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Mofluid Review – Best Magento Mobile App Extension

Need to build a mobile app for your Magento e-store?

In today’s age of “anytime, anywhere”, bringing your e-commerce store at your customer’s fingertips through a smartphone is becoming a basic need.

Mofluid is the answer to this requirement. This Magento extension enables users to create an app for an existing ecommerce website and even allows shoppers to download the app from Playstore and Apple store.

Developed by Ebizon Netinfo, Mofluid is easy, user- friendly and a one-stop answer for online retailers looking to develop a mobile app. Read more here.

The Mofluid mobile app solution is so easy that you can get started with it in no time. One just needs to install the extension, configure them from the admin panel, download the app builds and release it.

Mofluid Features

The app has a host of features. Highlighted below are key features that can help in developing your store effortlessly.

  1. Customized themes: The visual appeal of your store is what attracts customers. Mofluid has customized themes that will enhance the visual appeal of your app. They provide two choices of Vogue and Modern. While Modern is for all kinds of stores, Vogue concentrates on fashion.
  2. Multi-lingual: The Mofluid app caters to an audience who can read English, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, and Hebrew.
  3. Multi-Store view: Having multiple businesses, multiple stores, difficulty managing those? Mofluid brings about ease of business where all your stores are brought together in one app and with a single back-end.
  4. Seamless integration: The Mofluid plugin syncs your Magento commerce store with your shopping app. Any changes on the website reflect on your app.
  5. Shipping: The Mofluid plugin seamlessly integrates your existing shipping methods in your app. It supports all default Magento shipping methods. Even if your site has any third-party shipping within Magento standards it can be integrated into the app.
  6. Multiple payment getaways: Customers can choose to pay with a choice of secure and authorized payment getaways like Payu, Paypal, apple pay, CCAvenue, paytm and more.
  7. Push Notification: This feature of Mofluid allows you to send instant app messages to your customers when needed. It helps in keeping your customers well informed about special deals or offers.
  8. Swipe Gestures and Animations: This element of the app enables speed in user action. It is a comfortable way for users to interact with different devices. The animations provide the feedback to the users informing them if they have successfully completed a gestural action.
  9. Social Action: Easy sign in for customers using existing social accounts like Google + or Facebook is available through the Mofluid plugin. Customers do not need to create a new account.

The above features make setting up your Magento app store in an uncomplicated way. The app overall is extremely user-friendly.

Mofluid Pros

  • Free google analytics extension: Analytics can help increase the growth of your business. This is tried, tested and proven. To enable small enterprises, grow their sales Mofluid has provided a free google analytic add-on. Other than Mofluid no other app extension offers this feature. And this key feature can help turn your customer’s insights into real gains.
  • An entrepreneur can change the layout and designs using the open source code.
  • Amazing UI for both Android and IOS.
  • The app lives up to its promise and all its features are user-friendly. Not happy with the features that Mofluid offers you? No worries! Mofluid also offers customization to sellers as per their needs at a minimal charge.
  • While Mofluid works well with basic Magento features, if you have a customized Magento site, they also provide solutions at a little extra cost. The technology and back-end support that Mofluid offers are outstanding and impressive.

Mofluid Pricing

Mofluid offers three plans –

  • Community – $150/month
  • Business – $400/month
  • Community – Contact their team for pricing

Check out this page for features each of these offer.

Why Mofluid?

The biggest selling point for Mofluid is that they offer a free google analytics extension. Mofluid understands that analytics and customer feedback can help grow your business.

Small businesses often forego analytics for lack of resource. With the google analytics extension being offered free by Mofluid, a smart business person can use this to boost sales and revenue.

Apart from this, Mofluid does away with the annual fee hassle and offers you a range of features and support with a onetime fee.

Mofluid does charge for additional features but the cost is much lesser than other market players.

Final Word

My final take is that Mofluid is a good product being offered with great features at a reasonable price.

Mofluid continuously strives to make itself more useful and appealing to its customers and this app can help turn your Magento e-commerce store into an m-commerce app.