40 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2024

All roads suggest that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, along with the exchanges that make it easy to buy them. Since launching in 2012, Coinbase has grown exponentially, with more than 56 million verified users in over 100 countries.

Its popularity and user base skyrocketed thanks to its easy-to-use mobile app, high-level security features, and multiple deposit methods.

However, as cryptocurrencies grew more, competitors have managed to carve a name for themselves, and some of Coinbase’s imperfections have become poignant.

Examples include its transaction fees and customer support system. Compared to several of its competitors, Coinbase has higher fees, and many users have reported poor customer support.

Considering these issues matter to traders, the search for Coinbase alternatives is on the rise. Thankfully, there is plenty to choose from. However, there are a couple of things to understand to ensure you select the right one.

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Things to Note When Considering a Coinbase Alternative

There is so much technical jargon and marketing blitz to wade through from tens of exchanges that figuring out the best Coinbase alternative is a job on its own.

But it doesn’t have to be. You only have to consider five factors to determine if an exchange is the right one for you. Here they are.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

There is no point in signing up for an exchange if it doesn’t offer the cryptocurrencies you intend to trade. From Bitcoin to Ethereum and altcoins, every exchange has its list of tradeable cryptocurrencies.

As a result, you need to consider the currencies you want to trade, especially when they are the less popular ones, and see if it is listed on the exchange. It will keep you from signing up for multiple exchanges in order to make trades.


In the early days of the crypto market, exchanges were less secure and some fell victim to malicious hacking. Thankfully, the level of security has improved and most of them are now well-secured.

However, you still need to consider the security reputation of an exchange before signing up. Take some time to research the security history of the business. If it got hacked before, be sure it has fortified its system to prevent another incident.

Trading Fees

Exchanges make their money by charging traders for transactions. This comes in names like deposit and withdrawal fees. Some are high and others are low. Either way, the fees come out of your profit as a trader.

The good news is the best Coinbase alternatives, and any exchange worth joining, are transparent about their entire fee structure. Use this to figure out if an exchange is right for you.

If you do not understand an exchange’s fee structure, it is better to avoid it.

Supported Countries

Every country has its regulations when it comes to cryptocurrency. It means the usability of certain exchanges is limited by geography. Users in certain locations may not be able to use the full extent of their services.

Therefore, before signing up for an exchange, make sure every service is available in your location.

User Experience

Finally, consider how easy it is to use the exchange. Does it have an app? Is it accessible via web browsers? Does it have an intuitive interface? What about its technical offerings? Does it have charting tools?

A good Coinbase alternative should be easy to use, regardless of your skill and knowledge level.

Best Coinbase Alternatives

1. Binance

Binance is a crypto trading platform founded by Changpeng Zhao in 2017. The platform enables buying and selling of over 500 cryptocurrencies. These include major and popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, XRP, Dogecoin, Ethereum.

It also has a presence in over 180 countries and user accounts are protected with industry-leading security. Also, Binance supports different kinds of transactions for all traders, making it extremely easy to use.

Check out more Binance-like Platforms.

2. KuCoin

KuCoin is an international exchange that offers more than 395 coins and 776 trading pairs, all for 0.05% in trading fees. Its headquarters is in Singapore, but it is accessible in 197 countries and supports anonymous trading for US citizens.

The exchange also has easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps, enabling trading anywhere and anytime.

3. Poloniex

Although its trading volume is in decline, Poloniex remains one of the best and leading exchanges in the world. It offers low trading fees for multiple tradeable cryptocurrencies.

The exchange also offers transaction types, including crypto lending, allowing you to earn interest on your holdings.

Furthermore, Poloniex is easy to use. It has a straightforward registration process and Android and iOS apps for mobile trading.

4. CoinSmart

This is a Canadian exchange that allows users to buy and sell all major types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, in Canada and beyond.

It has fair fees for withdrawals and deposits, executable with different payment methods. You can transact on the exchange with credit/debit cards, bank transfers, SWIFT, and e-Transfers.

CoinSmart also has an easy-to-use interface and a fast sign-up process. Overall, it is a great Coinbase alternative for cryptocurrency newbies.

5. Satstreet

Are you a high-volume trader? Satstreet is a Canadian Coinbase alternative that lets individuals and businesses buy large amounts of crypto ($25k t0 $10om+) with low transaction fees.

It is a private trading exchange with support for bulk purchases of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

Satstreet is also highly secure and traders can earn extra money or coins via its referral program.

6. Uphold

Uphold is a great cryptocurrency for anyone looking to consolidate all their investments on one platform. Besides trading cryptos, you can also trade precious metals, US stocks, and national currencies on the exchange.

This Coinbase alternative also provides automatic trading. You can schedule transaction orders and reduce your exposure to price volatility.

Uphold also has a debit card that you can use to buy crypto, gold, and other assets.

7. LocalBitcoins.com

LocalBitcoins.com is an old-school exchange that purely enables peer-to-peer transactions. For users who can’t use their preferred payment method on Coinbase, this exchange allows you to buy or sell bitcoins to traders near you.

Users can find traders in their region by simply visiting the website or via a search button, making the exchange extremely easy to use.

8. NiceHash

NiceHash is renowned for enabling PC users to sell their computing power for Bitcoin mining. It also has a cryptocurrency exchange for selling, holding, and buying cryptos.

It offers more than 40 cryptocurrencies and withdrawal fees are as low as 0.1%. The exchange also has a simplified trading interface for beginners and an advanced trade view for professionals.

9. Kraken

Kraken is a United States-based crypto exchange that offers over 50 cryptocurrencies to traders across 140 markets. It has low transaction fees and trading is available via desktop and mobile platforms.

There is also an exhaustive list of trading options, including margin and futures trading. All of them are visible on an intuitive interface, accessible by traders at all skill levels.

10. Bittrex

Bittrex is one of the best Coinbase alternatives if you trade altcoins. It has one of the industry’s largest roster of altcoins, all tradeable for 0.25% of transaction fees.

In addition, thanks to strong KYC policies, it is strongly integrated with the US banking system, making it ideal for local traders.

The exchange also has a simple interface that allows users at all skill levels to trade easily on the platform.

11. HitBTC

For users looking for an alternative that provides trading for multiple cryptocurrencies, HitBTC is a great choice. The exchange offers more than 400 cryptocurrencies, including altcoins.

There is no minimum deposit, provides two-factor authentication, and no-KYC is available thanks to multi-level account requirements.

Furthermore, HitBTC has low transaction fees, at 0.1% of traded amounts.

12. Bitfinex

Despite suffering a few setbacks in recent years, Bitfinex remains one of the most credible alternatives to Coinbase. It offers over 100 cryptocurrencies and more than 100 trading pairs.

At 0.1% for withdrawal and up to 0.2% for trading fees, Bitfinex has one of the lowest fees in the industry. The exchange also supports multiple fiat currencies, including JPY, USD, CNH, EUR, and GBP.

13. BitMEX

With a trading volume that exceeds $1 billion, BitMEX is one of the most patronized exchanges on the market. It offers several contract types, most popularly perpetual contracts.

BitMEX also doesn’t charge deposit or withdrawal fees. Instead, users pay the minimum Bitcoin Network Fee on Bitcoin transactions.

Lastly, BitMEX offers plenty of advanced trading tools, which is why it is one of the most preferred by professional traders.

14. Paybis

Are you looking for something backed by regulators? Paybis is a Coinbase alternative registered with FinCEN in the US Department of Treasury. It also has a global status, accessible in over 180 countries and 48 US states.

Another thing, Paybis offers fast settlements, supporting over 45 international currencies with a fee structure that is just as transparent as it is low.

15. PrimeXBT

Besides being a standard cryptocurrency exchange, PrimeXBT allows its users to copy the trades of its leading investors with its Covesting feature. Experienced traders also earn more from profits made by followers.

The Bitcoin-based exchange also offers margin trading, alongside access to multiple markets, including forex and commodities. Users have access to all of these at a minimum fee of 0.001%.

16. Bitstamp

Bitstamp saves 98% of its assets offline. This, in combination with encryption of users’ data, is why it is one of the most secure exchanges to use. It is also a bitcoin exchange with 91 markets, including altcoins.

Based in Luxembourg, Bitstamp also has advanced trading tools packed into an intuitive interface accessible on mobile apps and web browsers.

17. BitBay

This Polish cryptocurrency exchange rate is a great Coinbase alternative to consider if you are in Europe. Aside from checking all the standard boxes, it is one of the few exchanges that supports trading with the Polish Zloty.

It also integrates with TabTrader, a valuable benefit if you have accounts in multiple exchanges and want to access them from one place.

18. Robinhood Crypto

Robinhood made its name as a platform for retail stock trading. It is also well on the way to doing the same for cryptocurrency trading. Its crypto platform, Robinhood Crypto, is a gentle way for beginners to enter the world of cryptocurrency.

It also has no minimum balance and zero trading fees, a policy for which the parent company is well-renowned.

19. Bitcoin IRA

Looking to earn some of those sweet tax-break profits with IRA investing? Bitcoin IRA is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges for IRA investing and a reliable alternative to Coinbase.

It is secure, with customer assets insured with Lloyd’s of London. In addition, it has high usability thanks to an intuitive interface, making it convenient for users of all skill levels to trade.

20. Cex.IO

With 4.6 and 8.3 scores on Trustpilot and Bitdegree, Cex.IO is well regarded among crypto traders. Most of that is because of qualities like multiple payment methods, low fees, high-security reputation, and FinCEN certification.

Cex.IO is also available in practically every country on the globe and offers 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and live chat.

21. Coinmama

Coinmama is another great alternative to Coinbase for first-time crypto traders. It has a simple interface that supports credit/debit card payment methods and is accessible worldwide.

The Israeli-based exchange also provides ten cryptocurrency markets, trading in fiat currency and anonymity.

22. FTX

FTX is one of the world’s topmost cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges. This means traders can earn additional and sometimes higher profits trading with financial tools like futures, options, and perpetual contracts.

It also has over 100 spot markets, where crypto beginners and experts can hold their investment.

FTX remains easy to use despite its advanced trading tools, with an intuitive interface and reliable mobile apps.

23. Changelly

Want a Coinbase alternative that allows you to make money while you learn the crypto ropes? Changelly is one of the most beginner-friendly exchanges in the market.

You get a clear and simple interface, mobile apps, a reliable support team, and crypto insights sent to your email regularly.

Changelly also has a full-featured exchange with advanced trading tools in 50+ markets for expert traders.

24. Paxful

With over 350 accepted payment methods, including P2P trading, Paxful is a great option for anyone looking for an alternative to Coinbase’s limited payment options.

Traders have the option of trading anonymously across all 26+ major cryptocurrency markets offered by the service.

25. Beaxy

You get a 30% referral commission forever on Beaxy, making it an option for anyone looking to earn extra income outside of crypto trading. That is in addition to two-way trading with the six major fiat currencies and credit/debit card support.

Beaxy, a US-based exchange, is also registered with FinCEN and it insures customer fiat assets for up to $250k.

26. Huobi

Although it has a global and US presence, you can think of Huobi as the Asian Coinbase, reaching $2.3 trillion in trading volume in 2020.

A lot of that comes from providing over 370 crypto assets for trading and an easy on the eye UI that makes it approachable for beginners and experts alike.

27. OKEx

On OKEx, you can do all the basic things that make a crypto exchange. You also get access to crypto lending markets and earn interest on your holdings and bonus tokens.

The exchange is also an NFT and Defi platform, enabling traders to broaden their portfolios right from one place.

28. Liquid

Living up to its name, Liquid offers enhanced liquidity via advanced proprietary multi-market order technology. Those looking for Coinbase alternatives will also find its funding options impressive, all housed within a user-friendly platform.

Liquid also provides a variety of trading options, including margin trading and Bitcoin CFDs.

29. Wall of Coins

Wall of Coins is a great alternative to Coinbase, especially if you are looking for maximum security for your digital assets. The platform stores customer assets offline in a secure facility.

Also, trading is peer to peer, and as a result, it is a useful option for those seeking anonymity. The exchange is also renowned for excellent customer support.

30. Bybit

If simply having the means to buy and sell crypto is not enough, consider Bybit because of its referral and affiliate programs. You can earn up to $500 from the former and 30% of Bybit per affiliate.

You also get to trade from anywhere at any time with its mobile apps, available on Android and iOS.

31. Phemex

Singapore-based exchange, Phemex, is one of the newer large exchanges globally but has found a significant customer base, with over $700 million in trading volume.

A lot of that comes from its supported trading orders like conditional orders, limit orders, and market orders.

Phemex also offers sub-accounts, allowing users to deploy different trading strategies on each one.

32. Exodus

Looking for a crypto wallet that also doubles as an exchange? Exodus is one of the leading solutions, especially for beginners. It is a free desktop and mobile wallet that offers cloud and cold storage.

Its built-in exchange also enables the trade of over 100 cryptocurrencies, including major ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

33. Coinomi

Coinomi is another wallet with a built-in exchange. It is one of the most secure wallets that supports outright ownership and trading of more than 1770 cryptocurrency assets.

This Coinbase alternative offers 24/7 customer support, high-level security, and cold staking that lets you earn with your assets without trading.

34. Bitpanda

Want to make all your investments from one place? Then Bitpanda might be for you. It allows crypto, stock, and precious metals investments via its desktop and mobile app platforms.

Users can also set up a savings plan via credit/debit cards. There is also a Crypto Index for investing in the crypto market as a whole.

35. Cryptonator

This is another wallet with a built-in exchange if you’re looking for a simple yet safe place to store your crypto assets. Cryptonator has two-factor authentication with bank-grade security and encrypted SSL.

On the platform, you can manage multiple cryptocurrencies from one account. You can also use the built-in exchange to trade other currencies.

36. Kriptomat

Kriptomat is a Coinbase alternative that doubles as a wallet and an exchange. Trading and all its attendant tools are accessible via desktop and mobile apps.

You can buy crypto assets with different payment methods, including credit/debit cards, and trade over 30 digital currencies and 100 pairs.

37. Uniswap

Want a decentralized alternative to Coinbase? Uniswap is a popular Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that allows you to trade ERC20 tokens (over 5500) without traditional liquidity.

There is also no KYC verification process, making it an option for traders seeking anonymity and crypto beginners.

38. Swan Bitcoin

Swan Bitcoin is not an exchange per se but a good Coinbase alternative if you want a steady investment in Bitcoin. It allows you to automatically buy Bitcoin with your bank account or IRA as a form of long-term savings.

The service also allows users to set up automatic withdrawals to their wallets and provides plenty of educational resources to new crypto users.

39. eToro

eToro is one of the select crypto exchange platforms with a global presence. It is accessible by traders in Europe, the US, and Asia, with payment methods that support fiat and crypto major currencies.

Besides crypto, users can also trade stocks, FX, and commodities like oil, gold, and cocoa. Users can perform these trades or copy top investors on the platform.

40. CoinJar

This Australian exchange is an easy-to-use platform with mobile and desktop access, offering over 24 crypto markets. It supports multiple payment methods, including cash deposits and credit/debit cards.

CoinJar also doubles as a crypto wallet, for storing digital assets. The service stores user funds in offline wallets and personal and transaction data are protected with bank-grade security.

Final Thoughts

Coinbase brings a lot to the table as a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange when it comes to crypto trading. But since nothing is perfect, there will always be a need for traders to check out alternatives.

All 40 alternatives we have listed thus far are excellent options for all kinds of traders, but Binance remains our top choice.

Although a relative newcomer, Binance has a presence in practically every country on the globe. While that excludes the United States, most global traders have very little to zero geographic restrictions.

Furthermore, Binance is easy to use, offers multiple types of transactions with low fees, P2P trading, and has a large variety of cryptocurrencies.

It may be unwise to use only one exchange, but if you must, Binance is an ideal option for traders at all levels.

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