What sNews is

What sNews is

sNews is a developers’ tool. It is a superbly efficient CMS engine used to power websites that let end-users manage their own content through a web browser… with no coding necessary.

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) are rather complex. They have a lot of files in several folders. Some are built on a modular platform while a few others just have a lot of files with no particular platform or order in mind. When they offer more bells and whistles, they become more complex and take up a lot of server space.

The sNews platform is not like all the others. It takes up very little server space, anywhere from 175KB with a basic template… up to 1MB with a more complex template. It has only one ‘engine’ file and one ‘template’ file, to keep it as simple as possible. sNews does not have an automatic installer or a WYSIWYG browser-based interface where you can just type in your database info and have your database created automatically… to keep it simple!

Due to its small size and template independence, sNews is great for those who are just starting to move from static web-page development to a content management system for the first time. No other CMS makes html template integration easier than sNews. Simply put… there is no better CMS around on which to “learn the trade”.

And, best of all, sNews is still available for free under a Creative Commons Licence, which means it comes without any warranty and you are free to modify it, add to it or destroy it, without any restrictions. When you need support, it’s there, from one of the liveliest user-contributed forums panels available on the web today.