Migrating From Sitecore To Wordpress Has Never Been Easier

Are you facing problems dealing with the complexity of your Sitecore website?

We offer the best fully managed Sitecore to Wordpress migration service that also includes entire Sitecore custom, commerce, and search implementation

Why WordPress?

  • ​Easy user management
  • Fluidity of design and flexibility
  • Well researched and thoroughly tested API Integrations to suit your specific business requirements
  • Robust security features
  • ​Large developer community to provide a stable and safe platform
  • SEO benefits
  • Simplest content management
  • Social Media Features

A true Open Source solution with ZERO licensing cost, WordPress can be the core of your business, maintaining and growing it easily on the digital platform for years to come.


Why migrate from Sitecore to WordPress?

Difficult experience with website maintenance in Sitecore which is the easiest in Wordpress
Most of the users have been found frustrated with the complexity, erroneous admin panel and backend manageability of Sitecore and so it makes sense to migrate to a simpler platform which is the most used CMS and has a very easy backend..
Experienced Sitecore certified developer requirement
Developers who fail to treat the Sitecore platform and their website as an application and apply ALM best practices can easily create an undocumented mess of code and architecture. If programmatic rules are used rigidly without overrides, a content manager can feel hamstrung especially if tiny tweaks involve development and deployment in the website
High cost involved in Sitecore
The cost depends greatly on the company’s business specifics and requirements. However, irrespective of the case, a Sitecore-based CMS comes at a high price in terms of development and maintenance.

We have got you covered?

Secure high-quality code is just the start. We consider all the little details so your site is comprehensive.

There’s no single solution that works for caching, so we assess the best way to handle it based on how your server is configured. When we build for you, we find the best way to optimize your site based on what you have.
We have extensive experience in creating multilingual sites for international audiences. Let us make sure your site is comprehensible to the people in your backyard and across the globe.
Making the web accessible is something that we prioritize in development and design. Not only is it important ethically, but ensuring that your website is accessible to all is the kind of business model that attracts and keeps clients.

How do we migrate?

Establish a plan
We discuss the business objectives of the stakeholders in order to understand what actually they want to achieve with the upgrade and accordingly build a plan that includes redesign and restructuring.
Getting organized for migration
We map the legacy data structure with the new data structure in a mapping sheet that maps each data type and its fields with the new structure.
Prepare for SEO preservation
To ensure SEO preservation, we use services to crawl the website and export URLs to help understand current site’s architecture and take care of valuable links.
Migration to WordPress
We create a new WordPress installation in a different database from the earlier installation and make sure that all the original taxonomies are correctly labelled.
Review and cleanup
Once the upgradation is done in staging, the tools are run again to find any “Page Not founds” and then fix them with a rewrite rule.Our technical expert team take measures and necessary steps to preserve SEO.

We convert Sitecore to enterprise-level Wordpress website with the highest level of customer service


Wordpress, being a powerful and flexible content management system(CMS), provides users a lot of freedom in how they choose to use and interact with the software and can modify that in anyway they would like via number of tools available. It’s designed by its community to be user-friendly and has all the features most needed by website creators and owners. With our robust upgrade scripts rest assured that your transition from Sitecoreto Wordpress will be practically painless and you get the highest level of customer service.

No Downtime

Your website will be 100% available during the migration. All migration and configuration processes are executed in our own test servers. Your server performance and security is never compromised!

SEO Preservation

While migrating to Wordpress, we figure out the SEO rich pages and make sure to take care of the most popular and valuable inbound links. This, in turn, makes sure that the SEO is preserved and the web traffic remains unchanged while having better backend management and improved usability.

Your Content Is Safe
All Posts and Pages, All Content Image, All Categories and Sections, All Users and visitors, All Comments and tags, All internal links, All multimedia
Painless Migration
We do the migration for you from start to finish or until you are happy and satisfied. If you need, we can also help transform your website to a professional Wordpress theme, fix internal links and 301 redirects.
Have a question? Call us at (408) 540 6283 or email us at support@ebizontek.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve developed smart solutions to keep Sitecore URLs the same on WordPress. However, if you’ve not used SEO friendly URLs and it becomes impossible to be kept, we handle 301 (permanent) redirections to new URLs. This avoids all SEO issues.
We backup the Sitecore database and work on our servers. There will not be any downtime. Once migration is done, we’ll move WordPress to your server.
We don’t use robots or other limited automatic migration tools. That’s impossible to get complete and clear result using those. Our specialists develop different smart solutions especially for your website and use those to get the best result. We always prefer custom solutions for the website as each website is different from one other.
There are not any limits in our services, we don’t use robots and automatic tools. We do all customization to address client specific requirements.
Keeping your data secure is our top priority. We use proven technology and take every precaution to make sure your data arrive safely at our data center – and stay safe and protected for as long as we finish the conversion.
You must have experienced the difficult backend management and inflexible content delivery of your website which is based on Sitecore. If you are not sure whether you require migration or not, we can do an audit of your website and suggest the areas which need attention. If you like our audit report, we can proceed with full discovery and further migrate all the components to Wordpress.
Migrating to Wordpress isn’t difficult if you are engaged with us. However, the time to migrate depends on the content richness and various other custom implementations that are already there on the website.
There isn’t a fixed cost that could be shared with clients once they decide to migrate. The cost completely depends on our discovery of the content, modules and custom implementations on your website.
We can convert your website to Wordpress without touching the current one. Your existing website will remain live throughout this entire conversion process.
Our team can review your hosting and let you know if you will need to change or upgrade your hosting package. Our parent company also offers reliable corporate and enterprise level WordPress hosting packages – as well as full-service small business web and WordPress hosting, maintenance, and support. Please contact us for more information about our value added services.
Yes, please contact us for more information regarding professional references and client testimonials. Client privacy is very important to us.