25 Best Canva Zoom Backgrounds 2024

A remarkable backdrop can make a difference in your virtual meeting’s outcome or the productivity of your employees.

And technology has helped to revolutionize the way Zoom meetings are conducted. You can connect with people wherever they are through your virtual office.

The fact that you don’t have a home office shouldn’t be a hindrance. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, you can host your meeting over a stunning background.

Canva has made it easy to professionalize your Zoom meetings using virtual backgrounds. It provides a range of backgrounds to make every meeting unique.

Its backgrounds render any dull or disorderly meeting look professional, engaging, esthetically pleasing, and most importantly, productive.

Let’s look at some of Canva’s beautiful backgrounds.

Professional Backgrounds

1. White Minimalist Elegant Business Class

If you like minimalism mixed with elegance, you might have found the perfect Canva Zoom virtual background.

This virtual background can fit well in a business class or a meeting with colleagues about business in the digital age.

It also portrays a degree of professionalism if you would like to show that off.

You can customize the template and add any text, images, or colors that you prefer.

2. Modern Dark Digital Creative

Using this simple, modern dark-themed background for online meetings may positively impact whoever you communicate with in the digital age.

This is a brilliant Canva Zoom virtual background for webinars or online conferences if you are a digital creative. You’ll want to illuminate the room you’re in to match well with this dark background.

You can add your name, the position you hold, and the agenda of the meeting to the background as it frees people who don’t know from guessing. Besides, you can play around with colors to achieve a powerful effect.

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3. Office Space

When you are a leader, people look up to you. Your colleagues, clients, and team members expect nothing but professionalism. Do you want to show them that you really are professional?

Use this elegant office space setting from Canva to earn everyone’s respect and admiration. It looks and feels modern and professional. The white walls, potted plants, ceiling lamps, neat dark floor, and furniture add authenticity to the whole picture.

The best part is that it is customizable. You can personalize your background with some branding like company colors, logos, fonts, and more.

4. Workshop

You’ve gotten used to the usual zoom calls with clients, stakeholders, and colleagues. But they can get so boring when they become a daily routine. What if in your next virtual meeting you use a Canva Zoom workshop backdrop?

A workshop background can help illustrate your point better, especially when you include a message to the meeting participants. Imagine conducting a workshop online. This makes the meeting more intriguing, unique, and interactive – something different from what you’ve been doing. And all meeting attendees will love it.

5. Big Ben

Not everything is about writing and filing reports or meeting project deadlines. This is what this Canva backdrop is all about; that after completing a milestone, you can take time to travel.

And if your schedule is tight, you still can carry work along. After all, a change is as good as a rest.

Conduct your Zoom meetings from London with this captivating, scenic view backdrop showing that even on the go, project deadlines have to be met.

It’s ideal for business executives who like traveling. Digital nomads will like it too.

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Nature and Outdoors Backgrounds

6. Green Botanicals Environmental Awareness

Our surroundings are what is referred to as the environment. In this case, we are talking about our natural environment.

The Green Botanicals Love Mother Earth Environmental Awareness Zoom virtual background aims at raising awareness on the importance of conserving and loving our earth, which is for our own good.

This background is suitable especially for meetings concerning conserving the environment.

You can show your stance on environmental conservation by using this artistic Canva Zoom virtual background in your online meetings to create awareness about loving and caring for our planet.

The world map indicates the universality of the matter and the need for international unity in conservational efforts.

Also, the texts and colors are customizable to those who may want to change them.

7. Green Watercolor Nature

The attention to detail and skill to execute this Green Forest Mountains Nature painting is breathtaking. Artists who love nature would surely appreciate the piece.

During your Zoom meetings, you can get closer to nature through this painting as your background.

Artists and watercolor painters can also use the Canva Green Watercolor Nature Zoom virtual background in meetings or classes to show appreciation of this stellar piece of artwork.

With this backdrop, we suggest you don’t alter its original appearance in terms of adding

features, but you may try adding specific elements to see how it goes for the curious ones.

For example, I can add a blue sky element at the top and one more wildlife element on the left of this image.

8. Blue Green Tropical Flower

A tropical flower symbolizes peace, calmness, and most of all, freshness. If you want to bring some peace and tranquility to the virtual realm, a charming tropical flower backdrop will definitely suffice. It will not only do the trick; it will soothe the working environment and let ideas flow.

During Zoom conferencing, your audience looks at you with much expectation. Before they judge your mood, they’ll check your environment. A tropical flower background can ease your audience’s mood as they prepare to participate.

Nothing can beat the beautifully colored leaves and flowers with a navy blue backdrop.

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9. Underwater

There’s more to life than just work. Let your friends and family know that you also gear up for scuba diving when in the holiday mood. An underwater virtual backdrop with some cute ocean fish can be pretty exciting.

With colorful corals on their fluid routine and pretty fish swimming along – this backdrop surely produces a fun and relaxed atmosphere during your Zoom calls. Your date with your family will be worth it.

10. Playground

The image consists of a slide, swing set, see-saw, spring rider, chin-up bar, and playhouse. A green surrounding encompasses these elements, plus a sunny sky beyond them.

The sun, sky, and object shadows are visible, making the scene resemble a real playground.

The photo is perfect for meetings that revolve around child development. So, if you’re a child psychologist or a pediatrician looking to train parents on their children’s development stages, look no further.

The Canva Zoom background also suits kindergarten teachers who want to offer engaging online lessons to the little ones to help them develop various skills.

This setting represents a beautiful, colorful playground that will leave your audience excited to stay on a Zoom call.

You can make it even more fun by customizing the playground with elements and colors that you like.

Classroom Backgrounds

11. Reading Room

Knowledge is power, stored primarily in books. And a reading room without books lacks value.

You can display your well-read side in your next online meeting by choosing the Canva Reading Room Zoom virtual background.

This reading room screams one thing: organized. And that’s exactly the impression you’d like to create in a Zoom meeting, right?

Well, the meeting room looks tidy with three shelves neatly arranged. You can be at the center and let the shelves remain visible.

Not only do the colors match with the shelves and their books, but they are also attractive, setting a relaxed mood for concentration.

The clock on the wall adds more value to this image, suggesting that you’re a time-conscious person

If you are a student with a presentation ahead, a lovely reading room with neatly packed bookshelves as your background may be one way to impress your online tutor.

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12. Blue and Yellow Simple Illustration English Class

Small children understand concepts better when you use teaching aids such as animations and more. That way, they can have fun while interacting with the subject topic. In most cases, they’ll concentrate and contribute more to the lesson if they’re involved.

Teaching virtually needs more creativity and engagement to make every lesson count. An animated classroom backdrop can definitely liven the children’s mood, making lessons more exciting. This Canva Zoom background won’t disappoint.

You can customize the text on the left to capture what the lesson is all about and include the session number to the right. As you can see, the middle is plain because you’ll occupy the position during the presentation.

Not to mention, the blue and yellow combination is eye-grabbing and will help keep everyone glued to the screen.

13. Blue Techtalk Background

Are you hosting a tech webinar and want to command the attention and respect of your audience?

The Blue Techtalk background may just be what you need to make a powerful first impression. Start by adding the webinar topic at the top-left corner so everyone can see it and stay focused.

You can add your name and title at the bottom-right, so people don’t keep guessing who you might be. The bottom-left corner is a great place to place your company logo.

Blue is known to instill trust, so it’s a great color to work with, but if it’s not your favorite, no worries. You can always switch to any other color. Want to add tech-related elements in the background? No problem.

But don’t overdo it, as you wouldn’t like to shift people’s attention from the topic to the background.

14. Green and Orange Simple Yoga 101 Class

With studies proving the benefits of yoga, many people are increasingly signing up for yoga classes.

Choose the Canva Green and Orange Simple Yoga 101 Class as your Zoom virtual background to set the mood for an online yoga session.

The print on the photo is customizable, so if you run a yoga studio and wish to create a unique backdrop just for your business, you’re covered.

The colors in this image set the mood for meditation and the image switches everyone’s mind to yoga exercises. Plus the title doesn’t need a lot of explaining to your audience.

Remember, you are not limited to the colors green and orange; you can replace them with your favorite instead.

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Birthday Backgrounds

15. Colorful Pastel Pattern Birthday

Birthdays are incomplete without delicious cakes, beautiful balloons, ribbons, gifts, and other party favors.

But sometimes, you aren’t just near to celebrate the birthday party with your colleague, friend, or even child. That’s where this Colorful Pastel Pattern Zoom Background comes in handy.

Give them a quick Skype call, and congratulate them on their big day with this striking background. The animation will create a party mood and make it feel real.

You can make it even livelier by singing them a birthday song. It’ll make it feel like a physical meeting.

The blinking stars are there to remind them to keep shining as they add an extra year to their lives.

How about adding some customized text with a beautiful birthday wish?

Believe me, this vibrant background will make someone’s day.

16. 3D Outer Space Birthday Background

It’s your kid’s birthday and you won’t make it home on time to celebrate together. You probably promised not to miss this very special day. Now you feel guilty but then you suddenly remember how your boy loves outer space.

How about making a Zoom call with a 3D outer space birthday backdrop? Certainly, this will brighten your son’s day, especially when he knows that you never forgot his birthday, let alone his favorite interests. Make his day and he will forever be happy about it – he won’t even remember that you’re not physically present.

17. Red Strawberry Floral Birthday

A floral birthday, yay! This is for your little munchkin. Every child loves flowers. Even if they’re too young to speak, they’ll always react joyfully to fresh flowers. A surprise Zoom call with a Canva red strawberry floral backdrop is what you exactly need to put your baby in a celebratory mood.

This background will be the best surprise for your child. Imagine their reaction when you call them early in the morning with a lovely birthday wish and present over a floral background. Their special day wouldn’t be any lovelier!

Holiday Themed Backgrounds

18. Photocentric Holiday Cookies

After a year’s hard work, you’ll take a few days’ rest to contemplate on the New Year’s goals. And when it’s finally time to resume work, you want to usher in the New Year in style, with a Canva Zoom background that exudes nothing but the freshness, new energy, and eagerness to work.

To show your colleagues, clients, and team members your enthusiasm, embellish your little home office with a New Year backdrop from Canva. The dark colors in the rear and gold overlays give the impression that you’re ready to close deals and lead your team to prosperity.

This is a great way to kickstart a new beginning in accomplishing project goals, collaborations, and productivity – spread the zeal and some new energy around.

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19. Spooky Wooden Abandoned House Halloween Scene

It’s Halloween and you want to join in and have some spooky fun with your buddies. But that’s impossible because you’re far away, swamped with work, and barely have time to go out and celebrate.

This doesn’t mean that you set Halloween aside completely. Set the mood for Halloween with Canva’s animated backdrop during your Zoom conferencing.

The vintage objects, smiling pumpkin, spider on the curtain, lit candles, animated letters, and night scene create a scary and interesting setting for Halloween.

It will not only lighten up the moods of every participant but will also give you the satisfaction of remotely participating in Halloween. The memories will keep you going.

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Cute Backgrounds

20. Colorful Cute Funny Background

This background is meant for people who like bright colors and backdrops that are cute and funny. For example, in this image, notice how the sun and its smiley face shine on the two cute-looking creatures below. Doesn’t it seem peaceful and surreal?

The sun is also speaking to the nature below and saying, “Hello Guys.” The photo consists of various natural elements, including the sky, rainbow, sun, trees, animals, and hills.

It’s a perfect addition to a Zoom meeting on climate change, nature conservation, or even wildlife conservation.

The colors are attention-grabbing and the communication between various natural elements will spark some interaction in your sessions.

This Canva background is customizable, so you can add your desired texts and images to feel cuter and funnier.

21. Turquoise Dogs and Paw Print

A virtual meeting can feel awkward, especially for first-timers who aren’t accustomed to being in front of the camera. If you’re hosting the video conference, a quirky backdrop can be your talking point to roll out the meeting.

This turquoise dogs and paw print backdrop looks cute, and everyone will love it. It also lets people know that meetings don’t have to be dull and less enthusiastic. Dog lovers will be the most excited with this background.

While listening to you, they’ll be feasting their eyes on your cute background – great for family Zoom calls, fur baby virtual parties, pet training sessions, and e-learning classes.

22. Angel Wings

When you miss your family so much and feel the urge to call and assure them of your love despite the distance, this Angel Wings backdrop can do the trick. Your kids will feel more protected by this angel that is flying above a sea of clouds.

You can have fun with the kids during your Zoom meetings with this background. In you, they’ll see the protector they’ve always looked up to.

Funny and Creative Backgrounds

23. Creative Meeting Background

Creativity can be magical, especially if you want to do away with the clutter in your home office. A digital creative backdrop from Canva creates a glamorous office space and makes your virtual meetings stand out.

Nobody wants to see your unmade bed or dirty utensils strewn all over your kitchen. But if you conceal it with a flashy backdrop, nobody will know. Let your virtual space speak highly of your professionalism.

More importantly, you can customize the text into the meeting’s theme to add relevance to this beautiful setting.

24. Cheers from a Distance!

Injecting some fun into your Zoom meetings can be a great way to motivate your teams. And who said your virtual meetings have to be so serious and boring anyway?

You can make this one different with a humorous Canva beer backdrop to add a personal flair that will lift your colleagues’ spirits.

After nailing that project, all you need is to make your team feel the victory. They should know that you appreciate their efforts and congratulations are in order.

A glass of beer and a little moment of celebration is just what everyone needs to spark the rapport between colleagues. And nothing delivers this message more effectively than this background.

The two smiley elements brighten up the mood while the yellow, white, and blue colors form a powerful and energetic combination.

25. Green Cheers

You don’t need to be bogged down with work all day long. It’s time to gather up your buddies for a hilarious happy hour on Zoom. After a long week of activity, this is a well-deserved moment.

Do you want to get spirited away? This animated Canva Zoom backdrop will get the show on the road. With a drink illustration, you and your friends will have a swell time sipping from their glasses. And why not?

Take Away

A great Zoom background should not distract your audience from the message you’re conveying. Instead, it should be the motivation they need to stay attentive and focused.

When selecting the right backdrop for your next virtual meeting, you must ensure it serves the purpose.

Canva has plenty of Zoom backgrounds to use. It also allows you to edit them by adding your company logo, colors, and fonts. That is for professional backgrounds.

You’ll also find plenty of non-professional options to lighten up the mood and make the atmosphere more responsive for everyone.

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