15 Best dbrand Alternatives 2024

dbrand is an exotic brand selling customized skins for phones, laptops, and other devices. Additionally, they sell screen protectors, cases, darkplates, and masks.

The quality of materials dbrand uses is one to die for. Its skins guarantee you enough grip, eliminating any worries or concerns you may have.

Their skins and cases come in diverse colors and designs, including icons, fold and flip, grip, teardown, Robot Camo, and more.

When purchasing dbrand products, you can make payments using your Visa Card, Mastercard, or via PayPal.

Despite being a well-recognized brand, dbrand’s products are pricey. They are also mostly limited to iPhone, Google Pixel, One Plus, and Samsung and require maintenance. This may prompt you to check out alternative brands with a broad array of products at affordable pricing.

In this guide, I will take you through some of the best dbrand alternatives. Hopefully, you will find what suits your needs and budget.

Let’s dive in.

Best dbrand Alternatives

1. Anker

Anker is the first dbrand alternative on our list. The online retailer deals mainly with power banks, power strips, battery cases, portable chargers, and many other accessories and products.

Anker has a new magnetic battery, charging station, and wireless charger that allow you to charge your phone on the go. Such a great invention will help you work from anywhere without worrying about your device’s battery life.

The magnetic phone grip also offers a good hold when taking snaps or attending a virtual meeting using your phone.

All the products are available on the platform’s website or AnkerDirect stores like Amazon and eBay.

Compared to dbrand, this platform offers free shipping for orders above $20, which most customers find affordable.

It allows users to join its affiliate program, earn commissions, and get rewards.

Anker also sells refurbished products that come with a warranty and are more affordable.

2. Belkin

Belkin sells protection products for iPhones, iPads, network products, and other related accessories.

It aims at providing protection, productivity, connectivity, audio, security, and power for all electronic consumers.

Belkin has a variety of products to choose from, including screen protectors for Apple phones, laptops and watches, phone chargers, home routers, cables, adapters, and more.

There are phone cases, too, which you can easily order from authorized retailers like Amazon or Belkin’s website to avoid counterfeits.

Belkin also sells refurbished products which are more affordable.

You get free shipping, returns, and an extraordinary warranty if you order directly from the Belkin website. Their return policy is more reliable than dbrand’s since you can return products for free if they aren’t satisfying or are damaged.

These products are available in over 50 countries worldwide. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can purchase them.

Belkin bids a connected equipment warranty, making it easy for you to repair and replace your damaged equipment as long as it has CEW.

3. OtterBox

OtterBox designs trendy and protective phone cases and unsurpassed premium coolers and accessories.

These cases are a definite fit for your device. The dimensions are meant to match your device. You can customize your case for selected phones.

Compared to dbrand, Otterbox has a broader device recognition. You get cases for your iPhone, android device, laptop, iPad, and more.

Maintaining their cases is easy too. All you’ll do is wash the cases with mild soap and water, then lightly dry with a paper towel or air dry. This maintenance tip makes your device more durable.

Other than cases, OtterBox also sells power accessories, screen protectors, watch bands, and more.

OtterBox allows you to replace your product on warranty but charges a small shipping and handling fee. The brand has a free return policy. All products have a warranty ranging from one to seven years from the time of purchase.

Any returns are accepted within 30 days of the original purchase as long as your purchase was from Otter products.

Shipping is done worldwide via USPS or FedEx international. Free shipping is only available in the U.S. for orders above $70.

4. Casetify

Casetify is the next alternative for dbrand. Based in Canada, this company designs sophisticated and safe tech accessories and cases to help your gadgets last longer.

If your device is among the ones in the customizable list, you can customize a case to meet your taste.

Most cases can work with wireless charging; therefore, you don’t have to remove it when charging your device constantly. It all depends on the type of case you choose.

The cases are easy to install and uninstall.

The company offers free international shipping for orders above $34 after the discount.

You can order a product and pay on delivery or online with the various payment options. dbrand doesn’t offer this option.

Tracking your product after making an order is easy through the page.

If your package has not arrived within 90 days of purchase, you are eligible for a refund.

Casetify offers a six-month warranty for all products purchased from their website with a one-time replacement during the warranty period.

5. Zagg

Zagg is a US-based online website that sells accessories for your phone and computer.

Installation is easy with the available product guides and videos.

On this website, you will find battery cases, wireless chargers, power banks, and more.

A refund is eligible within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product.

Zagg allows you to pay via PayPal, debit, and credit cards.

For all purchases from the website, you are charged a sales tax depending on the country in which the product is being shipped to.

Shipping any products with lithium-based batteries internationally is prohibited.

You do not need to register the product if you order directly from the website. However, if you purchase from a reseller, you must register for replacement.

Zagg allows you to acquire affiliates, promote, and earn commissions for every iFrogz sale you refer.

Compared to dbrand, Zagg offers free return policies for all products.

6. Speck Products

Speck is one of the leading online retail websites that sell stylish and quality covers, phone cases, screen protectors at realistic prices.

The cases are made to fit perfectly based on the original manufacturer’s dimensions. They may also work on other devices, but the fit might differ.

Speck cases are proven to offer ‘military-grade protection,’ meaning your phone can fall several times but still remain undamaged.

Unlike dbrand, Speck offers a broader variety of colorful cases for Android at an affordable price.

Cleaning the cases is very easy. All you need is a damp cloth or soap and water to wipe out the dirt or dust.

If you aren’t satisfied with the product, a refund is acceptable within 30 days of purchase.

The products come with an instructions link, or you can check their YouTube or Vimeo channels for product related details.

All Speck products are available on their website or websites of authorized online retailers. You can also apply and become a reseller by filling in the necessary details on the application site.

7. BodyGuardz

BodyGuardz is an online retail website that sells quality phone cases, cameras, covers, and other accessories at affordable rates.

Compared to dbrand, BodyGuardz allows you to pay in installments using Affirm (an interest-free install payment plan that lets you pay for products in four monthly installments) at no extra cost. This is valid for orders over $50.

Its site map will help you quickly access the product you are looking for. BodyGuardz also helps you to quickly find a store near you if you don’t prefer to order online.

BodyGuardz gives you up to 30 minutes to cancel or change your order, after which any changes will not be acceptable. You can also track your products.

The site gives a 20% discount to customers who purchase cases or screen protectors repeatedly. The discount automatically applies if you are logged in to your account.

Your credit card is charged once your order is shipped. Shipping is available globally.

In addition, you also get a limited lifetime warranty for cases and a 30-day return if you purchase directly from the site. If you purchase a product from an authorized reseller, you can register and enjoy these advantages.

The site offers free lifetime replacement for all screen protectors and skins. All you need to pay is shipping.

For non-replacements within the US, shipping is free.

You can email the customer care team for any inquiries at any time.

8. Case-Mate

Case-Mate is a site that sells smartphone cases and other tech accessories.

With a case from Case-Mate, your phone is secure from drops, scratches, and dings.

The newest collection has incorporated innovative plant-based and recycled plastic, making it earth-friendly.

All cases are tested to offer up to 15 feet of drop protection. Your phone will therefore remain undamaged even after several falls.

The cases are also designed with a comfortable fit making them easy to install and uninstall.

To clean the cases, you can use a damp cloth, mild soap, and water or use the anti-bacterial wipes available on the Case-Mate site.

The site offers fast worldwide shipping for your products.

For any domestic orders of over $40, shipping is free. For US customers, making an order from your account earns you redeemable points. Case-Mate offers more perks, including student discounts on its products.

Case-Mate accepts payments via all major credit, debit cards, or PayPal. Unlike dbrand, they also accept BitPay, which is payment made through bitcoins.

You are recommended to pre-pay any additional charges for international shipping to prevent surprise charges once your product is delivered.

Case-Mate has a free return policy and a reliable warranty program for all products.

9. DecalGirl

DecalGirl allows you to protect your electronic devices with stylish and affordable cases, skins, and sleeves.

The website is available on all your favorite browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE v9+.

The skins are available for a broader range of devices; Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC, Zero tech, and many more. dbrand does not have such capability.

DecalGirl skins are removable and light due to their thin nature.

You can also customize one that meets your preference.

Your skin can also come with a code to download matching wallpaper.They have a gloss finish that gives a shiny appearance to your phone.

Shipping is available to 85 countries worldwide making it easy to determine the charges you are to incur from your cart.

Purchasing on DecalGirl earns you up to 10 points for every $1 spent, up to 15 points for a review, and 1 point for a like. Such an offer isn’t available at dbrand.

DeadGirl highly values your satisfaction, and therefore, you can return any unused product purchased from their site if it doesn’t meet your needs.

10. Cellular Outfitter

Cellular Outfitter is an online website that deals in phone accessories such as cases, covers, and more.

Compared to dbrand, Cellular Outfitter covers a broader range of android devices; Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft, and many more.

There are also many designs to choose from; fashion cases, heavy-duty cases, close-outs, liquid glitter cases, lavender cases, teal cases, embossed cases, and embroidered cases.

To modify or change your order, you can contact a customer service representative and they will try to accommodate your request based on the status of your order.

To meet their customers’ satisfaction, Cellular Outfitter has reduced its Shipping and Handling on all US Orders. The discounted rate is $5.95 for the first item and $2.49 for each additional item. They have a 110% low price guarantee on every order.

Cellular Outfitter has a page where you can track the status of your order from the time of dispatch until it reaches your doorstep.

Every order comes with a gift at no extra cost and no warranty. A 30% coupon is offered off the following order if the item is missing.

Are you not satisfied with your order? No need to worry. Cellular Outfitter offers up to a 90-day return period from the original purchase. You are also guaranteed 100% of your money back if you are dissatisfied, a Quality Assurance Guarantee, and an extraordinary full warranty on all products.

11. Pitaka

Pitaka sells unique phone covers, stands, wireless chargers, and other accessories.

They offer something beyond silicon, plastic, or leather by using distinct materials for their accessories and devices.

They have exceptional designs evidenced in the Magix series, magnetic ecosystem, and Air Omni, the only 6-in-1 charging station in the market. This makes Pitika stand out from dbrand.

The goal is to streamline the user’s experience and still offer uncommon and unique features that don’t match the crowd.

Do you want to have unique products? Pitaka will give you that and more.

There is free worldwide shipping for all products that exceed $30 except for the out of delivery areas.

Pitaka allows payments via PayPal or credit card.

The warranty period varies with different products from the time of delivery. They have a 7-day money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet your expectations, or you can choose to return the product for an exchange. Pitaka also has a Return Merchandise Authorization.

Therefore, you only pay for the shipping and insurance fee.

12. ToastMade

ToastMade crafts covers from wood and leather. Their covers are more sleek and durable than skin.

With a 0.7mm thickness for the wood covers and 1.5mm for the leather covers, your phone feels almost naked and there’s no added weight.

They deliver gorgeousness and grip with the premium 3M adhesives that guarantee durability and no residue upon removal.

The covers are laser-cut with meticulous precision and finishing to highlight the character of each piece of wood. This feature gives ToastMade’s covers an edge over dbrand.

On top of that, they are customizable. You can customize your favorite quote, artwork, and logo in any font to meet your taste for only $5.

ToastMade covers are naturally beautiful and warm to touch. It is the most environmentally responsible way to protect your device. They are not ‘snap on’ but are equally easy to install if you follow the guidelines. To uninstall, you will need to heat the adhesive for easy removal.

ToastMade offers free shipping for orders above $49 to any US destination and free international shipping for orders over $149. Shipping via postal service is also available and trackable.

Besides, shipping insurance is available for lost, damaged, and stolen packages for only $0.98 for orders under $100 and 2% for orders that exceed that.

If the product does not meet your expectations, you have up to 30 days to return the product from the time of delivery.

13. Wrappz

Wrappz deals in personalized cases for your device, gifts, wall art, and skins.

Are you not satisfied with the available designs? You can customize your case from the wide range of ready-made templates or upload images, texts, initials and make your phone, laptop, and wallet look more appealing.

The quality of inks and materials used offer durability and a unique finish to your cover.

Payment can be made via credit or debit card and PayPal. All credit and debit cardholders undergo authorization to avoid any fraud.

Compared to dbrand, Wrappz offers a 20% discount for students. All you need is to prove your student status with Student Beans for free.

Deliveries are done internationally, but only to countries listed on the checkout list, and customers are responsible for extra shipping fees.

The customer care team is always there to help if you have any questions or experience any difficulties when choosing a product for your device.

For example, if you want to amend, track, cancel, change your order, or find an item missing from your order, the customer support is ready to assist.

14. Uniqfind

Uniqfind has a variety of skins and cases for all your tech devices.

They offer customized coverage. In other words, you can wrap a MacBook from top to bottom to interior with one of their iconic designs.

The designs are seamless and made to fit your device perfectly. Uniqfind has numerous skins for a broader product range than what dbrand offers.

For example, they have different designs of Apple TV skins, including Blush Marble, Wood, White Speckle, White Grid, Vanilla Marble, and more.

Installing the cases and skins is easy with an adhesive that leaves no bubbles. If you encounter difficulties in installing, you can view installation tutorials on the Uniqfind YouTube channel.

The adhesive also leaves no residues upon removal regardless of how long it was on your device.

Shipping is available in most countries worldwide except Somalia, Sudan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Kosovo, and Nicaragua.

Uniqfind gives discounts that can only be used for a single purchase.

If you are not pleased with your order, you have up to 14 calendar days to return or request an exchange. The item must be unused for a triumphant return or exchange.

All answers to your questions are provided on the site, or you can email the customer care team that is always ready to address your concerns.

The security of your personal information is guaranteed unless needed by law or when there’s a violation of the Terms of Service.

15. StickON

The last dbrand alternative on our list is StickON. It is the leading mobile skins company in India.

Compared to dbrand, StickON covers a wider range of Android devices, from Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme, One plus, Oppo, Lenovo, Sony, Huawei, and more. Android users can, therefore, have their phones looking chic.

StickON guarantees you protection for your device. The material used to make the skins is top notch with a 3D texture.

StickON skins are perfectly compatible with wireless charging

There is a wide range of fashionable designs to choose from. Therefore, you don’t have to stick to one design for a lifetime.

The skins are sturdy, flexible, and made to precision-fit on your device. They come pre-cut according to your device’s dimensions, making them easy to apply and remove.

In addition, the skins are water-resistant, fade-proof, and scratch-resistant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about scratches on your device or hands.

Shipping is available to almost all countries worldwide. Before ordering, you can check if your country is on the checkout list.

Your order status is always available on your account page or email, making it easy to track your order.

StickON allows you to apply as a reseller if you meet the requirements. Reviewers or influencers are also accommodated.

Wrapping up

Anker wins the best dbrand alternative challenge. This website has a wide range of products to choose from, such as power banks, chargers, cables, docks, power stations, AC power, and more.

To get free shipping, you only need to spend at least $20, and that’s not difficult to do, as their products are affordable.

If you can’t afford a new product, Anker allows you to buy refurbished products that come with a warranty.

The wireless charging products are efficient for remote workers. You don’t have to worry about your device’s charge running out.

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