15 Best Apps Like Cleo 2023

Best Apps Like Cleo

Cleo is a budgeting app that helps you strengthen your budgeting abilities by using AI to develop customized smart budgets, including a breakdown of expenditures, building your credit score, assisting with bills, and providing financial insights.

Saving money can be tricky, but not when you have Cleo as your spending coach. The app will provide save objectives, hacks, and autosave tools. You can earn up to 7% cash back at your favorite retailers.

Cleo provides you with a cash advance of up to $100. You’ll return it without paying interest on the day you specify. It won’t subject you to credit checks, interest, late payment fees, origination costs, or processing costs.

However, Cleo may not be your choice. It doesn’t have a free savings account. You need to subscribe to a $5.99 per month to get its premium services. Also, don’t forget there’s no interest paid on the wallet.

So, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps that can serve you like Cleo or even better. So, let’s explore these apps.

Best Apps Like Cleo

1. Albert

Albert’s goal is to assist you in achieving financial security. They’re betting on you by providing you with new options for banking, saving, and investing. Additionally, their products are designed mainly to support success for people of all levels.

Albert has Genius, the name of their group of actual human specialists. They provide you with tailored, candid financial advice using cutting-edge technologies.

It offers a Smart Savings tool that examines your expenses, income, and expenditure to determine how much money you should set aside each week in minimal amounts to help you attain your objectives.

Overdraft charges are not something they support. You’ll not get interest charges, late fees, or credit checks when lending advance cash of up to $250 to help you make ends meet.

They will automatically credit you up to 20% back in the locations where you already spend money, whether at the grocery store or gas station.

Unlike Cleo, the app allows you to invest by letting Genius develop a portfolio specifically tailored to your financial objectives. Simply start with $1 by investing in themes or picking specific stocks.

Monitor all of your accounts’ recent spending, savings, and bills. The Overview page contains a comprehensive list of your financial statistics. They’ll give you notifications so you can learn more about your spending patterns.

You can operate the service with a subscription of $6 per month.

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2. Earnin

With Earnin, you can receive your earnings as fast as possible( 2-days) without having to wait or pay any additional costs. Compared to Cleo, Earnin permits you to withdraw up to $500 from your paycheck each pay cycle with Cash Out.

You’ll receive notifications if your bank account balance drops below your predetermined level and send automated Cash Outs as needed.

To use the app before payday, just link your bank account details, then enter your work information to let them identify your pay schedule.

Next, enter your earnings into the app. You can accomplish this by emailing them an electronic copy of your timesheet, setting up a work email account given by your company, or, if you work outside a residential region, by having their Automagic Earnings tool automatically add your earnings.

There are no hidden fees, interest charges, or other requirements to use the Earnin app.

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3. Chime

Chime is a financial app that always has your back. It uses Stride Bank, Bancorp Bank or N.A., and Affiliates FDIC, to offer the banking services. The app has no hidden charges or monthly subscriptions.

This app keeps track of your finances with quick transactions and daily balance notifications. Furthermore, you can quickly deactivate your card and set two-factor authentication.

Its credit builder can assist you in boosting your credit score by an estimate of 30 points with consistent on-time payments.

On Chime, eligible users are free to overdraw up to $200 on transactions made using debit cards.

You shouldn’t have to pay for your account because Chime has no minimum balance, monthly maintenance, or international transaction fees. You can also use any of their over 60,000 fee-free ATMs.

You can accelerate your money’s growth by a 1% annual yield (APY). Simply set aside money using the automatic saving tools. Cleo doesn’t have this feature.

With direct deposit, you can get your money up to two days sooner than you’d get from certain regular banks. Also, you can pay loved ones without incurring any fees regardless of their bank account.

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4. Brigit

Brigit is a free Cleo alternative that can help you build your credit score, spend sensibly, avoid unreasonable penalties, and start saving more. They encourage long-term financial stability.

You can obtain an advance of up to $250 in seconds, and you’ll repay it without any hidden costs or “tips.”

While you save, you can begin improving your credit score. There is no requirement for an upfront deposit, approval, or credit check.

You can keep track of your identity and credit by obtaining tools and comprehensive credit reports to assist you in understanding and improving your credit. They’ll also provide you with up to $1 million in identity theft protection in the event of a data breach.

In comparison with Cleo, Brigit has a feature that finds new ways to supplement your income by working full- or part-time.

If the app anticipates that your balance won’t be enough to meet future costs, it will alert you. With Auto Advances, it will automatically transfer your cash, so you won’t have to worry about overdraft charges.

Brigit is free; however, it has a premium plan that costs $9.99 per month that comes with comprehensive features.

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5. Klover

Klover is a free app that provides you with cutting-edge financial services and financial independence tools. Millions of customers can instantly access their earned income, savings tools, and bonuses using Klover’s platform with no credit check, interest, or additional costs.

With Klover’s financial dashboard and integrated credit monitoring, you can keep an eye on your spending patterns and predicted earnings.

Don’t worry if you need a little additional money before payday. You can get a cash advance of up to $100 instantly. Thanks to their exclusive algorithm, you will be permitted to obtain it without any further costs.

With Klover, you can gain points to raise the amount of your advance. The more points you have, you get a chance to be paid by Klover. Daily winners are revealed.

Klover uses 256-bit encryption to safeguard your data, which is a powerful security feature compared to what Cleo uses. So, you don’t need to be concerned about the security of your collected data.

6. Dave

Dave is another app like Cleo that allows you to get instant cash. You can take advantage of its fast approval for up to $500 in ExtraCash, and just by making on-time repayments, build credit. Because it is your own money, there are no interest charges, credit checks, and late penalties.

With Dave’s automated budgeting tool, you’ll always be aware of how much you can spend while still paying all your payments.

Use Dave’s Side Hustle tool to locate a side hustle that matches your schedule and add a little more cash to your pocket.

The timeliness and accessibility of the payroll documents supplied by your company determine when you can access direct deposit payments. This money can be made accessible up to two days in advance.

For access to their account tracking, notifications, budgeting, and keeping a link to your external bank account, membership costs $1 per month.

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7. FloatMe

You can stay ahead of your money and make wiser decisions with FloatMe’s cutting-edge technologies. They’re here to assist you with budgeting, money management, avoiding overdrafts, paying payments, and early access to your paycheck.

With a quick cash advance of up to $50, FloatMe assists you in paying those unforeseen costs or daily necessities. There’s no interest or checking credit.

It enables you to discover your finances with spending insights. Identifying where your money is going is the first step to improving your financial situation. You’ll receive amazing insights from FloatMe that will provide you with a concise overview.

What gives FloatMe an edge over Cleo is that you can link your bank with more than 10,000 organizations. FloatMe employs Plaid to securely link your bank accounts using 256-bit bank-level security to keep you safe and secure.

You can access several services on this app for free.

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8. Mint

Use the Mint budgeting app to learn a new method to manage your money. Reach your financial objectives with tailored budgets and personalized insights. Monitor your spending and manage your subscriptions with Mint for free.

If your financial plan includes investing in cryptocurrencies, you can link your Mint account to view your whole financial portfolio. This is an advantage over Cleo. Binance, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase, Blockfi, Kraken, GEMINI, and Robinhood are among the platforms that support it.

With their affiliate, Rocket Mortgage, you can even inquire about a mortgage. Your application will be pre-filled with Mint data so you can quickly apply for a new mortgage or refinancing.

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9. Digit

Digit is a comprehensive financial app that manages your budget, savings, and investments. It supports you in achieving financial independence by encouraging daily wise financial decisions.

It’s worth knowing how much cash you have and what you owe. When you use money from the Spending function, you can be assured that you are not depleting funds that you will need later.

Compared to Cleo, the app determines how much should always be accessible in Spending using learning machines and financial best practices. This is determined by the deposits you have made, the debt you have, and future planning.

Digit selects the optimal amounts to transfer into your Bills account gradually. For recurring expenses like utilities, rent, or subscriptions. They keep the money separate to prevent you from spending it.

Saving with Digit is easy because the application analyzes your spending patterns and outgoing costs and determines the appropriate amounts to put aside. It makes small daily savings for you.

With Digit, investing is as simple as it gets. Digit is aware of your objectives, bills, and spending patterns. It uses that information to determine the appropriate investment amount for you.

The monthly membership cost for Digit is $5. However, for the first six months, it is completely free.

10. NerdWallet

NerdWallet is a personal finance app whose major goal is to provide you with information that will help you make the right money moves.

It provides side-by-side comparisons of various financial products, such as credit cards, loans, investing, insurance, and banking. You won’t find such a feature on Cleo.

Using NerdWallet is completely free. The app will help you track your spending across all of your cards and bank accounts to determine how much money you have left after paying your bills and expenditures.

It will provide you with a summary of your main spending categories to help you lower your expenses and adjust your spending plan. It has personalized advice on how to maximize the potential of the accounts you already have.

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11. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

Your finances don’t have to be disorganized. Like Cleo, you can create a budget with YNAB to control your spending. It is a tried-and-true technique and budgeting tool that produces tangible outcomes.

You can see real-time updates to your budget between gadgets, making it simple to share money with a colleague.

With the help of its effective goal-setting tools, you can easily track your progress by creating categories for your major purchases and financial objectives. In addition, the app allows you to create a simple plan to help get out of debt using its loan planner tool.

It charges a monthly membership fee of $14.99 or an annual subscription of $98.99. A 34-day free trial is also available.

12. Plum

Plum is another app like Cleo, which will help you grow your fund by providing you with fundamental financial tools. To get a comprehensive view of your spending, link your bank accounts and credit cards with Plum.

Using the app, you can routinely save money by customizing deposits so that your bank transfers the right amount.

Establish solid financial habits by automating small, manageable savings. With an Easy Access Interest Pocket, you can make up to 1.01 % AER. Cleo does not have anything like this. All you need to do is create smart rules, and the application will handle the rest.

Get a real-time accounting of your daily spending, accrue interest on your funds until you need them, and never pay more for your home’s utilities than is necessary.

The app makes it easy to invest your funds. Start by creating your portfolio with only £1, then open a Share ISA or Stocks. Simply choose a risk level you are comfortable with, and look through a variety of well-chosen stocks and funds to create a portfolio depending on your financial objectives.

You can access Plum for free. However, it has a wide range of pricing plans. There’s £1/month for Plum Plus, £2.99/month for Pro, and £4.99/month for Ultra.

13. Stash

If you want to improve your financial situation, you can use the finance app Stash. It combines banking, investing, and advising in one app to help over six million people meet their financial goals.

Stash will ask you several questions when you initially sign up so they can get to know you. By doing so, they can better comprehend your financial objectives and offer proper, detailed guidance on issues such as investing and budgeting.

The next step is to choose a subscription plan, which starts at just $1 per month for beginners or $3 per month for growth. With Stash, you always have access to tools for budgeting and saving, a personal brokerage account for investment, and the Stock-Back Card.

You can also start investing accounts for children and a personal retirement account, depending on the plan you select.

Stash accepts both automated and manual fund transfers. Establishing direct deposit will allow you to contribute all or a portion of your paycheck to Stash immediately, and it just takes five minutes. Even better, you can still get paid up to two days ahead of schedule.

Unlike Cleo, once your money is in Stash, you have two options for investing it: either buy fractional shares of dozens of stocks and ETFs for less than $5 or use the Stock-Back Card to buy and accumulate stocks on Stash as you spend.

Stash’s market transactions are executed within four trading hours each weekday because the platform is designed for long-term investment rather than day trading.

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14. Buxfer

Buxfer enables you to take charge of your financial destiny, including retirement planning, investing, and budgeting.

You can easily integrate all of your accounts by linking to your credit cards or bank and instantly uploading transactions and balances. Around the world, more than 20,000 banks are supported, namely Bank of America, Wells Fargo, American Express, and several more.

Your transactions can be automatically tagged by Buxfer depending on the merchant, location, and other transaction details.

Nevertheless, Buxfer is aware that robots aren’t as intelligent as you are, and automated tagging can occasionally provide wildly inaccurate results. Because of this, they enable manual tagging and provide you the option to use custom rules to automate your tagging.

The Budgets feature will assist you in reducing unnecessary spending, so you have more money for the items you need. Set expenditure caps on the areas you wish to pay special attention to.

You will get real-time updates and notifications on how you perform as new transactions are immediately synchronized with your bank.

Based on your previous spending, scheduled transactions, reminders, and budgets, the Forecast feature predicts your future income, expenses, and account balances. This is a function you won’t find on Cleo.

Their Retirement Planner will project your net worth over time, accounting for variables like inflation, taxes, and depending on your profile and family details.

The app will tell you if you are on course for retirement and assist you in making major decisions, such as how much property you can afford or whether to send your children to a public or private college.

Buxfer has a subscription plan: The Plus plan goes for $4.99/month, the Pro plan for $5.99/month, and Prime for $11.99/month.

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15. Quicken

You can manage your money, make a personalized, detailed budget, keep track of your assets, and prepare for retirement in one location with Quicken.

It allows you to keep track of your remaining expenditure after paying bills to stay on top of your spending. Plus, create personal budgets that you’ll follow to help you make more educated financial decisions.

You can see where your money is coming from and how much is leaving your accounts to examine and manage your expenses easily. Verify your remaining balances after paying your invoices. And sign up for notifications, so you never forget a deadline.

Monitor your investments by reviewing your investment portfolio, tracking performance, and comparing market comparisons to increase your certainty in your buy/sell decisions.

Also, Quicken has multiple subscription plans for you to enjoy its services. It has a Starter plan, which is $3.49 per month, Deluxe is $3.99 per month, Premier is $5.99 per month, and Home & Business is $8.99 per month. In addition, it comes with a 30-day free trial.

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Our best pick is Klover because it is free to use. The app has the same feature of tracking your expenditures as other apps that come with subscriptions. When in a fix, the app can lend you advance cash of up to $100.

Not to mention, your information is safe from hackers and scammers because it uses 256-bit encryption to safeguard your financial data.