10 Best BleachBit Alternatives 2024

BleachBit is often ranked among the top cleaning software on the web, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the best version out there. How come?

The reason why BleachBit is so famous is its open-source software which offers great features for free.

But is BleachBit enough or would you need an alternative? While this mostly depends on the way you use your computer, it’s never a bad idea to test out free but closed-source cleaning software.

In this article, I’ll explain why you might need a BleachBit alternative, but I’ll also review and show you the 10 best BleachBit alternatives you can get in 2021, so keep on reading!

Why Would You Need a BleachBit Alternative?


BleachBit can provide many great benefits in cleaning, privacy management, and computer system optimization at no cost.

However, being open-source software, it might not get the frequent updates that closed-source or paid premium cleaning software does.

I’m not saying that you should immediately go and purchase a paid version of cleaning software.

However, if you have felt a bit of dissatisfaction with BleachBit or you think that it’s missing some of the features you might need, that’s a good enough reason to check out BleachBit alternatives.

The BleachBit alternatives you find below can approach the cleaning software industry from a different angle, meaning that they improve existing features or provide unique features that might be worth the upgrade.

Best BleachBit Alternatives

With so much cleaning software on the market, it was hard to narrow the selection down to just the top 10 picks.

Therefore, the picks you can see below are some of the best cleaning software in the industry. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be upgrading!



If you’re an old-school Windows user, you might remember AVG as it was once the most popular cleaning tool (a long time before many of its competitors).

Its greatest ability isn’t only to clean up your computer to free up some space. Instead, its software is made to fully optimize a computer (or a laptop) in the shortest time possible.

AVG PC TuneUp’s biggest benefit is the ability to restore the computer’s actual performance. No one likes a slow-running computer but all of us have dealt with it at one point in our lives. When it happens at the most unwanted time, then it’s a huge problem.

While both AVG PC TuneUp and BleachBit integrate a couple of useful features, AVG PC TuneUp’s biggest advantage over BleachBit is exactly this quick tune-up feature.

Along with that, AVG PC TuneUp can offer similar benefits such as space cleaning (without deleting important or personal files), optimize start-up speed, and more.

However, another worthy feature of AVG PC TuneUp is really important for laptop users. AVG PC TuneUp can extend the laptop’s battery life.

Of course, this won’t help if your battery’s capacity is relatively low, but if your laptop is constantly running background processes that eat up your battery, this is the feature you need.

I’ve noticed another unique feature which is the prevention of computer crashes. Whether your computer freezes, shows a blue screen of death, or simply resets at times, AVG PC TuneUp can help troubleshoot the issue to find a solution (if it’s software-related).

You can try TuneUp for free for the first 30 days and after that, AVG TuneUp will cost you $39.99 for the first year. After that, the second year will be $69.99.

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Clean Master


Clean Master is very similar to BleachBit in terms of the features it provides, but Clean Master slightly improves those features by adding more mini add-ons that provide a few more benefits.

If you’re looking to improve system performance by only removing system files (instead of managing personal files), Clean Master is the right tool for the job.

It only cleans system files that are no longer needed so you can rest assured knowing that it won’t mess up your system, but that there’s also no chance of losing any precious personal files from your computer.

Where Clean Master excels is the management of installed programs. Not many cleaning software does this, but Clean Master features an interface that makes it easy to manage installed programs.

If you have ever had difficulties uninstalling certain programs (as some uninstallers can be “hidden” on purpose), you’ll be able to get the program deleted in two clicks within Clean Master.

Even though Clean Master mainly focuses on cleaning the files to provide more disk space, it is also pretty great at making sure that the system runs smoother by ensuring that the disk isn’t overly used by background programs that aren’t important to your system.

Clean Master still keeps on getting upgrades and the latest upgrade introduced security features that can help find threats and malicious programs. Of course, this can’t replace an anti-virus program, but it is extra protection that’s worth having around.

You can use Clean Master for free (Standard version) for as long as you wish, but if you decide to upgrade to the Professional version, this will cost you only $15.99 for 3 months, $29.99 for a year, or 49.99 for 3 years.

WiseCleaner Wise Care 365


WiseCleaner might be one of the best alternatives for people who are looking for another free version of cleaning software that includes some features that are often seen in paid cleaning software.

The main advantage of WiseCleaner over BleachBit is the ability to provide a faster and slightly more advanced solution for cleaning Windows systems.

On top of the cleaning feature, WiseCleaner is also sufficient at optimizing the system to its optimal performance, privacy protection, and even PC checkups.

Even though the name suggests this is cleaning software, once you test out the capabilities of this software, you’ll realize its potential.

WiseCleaner is considered to be a standard version that is enough for the most average computer users.

However, WiseCleaner also provides additional software such as Wise Care 365 which focuses on junk file cleaning, and Wise Registry Cleaner which stabilizes Windows operating systems.

From what I have noticed, WiseCleaner can adapt to your computer and offer personalized solutions for your use after running a simple scan feature.

That’s one advantage of free cleaning software such as WiseCleaner which makes it one of the greatest free alternatives to BleachBit.

Even though there’s a free version, WiseCleaner also features a paid version that provides deeper scans, tech support, and automatic updates for $44.96/month.



If you’re a Mac user and you’re looking for the next best alternative to BleachBit that you can fully use on your Mac or MacBook, Cocktail is the software you’re looking for.

Even though Mac OS is a system that’s less known for system failures and repair requirements, it still needs a regular check-up because it’s always easier to prevent than to heal.

Cocktail mainly focuses on the disk which helps optimize the disk and the operating system so they work flawlessly together.

This improves the booting time, optimizes virtual memory usage so you can open more tabs on average, and clears files from the cache so you can load websites quickly.

I’ve noticed that Cocktail isn’t your typical cleaning software. On top of the standard features that help improve the disk and optimize the system, Cocktail also provides plenty of features that allow you to make changes on your Mac.

These are the changes you otherwise couldn’t make. Therefore, if you’d like to change simple things such as turning off the start-up sound, Cocktail can help you do that.

Of course, I should mention that Cocktail ensures that you can’t damage your Apple computer/laptop or Mac OS system by using these features.

You can also modify time settings, have more control over the database, and even change the disk sleeping time, and more.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an all-in-one cleaning & optimizing software for Mac, Cocktail can help you maintain your Mac for $19 (one-time purchase).

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Advanced SystemCare


Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one cleaning & optimization software that is made for Windows users.

The biggest advantage is that it won’t only clean up your computer, but it will also optimize it and keep it running at its optimal performance as long as you have Advanced SystemCare installed.

With the free version, you will get limited access, but I noticed that you can still make the most out of all its available features.

This means that even with the free version, you can speed up your computer, protect it, clean it, or optimize it efficiently.

In my opinion, the free version is more than enough for most average Windows users. However, the paid version is worth considering.

I believe that the most useful feature you don’t expect to see in cleaning software is the boost feature.

With the boost feature, you can accelerate hardware by checking if your drivers are up to date or you can run a deep optimization of your system.

You can also clean apps or even turn the Turbo Boost feature on if you’re looking to release some RAM and boost the PC’s speed (ideal for performing important tasks or focusing on only one task).

Cleaning and optimization are very efficient as they can provide additional features as it scans your computer for cleaning. For example, it can quickly patch system fixes, clean your registry as it scans it, or even remove spyware.

It’s a very versatile cleaning software that I consider a great upgrade from BleachBit. You can download a free version and see if it fits your needs, or you can immediately upgrade to the Pro version which costs only $16.77 for a full year.



Stacer is an open-source cleaning software just like BleachBit, however, I consider Stacer an upgraded version as it provides additional features that you don’t see in BleachBit. Also, it’s an upgraded cleaning version for Linux users.

While BleachBit is built to take care of file cleaning and system optimization, Stacer is just built differently.

Stacer helps manage all important aspects of a computer that play an important role in speed, efficiency, privacy, and overall computer health.

As soon as you install the software, you’ll be greeted with a super-sleek interface that consists of CPU, memory, and disk sections. In this dashboard, you will see how optimized these 3 most important aspects of your computer are.

From there, you can take advantage of system cleaner, startup apps cleaning features, and additional optimization features.

All of these features help optimize your computer so it runs efficiently while overcoming obstacles, fixing errors, and deleting useless system files that only take up space.

Startup apps are something that no one pays attention to. However, apps that start with your computer can easily add up and yet they can slow down your computer. Every app would love to be ready for you once you turn on the computer, but do you need all of them?

You probably don’t and Stacer can even help you determine what are your most-used apps and what are some of the apps that you use rarely.

What surprised me the most is to see a cleaning software that can also monitor your network speed and help keep it optimized. Even though network optimization features are pretty basic in Stacer, they’re a nice touch that’s great to have.

I have to remind you again that Stacer is only available for Linux users, and like anything with Linux, Stacer is free to use.



This is the good old CCleaner everyone remembers from back in the days when it was used for almost everything, from cleaning & optimization to privacy and malware protection.

This software is known as the software that will make your computer fast and secure while giving you more privacy.

We all know how CCleaner works. It is a cleaner software based on its scanning ability. It can quickly scan your whole computer and start improving it by clearing up unnecessary files (mostly unused system files), fix up the registry, and improve speed and performance by focusing on the most used programs.

It’s a very versatile software as it’s available across all operating systems and yet the chances are most of us have had CCleaner installed on at least one of our computers.

The free version is more than sufficient as it can do what it promises which is to improve your computer’s speed, free up more space, and provide a quicker startup.

A paid version is a lot more comprehensive and it can go to great depths to ensure that your software is working well with the programs you’re using, but also that it works well with your hardware.

With a long history, an effective free version, and several super-effective features with regular upgrades CCleaner makes a great alternative to BleachBit.

I should also mention that the paid CCleaner version will only cost you $14.95 for the whole year, so you should consider upgrading!

System Mechanic


Many users would give anything for their computer to run without any hiccups at the most important times.

If you’re experiencing issues with your computer and you think that a regular clean-up might not do the trick, System Mechanic is what you need.

System Mechanic is software that’s upgraded with the latest algorithms and fixes for the most common computer errors.

As a result of these features, System Mechanic can help improve the computer’s speed, improve system stability and reliability, and even improve the power of the computer.

Speed is the main focus of System Mechanic so if you’re looking for software that will free up as much space as possible, this might not be the ideal software.

However, if you’re looking for software that will help improve speed, fix errors, remove bloatware, and unleash the true speed and power of your computer, System Mechanic is the right choice.

I like that on top of the most important features for speed and performance, System Mechanic also has a couple of features that protect and improve your privacy and safety.

Therefore, if you’re dealing with any system issues, you can try System Mechanic for free for a limited time or you can get a paid version for $63.96/year.

System Ninja


System Ninja is a very lightweight software that is similar to BleachBit as it focuses mainly on cleaning junk files, improving system speed, and fixing most common computer problems.

However, it’s a more versatile version with a very unique feature which is web browser cleaning. If your browser is running slowly and you’re sure that it has nothing to do with your internet speed, it might be the browser’s fault.

It’s not always the computer’s fault either and that’s why I believe this unique add-on should be featured in all cleaning software.

This feature works well with all standard internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and others.

Even though System Ninja gets regular updates, I will admit that I believe it could use an interface facelift. However, as long as the software keeps working and providing results, we can ignore the interface for a second.

The main three functions of System Ninja are:

  • Junk Scanner
  • System Tools
  • PC Analysis

If you combine these features, you’ll never have junk on your computer, it will run faster, smoother, and even your browser will get cleaned.

PC analysis can tell you a lot more about the state of your computer than you would know otherwise.

Even though it can’t solve and fix complex issues, it can diagnose your PC, fix smaller issues, and let you know about any bigger problems you might be facing.

You can get the most of System Ninja using the free version, but if you decide to upgrade to the Pro version for only $14.95/year, you’ll get access to one-click optimization, automatic updates, a portable edition, and more.

A great thing about System Ninja is that if you purchase the Pro version, you’ll become a Pro Club member which will give you access to other Pro SingularLabs products included in the price, such as:

  • Retiring Remembr
  • Bzzt! Image Editor
  • CCEnhancer



Most of the tools fit Windows and even Linux users, but if you’re looking for a great BleachBit alternative for Mac users, here’s another one.

OnyX is a cleaning tool that’s used to maintain your Mac computer and keep the system running well. However, it is also a tool that will provide personalized suggestions after it scans your computer.

Therefore, you can run system maintenance, clean up your old and unused files, and even tune in on hidden features.

It’s no secret that many Mac OS users believe that they’re fairly limited when it comes down to the features. OnyX helps bring out the hidden features that will allow you more freedom in changes you make on your Mac.

When you finally clean and ensure that your Mac is running well, OnyX will keep it optimized at all times so you only have to go through deep scanning and cleaning once.

The feature that surprised me the most is the application customization which is a utility that can scan your apps just like it scans the OS to make fixes, updates, and needed changes to keep it running smoothly.

The best thing about OnyX is that it’s a free Mac app available for almost all Mac OS versions without any paid version. Therefore, you’re getting the full power of OnyX for free.


Here, you have the 10 best BleachBit alternatives, and even though the choice might seem hard, it all comes down to your needs.

What is it that you’d like to improve on your computer? While AVG PC TuneUp and Clean Master are two of the best BleachBit alternatives, you shouldn’t overlook other software.

Each one of these provides one or two unique features that can add greater support to your computer.

Also, you shouldn’t forget to find software that fits your operating system too. However, I’ve listed all options out there so you won’t have an issue finding the perfect software that will improve the way your computer runs!

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