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15 Best Apps Like Chime Bank 2022

Chime Bank app is a financial technology company that is changing the way people see banking, making it easier to open an account, get a debit card, and have an insight into the fees, terms and conditions, and no standard fees that you can expect from banks.

However, Chime Bank isn’t the only app. There are dozens of apps just like it. With a huge choice of such financial apps, you can find the app that will help you reduce monthly service fees, avoid overdraft fees, minimize service fees, and have a minimum balance requirement.

Therefore, at least one of these 15 best apps like Chime Bank below will make a good fit for everyone’s banking needs!

Best Apps Like Chime Bank

With huge competition in the financial technology industry and with plenty of choices to choose from, give yourself time to check out each one of these 15 best substitutes to Chime Bank to find an app that will work best for your financial needs!

1. Wise

Wise is a very similar financial technology institution to a Chime Bank, yet it is a lot more versatile, and it adds more features that make online and even international banking simple.

With Wise, you can open both a personal and a business account, and its main purpose is to help users send money (one-off payment) to any other account using a mobile banking app.

However, Wise is also very well known for allowing its users to have multiple currencies in one account. This way, you can keep more than just dollars in your account, and the best thing is that Wise also allows you to exchange money between currencies at a really good exchange rate.

Wise does better because it helps people send money cheaper, send money abroad easily, receive payments in 10 different currencies, and hold money in over 50 currencies.

Wise also has a debit card that you can receive at your home address, which can be used worldwide and is ideal for withdrawing the money in your local currency.

Shopping online is a breeze, and if you’re traveling around, there’s no easier app to use than Wise since you can move money between countries and use it anywhere in the world at a touch of a button.

2. Cash App

When you are looking for a simple smartphone app that will help you to send money, receive money, and even invest your money, Cash App is a great app just like Chime Bank.

All you need to do is download Cash App and create an account to start sending money instantly, speed up deposits, or even invest in stocks and Bitcoin with as little as $1.

Cash App also provides its users with a debit card that will match their financial needs so you can spend money from your Cash App however you wish.

While Cash App used to be only an app to help transfer money between parties, now it is a versatile financial app that can help you improve the way you bank.

3. N26

N26 is a full-on banking app that can help you replace your current bank with a bank that’s easier to use, comes in the form of a smartphone app, and makes your finances easier to manage.

With N26, you can send and receive payments just like you can use a regular bank account, you can spend your money with an N26 debit card, you can track all your expenses with helpful visual reports, and you can even set money aside.

The account is free to use, and you can create one in just under 10 minutes. The best thing is that you can start spending your money and using N26 even before your debit card arrives.

The great thing about N26 is that they have four different personal and four business account types you can open so that N26 will fit almost anyone’s financial needs.

On top of that, you can use N26 with services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or even create a virtual card to make instant online payments. There’s also N26 insurance if that’s something that could interest you as well, so N26 is one of the top apps similar to Chime Bank to be using if you are looking for a versatile stack of banking features.

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4. Dave

Dave is one of the most versatile apps just like Chime Bank because it provides banking services such as effortless sending and receiving money through a mobile app, but it also helps people with cash advances, budgeting, and even building financial opportunities.

In comparison with regular banks, Dave can help you get paid faster (up to two days faster) and use Dave to build your credit history.

Dave also offers advances up to $250 that you can repay without a fee. Dave’s also great because it doesn’t include any overdraft fees, has no minimum balance fees, and you can use Dave’s debit card on almost any ATM for a very small fee.

Keep in mind that if you use any of the 32,000 available MoneyPass ATMs in the USA, you won’t even have to pay a fee for withdrawing money from Dave’s debit card.

On top of that, Dave also has integrated useful charts, graphs, and reports that will help you budget better, but you can even try and find a side hustle through Dave’s app, which is unique to earn some money on the side even if you have a full-time job.

Check out apps that are similar to Dave.

5. GO2Bank

GO2Bank focuses on providing the best mobile banking solution that is very similar to the Chime Bank app, yet it includes additional features such as the ability to deposit cash at a local retailer, cash a check from a mobile app, earn 7% instant cashback, and even save money at a much better rate than what national banks provide.

You can keep your money in the GO2Bank account safe, and you can even use it to improve your credit score and yet still have access to a GO2Bank Visa debit card that you can use daily without it affecting your credit history.

GO2Bank also includes initiatives such as no monthly fees, no hidden fees, and no minimum balance requirements to open an account. On top of that, they also include overdraft protection of up to $200, and you can even get paid earlier (up to four days earlier).

There’s even a chance to get a free smartphone (Samsung Galaxy) with a direct deposit of $200 if you meet the requirements.

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6. Porte

Porte is another similar app like Chime Bank that comes with its perks that help people looking for an easier banking app solution.

The Porte app doesn’t include monthly fees, you can get paid 2 days faster than usual, you can easily lock your debit card at a touch of a button for better safety, and you can always have an insight into your finances, spending, and budgeting in only a couple of clicks.

You can also keep a savings account with Porte, easily move money between accounts, and even spend money using a very attractive Porte debit card.

As you become a regular Porte user, you can even get perks for everyday spending and even get a chance to save more money by shopping at popular retailers.

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7. lili

If you are looking for an easier way to get paid online or send payments online, lili is a great solution as it doesn’t only make transfers easy, but it also helps people do their taxes, invoices, and even expense reports.

Therefore, lili is an all-in-one checking account app that provides overdraft without fees, cashback rewards, and automatic saving on the money you keep within the app.

On top of that, lili can help you receive and spend money with a Visa debit card. So even though you don’t have to be a business, lili is a great fit for freelancers or everyone who gets paid online for providing services of some kind.

And with no minimum balance requirements and no hidden fees, it’s a great app to keep an eye on your money in one place and manage your expenses.

You can also use features but don’t have to, such as a tax bucket to save money for tax payments, invoice creation, and optimization for a tax refund.

8. Varo

Varo is another banking app like Chime Bank that helps provide branchless mobile banking that’s available 24/7 and is much easier to use and a lot more beneficial to the average user.

Therefore, Varo ensured that nothing holds you back since you don’t have to get a credit check done to register, there’s no minimum balance you must have, and Varo doesn’t charge monthly fees.

There are also no overdraft fees since Varo only helps you budget and spend what you have in your account, and yet with Varo’s debit card, you can shop in almost any shop and withdraw money at about 55,000 ATMs around the country.

Sending money has never been simpler, and Varo also helps its users send money for free to other Varo users. Direct deposits are also a possibility that can also help you improve your credit score, help manage your paycheck better with helpful insights, and easily access your money at all times with only a couple of clicks.

9. Current

Current is also pretty well known as the future of banking as it doesn’t only help improve banking, provide users with benefits, and an easier way to bank, but it also creates a useful way for the average user to put their money to work.

This is done through investing where users can earn 4.00% APY on savings, but if you feel like you’re falling behind or need just a bit more money to cover the final bill, you can get an overdraft of up to $200 without paying any overdraft fees.

You can also set direct deposits with Current, and you’ll be able to receive them much sooner (about two days earlier than usual), so you get ahold of your money much sooner.

With Current debit cards, you can collect points for all purchases you make using the card, which can payout in the long run.

Current’s app is also wisely built since you can do almost anything within the app, things you would usually have to visit a local branch to authorize.

These things include blocking transactions with a couple of clicks, having privacy controls such as fingerprint or Face ID login, as well as the ability to freeze your credit card in seconds.

10. Green Dot

Green Dot is a cashback mobile account provider and a debit card provider that helps provide seamless banking where you can keep track of your whole account in one app.

Even though this is a very simple app that functions brilliantly, there’s much more to it than meets the eye.

Apart from sending, receiving, or holding money in your Green Dot account, you can also spend it wisely with the Green Dot’s debit card, but also keep an eye on your spending in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

Green Dot also integrates options to help you pay your bills in a matter of minutes, and it even includes business services if you happen to need much more than a personal account.

Green Dot won’t only help you set up direct deposits and get paid sooner, but it can also help you get federal tax refunds much faster (about four days faster than usual), which additionally increases convenience.

11. Ally

Ally is a similar app to Chime Bank, yet it provides much more benefits with its versatile all-in-one combination of features.

With Ally, you can get anything done from banking to investing or even getting a home loan and auto financing.

Ally offers anything from a checking account that you can use for your daily needs to a savings account where you can put your money to work, or you can even get home loans, mortgage refinances, check robo portfolios, or even do self-direct trading.

Therefore, Ally is a kind app that doesn’t have too many competitors and allows you to save for the future, do your banking right, and even help you learn how to improve your financial situation in only 20 minutes with the help of their tips.

If you are looking to boost an emergency fund or create one, Ally is also a great place to do so since it can help you calculate how much you should save and ensures that you can set up your savings account in only a couple of clicks.

12. Netspend

Netspend is all about providing users with a debit card that can help you spend your money the way you want and manage your money and finances within the app in an easy-to-understand way.

You don’t need a credit check to register. You only need to provide basic information to create your account and order your first prepaid card. However, what’s important is that you can set direct deposits to get paid two days faster than usual, and you can even get cashback while shopping using Netspend’s debit card.

Netspend even rewards its users with $20 for spending at least $200 in a month. Besides this, Netspend has one of the coolest debit cards you can get from Chime Bank alternatives since they feature WWE, MLB, and other sports cards.

You won’t even have to wait for a debit card to arrive since you can get it in a local store such as 7Eleven. This way, you can start using the debit card immediately, which is another advantage over other apps to use instead of Chime Bank.

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13. OnJuno

OnJuno is an app like Chime Bank, yet its main focus is cryptocurrency. Therefore, with OnJuno, you can manage both your cash in USD currency and cryptocurrency.

Interestingly, OnJuno is also an exchange marketplace where you can exchange cash for crypto at a decent rate in minutes.

And if you happen to want to save money, you can get an annual 4% interest on dollars you have sitting in your OnJuno account.

OnJuno also provides cash back debit cards where you can earn 5% cashback for using them to shop, but you can even set direct deposits and even receive some of your paychecks in cryptocurrency.

If you’ve been looking for a way to cash out crypto, OnJuno makes it possible by helping you sell your crypto as soon as possible without any delays, so you have dollars waiting on your OnJuno debit card in minutes.

Therefore, OnJuno is ideal for everyone getting into the crypto world, who wants one account to manage cash and cryptocurrency, and for everyone who mostly wants to save and benefit from cryptocurrency.

14. Empower

When you’re looking for an easier banking solution that comes in the form of an app and you’d like to improve your credit score, Empower is a great app just like Chime Bank that’s worth trying.

With Empower, you get to set yourself on a journey to a better credit score by only starting with $25 in your Empower account.

There are no interest fees, no late fees, credit score checks, and you can get your hands on an Empower debit card instantly.

With Empower Thrive product, you can start with $200 and work your way to $1,000 by being on time with every payment. This will help you build your credit score, have a better line of credit, and enjoy 0% APR while doing it.

Another great thing is that you can set direct deposits to Empower, which arrive at least two days earlier than usual. Yet, whenever you spend any of your money using an Empower debit card, you get a score cashback of up to 10%.

15. Venmo

If you are looking for a simple way to send payments to your friends and family at a touch of a button, but you’re also interested in managing your money better, Venmo is a convenient app that is simple to use and yet can help you achieve great results.

With Venmo, you can pay friends & family within seconds, split a bill when you’re out, and most importantly, get a Venmo debit card that can earn you up to 3% cashback whenever you spend money.

On top of that, Venmo can help you get into the crypto world by buying crypto directly within the app with as little as $1 and trading various types of cryptocurrency.

Venmo has been expanding to fit business needs, which makes it a great app to manage personal and business finances without overcomplicating things.

Getting paid is as simple and quick as sending the payments. Besides offering a debit card, you can also get a Venmo credit card if you meet the requirements, which you won’t be able to find in other apps.


Chime Bank provides many additional benefits than a standard bank. With so many choices out there, you can find an app that will fit your financial and banking needs.

One of the best apps like Chime Bank is Wise because it’s very versatile, allows users to hold multiple currencies in one account, and even has a savings option to keep your money safe.

However, each one of these apps includes at least one unique feature, which might be exactly what you’re looking for, so it’s important to check out each one of these apps to see which one you would benefit from the most!