Lightweight and Minimal Responsive Free WordPress Themes

There are almost more than 6000 free WordPress themes on the WordPress repository. Besides that, there are several websites and marketplaces from where you can download WordPress themes for free. If you google Free WordPress themes, you will get thousands of search results. Each result has an amazing list of Free Blog Themes, whereas you cannot find which one is great among them.

Themes having useful and user-friendly features are today need. As we know that WordPress is layman platform. Even a non-developer can start a WordPress blog or professional websites. It is possible because of WordPress flexibility and features. Hence, while choosing the theme for your website, you need to know the basic things about the theme.

Is Free WordPress Themes are suitable for my Website?

Initially, we said that there are thousands of Free WordPress themes, whereas, all of them are not suitable for you. However, you can select the perfect theme for your need. If you select the theme from the trusted author, no doubt, you will get the best ever experience using the free theme. But stay away from the untrusted source. Free WordPress themes have been reviewed by the team of theme review so, if you use the theme from .org, you are on the right theme.

However, premium themes are complicated to operate, so some users prefer Free themes. Because free themes are easy to use and they are lightweight.

Some Best Parts of Free WordPress Themes

  • Free of Cost – You do not need to pay for this theme.
  • Review by TRT team – Free themes of are reviewed by the theme review team and they are secured.
  • Lightweight and Fastest – Because of limited, although, useful features. It is light and fast.
  • Added features on premium version – If you satisfied with the free version, you can easily upgrade to the premium version. Isn’t that great?

Besides this stupendous features, you will get, free support and updates on the free theme.

Today, in this post we are going to show you some remarkable free WordPress themes. They are totally perfect for your website. Believe us now and thank us later.

All the below listed free WordPress themes have an impressive design which makes your website attractive and easy for use. It helps you to develop the simple and clean website as it is user-friendly having quality codes and easy to customize. The free themes is specialized with the following features:

  • The set up the theme is very easy. Even beginners can do it well.
  • It provides you perfect layout at all devices with its installation.
  • The themes are very attractive as it supports various color, images etc
  • It helps to increase the SEO of your website.
  • The theme can support almost all types of challenges.

Free WordPress Themes

Mag News

If you want to create a website for magazine and news then the Mag News is perfect for you. It helps you to build a perfect website like professional even you are new to it. By using this, you can develop a simple website for your personal use also you can create for a big or small company with its advanced theme option. Mag News is very simple to use so you can customize your website any time as per the requirement. The theme provides you with better spacing, clean composition, and the best SEO result.

Mag News

Some of its features are listed below:

Main features
  • The demo import is done just by a single click.
  • Its design is very responsive.
  • It has various font and colors option.
  • Mag News contains multiple page layout.
  • Have the best footer and header layout option.
  • You can get the best background color and image option in this theme.
  • The news has ticker effect.
  • Gutenberg compatible


Business Hub

A responsive WordPress theme for the Business website. It is a perfect theme to create a stunning business website, portfolio website and also suitable for the blog. In addition, Business Hub is suitable for business agencies, creative agencies, digital agencies, corporate houses, and other creative websites.

Business Hub
Main features
  • Theme Options using Customizer API
  • Favicon, Logo, title and tagline customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Color Option
  • Support major and popular plugins
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Perfect for Business website
  • Regularly updated


Mag Lite

It is another free WordPress theme which is clean and well structured. It will catch your attention quickly due to its flexible and dynamic structure. The theme will make your site elegant with its latest designing technique, colorful look and adjusting character. One of its strong features is that it does not need any coding skills. So the people who are not familiar with the code can also use this theme.

Mag lite

Some of the features of Mag Lite is listed below:

Main features

  • The theme has mobile-friendly layout and design.
  • Demo import is done just by a single click and easy to install.
  • It has tons of editing options.
  • The documentation is well structured.
  • Since it has no coding, it is user-friendly.
  • Have multiple color option


Blog Lite

This rigorous theme is free to use. The theme very responsive for creating perfect and impressive blogs and websites. Coming towards its use, it is very easy as well as very fast. If you are thinking about creating perfect websites or creative blogs and photos for business, journals, news etc then blog list is the best option for you. It provides you with the best options for this all creation. Blog-lite helps you to manage your website instantly as it was created with theme customizer. So this will help you to make your website faster.

Blog Lite

The features of the theme are listed below:

Main features

  • You can get the latest news ticker.
  • Its page layout is very responsive which supports all size of the viewport in a perfect way.
  • The block of the theme has enabled and disable option.
  • You can enable or disable the sticky header.
  • Option to integrate home layouts.
  • Mobile menu available.
  • Theme options using the Customizer API.



It is one of the highly responsive WordPress based magazine themes. The theme has a stunning design which will make your website very attractive. It has an elegant design which makes your blog attractive. This type of theme is very useful for news, magazine, publishing, media houses, tv channels, journal, and many other editorial websites.

Profit mag

Some of the features of this theme are listed below:

Main features

  • You can enable or disable the responsive layout of your website.
  • It gives you the option to use a logo image or site title and tagline.
  • It has the feature of enabling or disabling home icon and search form in the menu bar.
  • Another option of this them is easy and separate option to select different sections of the home page.
  • For blog layout, it has 4 different options.
  • It provides an option to hide or show the related post in a single page.
  • The Instagram link is added to the social links option.
  • You can change the position of recent posts.


RT Portfolio

It is another rigorous theme which is flexible in nature. As it is user-friendly so any beginners or experts can deal with this theme. Its impressive feature is that you have total control in your website as it has various options to customize your website the way you want. Its layout structure is very flexible so you can adjust it as per required. RT Portfolio helps to boost your business in an impressive way by the use of spontaneous portfolios, blog sections any many more. To increase the effectiveness of your websites it has lots of amazing components which are easy to use. For any type of business, agency, freelance, designer, RT Portfolio is the best choice.

Rt Portfolio

Here is a list of some of its features:

Main features

  • Its design is very attractive and responsive.
  • Demo import is done just by a single click.
  • The theme provides read more text option.
  • It has an advanced color option.


Edu Care

This rigorous theme is an educational theme which is easy to use and which provides an impressive result. Edu Care is a WordPress based theme having superb design and flexibility. The theme can accept all types of challenge occurred by any educational website of universities, colleges, schools, and many others. It is a Woocommerce based theme which is suitable for the latest version of WordPress.

Edu Care

Some of its features are listed below:

Main features

  • The page layout supports all size of the viewport.
  • Similarly, it has the option of logo image, site title, and tagline.
  • It has an option for footer selection and sidebar layout.
  • There is a presence of a mobile menu and social icons.
  • It has an option for primary color.


Business Process

A business process is one of the flexible themes which is easy to use even by the beginners. It gives you a bunch of components to control your website in an easy way and make your sites attractive. This premium WordPress this is created to meet the necessity of today’s entrepreneurs. It helps you to create an ideal platform.

Business Process

Some of its features are listed below:

Main features

  • Demo import is done just by one click.
  • Customizer API is used in theme options.
  • Attractive background color and image option.
  • It has also the option of blog section layout.
  • The layout can fit all types of the viewport.
  • Have a paging option.
  • It provides unlimited color and font option to make your website attractive.
  • The theme has the best option for the Entrepreneurs as the theme is made by keeping them in mind.
  • Similarly, it has a beautiful portfolio section.
  • It provides you with 8 different page templets.


eCommerce Market

It is a type of WooCommerce WordPress theme which is the best theme for e-commerce websites such as an online book, mobile and tablet market, laptop market, sports market, digital market, cosmetic market, jewelry market, and many others online market. The theme is created with modern design which is perfect for online business websites. If you want to make a website for an online market having great SEO optimization then the eCommerce Market is the best option for you.

eCommerce Market

Some of its features are listed below:

Main features

  • The layout of the theme is very responsive which can fits easily in all size of the viewport.
  • It has an icon which identifies the website.
  • The theme has a logo, title and tagline option which can be arranged as per the requirement.
  • It has a custom logo, social icons, and the mobile menu.
  • Have primary color option.
  • The theme demo import is done just by a single click.


Online News

Another rigorous theme is Online News which is free of cost. It is WordPress based magazine theme which has well structure and sparkling features. It is developed with the latest design and colorful look. Online News is user-friendly as it is easy to use.

Online News

Some of its features are listed below:

Main features

  • The theme has customization of the logo, title, and tagline.
  • It has the option to hide category, date, and author in the post which is sometimes very useful.
  • You can get several background color and image options.
  • Similarly, it has a sidebar layout option


Wrapping Up

That’s it. It was our the best collection of Free WordPress themes. You can use any of the above-listed themes and indeed they are totally perfect. In addition, you will get free support and regular updates on all these themes.

Above listed themes are both niche based and multipurpose. Furthermore, the collection of Blog, Magazine, Portfolio, e-Commerce etc is best ever theme crafted by Rigorous Themes.

Lastly, if you have anything to share with us, feel free to comment below.

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