Commission Hero Review – How I Made $2300 in Profits With Commission Hero?

Today, I am going to show you my experience with the Commission Hero training course, by Robby Blanchard. 

I purchased this course on 26th November 2019.

I also joined the inner circle on the same day.

They say the proof is in the tasting. But let me adapt that: the proof is in the testing. Having recently bought Robby Blanchard’s highly rated Commission Hero training course, I wanted to see if it really was as good as people were saying. 

So I put the course through its paces, carrying out a number of tests, the results of which I’ve included below. So was the course a real Commission Hero or Commission Zero? Time to reveal all.

Commission Hero - #1 Affiliate Marketing Course

Learn the A to Z of Affiliate Marketing by Robby Blanchard and start earning $1000 a day. Commission Hero includes tons of videos, easy to understand tutorials, tips and tricks to help you learn inside out of Affiliate Marketing. Subscribe to it now!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Take A Bow Robby Blanchard

First, a bit about Robby, the creator of the course. Right now, he can claim to be the Lionel Messi of affiliate marketing, as he was rated Clickbank’s biggest earning affiliate marketer last year.

In January of that year, Clickbank ran a competition to see who could generate the most sales in a month. Robby won. His stats are available to see on Clickbank’s website.

The figures make for some eye-popping reading. To summarize, Robby generated over $1 million in sales each month for two months in a row. That’s gross sales, but still a pretty amazing sum.

Ahead of my review of Commission Hero, here’s an interview with Robby at Clickbank’s HQ so you can hear direct from him.

My Commission Hero Review With Test Results

So, the Commission Hero system of affiliate marketing claims to be able to make you at least $1,000 per day. That’s a number that’s going to get a fair few people sitting up and taking notice.

It certainly got my attention so I decided to go for it. And here’s where I reveal the results I generated when I tested Commission Hero.

I reckon the best, most convincing way to review any product is to buy it, put it to the test, and share the results. And that’s exactly what I’ve done with Commission Hero. I wanted to see if I, a pretty regular guy, could use the system to generate a decent income.

So does the training course deliver, or does it deserve to be put in the ‘sounds too good to be true’ category? Stick with this and you’ll find out the answers to these burning questions:

  • Does Commission Hero really work?
  • Will it work for me?
  • Should I invest in the Commission Hero training course?

Answers to those questions are needed, because, for all you or me know, Commission Hero could be another of those affiliate marketing courses that promises riches beyond your wildest dreams, only to deliver disappointment after disappointment.

Some of these courses feature methodologies the may have worked a few years back but are now useless. Others are run by people who simply don’t know their affiliate from their cruciate.

Straight away, you can see from Commission Hero that it’s a course with genuine credibility. It’s been created by a guy (let’s namecheck him again—Robby Blanchard) who has credentials.

Being Clickbank’s number one earning affiliate marketer is no small feat. So what he’s doing is working. Now.

He’s legit. And that’s one of the main hurdles to overcome when you choose an affiliate marketing course. You’ve got to make sure it’s the real deal.

Now onto the ‘will it work for you’ issue. Everyone’s different, with different commitments, time availability, cash availability.

For me to give Commission Hero my seal of approval, it’s going to need to work for a lot of people.

And below I outline who I believe will benefit most from the course, so I can arm you with the information you need to help you decide whether or not to invest in Commission Hero. 

What Is Commission Hero?

Here’s a little rewind for anyone who might not already know about Commission Hero. It’s an affiliate marketing course that aims to show you how you can make good money.

A key element of the course is its training videos. You get around 45 in total, so you can already see you’re going to get a thorough grounding in how to succeed on this course.

Robby’s designed Commission Hero so that even if you’re completely new to affiliate marketing, you can develop an understanding of his business model and learn how to make it work for you.

Robby takes things a step at a time so it’s easy to follow him doing things like setting up your Facebook account, creating your landing pages, writing the words for your ads, finding and using images for those ads, choosing the right offer, linking your Facebook ads to your landing pages to earn commission as a Clickbank affiliate.

I have to say that Robby makes something that could be complicated really easy to understand.

He shows you how he makes money online through taking commissions using paid advertising. It’s not just for beginners though. Affiliate marketers with years of experience will benefit from the course too.

Commission Hero - #1 Affiliate Marketing Course

Learn the A to Z of Affiliate Marketing by Robby Blanchard and start earning $1000 a day. Commission Hero includes tons of videos, easy to understand tutorials, tips and tricks to help you learn inside out of Affiliate Marketing. Subscribe to it now!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Commission Hero Support Services

Heroes come to the rescue, right? That’s certainly the case here. One of the key features of the course is the support Robby offers everyone who signs up for Commission Hero. 

There’s a Facebook group that gives you a place where you can communicate with others taking the course and ask questions.

Robby regularly makes himself available to answer the questions that group members are posing, and rest assured, there will be others like you wanting answers to the same sort of questions.

Most get answered within an hour, sometimes sooner. I was certainly pleasantly surprised by the amount of time Robby spends answering the Facebook group questions. It certainly shows his commitment to the course.

My Commission Hero Test Results

Now to the bit where I put Robby’s course to the test. I made my payment on 26th November last year and as advised spent a bit of time getting everything set-up. 

Robby recommends you spend a couple of weeks getting into the groove before starting for real. So that’s what I did. And by 10th December I was ready to go:

Commission Hero – Whats In the training?

Here are the key take lessons that were critical to my success & results (more about this later),

  1. Finding the right offer to promote on Clickbank.

This has been one of the most important lessons of the training. Often we end up picking the wrong niche or wrong product to promote. And end up wasting a lot of time & money.

Picking the right offer is 50% of the affiliate marketing battle won.

Robby lets us in on the two main affiliate sites he uses—one is Click Bank, and the other is Max Web. He also sometimes uses A4D and Offer Spotlight. 

Robby leads us through the process he uses to find offers on those platforms, giving an overview of the affiliate offers that he uses to generate his income. There’s plenty of detail here, so you’ll really know the best way to successfully use those resources.

  1. Getting Started with Facebook Ad accounts

And as we mentioned earlier, Facebook is a big part of the course. It includes how to create your business manager, how to launch your first campaign, how to create ads, customized audiences, your fan page, everything you need to get up and running.

  1. How to create a “million-dollar” image

Having a good visual is crucial to getting someone to click your ad—the first, a most vital step to making a sale. Robby’s clear on this—images have to be right and you need to test them. He shows you how to do that, and even lets us in on where he finds his designers. Images are offered as part of the course, but Robby also gives insights into where you can find more of your own.

  1. How to create a “million-dollar” landing page

Landing pages are vital, and Robby shows you how to set up yours. ClickFunnels is his preferred platform for this, and he walks us through how to register and get everything good to go.

For those of you who aren’t fans of ClickFunnels, Robby’s kind enough to offer-up an alternative for your landing page, and that’s PHP.

Commission Hero - #1 Affiliate Marketing Course

Learn the A to Z of Affiliate Marketing by Robby Blanchard and start earning $1000 a day. Commission Hero includes tons of videos, easy to understand tutorials, tips and tricks to help you learn inside out of Affiliate Marketing. Subscribe to it now!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
  1. Mindset & Tracking

Robby is really upfront about all that’s required to get yourself into a position to make money. In the early days, he says, you’re effectively buying data, and should expect to invest more than you’ll make in commission to begin with. But knowing how to deep dive the data is what’s going to help you turn a profit.

Tracking campaigns is big too, and Robby offers access to a spreadsheet that someone created for him that can really help you keep an eye on things. To track, you need to know how to install links that can tell you which of your ads is performing best

  1. Dealing with Ad account shutdowns

I have been earlier banned by Facebook, so this was an important section for me.It’s also possible that some of the offers you run could cause Facebook to deactivate your account. Robby gives you ways to deal with this, in particular how to appeal against the shutdown.

Even if your appeal fails, there’s advice on what to do next so you can keep your business expanding. Seriously, this guy has thought of everything and included it in his course.

  1. Scaling

Of course, to make the big bucks, you need to scale your business. Robby’s been there, done that, and is best placed to show you what to do, and how to handle the fact that you could be spending thousands every day on ads.


Bonuses are a big part of Commission Hero, and Robby offers what he calls Million Dollar Landing Pages.

Because Facebook doesn’t like its ads directly linking to an offer, landing pages make for the ideal go-between. In case you’re new to all this, a landing page is a webpage that people click to from an ad—a Facebook ad for example.

The page is written to present the offer and get people to click a link that takes them to the page where they can buy the product. 

Inner Circle

Earlier we mentioned the Inner Circle. Now, this is something you pay an extra monthly fee to access.

And it’s worth it, as many of the members have become successful affiliate marketers in their own right. So there’s plenty of help, advice and information to be gleaned from the experts in the group. 

Every month a new offer is unlocked exclusively for Inner Circle members. It could be access to a new-style landing page, a custom audience to target, new images, new copy.

You also become part of an exclusive group and get a weekly webinar in which you can get on a live call for a Q and A with Robby. It’s your chance to ask the creator of this amazing course any question you like. You can even get him to check out and comment on your campaigns. 

And because Robby has so much clout in the world of affiliate marketing, he can get you great deals with some vendors—deals like a whopping 90% commission. They’re the kind of deals that can really make all the difference in terms of giving you cashflow you can spend on more advertising and scaling-up your campaigns.

My Own Commission Hero Results


I started running ads in December in the “health” niche.

Robby suggests that you spend couple of weeks to warm up the account before running actual ads. I spent $150 on a “Facebook like” campaign for first 2 weeks..

Then I picked up 2 offers – both in the health niche. I used creatives & landing pages that Robby provided in the training.

I made $439 in revenue and spent $872 on Facebook ad in December.

Gross Sales – $439, Refund – ($187.25). Ad spent $872, Lost -$620


In January, I continued testing ads. I got 3 new creatives designed for both offers from Fiverr as Robby suggests. I also split-tested 4 creatives that I found by Facebook ad spying tool – Adspy.

I scaled my ad spend while nearly breaking even. I also started to test 3rd offer.

Gross Sales – $7,183.78, Refund – 736.59,  Net Earnings -6,409, Ad spent $5876, Profit – $533


In Feb, I found a creative & a landing page combination that seemed to go well for one of the offers.

I scaled my ad spend on the first offer while nearly breaking even next 2 offers. I made a modest profit of $633.

Gross Sales – $8,967.43, Refund – 644.45 + 474.76,  Net Earnings -7,848.22, Ad spent $8481, Profit – $633


Gross Sales – $8,888.38, Refund – 981.58 + 37.33,  Net Earnings – 7,869.47, Ad spent $5585, Profit – $2284. I had a decent profit this month.

My Commission Hero Test Conclusions

Does Commission Hero Work?

Yes. Or let me qualify that by saying it worked for me, as you can see from the results above.

Is Commission Hero suitable for everyone?

I would have to say that Commission Hero isn’t for everyone. In the early days as you can see from my test results, there were some teething problems.

 I was spending more than I was earning, making losses. Not everyone can handle that sort of thing. 

Who might not be suited to Commission Hero?

If you’re the kind of person who wants to see a profit from the start, this is unlikely to be for you.

But it’s not only those who are risk-averse when it comes to money who might find Commission Hero doesn’t suit them. 

The nature of the work you’ll be doing does mean there’s a risk that your Facebook advertising account could be closed down.

You are going to be doing a lot of offer advertising for affiliates on Facebook, and many on the course find they can (accidentally) contravene Facebook’s advertising policies when they first start using the platform for advertising. 

It’s something Robby doesn’t try and sweep under the carpet on his course. He gives information on how to best avoid getting your Facebook advertising account deactivated in the first place.

 And there are tips on how to get it reactivated should you fall foul of those watching out for breaches of Facebook’s advertising rules.

It’s certainly something you can fairly easily overcome, even if it means opening a new advertising account and starting from scratch.

But if the idea of getting your Facebook ad account taken down is going to keep you awake at nights, affiliate marketing might not be for you.

Commission Hero - #1 Affiliate Marketing Course

Learn the A to Z of Affiliate Marketing by Robby Blanchard and start earning $1000 a day. Commission Hero includes tons of videos, easy to understand tutorials, tips and tricks to help you learn inside out of Affiliate Marketing. Subscribe to it now!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Who Will Like Commission Hero?

For me, the people who will benefit most from taking the Commission Hero training course fall into three categories:

  • Experienced Online Marketeers  If you’ve been successful in the past with online marketing through Clickbank and are looking for new ways to build your income, Commission Hero could be what you’re looking for.
  • Totally Committed Beginners And I mean TOTALLY committed. If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to establish your own online business, all the tools you need are here for you. You need to be ready to devote big chunks of your time to learning what Robby’s teaching and then applying it. And for my money, Commission Hero offers beginners the best available launchpad into the world of affiliate marketing. I encountered plenty of newbies on the Commission Hero Facebook group.
  • College Students, Graduates, Retirees

If you’ve got spare time—at least an hour a day—and spare funds to establish your ad budget, then Commission Hero can show you how to make a neat income online in a way that’s clearer and more successful than anything I’ve seen online in a good while.

Ultimately, the answer to the question ‘Will Commission Hero Work For You? depends on one thing. You.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that Robby’s system works. It’s also shown that it’s not all plain sailing. There will be obstacles to overcome, but there are definitely rewards on the other side for anyone who’s ready to commit 100% to Commission Hero.

What Success With Commission Hero Really Looks Like

I hope you’ve appreciated the honesty with which I’ve conducted my Commission Hero test and shared my results—warts and all!

 You’ll see I took a while to really get going, but once I did, the results show that Robby’s course really can deliver on the promises it makes. 

The key is to treat this as a long-term business opportunity (after all, that’s what it is). Don’t expect to make a killing on your first day (and hey, at least your first day can be spent wherever you like, you don’t have to travel to an office, and get dressed-up smart).

The $97 A Month Question: Should You Buy Commission Hero?

The truthful answer is it’s up to you. I took the plunge and, as you can see from my results, I proved it’s possible to make good money using Robby’s system. But, as stated before, don’t expect it to always be a smooth ride, and be prepared to commit time to making it work.

As you’ve read this far, I’m assuming you’re still interested in Commission Hero, which is great news. 

My recommended next step for you would be to check out Robby’s free training webinar which I’ve linked to below. It’ll give you an idea of what the course is all about and an insight into how Robby goes about delivering the course content.

My advice if you think this is a good match for your requirements is to go for it. Don’t have any regrets. No if onlys. In my experience, I’m happy I invested in the course and, as my results show, Commission Hero works.

Watch Robby Blanchard’s FREE Commission Hero Training Webinar 

Or if you’re hungry to get going with Commission Hero, you can sign up right now by clicking here.

Interest declared: I’m an affiliate marketer, so yes, if you click above and purchase the course, I’ll earn a commission. But hopefully you’re thinking it’s worth it, because I’ve gone to all the effort of sharing my experiences with Commission Hero by compiling this review and sharing my test results!

It’s at this point that I should be offering bonuses to those of you who need just a little more persuading to click that link and purchase the course. Well, I’m not going to offer you some worthless bonuses.

Instead, if you do decide to register for Commission Hero by using my link, I will:

Share my exclusive Commission Hero Tips List: it’s something I’ve compiled myself that features short-cuts I’ve tried and mistakes I’ve made that you can avoid getting an even better experience from Commission Hero.

It’ll show you precisely how my most profitable campaigns were set up and executed. To get the Tips List, just email me when you’ve purchased the course.

Add you to my personal Skype contacts list: This will enable you to contact me directly and ask me questions about Commission Hero.

As I’ve already mentioned, Robby offers a similar service as part of the course, but hey, there’s no harm in getting a second opinion from someone else who’s been there and done that as recently as I have.

That’s it from me for now. You can ask me questions in the comments section below if you need any further clarification. I’ll do my best to answer them as quickly as I can.

But if you’re ready to sign up for Commission Hero, click here. Remember to send me an email if you do to get those bonuses I mentioned.

Commission Hero - #1 Affiliate Marketing Course

Learn the A to Z of Affiliate Marketing by Robby Blanchard and start earning $1000 a day. Commission Hero includes tons of videos, easy to understand tutorials, tips and tricks to help you learn inside out of Affiliate Marketing. Subscribe to it now!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s an online business in which ‘associates’ earn commission by referring customers to other businesses that have products or services to sell. 

What’s Commission Hero?

It’s an online affiliate marketing training course devised and hosted by Robby Blanchard, who was named Clickbank’s top affiliate marketer by earnings in 2019.

Is Commission Hero legit?

Yes, no question. Read my review and see my test results for proof that the course is the real deal in terms of showing you how to earn a decent income online.

What’s ClickBank?

It’s one of the world’s leading affiliate marketing marketplaces, an essential resource with over 6 million products and the power to reach 200 million customers all over the world.

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