18 Best Animation Apps For Android 2024

Animation involves adding motion to an image, text, or view. Not only does animation add life to your photos, but it also makes videos more engaging.

Gone are the days when only professionals could animate. If you own an Android phone, you can animate, regardless of your experience level. Animation apps for Android make this possible.

You don’t need complex and expensive apps to put your artistic skills to work. With free and easy-to-use apps, you can animate text, images, and other content on your phone.

Kids and adults can use most Android animation apps for projects, from creating school reports and cartoons to business presentations. Plus, you can upload your animated work on platforms like YouTube for the world to see.

In this post, I have highlighted some of the top animation apps for Android with a ton of features that you will enjoy exploring.

Let’s dive in.

Best Animation Apps For Android

1. Animation Desk

This app has more than one million downloads, making it one of the top Android animation apps. It’s perfect for storyboarding, animating, and drawing ideas. Amateur and professional animators and tons of art enthusiasts love this app.

It has a clean user interface, multiple options to play around with, and a couple of ways to export a completed animation.

Animation Desk has special brushes to select from and a user-friendly color palette that you can easily customize. Navigating between various frames is child’s play, and you can interact with the onion skin by simply tapping it.

Animation Desk has a default number of frames for animations (24fps), but if you want something different, you can set a different number.

After completing the animation, you can export it as a PDF or video file. The app also allows you to export individual frames as images.

The app doesn’t share data with a third party and always encrypts data in transit.

Install this free Android animation app to create animated cartoons, GIFs, and more.

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2. Draw Cartoons 2

Are you looking for an exciting way to express yourself through art by producing animated cartoons? Cartoons 2 integrates every element of cartoon creation, from character drawing to publishing.

You must draw multiple frames manually to create an animation that will last a few seconds. Drawing these frames on a small screen can be challenging, but Draw Cartoons 2 makes this possible.

This app handles basic animation without much effort and time. It has a vast library of characters and objects and a skeletal model that lets you move around and make quick animations.

Creating your characters is also easy. You can build the character and use the skeleton functionality to animate them quickly.

The app is free, with over 10 million downloads. It’s easy and safe for anyone in the family.

3. Stop Motion Studio

This free animation Android app lets you tell a story using actual props. While you don’t need a unique application to take several photos and arrange them sequentially to build a movie, Stop Motion Studio makes the process easy.

The standard overlay mode allows you to position props in line with the previous frame. This app also has a broad array of filters plus editing tools to help you create quality animations.

For example, tools like rotoscoping and green screens can unlock numerous possibilities, even with limited props.

The other powerful tools include a full manual mode to adjust things like white balance and ISO, a time interval mode to capture images automatically, and the functionality that lets you use another phone as your remote control.

Stop Motion Studio is easy to use, incredibly powerful, and insanely fun. Its user-friendly interface allows you to make attention-grabbing movies like Wallace and Gromit or YouTube’s Lego Shorts.

4. Stick Nodes Pro

As a stick figure fan, you will find the app intriguing. Do you enjoy using movable parts and joints to animate? Stick Nodes Pro makes that possible.

Use the vast library to edit or add stick figures. It has tons of animation features. Besides, you can join two or even more objects to simplify the animation process.

This app has numerous power user effects and controls that you can add to the simple stick figures to make the animation look superior and spectacular.

Adding sound to your animation work is effortless: the app automatically finds compatible sounds in the download folder. The audio must be in MP3 format and below 256kb in size.

Thus, you simply need to search for the sound you want and download its file. Next, open Stick Nodes and navigate to import sound. You should find your favorite sound from the list.

Interestingly, the pro version lets you add sound to your animations in the app. How? Simply select a frame, then go to the Frame Tools to see the audio options

The free version lets you create a stick figure-based movie and export it as an animated GIF. However, the pro version allows you to export the animation in the MP4 file format. Besides, you can upload the MP4 file on YouTube.

The pro version costs $2.99.

5. FlipaClip

The free animation app for Android is known for its unique feature, onion layering, which lets you simplify animation and see the previous layers as you draw. The feature allows you to customize the previous layers’ color to eliminate confusion.

FlipaClip has an array of colors that add life and vibrancy to your animations.

Not only do you access a plethora of grids, brushes, onion skins, rules, and more, but this app also comes with a vast library full of audio effects. Although a premium feature, adding sound effects to simple animations can make them more appealing.

FlipaClip is among the top S Pen apps, mainly if you use a Samsung device. This app allows you to add depth to drawings using pressure sensitivity. Also, it lets you import videos to a canvas and build animations that align with existing footage.

The app’s outstanding features include animation layers, drawing tools, GIF and MP4 file format support, frame-by-frame video animation, using sound effects and music to create videos, and uploading your finished projects on YouTube.

My favorite part about FlipaClip is the ease of use and attractive design. Beginners will get up and running quickly.

This Android animation app also provides video creation competitions where you showcase your animation prowess and win prizes.

FlipaClip is available for free use.

6. Toontastic 3D

The creative storytelling application allows you to draw, narrate, animate, and record cartoons on an Android phone or tablet.

The free app is ideal for future directors, authors, inventors, musicians, and anyone who wants to turn their creative ideas into three-dimensional cartoons.

This Google-owned app is easy to play. Simply move the characters on screen and tell a story, and the app will record your animations and voice. It will then store it on your Android device as a 3D video.

Toontastic is a playful and powerful app for creating interstellar adventures, video game designs, family photo albums, breaking news reports, and anything else you wish to make.

What sets this animation tool apart include its ease of export, free download without in-app purchases or ads, works offline, and there is no need to sign in to use the app.

Like most apps on our list, Toontastic allows you to save and export your creations. Simply check below the finished cartoon and tap Export. This action will save your work to your device’s photo gallery.

Most importantly, Toontastic does not share your cartoons with Google. Instead, it saves them locally within the app or on your device unless you export them to the device’s photo gallery or delete them altogether.

7. Adobe Express

You don’t need any design skills to use this app. With Adobe Express, you can easily and quickly create standout logos, social graphics, flyers, and more on mobile. Plus, it’s free to start creating and animating your work.

This app lets you select or upload images, add text to images, try various layouts, and apply filters and effects.

You can find professionally designed templates for social posts, stories, and ads to upload on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat. Templates are also available for logos, invitations, banners, flyers and posters, presentations, business graphics, and photo collages.

Adobe Express lets you create quality animations; this app features a royalty-free photo collection, icons, Adobe Fonts, backgrounds, and more.

With intuitive tools and a few taps, you can apply text effects, quickly remove a background, convert a creation to a GIF, animate video posts, share them to social stories, and resize them.

Additionally, you can get a Photoshop-quality look with thousands of filters, effects, overlays, and textures.

Upgrading to Adobe Express paid membership allows you to access the entire Adobe Stock photo collection (royalty-free), fonts, effects, and other features, such as resizing, customizing cutouts, and applying the brand.

8. LottieFiles

The app takes away from the complexities of creating animations. It comes with tools to edit, test, design, develop, render or display animations.

LottieFiles is 600% smaller than PNG and GIF sequences. Also, it does not pixelate and is 10 times faster to ship.

Designers and developers will love to use this app because it does not require them to code motion graphics individually. You can even customize animations after rendering them, making motion design effortless.

The app is still perfect for you, even if you are not a developer or designer. It works well in designing workflow animations for tools like Canva, Figma, and Adobe XD. You can use it to create animations for your blogs, websites, and social media platforms.

The app is available for free use.

9. GIFMob

GIFMob is an animation app for creating animated MP4 and GIFs. The app lets you create animation easily; it has a simple user interface and a single-page intuitive design.

You can create animations from the built-in unlimited images, your gallery, or your camera. The camera superposition mode lets you overlay images so that you can make good stop-motion animations.

All your stop-motion animations will be in an MP4 or GIF format in the GIFMob folder. So you can easily share the animation on your Facebook profile.

The app is available for free.

10. Picsart Animator

The animated video maker is ideal for business owners, bloggers, marketers, or anyone who wishes to make attention-grabbing content.

The app has excellent features like layers, duplicate frames, fully equipped drawing tools, Emoji Me, and animated stickers to help you create animations that will stand out. Also, adding these features to your animation is effortless with Picsart Animator. You only need to click on the animation and add your preferred effect.

You can even set timing on the app for your animation by dictating how long it would take for the animation to start playing and how long it will play. The preview button lets you quickly check the animation before you can share it.

If you don’t have the time to edit photos, you can select from the premade templates galore. The templates have many themes, editing styles, and use cases that you can choose for your animation.

The app is 100% free with no ads.

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11. Renderforest

Renderforest is an app you can use to make animations and other media, including videos, mockups, graphics, presentations, and professional websites.

The app lets you create animations in four simple steps, which anyone can do. So whether you create animations for your business or fun content to share on your social media, Renderforest is ideal.

The app has a broad set of templates to select from, or you can also decide to create your template from scratch. All you need to do is add your favorite scene and videos or images.

Even if you use pre-designed themes, this app allows for the personalization of designs. You can select a style, pick fonts, add visuals from the gallery and adjust color.

Renderforest has hundreds of tracks that you can add to your animation. But if you have a favorite song on your device, you can upload it and add it to the animation. Also, if you wish to do a voice-over on the animation, Renderforest lets you do it quickly.

After creating your animation, the app has a feature that will let you share it on your social media platforms or on YouTube. The app will store the animation on your profile, so if you wish to edit it or customize it, you can easily do so.

Renderforest is free to download and use.

12. VistaCreate

VistaCreate is a graphic design platform that lets you create animations and other visual content. The platform comes with thousands of curated templates that you can use to create eye-catching and professional animations.

You can select from over 100,000 templates in the app. VistaCreate also stratified these templates into categories such as Pinterest graphics, Instagram stories, and Facebook posts to make it easier for you to locate your desired template.

In addition to templates, you will access over one million premium images, 6,000 animated designs, 30,000 stickers and shapes, and over 680 free fonts. Thus, customizing your animation is made simple by VistaCreate.

Other features that VistaCreate provides include enhancer tools, music and effects, and montage editing tools.

The platform has a user-friendly interface with intuitive features that make creating your content easy. You can use VistaCreate to create animations for your YouTube channel, social media, marketing materials, and even brand designs.

The app is free to download and use.

13. Plotagon Story

Plotagon Story is a free animation app that you can use to create animated content and share it with the world.

The award-winning storytelling tool is easy to use. All you need to do is select a scene, create your characters, write the story, and let Plotagon Story create an animation you can easily share on your social media platforms.

Plotagon Story lets you customize your animation. You can select from the various themes, backgrounds, character traits, clothes, and accessories available on the app. Besides, app developers keep adding new and unique features and accessories to this app.

To further customize your animation, you can use yourself, friends, or celebrities as characters in your animation. You can even record your voice and add it to your movies or add music and sound effects from your selection.

The app is free to download and use.

14. Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a great app that you can use to create animations straight from your Android device. The app has excellent features like motion graphics, visual effects, video compositing, and editing that lets you create professional quality animations.

The app has additional features to help you create amazing content. The keyframe animation feature lets you animate any property in your images to bring it to life. The camera control feature enables you to create dynamic scenes.

You can combine multiple layers in various media types, including images, videos, graphics, and texts. The app also has a hierarchical parenting feature to help you create sophisticated motions in your animations.

You can easily customize your animation with over 150 visual effects and powerful composting features. The app also shares your animation on various platforms.

Alight Motion is free to use.

15. Motion Ninja Video Editor

Professionals and amateurs can both use this video effects and motion design app. The app is simple, so you can easily create pro-quality animations. You can use Motion Ninja Video Editor to create 3D animations with velocity editing and smooth slow-motion features.

The app has color correction, visual effects, custom keyframes, and a multi-layer video editor that lets you customize the animation. You can also easily include glow and motion blur features in your animation.

If you wish to alter the background of your animation, the background eraser is the ideal feature for that purpose. The app lets you include music in your animation, and other features like cinematic time-lapse effects allow you to create interesting yet professional-quality animations.

The app is free to download and use.

16. Animate Free

This animation app for Android is the ideal tool to help you create animation sketches and poses on your smartphone. The app has simple yet unique features; thus, anyone can use it, including students, animation fans, storyboard artists, and game developers.

Animate Free has features that let you select from the available characters and choose the skin for each collected character. You can customize your animation by selecting props, copying, mirroring, and resetting features.

You can easily create animations to share with your friends with Animate Free.

The app is also available for free use and download.

17. Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter is ideal for creating flipbook-style frame-by-frame animations. The simple-to-use app can let you easily customize your stick figures.

With this app, you can give weapons to your sticks. You can give them bows, arrows, axes, and swords and edit them to create cartoon battles. You can further customize the animations by changing the color of a particular object.

Stick Fighter will save your animation so you can watch it with friends and family. You can export the animation to your computer or share it with people.

The Android app is free to download and use.

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18. LookSee Animator

Do you want to create stop motion and time-lapse animation? LookSee Animator can make that possible. The app lets you use the front-facing camera and the main camera of your Android device.

Using your mobile phone’s camera gives you access to the focus mode and complete control over exposure and color balance. The feature lets you capture frames, preview them, and edit your animation.

LookSee Animator lets you share your video in FLV, AVI, Quicktime (MOV), and MP4 formats. You can even convert your animation into a series of images and use them to create other videos.

The app comes with a LookSee Remote, allowing you to access the app on the phone using a different device.

The LookSee Animator is a free animation app for Android.

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Final Word

Creating animations was once a complex activity left to professionals. But apps have made it possible for anyone to create animations both for professional and social use.

Each of the above apps has unique features that make it ideal for creating animations. Hopefully, you will find one that meets your needs from the list.

Thanks to these apps, you can easily use the photos in your gallery to create videos.

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