuous and obstructive areas from your vehicle interiors.

Like household vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners work based on the same working principle.

After you switch it on, its suction power enables it to ‘suck’ dirt and impurities in your car interiors. The pollutants are directly stored in its trash bin compartment so you can empty it when it is full.

Thankfully, some vacuum cleaners can be plugged into the DC outlet of your vehicle, i.e. the cigarette lighter socket.

Also, some car vacuum cleaners can function on batteries. However, both types of vacuum cleaners typically come with large extension cords so you can reach the hard to reach corners of your car’s interior.

To save you from the hassles of searching for the perfect product in the market, we’ve shortlisted 10 of the best vacuum cleaners for cars in India.

10 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Cars In India

1. Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner

This is a car vacuum cleaner that features a large 130W motor measuring 3.6cm.

For performance and efficiency, its motor was produced with pure copper. The exterior is made with virgin ABS plastic and finished in a mirror body.

In fact, the plastic is unbreakable and scratch-proof to ensure durability and long-term use.

The vacuum cleaner reaches a speed of 27,000 rpm and comes with two filters – a HEPA filter and a mesh filter. With both filters, this product operates with an advanced multi-stage filtration process.

Thankfully, the Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner is notable for its ease of use.

It features a long power cord that measures up to 4.5mm; hence, you can conveniently reach all corners of your car’s interior while cleaning. Not to mention, it can facilitate both dry and wet cleaning

A patented one-way dust flow system is featured such that dust is prevented from falling out of the cleaner.

The dust box is transparent, so you know just when it needs to be emptied.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. It also comes with a crevice nozzle, brush, and a complimentary bag for convenient storage.

2. RNG EKO Green Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Here is another perfect vacuum cleaner for cars that you should consider.

It is a vacuum cleaner with a 150W motor and a maximum suction power of 4.5 kpa. The engine is made with copper which implies its effectiveness.

Also, it features a metallic fan that ensures long-term use.

On the outside, you get a product made with high-quality plastic that is weather resistant. Thankfully, it also features a HEPA filter, which can be detached and washed easily.

The RNG-2001 car handheld vacuum cleaner can reach and clean all car corners thanks to its 5-meter long power cable. Its dry and wet cleaning capability implies that you can clean both dust and moisture with this vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately, it comes with useful accessories like an extension mouth and a few brush connectors that are included in the purchase package. A bag for storage is included as well while the product has a 1-year warranty.

3. Eureka Forbes 100-Watt Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Forbes 100-Watt Car Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight unit that weighs just 930 grams.

As stated in the description, it features a 100-watt motor. Though it might be considered low, it can efficiently carry out car interior cleaning without hassles.

The cleaner has an outer body made with plastic with a transparent black part. Also, it features a HEPA filter.

Removed dirt is contained in the dust cup, and with a one-touch quick release feature, you can quickly get rid of it.

The power cable is a lengthy one. It measures about 3 meters long, which is convenient for all-round cleaning.

When you purchase this Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner, you also get an upholstery cleaner, flexible hose pipe, a crevice nozzle, and a multipurpose brush.

Not to mention, it is covered by a six-month warranty from the date of purchase.

4. Black + Decker AV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner

This is a grey colored car vacuum cleaner from the renowned Black + Decker brand. It has a 12.1-watt motor engine; hence, it functions effectively for cleaning dirt and dust within the car.

As a lightweight product weighing only 798 grams, you can effectively carry it for prolonged use without hassles. Also, it has a high-quality plastic body that makes it durable.

Not to mention, it facilitates the faster cleaning process.

Its double-action filtration system ensures that dust and dirt are cleaned very quickly.

You get better accessibility and maneuverability while using this Black + Decker car vacuum cleaner thanks to its 5-meter long cable.

Thankfully, it has a 550ml bowl that collects the dust while cleaning; hence, you can empty it quickly when necessary.

Thankfully, this vacuum cleaner for the car comes with additional accessories such as a cleaning brush and a crevice nozzle.

Black + Decker issued a 1-year warranty card upon purchase of this AV1205 vacuum cleaner.

5. ResQTech Car Vacuum Cleaner

Made with plastic and finished with an Italian body, this car vacuum cleaner is one of the best you can get in India.

The motor has a 100W capacity, but it is efficient in sucking dust and moisture thanks to its 4300PA – 4500PA suction.

The ResQTech 12V DC Car Vacuum Cleaner comes with a nano filter. Also, you can quickly remove and wash the filter when needed without issues.

For convenient usage, it features a 5-meter power cord that can reach all areas within your car.

Also, it has a stylish handle that is designed like a hook for a firm and smooth grip. Not to mention, it is perfect for cleaning at different angles convenient.

Additionally, it weighs only 1.5 kilograms which makes this car vacuum cleaner perfect for thorough car cleaning.

You can rely on the quality of this ResQTech car vacuum cleaner as it comes with a two-year warranty.

6. iGRiD Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This iGRiD handheld vacuum cleaner is a product optimized for comfortable usage. It features a Pro Cyclone technology which makes it very efficient for handling interior car cleaning tasks.

This tech facilitates superior suction such that the vacuum cleaner picks up particles of about 0.3 microns.

This product is a durable one.

It has sturdy ABS plastic material on the outside which is resistant to impact, chemicals, and is scratch proof.

You’ll find the vacuum cleaner portable and easy to carry around as it is ultra-lightweight.

It features a washable HEPA filter and has a power cable that is 4 meters in length.

The sucked dust particles are stored in a translucent dust box.

You will quickly notice when it is full and can easily clean it off as well.

In addition to the vacuum cleaner, you also get an extension pipe, crevice suction, and a square brush. Also, it comes with a one year warranty for manufacturing defects.

7. Egab Car Vacuum Cleaner

From Egab, we have this high-power portable vacuum cleaner for cars. It has a 50W power motor with 12 volts suction. It effectively cleans dust. Not to mention, it has a low noise for your comfort.

The design of this vacuum cleaner is a unique one. It has a plastic exterior, and it is finished in silver.

Thankfully, it is lightweight weighing just about 240 grams.

This product can be used easily and can be configured in two ways. It comes with a very long cord of about 9 ft. length. Also, it comes with a washable filter.

The Egab 12V DC car vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning microscopic particles. It features a garbage and dust box that can be cleaned quickly.

The manufacturer includes different accessories so you can conveniently clean all interior areas of your car.

8. Shopizone High Power Multi-Function Car Vacuum Cleaner

This Shopizone product is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner as it can clean both dry and wet waste. It uses an optimal motor of 120W with a fan that is made with aluminum.

Unlike other vacuum cleaners for cars on our list, it has a higher suction at 5000PA.

The vacuum cleaner works in 6 different ways as it features three attachments. It also features a 2nd generation HEPA filter which facilitates better efficiency. It can handle 99.9 percent of dust. Also, you can easily wash the air filter.

Thankfully, it features a dust bin that can collect dust while cleaning. With just a single press of the detach button, you can disconnect the bin and remove the dirt whenever necessary.

A lengthy 5-meter power cord is attached to this vacuum cleaner. Such a length enables you to clean up every corner of your car conveniently.

Conversely, it comes with additional attachments such as a brush, flat vacuum nozzle, and extension suction pipe.

9. Voroly High Power Vacuum Cleaner for Car

Here is a car vacuum cleaner that was manufactured by the Voroly brand.

As a high power machine, it has a suction force of 3.5kPa. Also, it has a 120-watt motor which is made of aluminum. Unlike other car vacuum cleaners in the market, it has a low noise production of just 60 dB.

It was manufactured with high-quality ABS plastic which makes it perfect for long-term use. Not to mention, it is lightweight weighing just 830 grams.

Thankfully, this vacuum cleaner for cars is perfect for both dry and wet car interior cleaning purposes. Moreover, it has a 4.5-meter long power cord, which makes it ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas within your car.

Additionally, this machine features a one-touch button for emptying the trash bin. Also, it comes with an HEPA filter that can be washed when due.

Nonetheless, this product package comes with additional attachments such as two crevice nozzles (short & long), one brush nozzle, one soft hosepipe, and an instruction manual.

It also comes with a 6-month replacement warranty which must be registered after purchase.

10. Techzere Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Here is a vacuum cleaner for cars from the Techzere brand. This product is a powerful 150W vacuum cleaner with a maximum suction power of 3.8 KPA.

It can absorb specks of dust that are stored on deep layers thanks to its powerful suction system.

This product is convenient to use; moreover, it is lightweight and produces low noise. It weighs a maximum of 449 grams.

Thankfully, it features two HEPA filters. That way, you can make use of 1 HEPA filter while the other can be available as a spare.

Additionally, its HEPA filters are removable and can be washed when due.

Every hard-to-reach area of your car can be cleaned as this vacuum cleaner has a 16.88-foot long power cord.

Also, it comes with additional attachments such as one brush, one long soft tube, one crevice tube, and one microfibre cloth. Not to mention, you are also provided with one storage bag to facilitate convenient storage.

Why Should You Use A Vacuum Cleaner For Your Car?

Listed below are significant benefits of using a vacuum cleaner for your car.


It is a faster process to clean up your car interior with a vacuum cleaner rather than using a broom.

In fact, car vacuum cleaners can thoroughly clean up your car insides within minutes so you can save time and energy as well.


As you can see, a car vacuum cleaner can be quickly set up without the need for technical know-how.

All you have to do is to plug in the vacuum cleaner onto your car cigarette lighter socket or insert the batteries. Then you can suck out the dirt from any areas within your car.

Impurities removal

Unlike the manual method of cleaning up your car, it is arduous to remove impurities like pet hair or food debris in unreachable areas.

However, car vacuum cleaners typically have high suction power which makes them versatile for removing all kinds of dirt within your car’s interior.

Improves air quality

A car vacuum cleaner can complement the air quality within your car.

In essence, a vacuum cleaner typically incorporates air filters like HEPA, which makes them useful in removing allergens or disease-causing germs that are present in your vehicle.


As a low-cost machine, you don’t have to pay frequent visits to car wash companies to help you clean up your car’s interior.

The average cost of a car vacuum cleaner depends on its size, features, and the type available; however, you can get an excellent car vacuum cleaner in India within the range of 4000 to 8000 INR.

Brands like Black & Decker, Eureka Forbes, Bergmann, and Karcher are notable car vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India.

Buyer’s Guide For Buying A Car Vacuum Cleaner In India

Criteria For Selecting A Vacuum Cleaner For Your Car

Before you fiddle around the market for a vacuum cleaner for your car, there are some criteria you need to consider. These include:


There are two types of car vacuum cleaner, i.e. cordless and corded. A corded car vacuum cleaner typically incorporates a cable for direct connection onto the car’s cigarette lighter socket.

Conversely, a cordless car vacuum cleaner will require a battery to function. That way, you don’t have to plug them into your car’s DC electricity outlet.

Nonetheless, corded vacuum cleaners usually have higher suction power than cordless ones.

Also, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner for your car, you must identify its effectiveness for your car’s interior.

Suction power

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner for cars is an important criterion to consider. Besides, it determines the force that will be exerted by the device to suck up the dirt particles within the car’s interior.

Additionally, you should opt for a car vacuum cleaner with a higher suction model for versatile purposes.


Cordless car vacuum cleaners are generally more portable than corded ones. Moreover, corded vacuum cleaners have long power cords and they are heavy.

Nonetheless, you should consider a car vacuum cleaner that can be applied to any area within your car, while acknowledging its effectiveness, whether cordless or not.

Tank capacity

The accumulated dirt is typically collected in a tank within your car vacuum cleaner. Ideally, you consider a device with a functional tank capacity that can facilitate a continuous cleaning process.

Air filters

Car vacuum cleaners typically incorporate different air filters like carbon and HEPA filters. In essence, a carbon filter can remove odors or bad smells while HEPA filters can remove pollutants and allergens.

Car interior

Another essential factor you should consider before making a choice is your car interior. Besides, the material of your car’s interior can determine whether the vacuum will be sufficient or not.

For instance, a velvet or fabric seat typically accumulates dust particles so you will require a vacuum cleaner with higher suction power. Conversely, car interiors with leather will not require a higher suction capacity; besides, the dirt can be easily cleaned up with a soft towel.

Nevertheless, you should consider a car vacuum cleaner with several attachments that can handle all kinds of car interiors, whether velvet or leather.

Vehicle size

Your car model will determine the kind of vacuum cleaner you should consider.
Big car owners should consider heavy-duty ones with higher suction power; besides, big cars usually have more seats.

Not to mention, you may have kids or friends who spill dust particles at obstructive regions within your car.
On the other hand, you should consider a portable car vacuum cleaner if you have a small car.


Another essential factor to consider is the weight of the car vacuum cleaner. It should not be difficult to use or move around.

In fact, you should opt for a lightweight car vacuum cleaner that does not have a weight exceeding 2 kg. Also, you should consider their ergonomic designs when making a buying decision.

Additional accessories

Additional accessories will come in handy to complement your car interior cleaning requirements. For instance, you may want to clean up difficult areas like under the seats, dashboard area, and others.

Thankfully, some vacuum cleaners for cars usually come with unique attachments such as crevice tools, brushes, pet hair removers, and replaceable filters.

Also, some models provide you with an additional attachment like a flexible hose. That way, you can utilize the device for your varied needs.

Can I Use A Car Vacuum Cleaner At Home?

Yes, you can use a car vacuum cleaner in your home as well. However, you need to make some modifications.
In essence, some car vacuum cleaners are designed to work with 12V DC power outlets i.e. cigarette lighter receptacles in the car.

Hence, you need to make use of a DC-to-AC converter within your home to connect the device. Furthermore, you should check whether your vacuum cleaner supports both home and car use.

Wrapping Up

It is a challenging process to clean up your car’s interior manually, most notably the hard-to-reach areas.

Fortunately, a car vacuum cleaner makes the process easy so you won’t have to go through unpleasant instances before ensuring your car’s interior has been thoroughly cleaned.

Listed above are the best vacuum cleaners for cars in India that are perfect for use. Also, they are affordable, so you won’t have to worry about their cost.

You can also consider factors like your car’s interior, portability, suction power, and the convenience they offer before making a purchasing decision.