10 Best JDownloader Alternatives

If you struggle to download multiple files from the internet, especially large and simultaneous ones, the ordinary way of doing it can be bottlenecked. 

This is where a download manager comes handy. Not only will it make the downloading process easier to manage, but it also helps the download of the files as they should while keeping them organized.

A download manager can manage your downloads, set priorities for them based on the type of file or its name, to download the important ones first.

Most such tools offer extra features besides download scheduling such as batch downloading, BitTorrent support, file previewing, various security features, and support for compressed file formats.

The difficult part is in choosing the best tool to handle special downloads – besides music or software – that your browser can’t. 

One of the most popular download managers is JDownloader, which is really one for power users with its advanced features. However, if you’re looking for an easier alternative to use, we’ve rounded up the 10 best JDownloader alternatives on the market. 

What Is JDownloader?

JDownloader is a free, open-source, and advanced download manager that saves you hours of your valuable time by downloading as fast and easy as downloading should be.

You can start/stop/pause downloads, auto-extract archives, and set limits on bandwidth usage among other things. 

It’s available for major operating systems that support Java such as Windows, Mac, and Linux in Chrome and Firefox browsers, and is ideal for power users who need advanced tools such as automatic RAR extraction, decryption plugins, automatic completion of CAPTCHAs you find on download sites, remote management, and password list searching plus more.

JDownloader works with the Java Runtime Environment so you need to be extra cautious during installation as its installer comes with adware bundled into it. 

It also allows you to add download links directly from the clipboard to JDownloader and start downloading almost immediately. Plus, you can easily import the download links later as the tool saves a list of the links as a password protected encrypted file.

If JDownloader doesn’t sound like your ideal download manager, there are plenty of options available that you can pick from. However, you can pick any of the 10 best JDownloader alternatives in our roundup below. 

Best JDownloader Alternatives

1. Ninja Download Manager

This download manager is a free alternative to JDownloader with a simple and modern interface and super fast download speeds. 

Its features include a built-in video downloader that supports Vimeo and YouTube, media previews mid-download, download scheduling, and an accelerator that can get your downloads 10 times faster. 

Ninja splits each of the files you’re downloading into chunks and then downloads them individually using a different server connection. This is what makes it super fast and a reliable alternative.

You can use it to download media files like movies and music thanks to the sequential setting feature, which allows you to start playing a file mid-download, and if it’s a video, you can use the converter to automatically change the file format when the download completes. 

It also supports resume/restart, broken and stopped downloads, sequential file writing that lets you preview files before or during downloads, and you can extract audio from video files too.

Other features include download queues that give you more control over your downloads, a speed limiter that sets the download and browsing speeds, connection controls for maintaining multiple connections, password setting for downloaded files, file sharing, and clipboard monitoring. 

You can download it for free for Windows or Mac devices, or if you want you can get the Pro version that’s available in three pricing plans: $19 for 1 computer, $29 for 3 computers, and $49 for 6 computers.

2. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager (FDM) is another good alternative to JDownloader that’s packed with tools including but not limited to web-based remote control, bandwidth monitoring, and one-click torrenting, for music and movie lovers.

It offers services such as audio and video previews, download accelerator, traffic management, and BitTorrent client for downloading your favorite movies or music. 

The free, open-source download manager has features like download scheduling, a remote control that lets you leave your downloads running and you can also monitor from any inter-connected device.

It also crawls sites to download specific file types, and you can select the ZIP file bits you want to download. 

Other than that, FDM integrates with web browsers and can monitor and intercept downloads from them, or work without them too.

You can also preview ZIP files before downloading them, create batch downloads, download links from your clipboard, download torrents, and control bandwidth for your downloads.

The tool lists the downloads and performs them based on the list, but you can reorder the files to set them based on your priorities.

Like Ninja, you can convert audio and video files before downloads complete, but FDM goes further to allow you to schedule downloads based on specific days only.

It runs on major OSes including Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux, and works with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. A Lite version is available if you don’t want the main one, which takes less space as it lacks the torrent client. 

The main drawback of FDM is that your security software programs may flag it as malware and block it from installing or working properly.

3. Download Accelerator Plus

DAP, by Speedbit, offers a smoother, more responsive, and faster downloading experience in its latest version, which is packed with technical advancements for the best experience. 

The tool is known for its powerful acceleration and a full set of tools that make for the best download experience available.

These include core features like fast download speeds, which DAP provides through its advanced patented technology that makes more than 300 million users trust it, though only premium users get to enjoy the extreme acceleration feature. 

The automatic mirror speed boost feature allows you to search for the fastest download sources and switch to faster mirror sites during download.

It also allows you to resume broken or paused downloads, use the video accelerator to eliminate online video buffering, and watch smooth HD videos in 15 languages. 

Plus, there’s a video downloader and converter, which lets you download from YouTube, Dailymotion, or Metacafe and many other video sites using Speedbit’s acceleration engine and watch smoothly online or offline. 

A link checker is included that lets you know what’s behind the link you want to download without leaving the site, MP3 downloader in one click, video and audio file previews as they download, and download security using the leading security programs.

If you want a full history of your downloads, DAP provides that, and also lets you access and browse the internet from within the tool.

If you want to shed and destroy the files, there’s a file shredder in DAP for that purpose, and a Trace Cleaner to remove download traces from your device.

You can download the free version from the Speedbit site or if you want the Premium version, you can choose between three plans: DAP (1 license) $24.95, Speedbit Acceleration Pack (DAP license and Video Accelerator license) $29.95 per year, and Speedbit Acceleration Pack Home (3 DAP licenses and 3 Video Accelerator licenses) $49.95 per year.

4. EagleGet

EagleGet is a free, all-in-one, smart and modern download manager that comes with a browser extension that works with all browsers, and comes bundled with extra software.

It makes downloading files simple, quick and easy, and boasts features like automatic malware checking, accelerated downloads, and automatic & batch downloads plus much more.

The download manager identifies downloadable content from web pages so you can pick them in a few clicks. However, you’ll need to save any work before you start using the tool to download files. 

Its advanced multi-threaded technology accelerates connections, and you can adjust download jobs dynamically in terms of priority and sort based on specific criteria.

Its smart scheduler also lets you run different download jobs on any day of the week or at a corresponding fixed time as it supports multiple download queues. 

EagleGet also detects media content on websites automatically, provides flexible notification configurations, and has a malware checker and file integrity verifier to protect you from cyberattacks and ensure the file you download is genuine, and a TaskMonitor that monitors any running and completed tasks.

Also included is a Silent Mode feature that can turn off notifications while you’re gaming or have an app in full screen, and support for automatic refresh expired download links to auto-update download URLs without starting over from the beginning. 

The interface supports more than 30 languages, and you can download the tool for free or get the Chrome extension if you prefer.

5. Internet Download Accelerator (IDA)

IDA is a free download manager that makes downloading files easy. It works with several browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and others to perform its browser functions in various programs. 

Some of its powerful features include a live monitor that ensures files are downloaded and put in proper categories so they’re easier to organize. You can do this with regular downloads or with downloads from an FTP server. 

IDA is able to grab multiple downloads through URL variables, scan for viruses automatically, change user-agent details, use hotkeys, and download files automatically with specific file extensions of your choice.

The interface is easy to use, intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable, and you can find features like a floating window that shows the download speed and active downloads, download lists support with rich sorting options, support for plugins, dynamic multi-threaded download, and resume broken downloads feature.

IDA also offers scheduled operation, PC shutdown, and sleep/stand-by after downloads complete.

You can also download video and MP3 files, 8K, 4K and FullHD video from major video platforms with subtitles included, and watch them even as they’re downloading. 

The tool works with ZIP archives and you can preview the contents before downloading, or check the ZIP or RAR archives and unpack them, or even recover corrupted files.

If you want to download HTML-pages with images, IDA allows you to do so. You can also control download speeds, and use different modes such as Manual or Automatic for dynamic control or comfortable browsing respectively.

The tool integrates with major browsers, and anti-virus programs, and has a toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you want the full-featured IDA Pro version of the tool, you can buy it for $9.95 for a single lifetime license or a family pack (3 computers) lifetime license for $24.95.

6. GetGo Download Manager

GetGo is a free download manager with speeds of up to five times, integrated web video downloader that uses cloud-based technology to download and save files to your local disk. 

It also has a smart, multi-threaded download engine that intelligently segments files for faster download speeds, and comprehensive error recovery to restart any interrupted or broken downloads in case of lost connections, computer shutdowns, network problems, or unplanned power failure/outages. 

You can also set up a batch download for a large file list using URL pattern templates, and the tool will rename the files automatically using a filename pattern template. 

It’s easy to use, integrates with major browsers, and comes with a customizable, dockable, and skinned graphical user interface.

You can quickly download files via drag and drop using the floating dropbox, and import download links using multiple options.

Like other download managers, GetGo also allows you to preview files before the downloads start, download them from password protected sites, and auto-save them based on file extensions.

7. Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager (DAM) touts itself as the fastest downloader that lets you download files from almost any site like YouTube, and works with major browsers like Firefox and others. 

It features a built-in intelligent download logic accelerator that increases download speeds, and you can resume/schedule/manage your downloads, and a floating Drop Target button that makes it easy for you to start downloads. 

DAM also supports a scheduler, batch downloads, confirmation sounds, virus checker, and stored credentials. It also checks for streaming video, Flash files, and music using the MediaGrabber in any browser on your computer such as Windows, Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Netscape. 

If you want the ultimate speed and experience, you can get the DAM Ultimate Edition tool for $25.

With this subscription, you can enjoy advanced management options, a personalized download experience, download all MediaGrabber videos and music with one click, and achieve the fastest download performance.

8. FlashGet

FlashGet is another good downloader if you want an alternative for JDownloader, which monitors your downloads in browsers, tells you the size of the file and scans downloads for viruses.

You can download files over various web protocols including HTTP, BitTorrent, FTP, and others as it seamlessly integrates with all these protocols via a one-for-all download button. 

If you have music, videos, or torrent files that you want to download, you can use that button and the tool will know exactly how to manage it. 

A floating desktop button is also included as with other download managers on this list, to allow you to pause or start and resume downloads, toggle browser monitoring, and add new download links. 

The tool shows the file sizes before it starts the downloads, and monitors the downloads from your browser and downloads them for you.

However, it doesn’t support HTTPS downloads or track downloads started in Chrome. 

9. Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)

Xtreme Download Manager is a powerful download manager alternative to JDownloader that allows you to download any streaming video five times faster.

It works with all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox Quantum, Opera, Vivaldi, and many others on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

The tool increases download speeds up to 500 percent, saves streaming videos from major video platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion, and Vimeo among 1000+ other sites.

Its features include resume dead/broken downloads, seamless integration with major browsers, and schedule and convert for your file downloads. 

XDM supports over 100 devices on which you can watch the videos you have downloaded using the Download This Video button and converted into different formats.

It also has a Smart Scheduler like other download managers on this list, and a speed limiter that allows you to browse as you download your files. 

The downloads are queued so they can be completed one after another, but there are a batch of download features and other advanced features like support for proxy servers and more. 

Its interface is simple and helpful, and full of options and menus, add-ons that notify you before you share sensitive or personal data, and a download preview to view files before they’re downloaded. 

It also has a built-in file converter and can intercept downloads made by your browser. However, it doesn’t support some features like torrent downloads, and it keeps asking for permission to read and change the data on websites you visit.

You can use XDM with major operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux for free.

10. MigMigi

MigMigi is a free download manager that increases download speeds by up to 10 times. It allows schedule and resume for your file downloads, with comprehensive error recovery in case of interrupted or broken downloads that arise due to network issues, lost connections, unexpected power outages, and computer shutdowns.

Its intelligent technology allows it to accelerate speeds by reusing available connections without more connect or login stages.

This makes it easy to download from browsers as the tool simply takes over and speeds things up. 

It also lets you drag and drop links to the downloader and use popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

MigMigi’s Quick Update feature checks for new versions of your downloads and alerts you so you can choose whether you want the latest or continue with your current one.

Also included is a native scheduler that lets you download files at a set time, disconnect or shut down your device when it’s done, and it also sets download quota feature limits to define the number of MBs downloaded per hour. 

The downside with MigMigi is that it only works on Windows OS, unlike the other tools listed above that are cross-platform on major OSes. Plus, it requires a browser extension if you want to capture your downloads. 

Benefits Of A Download Manager

Ideally, a good download manager should offer advantages such as:

  • Improving download speeds, based on the multiple simultaneous connections it uses
  • Pausing and resuming downloads of files to continue whenever you want, whether you move from your location or connect to a different network. It does all this without starting the downloads all over again from the start, saving you loads of time, especially if you lose a connection or power outages occur
  • Schedule download time and give the exact moment when you want the downloads to start, especially when you’re not using your device
  • Automatic identification is another useful feature that automatically identifies and configures your accounts based on your username and password in certain cloud storage or file download services
  • Download content without download links such as streaming content

Wrapping Up

All these JDownloader alternatives can get you some of the benefits of using a download manager like download scheduling, listing download links, fast speeds, pause and resume downloads of files, and downloading off of web pages among other extras. 

However, among these best alternatives is our favorite pick: Internet Download Accelerator. 

Not only is it available in a free version, but it also works with all major browsers, has a live monitor that categorizes your files for easy organization, scans for malware and viruses, and is still easy to use, customizable, and intuitive. 

It actually packs most, if not all features that the other nine tools on the list have, which makes it a stronger contender against JDownloader. 

The best part is you don’t have to be a power user to use the Internet Download Accelerator because it’s as simple as it gets, compared to JDownloader. 

Whether you want to download music and videos only or download heavier files, IDA will cater to all your file download needs in one platform.

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