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How To Add WebEx Meeting In Outlook 2013

WebEx Overview

One of the advantages of living in the 21st century is having the opportunity to see how rapidly technology is advancing.

WebEx is a business app which allows business moguls to schedule a meeting at their own convenience. Entrepreneurs can work comfortably from home through having online meetings.

This popular business app has consistently received favorable reviews from business merchants.

WebEx Meeting Center has rapidly climbed to the top of the list in the online meeting space.

It was included in a recent Forbes ranking as one of the ’10 Best Business Apps’.

WebEx Pricing

WebEx pricing plans are categorized into 4 main levels.

  • Free – $0
  • Starter – $13.50/month
  • Plus – $17.95/month
  • Business – $26.95/month

Note – Pricing vary from time to time. Check here to see the latest plans and features.

WebEx Features

Conference Set-up – The WebEx system is mainly created to work well in the browser configuration. No additional app downloads are required.

Video Streaming – It is very famous for high definition videos that give a captivating experience for web conferences.

Additional features– Annotation tools, Meeting options, Change Presenters, Whiteboard, Chat, Outlook integration, Recording, Selective application & file sharing make for some great features.

Security – It provides users with a secure environment, passwords are protected with 128-bit AES/Blowfish encryption.

Layout/Interface – Easy and user-friendly settings make the app top notch.

Audio – Integrated VoIP & dial-in functions give users the best sound experience.

Support – The helpdesk can be reached via live chat or ticketing system. Self-help documentation is also available. Premium users have the privilege of telephone chat.

Platforms – It is available on Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

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Adding WebEx Meeting In 2013 Outlook

Adding WebEx to 2013 Outlook requires WebEx productivity tools, which must be pre-installed on your computer.

If it is not installed, kindly check how to install WebEx productivity tools at the end of this article.

After installation, you’ll first have to check to determine if Outlook integration has actually been enabled in the WebEx One-Click client. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open the WebEx Settings dialog
    • If WebEx is not yet running:
    • Start-> All Programs-> WebEx-> Productivity Tools-> WebEx Settings
    • If WebEx is already running:
    • Click on the “Edit WebEx Settings” link at the bottom or press F11.
  2. Select the Tools tab.
  3. Verify that “Microsoft Outlook” is selected for “Email and Scheduling”.
  4. Press OK to confirm the changes.
  5. Restart Outlook and once restarted, verify that the WebEx options are now available on the Toolbar or in the Ribbon.

webex settings tools

If the Webex ribbon does not still show in Outlook, you need to enable the add-in in Outlook by following the steps below:

manage addins 2007

  1. File-> section Options-> section Add-Ins
  2. At the “Manage” drop down list at the bottom, select which type of add-ins (COM Add-ins) you would like to enable.

If the add-ins are disabled due to a system crash, you can re-enable it by navigating to Help -> About Microsoft Office Outlook -> Disabled Items. If it is listed here, select it and click on Enable.

If it is not listed there either, click the “Add” button in the COM Add-Ins dialog and point it to the following location:

  • 32-bit Windows

C:\Program Files\WebEx\Productivity Tools\ptolkadd.dll

  • 64-bit Windows with 32-bit Outlook

C:\Program Files (x86)\WebEx\Productivity Tools\ptolkadd.dll

  • 64-bit Outlook

C:\Program Files\WebEx\Productivity Tools\ptolkadd64.dll
Once you have re-enabled the add-in, restart Outlook to get your Ribbon buttons or Toolbar back.

How To Install WebEx Productivity Tools

If WebEx Productivity Tools is not installed on your computer, you can download it from the WebEx site by going to:

  • From the “Meeting Center” tab
  • Support-> Downloads-> select: Productivity Tools


  • From the “My WebEx” tab
  • Productivity Tools Setup-> On your Desktop-> Install Productivity Tools

With WebEx integration to Outlook, you can easily schedule or start a meeting using Microsoft Outlook.

However, meeting invitees do not need to use Outlook before joining the meeting.

If the meeting is restricted to WebEx users only, the invitee only needs a WebEx account.

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