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How To Build An IOS App For Your Magento E-store With Mofluid

Do you want to build an IOS App for your Magento e-store? Mofluid offers you the simplest solution.

In today’s world of shopping anywhere and at anytime, you might want to get your e-store at the fingertips of your customers as frequently as possible.

With a mobile app for your e-commerce site, your e-store is always at your customer’s fingertips.

You don’t have to learn to code from scratch or hire an expensive app developer for this.

The Magento Mofluid extension provides you with a pick and drop app solution that will help create your Magento e-store app within minutes.

All it takes is installation of the Mofluid extension, pick and drop app creation process and download. Quite easy to use and pretty much any one can do it.

We’ll guide you on how to create an IOS App for your Magento e-store in this article and we promise, within a few minutes you’ll have a professional looking IOS Magento app. Ready?.. Let’s get started then.

How To Install Mofluid Extension To Your Magento E-store

First off, you’ll need to install the Mofluid extension to your Magento e-store. This is quite easy and you can do it by following the steps below:

  • Visit the Mofluid website
  • Click on the “get started for free” button at top
  • Sign up by entering your email address and name of your store.
  • An email will be sent to you. This email contains your Mofluid extension in a zip file.
  • Unzip the file

You can upload your Mofluid extension to your Magento e-store in two ways: through the Magento connect manager or by manual installation.

We have given detailed steps on each of the installation methods below.

First Method Of Installation: Installation Via Magento Connect

  • Sign in to your Magento admin panel
  • Navigate to Magento connect manager i.e System>Magento connect >Magento connect manager
  • Sign into the manager using your username and password
  • A new window with settings and extension will come up. Select “settings” and perform the following setup:
  • Magento connect protocol – set to ftp
  • Preferred state – set to Stable
  • Custom permissions – set to No
  • Deployment type – set to local file system. If the radio button is disabled, entrepreneurs 777 and click save changes.

Now click on the “extension” button and perform the following setup:

  • Check “put store on maintenance”
  • Then browse and upload the Magento file from your local folder using the upload button.
  • Click on Commit changes
  • Now return to your Magento admin panel. You should be able to see the Mofluid extension on your panel now.

Second Method Of Installation: Manual Installation

If you are having problems installing Mofluid to your Magento store using the Magento connect manager, you can try the manual installation.

But first off, clear all settings from your previous attempt at Magento connect manager installation.

  • Now open the Mofluid file on your desktop and navigate to app>code>community, you’ll find three Mofluid file directories. Copy all three and paste on your Magento root directory i.e app>code>community.
  • Open your Mofluid folder again and navigate to app>etc>modules. Open the module folder and copy all files to Magento root directory i.e app>etc>modules.
  • Open the Mofluid folder again. Copy all the files found in apo>design>adminhtml>>default>default and paste in the same directory in your Magento root directory.
  • Navigate to app>locale>en_US>template>email. Copy all files within the email folder and paste in your Magento root directory using the same file path.
  • Navigate to above root directory again and then to js folder. Copy the files on it and paste them to your Magento root directory by creating the same path
  • Navigate to your Mofluid media folder and copy this to the Magento root directory by creating a media folder.

Now clear your Magento cache, session and reindex it. Refresh your admin panel and you’ll find a Mofluid extension added to your panel.

How To Create An IOS Magento App Using Mofluid Extension

I believe you have successfully added the Mofluid extension to your Magento e-store. Right? Now let’s show you how to create an IOS Magento App for your store.

Building an IOS Magento App for your e-commerce store is not as hard as you would think especially with Mofluid available at your fingertips.

Steps To Build An IOS Magento App For Your E-store With Mofluid Extension

  • Login in to your Magento admin panel
  • Click on the Mofluid button
  • A new window will come up. You’ll find under the “Mofluid admin” Android configuration and iPhone configuration. Since we’re building for iPhone, you should navigate to it.
  • Click on the first option “application details”. Fill in the necessary informations like your app name which should be your store name, app version(just give any digit), and a few personal details like address and so on. Click on save changes.
  • Navigate to the iPhone configuration again and select the second option “Payment method” this allows you to choose your preferred payment gateway way: PayPal, EBS or cash on delivery. You can add all three options if that’s what you want. Click on save changes
  • Go to iPhone configuration again and click on “application assets” this allows you to add your start up page. It allows you to use the same image in different sizes. After adding the assets, click on save changes
  • Now go back again to the iPhone configuration and click on “theme configuration”. Select the theme for your e-commerce site as well as the color for your top, menu and bottom bar. This should correspond with what is found on your desktop store so it doesn’t confuse your customers. Click on save changes.
  • Now navigate to the iPhone configuration again and click on “download application”. Every setting you’ve changed will be displayed. Double check and see if everything is correct then click on download application. You’ll receive a successful notification that your application have been sent to your email address.
  • Open your email address and you’ll find three attachments sent to you by mofluid. The first attachment in zip format contains your application. The second attachment contains your application keys. You’ll need the key to make changes to your application, so keep it safe. The third attachment gives you instructions on how to use the app
  • Download and share your application as you like.

Mofluid offers you one of the easiest ways to create an IOS App for your Magento e-store and will help you put your business at your customer’s fingertips.

Though you may find Mofluid a little pricey but it’s worth every cent once you discover how it can easily transform your customer’s shopping experience and help boost your profits.