Amazing Online Magazine Theme- RT Magazine Pro by Rigorous Themes!

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Are you looking to start your online journey with a stunning online magazine and newspaper website? According to tons of researches done over the years, it is certainly safe to say that having an online platform no matter what niche of business you own is advantageous. And with more and more businesses turning their way around the digital world, the publishing and editorial niche is certainly no exception.

Whether you deal with news, gossips, trending topics, health, fashion, celebrities, an online website is sure to give you access to a wider range of audience. And of course when we talk about the time efficiency and the cost required, you know the answers. A website is more time-effective and cost-effective than printing out tons of newspapers and magazines.

When it comes to choosing the right platform, like thousands of other happy users, WordPress is surely the one we recommend. And that is where we come in: Rigorous Themes, a team of dedicated and supportive developers and service providers who aim to provide all the necessary ailments required for our users to have an awesome WordPress experience. And today we wanted to talk about yet another awesome addition to our WordPress theme collection- Rt Magazine Pro- A premium WordPress online magazine theme.

Introducing RT Magazine Pro

With more and more advanced technologies and features developed for the ease of use with WordPress users, we are proud to introduce our users to our latest addition- RT Magazine Pro. A WordPress online magazine theme featuring a clean, modern and unique interface. With amazing features built with the latest technologies and design trends, RT Magazine pro is surety the ideal choice.

Basically, RT Magazine Pro comes loaded with all those features one would wish to find in a Magazine theme. Thus, this beautifully crafted, dynamic and most importantly interactive theme can be the ultimate choice for any magazine niche like gossip, technology, education, sports and much more.


Main Features of RT Magazine Pro!

Among a pool of magazine themes available in the WordPress market, what exactly makes RT Magazine Pro stand out? Let’s check it out its outstanding features in detail…

Responsive Design & Full Widget Based Layout

The appearance of the website plays an important role in creating that unforgettable first impression among the users. Hence, keeping that in mind RT Magazine Pro has been developed keeping its design at the forefront. The theme’s clean and appealing interface is sure to allure the users’ attention and keep them engaged to your website.

Apart from that, it’s responsive design makes sure that it looks perfectly well on any sort of devices. Be it a computer, tablet or iPhone or any small hand-held devices. Moreover, it is fully widget based. Anything you need is just a search away! Thus, it saves you a lot of time and you no more have to sweat your blood out to create a magazine website.

One Click Demo Importer

RT Magazine Pro has now made creating a website even more convenient with the one-click demo importer. This theme lets you import the pre-built demo pages in a single click and allows you to create a professional looking online magazine website in no time. Even better, adding, deleting or editing the elements is all your choice. What’s great is that this template offers multiple demos which means that no matter what niche you prefer, RT Magazine Pro has taken care of it all. Choose from one of the various demos available or start from scratch, it is all upto you.


 Customization Options

This magazine theme is extremely easy to customize. It gives you the full control over the look and feel of your website. That means you have the option to make the changes according to your choice and of course, the website’s requirement. It provides tons of customization option so that you do not have to compromise on how your website looks and how it functions.

Unlimited Color Options

Color is another crucial aspect for making your website look visually stunning. Thus, this theme comes along with unlimited color options. You have the palette of colors you can choose from. You can select an appropriate color for the background, logo, buttons, links etc and that too without writing a single line of a code.

For even more easier access the color picker also features 7 primary options. It simply means that you can This makes it a whole lot easier to choose the perfect shade to match your website to your preference. Hence, you do not have to stick to regular and dull colors for your site. Just go to the color customization section and select any shade you think will represent your website the best.

Multiple Slider options

Talking about keeping your users engaged with an attractive and equally amazing way of displaying your contents, RT magazine theme gives you all. You get 7 different slider variations you can choose from. With a unique and modern touch of creativeness, you can display your contents in visually appealing sliders. Each of the slider variations works their own magic and stunning effects! You get 3  Home Page Sliders and 4 Featured Sliders!

Here is a glimpse to how each of the slider work

Home Page Sliders

  • 1st Slider Layout: Displays three different contents in an attractive 2 column layout Slider that is equally portioned in middle. The right section is further divided equally into smaller content sections.
  • 2nd Slider Layout:  Displays three different content in boxed layout Sliders. The left column is slightly larger to allow more focus. The right section is divided further into two content section.
  • 3rd Slider Layout:  Displays four different content sections in a beautifully divided boxed and wide layout Sliders.

Featured Sliders

  • 4th Slider Layout: Displays one large Slider section that allows you to add media files in a stunning gallery format.
  • 5th Slider Layout: Displays three equal sections displaying different contents side-by-side.
  • 6th Slider Layout: Focusing on one content, displays three different attractive sections side-by-side giving a preview of the previous and the next content.
  • 7th Slider Layout: Displays two different sections equally divided to allow users to display and focus on two contents at the same time!

But nothing is better than getting a look at it yourself! View all of the attractive and effective Slider Variations that RT Magazine Pro offers with your own eyes and decide the one that best suits your needs! Click Here for Slider layouts.

Header Variations

With all the demos and the stylizing options, another major element you need to consider is an appealing yet effective Header. To make sure that your users can navigate through your website with ease and for easy usage, RT Magazine Pro has made sure to give you the options. Get amazing header variations that you can switch to and from in a matter of minutes. Find and choose the one that best suits your website niche and style! This online magazine theme has a total of 4 different variations you can choose to implement.

Each with their own kind of stylizing, color schemes and details, take a deeper look at the Header Variations that it offers!

Popular Post on Archive Page

To keep your viewers engaged and let them know what’s trending on your website, this stunning WordPress online magazine theme gives you the option to display them in an attractive manner. The theme features an exclusive option to showcase your popular posts of any particular category in the Archive Page. This allows your users an easier access to your content without having them to leave the current page.

The best part is you also get variations with the way you want to display the contents. Whether you want to focus on one content or display many at the same time, this theme has you covered and provides 4 different styles you can choose from. And if you want to get an idea of what we are talking about, here is a glimpse to all the variations you get. Click here to views all the Archive Page variations!

Custom Widgets

No matter which niche your website deals with, this template is feature rich. And what’s more is that apart from the basic widget options that you get, RT Magazine Pro features their own range of custom widgets that you can choose to use! For a better understanding, here is a brief introduction to each one of them how you can use them.


Social Media: Options to add Social Links

Sidebar List Column: Displays the chosen posts in the sidebar.

Tab Column: Allows users to display posts in the tab section.

Two Column: Displays posts in two columns.

Twitter: Widget to display Twitter feeds

Featured Slider: Allows users to display the latest post from a chosen category.

Tab Column: Trending News- Displays chosen posts in the tab column

Mix Column: Option to display a mix of contents on the column.

Featured Column: Allows you to display chosen post in the column.

Category Slider: Allows you to display chosen post on the slider.

Promo Featured Column: Displays contents in an attractive featured column.

Sidebar Tab Column: Allows users to add content in the tab column.

Sidebar List Column: Displays chose content on the list column.

Grid Promo: Option to display content in the promo section.

Promo Featured Column: Displays promos and contents on the featured section

Top Promo Section: Option to add content to the Promo section.

Sidebar Extended Comment: Option to display the comment section on the sidebar section.

Facebook Like: Widget to display Facebook likes

Font and Font Size

When it comes to a magazine, content is just inseparable. And for making your content look more stylish, this theme integrates multiple font options and font sizes. This lets the users change the font of each and every element. Select the one from Headings or paragraph and choose the one that best suits your content type in a single click.

Best Customer Support

It’s not just the features that make this theme one of a kind but the support it provides is also commendable. Not just with this theme the support team is ready for your service all the time of any of our WordPress product. No queries will be left unanswered and no problem remains unsolved. Be it through FAQs, forum or documentation, our main priority to make creating a website hassle-free. The best news is it comes at no cost! Yes, you do not have to make any additional payment for it. Feel free to type in your queries or issues and we will be more than happy to help you.

Additional Features:

The above-mentioned features are only some of the few notable ones. Here’s a glance to more of what it has at your disposal.

  • Category Color Options
  • Custom Widgets
  • Categories Color Option
  • Custom Logo
  • Disable Powered By Text
  • Social Icons
  • Author Information
  • Video Section
  • Section Title Options
  • Ajax Loading
  • Read more Text Option

But that’s not it. The list of the features that RT Magazine Pro comes along will go on and on.

Wrapping It All!

All things said, RT Pro Magazine is specially designed for being deployed as a theme serving online magazines. With its stunning and polished interface, top-notch features and advanced widgets, this theme is all it takes to rule the world of digital media!

Being well aware of the fact that online magazine is not only about the looks but also the functionalities and inter activeness, this theme has been developed by paying an extra attention to its details as well. We understand making an investment is a thoughtful job.