Released under a Creative Commons License

sNews is released to the Public Domain under the Creative Commons Attribution License. It’s pretty simple really. As a user of sNews, you are allowed to copy the script, modify the script, distribute and transmit the script to other people in the Public Domain. The only condition is that you leave Copyright (C) Vizua – sNews is licensed under a Creative Commons License in the top commented section of the snews.php file. Though it isn’t necessary by law, we also ask that you retain a link-back to this website in the footer of your website if it is powered by sNews.

When a work such as sNews is released under the Creative Commons Attribution License, this means it cannot be commercialized without the expressed consent of the author, Luka Cvrk. This means you cannot modify, rebrand and sell the sNews CMS script as a commercial product by itself. You may, however, use it to power any website that is used for business purposes, including selling products or services. You may also use the sNews script to power any website you may create for a client, in which case you would not charge the client for use of the sNews CMS itself but you would charge the client for time alloted to all other services related to creating the client’s project.


sNews requires PHP, MySQL and mod rewrite. If your server meets those requirements, get started and learn how to install sNews on your website in 3 easy steps.


Browse through our help center and learn about template tags and how to simply create your own theme. Dig into sNews and customize it to behave the way you want.


sNews can be a simple blog tool and a full blown CMS. Customize it with addons, mods or play with different themes.


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