5 Best Apps Similar To Shimeji For iPhone 2024

Shimejis are little animated characters that are displayed on your phone’s screen and you can upgrade them to appear within other apps.

The app was created initially for desktop computers to act as a companion. Artists would create and distribute entire sets of images, which would be plugged into a computer and the character would do several things besides being charming to the device owner.

Apps like Dogotchi and Wildagotchi are good substitutes to Shimeji but the best app similar to Shimeji for iPhone is My Tamagotchi Forever because of its wonderful features. The app is free to use.

More about Shimeji and the need to explore alternatives for iPhone

Android users now have the ability to use Shimeji on their devices, as long as they’re running version 9.0 or newer.

The tiny characters decorate your smartphone’s screen and interact with things on your pages, intercepting clicks or just being cheeky. You can still control their actions by dragging and dropping them wherever you want.

The Shimeji, which are more like animated mascots, can crawl, walk, climb, or even jump on your screen, but you can add more fun by letting them take items from the sites you visit on your device.

It’s easy to get a Shimeji. Just open the app and choose any character you want, and then turn on the function. The characters will interact with the objects on your screen, or as you browse and use apps on your device.

For iPhone users who want an app like Shimeji for their device, you’ll notice there aren’t many options and Shimeji itself doesn’t offer an iOS alternative.

Plus, Apple does not allow third-party apps to add items to the home screen, unlike Android. While this is done under the guise of security, it really offers Apple more control over how people use their phones and what they can do with them.

Fortunately, as mentioned above, there are apps like Shimeji you can try for your Apple phone. Find out more about them below.

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Best Apps Similar To Shimeji For iPhone

1. My Tamagotchi Forever

On iPhones, an app called ‘My Tamagotchi Forever’ is perhaps the greatest Shimeji equivalent.

The software was created by Bandai Namco and is based on the digital toys that became popular in Japan in the late 1990s and then expanded throughout the world in the following years.

It’s a smartphone app that lets you feed, wash, and even put your Tamagotchi characters to bed at night. The characters in the app, like the original toys, require daily attention to stay healthy and happy. They will, however, adapt and grow in front of the users’ eyes with constant TLC.

Users in My Tamagotchi Forever must also take the characters about Tamatown, the Tamagotchis’ hometown. It’s an augmented reality feature similar to Pokémon GO that lets gamers play hide-and-seek with Tamagotchi characters in real-world settings while also collecting treasure and bonuses.

Although some products are available as in-app purchases, the app is free to use. Overall, My Tamagotchi Forever is a great alternative to Shimeji on iPhones and has a lot to offer. For Android users, the app is also available on the Play Store.

In My Tamagotchi Forever, you can raise your very own Tamagotchi characters and share the joy with your friends.

You can also play mini-games with your Tamagotchi characters while guiding them through town in search of friends and other bonus things. Allow the hunt to begin!

Depending on how you care for your Tamagotchi characters, they will evolve into different types. Whether they want to be a scientist, rock stars, or a detective, you can help them pick the ideal job for them.

If you want, you can unlock the Tama Academy to send the Tamagotchi kids to school and collect themed objects to adorn their homes and keep the grownups happy. You can also play exciting Hide & Seek games with your Tamagotchi buddies in your real surroundings to gather treasure and bonuses in AR (augmented reality).

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2. Dogotchi

Dogotchi is another app like Shimeji for iPhone. The app is the sequel to Wildagotchi, the first of its kind in the retro-style simulation series.

With this app, you can care for and play with 12 lovely pets. The better you look after your pet, the happier it will be. Each happy pet grows quickly so take your time, feed it, clean it, and interact with it.

You have three distinct breeds to choose from at the start: Old English Sheepdog, Husky, and Pug. Three extra canines are unlocked for every two that reach adulthood, all of which are waiting for you to find them.

Each dog has its own collection of mini-games that you may unlock as you continue through the app, which you can customize with your favorite colors.

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3. Louie the Pug

This is a virtual pet dog app that functions like Shimeji for iPhones.

Louie the Pug, My Virtual Pet Dog, is the newest virtual pet royalty and the most charming virtual dog ever, and you can adopt it to live on your device.

The pet is one of the most endearing virtual dogs around, which can help brighten your day every time you see it.

However, Louie the Pug doesn’t speak. The puppy dog will stick his tongue out and urinate on the water hydrant while remaining unfazed. Hundreds of celebrities own pugs, so you too can get in on the action.

You can adopt virtual pet Louie and feed him, take him out to urinate, bathe, and play with your virtual dog.

Louie the Pug loves dog dress-up games, too, which makes him the swaggiest virtual dog around.

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4. Wildagotchi

Wildagotchi is another virtual pet that acts like Shimeji but for iPhone.

The app has a retro-style setting and allows you to take care of and interact with 12 lovely critters.

The better you look after your pet, the happier it will be. And a happy pet is one that grows quickly. You can take your time to feed it, clean it, and interact with it.

You get three different pets to choose from at the start. Three extra pets are unlocked for every two pets that achieve adulthood and they’re all waiting for you to find them.

You can switch to any of your pets at any time, and customize the entire app with your favorite colors.

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5. Noa Noa!

Noas are unique digital creatures with quirky personalities and unknown talents, and you may find, hatch, and raise them through this app.

You can explore a variety of settings, collect Noa eggs to hatch new and unusual Noas, and look after some of the prettiest animals you’ll ever meet.

The virtual pet collector app allows you to grow, interact with, and play with over 30 adorable and bouncy digital creatures.

You can collect over 15 unique eggs in order to hatch even more unique Noas, unlock and explore various settings, create your own unique avatar, take photos of your Noas to show off to your pals, and even select from a wide range of digital gadgets for your Noa.

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Wrapping Up

Android users get to have fun with the Shimeji app to add anime characters on their phone’s screen.

If you’ve been looking for a good alternative for your iPhone, you can try any of these five apps like Shimeji and add anime characters on your phone’s screen.

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