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WebWatcher Reviews – Does It Work?

There are a lot of things that you can do thanks to the internet. You can search for information from any part of the world, watch movies and other entertainment videos, stream songs from your favorite artists, and more.

It is one of the most valuable resources in the office environment. Because of the internet, coworkers can communicate and collaborate on projects, employees can work remotely, research, share and save documents, and increase their productivity.

Even kids are not left out. Aside from getting access to educational materials, they can also play games, watch anime, and chat with their friends online.

That being said, the internet has its many disadvantages as it poses a risk to everyone that uses it. Embedded within the information you can get online, there is a ton of inappropriate content.

The internet is also infamous as an avenue for cyberbullying, especially targeted at kids, and this can impact their lives negatively.

Parents and guardians can monitor the activities of their wards on the internet, and employers can do the same for their staff with the aid of certain tools, one of which is WebWatcher.

In this article, we will take a look at what WebWatcher stands for, where you should choose it over other monitoring platforms, and some of its top alternatives.

What is WebWatcher?

WebWatcher is an application that allows you to monitor multiple platforms and get information from the target device.

You can access information obtained from your target device as soon as you create an account and sign in to it, and you can view this information whether or not you are in proximity to the target device.

WebWatcher is not a parental control application, so I will save you a lot of trouble now and let you know to choose another application if you are looking for a platform that will set filters and limits on your kids’ devices.

WebWatcher on the other hand is one of the best monitoring tools, so you can track phone calls, photos, search history, and more. The application will also send you alerts whenever it detects what it considers as risky behavior based on your preferences, which is a very valuable resource for a monitoring app.

Another great thing about WebWatcher is its amazing social media monitoring feature that can tag and show you incoming and outgoing messages on some popular channels.

You can use WebWatcher on a variety of operating systems and although you can see call logs and messages on the application, the app is mostly known for discovering the internet activities of a particular target.

You can get details about the actual location of the target device via GPS and more, so you are at least assured of knowing what your kids or employees are doing on the internet.

How does WebWatcher Work?

You might have heard that WebWatcher isn’t for everybody. Some people believe that unless you are tech-savvy, you will not enjoy using this app, but that is wrong.

In fact, WebWatcher is so user-friendly that it can be used for its entire purpose by even first-time users. All you have to do is install it on a device that you want to monitor and it will record everything the person does online and provide the data to you on your account.

This means that as a boss, you can see the messages that your staff sends out and the calls that they make, as well as supervise their other activities, including their search history.

As a parent, you will be able to protect your kids from online bullies and predators.

That being said, if the app proves to be tough for you to navigate, especially because you have no prior knowledge, you don’t have to fret. You can reach out to the manufacturer as they provide quick solutions to their users’ queries.

WebWatcher works well with all kinds of operating systems to the best of my knowledge and you can track several devices of your target person and the application will still combine all the results seamlessly.

Why is WebWatcher unique?

How to install WebWatcher on Windows, Mac, and Android

It is easy to install WebWatcher on your Windows, Mac, or Android devices. You need to first sign up on any device, make your payment, then download the application on the device that you want to monitor. This process will take approximately five minutes to complete, so it is a great solution for people who do not have a lot of time to set up complex applications.

Once the app has been successfully installed on the device, it will begin to record information from call logs to the internet activities of the user. You can get reports by logging into your account on your own device.

How to Install WebWatcher on iOS devices

Now that we know how to install WebWatcher on Android devices, it is a good time to state that there are additional steps to do this for your iPhone and iOS devices.

After you have downloaded the application on your iPhone or iPad, connect the device to a Mac or Windows computer and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the installation. Then log in to another device to access any available report and you are set.

WebWatcher features

WebWatcher has grown to become one of the most popular spy apps, especially for parents and employers because of its top features. Here’s a look into some of the features that make it the ideal monitoring tool.

Optimal compatibility

In today’s market, there is no shortage of monitoring applications. Many of them are feature-packed, whereas you can access the others only at very competitive rates.

Surely, everyone would prefer a less expensive product, but what if it isn’t compatible with your device?

Well when it comes to compatibility, WebWatcher has little or no issues there as it is compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets. And it’s not just phones and tablets that WebWatcher is compatible with. The application also works perfectly well on iPads, iPhones, Mac and Windows computers, and any other device that can carry a spy application. In fact, WebWatcher is the only monitoring device in the market that can handle devices that run on iOS 12, so it is the only spy tool that you can use to monitor an iPhone 6 and any other device that runs on this OS.

No Jailbreak is required

As much as a lot of people recommend it, Jailbreaking can be harmful to your device. There have been a lot of instances where Jailbreaking caused phones to crash and their applications to malfunction.

Even in situations when it seems like the applications of such phones are fine, the battery of the phone will be weakened. Other parts of your phone will also be affected such as voice, iCloud, visual voicemail, etc, but if you use WebWatcher, you will not be required to jailbreak thereby retaining the integrity of your device.

Web-based monitoring

WebWatcher allows you to monitor a person’s online activity, so when the target person accesses the web, his entire activities are recorded and sent to your account as reports which you can access in real-time, from anywhere.

If you find it difficult to go through the procedure, you can check online resources to guide you on how to use the platform or contact the owners of the app to help you.

SMS text messages

WebWatcher doesn’t only track the online activities of your target. The application also lets you see the text messages that are received and sent out of the target device. This is an extra bit of protection that will surely increase your child’s safety and security, as well as give you some bit of relief whenever you are not around him.

This feature would also ensure that your employees stay focused on doing their job since you will be tracking their mobile devices to keep them productive and competitive.

Web history

It used to be very tricky to track the web history of a device. In fact, for a long time, it was not possible to track the web history of smartphones, but times have changed and you can access the numbers of sites that the subject you’re tracking visits. You will find this feature on many monitoring applications, but with WebWatcher it is fast and easy to accomplish.

Photo recording

Thanks to smartphones, we can now do a lot of things from our mobile devices that we could only imagine a long time ago. We can now send documents, audio, and video content to family, friends, and colleagues. This also means that we can use our devices to save inappropriate content and a lot of kids are guilty of this.

As a parent, it is scary enough when your kids start visiting the internet, so the best you can do is to track their moves. You can keep track of the documents, photos, and videos that have touched their devices, and even when they delete it from their phone, you can still access the files from the backup record.

Call log history

You can also track the calls that your target person makes, receives, or even missed. The platform will reveal the number of the caller, the time they called, and the duration of the call, so you can determine who your kids or employees have been calling and for how long.

Skype messages

Skype is commonly used in the office environment and it is important for you as an employer to see what your employees are sending out on what should be an office tool. You will be able to do this in real-time with the help of WebWatcher.

WhatsApp messages

Just like Skype, WhatsApp is a messaging platform that can also be used to send messages in an official or casual capacity so you can share messages, documents, music, pictures, and videos via the application with it, which is why it is important to monitor it.

With WebWatcher, you can track anything that goes in or out of the WhatsApp messenger.

Kik messages

This is another popular social media platform that a lot of kids use. It is very popular among teenagers because of its ease of use and wide community, but it is also something to keep an eye on because it is prone to privacy loss, online bullying, and inappropriate content.

With WebWatcher, you can keep tabs on the information that your kid sends out and receives on the application.

List of installed apps

WebWatcher also gives you insight into the apps that the target person has installed on their phones regardless of what type of application it is.

Location tracking

It is frustrating when you don’t know where your child is, especially during late hours when you call them, but can’t seem to reach them.

Whatever the case may be, you can track their movement with WebWatcher to see where they have been in only a few minutes.

Free trial

If you want to see these features for yourself before you commit to paying for the subscription plan, WebWatcher has a free trial offer that lasts for a week, and then you can subscribe to its premium plan if you are satisfied with the product.

Pros and cons of WebWatcher

Based on the features, you can see that an app like WebWatcher is very necessary especially in today’s world. It can be used to track web content and even the location of a person.

As with any application, WebWatcher has its good side and no-so-good side, and it is important to weigh these considerations before you invest your money on the platform over its competition.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the application.


  • Records PC activities: The WebWatcher app can be used to record different activities on a computer, especially on Windows devices. This way you will be able to know when a target person visits a website, posts on Facebook or Instagram, streams movies on Netflix, etc.
  • Works in stealth mode: I’m pretty sure no one likes to be watched, especially when it comes to teenagers. There are some spy apps that you could use and the target person would easily find out. Situations like that can be frustrating but rarely happen with WebWatcher. It works without a trace and does not alter the performance of the device, so you can monitor your work without leaving any suspicion.
  • Access data on the go: After you have signed up for WebWatcher and installed it on the device that you want to track, you can securely access it from anywhere online when you sign in with another device. This allows you to see the recorded videos, pictures, and voice notes of the target person without being close to them. To be sure that your details are safe when you log in remotely, change your password as regularly as possible and use alphanumeric options while you are at it.
  • Gives out alerts: WebWatcher will notify you when your target person receives a photo, video, message, or sends them out. The application notifies you via email so you can put email notifications on your device if you don’t want to miss anything.
  • Screenshots: I particularly love that WebWatcher takes screenshots of what the target person is doing and lets me access these photos from my phone or computer. The platform allows you to get up to 1000 screenshots, but you can get more by upgrading your plan.
  • Keystroke logger: WebWatcher lets you see what a target person types on his keyboard. This is a very cool feature and will come in handy in many ways, but it is only available on Windows computers.
  • Word alerts: You can set WebWatcher to send you alerts when the person under your watch uses or receives specific words. This feature is available on Mac, Windows, and Chromebook OS.
  • Program block: With WebWatcher, you can block any program that you do not want the user to have access to. This is a very important feature, especially for blocking inappropriate sites that you do not want your kids to visit.


  • WebWatcher is not as intuitive as some other parental control applications and older users may require some help to use it properly.
  • You need to disable anti-viruses and other security programs before you can install WebWatcher. Once it is detected by anti-virus, it removes it immediately.
  • While it has a free trial, the premium version of the application is relatively expensive even though the features are incredible and totally worth it.
  • You cannot use a keylogger on Mac and Chromebook OS.
  • You will likely have to deal with other expenditures after the initial purchase.
  • It does not enable you to listen to live calls.


I know how frustrating it is when you spend a couple of hours to download and install an app and create an account only to find out that it is not compatible with your device.

Well, that’s what makes WebWatcher stand. It works with almost all devices. In fact, except for Linux OS, Windows 2000, and OS X 10.5, I’ve yet to see another device that the app is not compatible with.


WebWatcher offers you a one-week free trial period after which you will be required to purchase its premium plan.

The first year subscription costs around $169 and then you will be required to pay at least $67 the year after.

You can also buy additional services like e-notify and software updates, but they are not compulsory. See the site for more pricing details.

Is WebWatcher legit?

WebWatcher is a legitimate platform that is in fact one of the oldest spy apps in the market.

The platform delivers on most of its claims, however, there are a few features that may not work as advertised, at least for some users.

For example, the website advertises that it is completely undetectable, and while this is true for most users, there are a few ways that one can know if the app has been installed on their device and proceed to remove it, such as with the use of anti-virus software.

When you land on the application’s website, it looks like a reputable platform, although a visit to some sections may make you feel like you are not getting enough value for your money. For example, on the Android features section, you will see that you can only get WhatsApp messages captured if you purchase an additional component unlike some of WebWatcher’s alternatives that are even more affordable.

Overall, WebWatcher is not a scam, but a legit company based in Connecticut, that sells spy software solutions.

WebWatcher alternatives

While WebWatcher is a great spy solution, there are a couple of other applications that offer similar benefits at competitive prices.

1. Spytech SpyAgent

Spytech is an application that parents or employers use to monitor their kids’ or employees’ online activities. It lets you find out what they are truly doing online as opposed to what they tell you.

Some of its top features include keystroke logging, movement observation, security and stealth posture, etc. The app is easy to understand and use, and it is a perfect fit for monitoring discussions over the internet, messages, emails, and other online activities.

2. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a simple, yet capable application that parents use to shield their wards from the hard climes of the internet. The platform enables guardians to monitor online activity and set limits on them.

Its best features include time administration, warning alerts, remote monitoring, and control, etc. It is easy to use and considered one of the best parental control solutions online.

3. HomeGuard Activity Monitor

HomeGuard Activity Monitor is a credible platform that lets you capture screenshots and keyloggers of a target computer. It also allows parents to set program blockers and adult content blockers to prevent their kids from accessing inappropriate content online.

Aside from being a parental control application, it also provides a monitoring service.

Some of its best features include email and chat monitoring, keylogging, content and program blocker, email notifications, etc.

Final Words

WebWatcher is an amazing spy app that can monitor PCs and mobiles to empower parents and business owners to screen what their kids and workers do online.

Overall, it is highly recommended as a product control monitoring software for whatever reason you may need it for.