15 Best Apps Like Snapchat For Kids in 2024

Other than video games, kids also find social media exciting.

Particularly, most kids enjoy Snapchat because it’s good for chatting, taking selfies, using filters, and more.

While it’s fantastic to let kids explore social media apps, you also want to protect their privacy and keep them away from prying eyes online.

That said, you may need to find better apps for them; apps that have more exciting features but are also highly secure.

For example, some apps have disappearing messages, which means everything your kid posts is cleared after some time.

That’s why I came up with a list of the 15 best apps like Snapchat for kids.

Stay with me as we find out which app your kid might enjoy the most.

15 Best Apps Like Snapchat For Kids

1. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is one of the best Snapchat filter alternatives that tops the list. It offers text, video, and image messaging to the users, who can then take complete control of the content.

Besides, I don’t need an email address or mobile number to use the application, and above all, my contacts are not saved on their systems.

If you like Snapchat’s self-disappearing content, you need to know that this program comes with a shredder option, which irreversibly deletes messages, photographs, and videos.

I also customize photographs and videos with stickers, filters, and graffiti using this app.

On the other hand, I trust Wickr Me while sending texts, videos, voices, and photo messages to my friends. The app ensures that all the conversations are controlled and are secure enough.

Wickr Me also allows me to send encrypted messages, photographs, and videos and receive them.

Although this added protection is in many ways a wonderful thing, it might make it simpler for your child to keep their interactions private online.

Speaking about security, Wickr Me enables you to find your partner based on their name or the contacts already stored on your phone.

Moreover, you will not be charged for this app on your iOS or Android devices. So why not check it out?

2. Messenger

Messenger Kids, as its name implies, is a safe app for kids.

I find the app suitable for kids due to its extensive supervision and control functions.

As a parent, you’ll have the same level of access as your child, and if you have a Messenger account, you’ll have to approve your child’s account.

Since Snapchat’s creation, Facebook has maintained a close eye on it. The social media company was well aware that Snapchat had discovered a new method to capture and engage consumers.

Messenger employs the same secure communication methods as banking and shopping sites, according to Facebook.

I also enjoy the app’s end-to-end encryption for texts, meaning that even Facebook can’t access them.

Through Messenger, I watch clips, music videos, TV series and have more video chats with my pals.

Another thing is that I don’t have to express myself with words every time. Instead, I can simply use emojis even to customize my emotions.

With this app, I’m able to bring my talks to life with fun stickers, AR effects, and message effects.

The app’s “My Day” feature, which was rebranded to Facebook Stories after a few months, is another excellent aspect of Messenger.

This means I can exchange ephemeral content in the same way that Snapchat does.

3. Facebook Slingshot

First, the new ephemeral message app of Facebook Slingshot feels like another Snapchat clone.

Now available for iPhone and Android, the free software allows a fast picture or video, a few colorful pictures, an excellent white text, and several buddies to capture.

While using Slingshot, you can skip feeds and ‘respond’ privately to specific images and videos in the posts directly, including captions, filters, and drawings.

Moreover, I am able to counter-check the comments before sending them.

The app also allows your child to follow his or her friends and enjoy the division of content in reaction tabs and shots, together with navigation based on swiping.

Slingshot also gives you a photograph of what you do before you “unlock” your friend’s picture.

I find this detailed information and guidelines make this application a walk-over for your kid.

Also, this app has a “Select All” button that allows you to simultaneously transmit a photo to all your friends, a feature that Snapchat lovers have continuously asked for.

4. Dust

Dust, formerly known as Cyber Dust, enables you to send secure messages or attachments in minutes.

Additionally, the app leaves no trail while ensuring confidentiality and encrypted security. That means you’re guaranteed your child’s safety while using the app.

You can also transfer pictures and stickers, GIFs, and web page URLs that disappear in no time.

With Dust, you’ll have plenty of filters like Snapchat to edit pictures with stickers or texts.

The app allows you to blast the message to several people. Moreover, you will be notified if someone attempts to save or screenshot the pictures you sent.

Dust is one of the top applications like Snapchat filters, with its incredible features locked underneath its cap. Having said that, I prefer this app because I can pin sent messages, and I can recall all my earlier discussions.

To wrap it all up, my messages disappear after a short time. Do you know what that means?

You guessed it: privacy.

On top of that, the application is attractively developed, taking iOS 7 into account.

5. TikTok

Almost everybody uses TikTok nowadays. The app is another excellent alternative for Snapchat with its wide range of filters.

The TikTok app provides you with a wide range of sounds and songs, as well as the ability to add different effects and filters just like Snapchat.

Something I like about TikTok is the feature that allows me to add videos you’ve made on my phone directly.

TikTok also has a reaction function, meaning I can record and share my reactions to videos.

The longer I use the app and create a playlist in it, the more I feel like the app is mine. It’s so addictive because its algorithm uses items that they believe you’ll find interesting.

And TikTok understands that not every user can lip sync with ease. That’s why they have given you the option of making fun of a musical background on the app.

TikTok has additional security and privacy features as part of the application for children under 13 years. Through this, your kid can only see safe, regulated videos and cannot comment, search, or upload their own clips.

6. Imgur

We all like having fun with the apps we use on a daily basis, and this is where Imgur comes in.

It’s available for iPhone and Android users and has no competitors for hilarious pet videos, spicy memes, and other entertainment materials.

Like Snapchat, Imgur enables you to create short films and GIFs, which you can then share or upload to other social media in the community.

The application also features a news feed consisting of humorous videos, memes, and GIFs.

The app has excellent tools for making GIFs and memes to produce such material that will keep you smiling all day long!

On the other hand, Snapchat employs filters to create a unique aesthetic and uniform editing options.

Imgur’s interface is straightforward to use and can be managed by any user because it includes upload alternatives for drag-and-drop.

With this app, your kid can upload as many images to the cloud as they like.

Its ability to instantly construct a URL for your photographs so that you may share them with other users quickly is another fascinating aspect of it.

The app is also safe to use compared to Snapchat. This is because it’s Reddit’s official image hosting platform and was designed to secure its users.

Finding good memes that have not been shared is yet another incredible feature of this app.

Imgur is one of the most outstanding available picture hosting apps by far. It is easy to use, integrate, save, etc.

7. Cluster

Cluster is a family and friends’ private photo collection. It allows you to make and share photo albums with specific people, just like Snapchat.

The app has helped me establish a private and safe space where only people I care about may exchange clips or images with me.

It’s like a digital photo album that collects under one roof all your treasured moments.

Unlike Snapchat, the Cluster app uses SSL to encrypt communication between their servers and their client applications.

To safeguard their servers, the application ensures that third parties do not have access to your personal information, compared to Snapchat. This means the app is secure for your child to use.

If your kid likes making albums, then Cluster is the app you’re looking for. The app will enable them to make as many albums as they want and only invite the individuals they choose.

Additionally, the award-winning Cluster iOS app provides quick, mobile access and fully utilizes iOS 7 and iOS 8. It is easy to access and operate using a web browser so that anybody may join and participate.

Moreover, the app offers timely notifications that ensure you stay informed and updated when something new comes up.

The Android cluster has been created specifically for the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

8. Sweet Face Camera

Sweet Face Camera is an application used to process your images using the same processes as those used in Snapchat.

All you need is to choose a photo from the gallery or take a photo on the spot and use any filters.

One thing I love about Sweet Face Camera is that the application enables easy searching between its filters. Also, all effects in the app are grouped and adapted for a fantastic finish to fit your face and environment.

In Snapchat, however, the filters are aligned below the screen of your phone, which makes the app easy to use.

Moreover, new features in Sweet Face Camera are continually introduced so that creation of new masterpieces can continue.

Sweet Face Camera features different categories in which your child can produce videos with fun and effects.

There is also an area where they can talk via text messages with their followers and exchange multimedia information.

Sweet Face Camera offers many filters to make your pictures and videos more enjoyable, just like Snapchat.

It is a tool rich in features that allows you to contact individuals from around the world.

9. LINE Camera

The LINE Camera photo editor is a great photo editing app. You can download the application and explore the artist’s inner potential!

The program allows you to generate unique selfies in social networks and display your natural face like Snapchat.

Its features include mirror mode, timer, flash, image alignment grid, and other capturing features.

If you want to get your photos as juicy as possible, you can enjoy the filters, preferred memes, captions, and select your font size from this application.

Just like Snapchat, you can also choose your color and brush size, style your images with stickers, and share them on your selected social networks.

New stickers with popular characters are added every week by famous illustrators.

10. Marco Polo

Here’s another messaging app like Snapchat. First, with the integration of social components, Marco Polo makes text and video calling entertaining and accessible.

This gives you an app that the rest of your relatives and friends would want to use. Another thing with Marco Polo is that they don’t sell user information for publicity purposes.

Therefore, if privacy is your main priority, especially for your child, this program should indeed be included in your must-try list.

Marco Polo allows you to send video clips that can be seen by the recipient afterward.

And you won’t be left out if you are a fan of video calls, you can still do ordinary video calls to communicate in real-time, of course.

Finally, you should know that after 24 hours, your video messages will not disappear like those in Snapchat.

I find this feature beneficial since I can keep my videos as long as I want.

11. SNOW

Like Snapchat, the SNOW app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store and is an image-sharing program. The app was created in 2015 and more than 200 million people have used it since then.

With their fantastic selfie image filters, users may create beautiful effects. The platform contains thousands of video stickers.

I would strongly recommend SNOW as Snapchat’s alternative, especially if you’re seeking more filter combinations.

Snow features thousands of integrated facial filter options on its program, making it a better option for self-editing than Snapchat.

12. Banuba

Banuba is all about taking videos in selfie form like the way Snapchat does.

Live effects, non-standard pictures filters, facial masks, and regular upgrades are among the app’s features.

Furthermore, with Banuba, you are free to choose from various masks, change over and share in messages and social networks, or create a new avatar.

Are you in search of the best filters to edit your selfies? You can still use the app’s unique photo and video selfies editor, just like the one used in Snapchat.

You can shoot cool pictures and selfies in video form using Banuba. Through this, you can shock your pals by choosing frightening filters and recording your horror movies.

You might want to let your fantasy go wild. Create and share creative films on social networks.

Additionally, shoot more images and clips from a new angle to learn more about yourself. Change your background and make a fantastic trip around the world.

Try and mess with your peers by recording anonymous messages using someone else’s voice, a mask on your face, and an unknown area in the background.

The Banuba app daily upgrades with fun and masked effects. With the app being a virtual emotional world, you can shoot, save, and enjoy your images and videos anytime and anywhere you want to!

In other words, this app’s excellent features will fascinate you the most!

13. YouCam Fun

If you want an easy and convenient application for Android devices, YouCam Fun is there for you.

The app’s Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics allow you to create fun pictures and add various impacts on them rapidly.

Just like Snapchat, YouCam Fun offers many stickers and auto effects, many hilarious hairstyles, masks, animal faces, costumes, and many more.

You may also apply the text to pictures, adjust its sort, size, and color, as well as effects. These features will give your kid the best experience they’ll ever need on social media.

There are also widespread conventional effects like frames, blur, backgrounds, and many others in this app.

Real-time filters are also worth mentioning, and you can use them during the shooting to find out what a picture is like before it is complete.

With the functions of current beauty cameras, you add the appropriate visual subtleties in just one touch, adjusting and eliminating the unsuccessful components of the image.

Lastly, video recording functions are also available in the application.

14. Camera 360

Camera 360 is a popular Android mobile camera app. You can conduct simple procedures using it and get excellent results.

The application combines a selfie camera with a fantastic photo editor like Snapchat.

Many people who love this picture editor + camera have supported the world-famous Camera 360. The program provides various tools to create images and optimize them by making them beautiful and high-quality.

Plus, the camera settings will help you get the picture in good quality first.

I find this smartphone application amusing since it helps you produce eye-catching collages from your photos, among other things. This feature will keep your kid busy and give them an exceptional experience in grouping photos.

When you use the camera to produce a selfie, you will be able to use excellent filters, stylish effects, apply text, stickers, and other comics in the future. Like in Snapchat, you’re free to choose from a variety of stickers.

The Camera 360 is currently not only a picture editor but a complete social network that you may use to share your lifetime memories.

Also, Studio PinGuo can adequately combine the capabilities of “photography” programs for both experienced persons and learners.

Immediately after Camera 360’s introduction, it gained the lead and maintains it till today with its integrated features, an intuitive user interface, and new products.

The app’s filters regularly improve due to the continued updates. Lastly, the function of saving images in a free cloud is one of the latest additional features in the application.

15. B612

This app is perfect for anyone who wants to take amazing selfies and take a video on their front camera. You may make every shot better with various essential tools and artistic effects, just like in Snapchat.

You can add favorite filters via a particular tab and produce one-touch images or 5-second videos by adding frames, stickers, humorous stickers, AR filters, modifying the color range, contrast, and lights.

Looking at Snapchat, the many filters present can be used similarly to the ones in this app.

B612 includes a total of more than 50 filters and is available on both Google Play and App Store. You can select any of them by just a swipe with your finger at the bottom of the screen to check how it appears.

You can then swipe your finger over the picture to use a random filter, while not forgetting that the app remembers your commonly used filters.

An ordinary photo appears uninteresting and video calls are no longer common nowadays – this is what B612 offers to you.

Why not talk to your peers like a comic book hero, creating an amazing collage with a couple of pictures?

What’s the Best App Like Snapchat for Kids?

If I were to select one, I’d opt for TikTok due to its richness in features. The app supports video recording and I can edit the videos easily.

Also, whenever I open the app, I find the same genre of videos that I watch mostly in the app’s “For You Page.” The app recommends the videos they feel I’d like to watch, based on my commonly watched clips.

I’ve used TikTok since my teen years, and I can say that once you open the app, you’ll wish it was the only app on your smartphone. You won’t find a reason to close it.

I find this app addictive, mainly because I can view a variety of videos that intrigue me all day long. I can also create my own videos and attract an enthusiastic fan base.

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