What the database does

What the database does

We use a MySQL database to store content as data. The sNews database contains four simple tables called (by default) articles, categories, comments and settings.

The Articles table stores all data needed to display articles. Each article is assigned an ID number so it can be found; a title, a title-based link, the article’s body text, the date it was published on, what category it was published under, its position, and other article-specific information.

The Categories table stores information about the categories we create and publish articles under, such as an ID number, the category name and a name-based link, a short description, the order categories are displayed in, and whether or not the category is active.

The Comments table stores information about comments made to articles by site viewers (when the feature is activated), including a comment ID number, what article ID it is assigned to, the author’s name and website URL, the comment body text, and the time it was posted.

The Settings table stores information for numerous site-wide settings, the most important of which are the username and password you use to log into your site’s Administration system.