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10 Best Bridge Cameras Under £200

With the rising interest in personal photography, the digital camera market has become quite saturated over recent years.

While many may be intimidated by the hefty price tag and extensive knowledge that is required when shopping for a DSLR, there is another option out there that is perfect for most people.

Bridge cameras differ from modern DSLRs due to the simple fact that they come with a single non-interchangeable lens.

Though this sounds like a drawback, all you have to do is find the right camera to fit your needs.

So whether you are looking for a camera to suit your professional needs, or simply need something to share photos of your family with, there is a bridge camera out there for everybody.

1. Canon PowerShot SX430

Canon PowerShot SX430 IS, 1790C002

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The Canon PowerShot SX430 is a budget bridge camera that features a 20 megapixel sensor and 45x optical zoom lens. This makes it more than powerful enough for anyone who is new to the photography hobby.

Other notable features include 720p high definition video recording and convenient WiFi connectivity.

The high definition video capabilities coupled with enhanced image stabilization makes this an ideal vlogging camera and uploading all of your photos and videos is incredibly simple thanks to the WiFi interface.

As usual, Canon has produced a high quality camera that is simple to use with the PowerShot SX430.

2. Kodak AZ252 Astro Zoom

Kodak PIXPRO AZ252 Point & Shoot Digital Camera with 3” LCD, Black

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Being one of the most affordable options on the market, the Kodak AZ252 Astro Zoom is a great bridge camera for anyone who is on a budget.

With its 25x optical zoom and 16 Megapixels, this camera sure has earned the Astro Zoom name.

As an entry level bridge camera, the Kodak AZ252 Astro Zoom is perfect for beginner photographers and it comes packed with a variety of features that even professionals will be impressed by.

3. Kodak AZ422 Astro Zoom

As a higher-end model in the Astro Zoom series, the Kodak AZ422 comes packed with a number of impressive features. These include a powerful yet compact 42x optical zoom lens and optical image stabilization technology.

This camera even has a panoramic capture mode that lets you get a wide shot that simply isn’t possible with many other cameras. Anyone who enjoys photographing expansive landscapes will love the AZ422 for this feature alone.

All of these settings are easily accessible through the impressive 3” LCD display, making this camera perfect for beginners and experienced photographers.

4. Sony DSCH300

Sony has provided a powerful bridge camera at an incredible price with their DSCH300. This camera features 35x optical zoom and a 20 MP sensor that produces photos of unmatched quality.

This mid-range zoom lens is perfect for anyone who simply wants a camera to take high quality photos from all ranges, and SteadyShot stabilization technology captures a clear image even without the use of a tripod.

5. Praktica Luxmedia Z35

The Praktica Luxmedia Z35 is an easy to use bridge camera that is surprisingly powerful. 35x optical zoom allows you to photograph distant scenes without having to worry about getting any closer.

While many bridge cameras in this price range can only shoot video at 720p, the Luxmedia Z35 shoots in the true high definition standard 1080p.

This coupled with its optical image stabilization makes this device perfect for anyone who is looking to start vlogging while on the go.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better idea of what is out there on the market, hopefully you can now make a more informed decision when purchasing a bridge camera of your very own.

It’s all about choosing the camera that suits all of your needs.

If video recording is very important to you, make sure to look for a camera that has 1080p recording capabilities along with some sort of image stabilization feature.

Landscape and wildlife photographers will want to ensure that the device they choose has a wide lens with exceptional zoom.

Just remember that this list has all of the best options out there for bridge cameras under £200, so even if you are on a tight budget there are many great options available.