Mag News Pro – Stylish and Premium Magazine WordPress Theme

Do you know WordPress is the most popular platform for developing websites? WordPress is so much popular because of its flexibility, features, and easiness. One important factor of WordPress is themes. With the help of theme, you can change your website design and looks. Among various available WordPress themes, today here we are going to introduce one amazing premium magazine WordPress theme.

Magazine WordPress themes need to show the content in a readable format as well as a pleasant look. From the list of themes, it is a tedious task to choose best among them. Well, in this post we are going to make you easy for choosing the best magazine theme and will also explore why this theme perfectly suits you.

Firstly, you need to know what are the important things you need to consider while choosing a magazine theme. Secondly, you need to worry about support, updates and how much secure the theme is.

Well, while choosing the best theme for your site, you need to check the below-listed things first,

  • Design per your need
  • The font must be readable in the format
  • Color must be pleasant
  • The theme must be responsive and devices friendly
  • Must be major browser compatible
  • Choose a theme from the trusted author
  • Check reviews and ratings
  • Support, updates and theme security

Moreover to the above-listed things, you have to worry about lightweight and minimal, fast and secure and easy to use WordPress theme. The theme we are talking here is Mag News Pro and it has all the listed above features.

While creating a website for magazine and news then premium magazine WordPress theme Mag News Pro is perfect for you. It helps you to build a perfect website like professional even you are new to it. By using this, you can develop a simple website for your personal use also you can create for a big or small company with its advanced theme option.

Mag News Pro is very simple to use so you can customize your website any time as per the requirement. The theme provides you with better spacing, clean composition, and the best SEO result.

Main features of premium magazine WordPress theme Mag News Pro

  • The demo import is done just by a single click.
  • Its design is very responsive.
  • It has various advanced font and colors option.
  • Mag new pro contains multiple page layout.
  • Have the best footer and header layout option.
  • You can get the best background color and image option in this theme.
  • The news has ticker effect.
  • Mag new pro has great option custom logo and widget.
  • There is a presence of reading more text option.
  • The theme has contacted our page template.
  • It has also a navigation option.
  • The theme type is organized, News.
  • Multiple demos available.
  • Similarly, the theme has an option for social share.

From the above description, you are able to be familiar with the different features of Mag News Pro. In addition to the above-listed main features, we are going to describe some more and amazing features.

Fully Gutenberg Compatible

Gutenberg is a new editor of WordPress. It replaces the old editor method. The current visual editor support lots of things like shortcodes and HTML. Users can easily add contents and manage it via the new Gutenberg editor.

In this new editor, you will get blocks of the section and you can use it like page builder things. Add image easily, add media easily and do whatever you want in the editor section.

Mag News Pro – premium magazine WordPress theme is fully compatible with this Gutenberg editor and you don’t need to worry about compatibleness.

One Click Demo Import

One click demo import is one best and amazing features of this premium magazine WordPress theme Mag News Pro. With this feature, you can easily make the site as a demo just by single click. Isn’t that amazing? If if you are a layman and don’t know how to make a news or magazine website, this theme is very helpful because of the demo import feature.

You can just follow the given steps to import your demo data.

  1. Go to appearance and then Import Demo Data. (First Install all the required plugins.)
  2. List of the available demo will appear here.
  3. Choose the import option and go through the given process.

Advertisement Compatible

Well, while searching for magazine themes, you will always think about the placement of the advertisement. In this theme, we developed some amazing places to put your advertisement. For Google Adsense, you can also put it on the required places.

See the demos and check the places where you can put the advertisement in an attractive way.

Unlimited Font Options

With the help of font setting, you can easily customize your website fonts. You can use any google fonts and they are really amazing. Furthermore, the font size is also another setting available on this theme. This setting is really amazing to make your website look different.

In this section, you have the following setting. You should go through these options.

  • Font family setting: In this section, you can get the various font for the menu, heading, body, paragraph, site-title, entry-meta, categories text as per your choice and requirement.
  • Font size setting: Here you are able to choose a different font size for the menu, heading, and title.

Color Options

color options

Unlimited color option is another major feature of this premium magazine WordPress theme Mag News Pro. The free theme comes with limited color options, however, the premium version has an unlimited color setting. Wherever you want to change the color, you can do it easily. Customizer based color options help you to see the live changes. Change the colors as per your wish and configure unlimited.

  • General Color Setting
  • Header Color Setting
  • Footer Color Setting

In this section you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the color section from the customizing section.
  2. You will see the option for background color.
  3. Choose the background color for your site.

WordPress Live Customizer

Mag News Pro is developed based on the latest technology i.e WordPress live customizer. You can instantly customize the website with live previews. Each and every option of this theme are under Appearance > Customize.

Customize your logo, fonts, colors, background image, sidebar, widgets, menus etc from the customizer. This technology is trusted and all the themes are nowadays using this.

Added Custom Widgets

Mag New Pro comes with 15+ added custom widgets. It is one of the important factors for this theme. This 15 special types of widgets are so easy to use and customize. They help you to showcase your contents in an effective way.

All the available custom widgets are developed in such a way that, you can use them for front page decoration. Use them on the available widget area of the front page and explore your content towards the visitor in an effective way.

Here are the lists of custom widgets,

  1. Single Column
  2. List Column
  3. Latest Popular Widget
  4. List Opposite
  5. Recent Post
  6. Trending
  7. Featured Slider
  8. Featured Section
  9. Editor Choice
  10. Social Media
  11. News Ticker
  12. Recent Tweets
  13. Tab Slider
  14. News slider

Put all these available widgets on the respected widget area to get the exact look like the demo. Similarly, must check the widget settings as well.

Custom Widget Areas

To make the home page and inner pages furthermore attractive and pleasant, Mag News Pro, premium magazine WordPress theme has 13 different widget areas. Put all the available custom widgets on those respected widget areas and get the amazing look of your website.

Amazing Multiple Demos

Mag News Pro has 3 different multiple demos. They are,

  1. Default Demo
  2. Newspaper Demo
  3. Sports Demo

Because of this amazing 3 demos, you can see how flexible this theme is. Mag News Pro allows you to create various types of website like news, magazine, blog including various other types of information and content based websites.

Free Version Available

Are you wondering about jumping first to the premium version? If you are thinking so, you can try the free version first. The free version is also good to use, however, premium version has more exciting features that free version lack. You can download the free version for free and later you can upgrade to pro.

If you need more features, timely updates, and dedicated support you need to go with the premium version. Premium version is far better than the free one. However, No doubt free version is also best.

Theme Options and Settings

These options are the primary settings of this theme. Similar to the above-mentioned features, this thing is also powerful to customize your website. Each and every theme settings are meticulously developed and carefully crafted. Some of the available theme options are,

  • Sidebar Option to manage sidebar on your website
  • Header types settings, change the header types as you need.
  • Categories color settings, you can set different colors for each category.
  • Menu settings including search section in the menu and disabling it.
  • Author Settings
  • Pagination options, it includes default pagination and numeric pagination.
  • You will have preloader options

Besides this, Mag News Pro, premium magazine WordPress theme has so many features. They are very useful and each of them is developed based on full research and coded properly. You will always love them and use them. Some more features are listed below.

Some additional features of Mag News Pro

  • Amazing theme support
  • Responsive design
  • Regularly updated
  • SEO friendly
  • Managed Typography
  • Elegant font and color options
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Well documented
  • Lightweight theme
  • Clean blog page design

Furthermore, you can see more features by clicking here.


The main thing to create this amazing theme is to deliver them who are looking for the best and quality WordPress theme. The team of Rigorous Themes is always looking for to provide customizable, user-friendly, responsive and amazing WordPress themes. Well, after huge research and hard teamwork, we are here with our new product Mag New Pro, which is premium magazine WordPress theme.

We can guarantee that this fabulous advertisement compatible WordPress theme will be your perfect choice. Indeed, you and your visitors will love it. We have a few other magazine themes as well, however, this theme is best among them.

Do you have any feedback, suggestions or comments? Please write your healthy criticisms below in the comment section. We really appreciate your words.