10 Best EZdrummer Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Best EZdrummer Alternatives

EZdrummer is a virtual drum instrument that can pair with a Digital Audio Workstation or work as a standalone solution for songwriters, drummers, and producers. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS systems.

Once you buy the EZdrummer license, you can install it on two computers. It includes things like percussion, mix-ready presets, and drum grooves, along with a range of features and functions to aid in songwriting.

While EZdrummer is a decent program, it is not the only one of its kind. Other alternatives include Addictive Drums 2, Battery 4, and MT Power Drum Kit 2.

However, the best EZdrummer alternative is BFD, thanks to its variety of features, functions, ease of use, and powerful engine.

Why Would You Need an EZdrummer Alternative?

One of the reasons why you may need an EZdrummer alternative is that its price tag may not be ideal for everyone.

It is also not the easiest virtual drum instrument to use so you may require more time to learn the ropes.

The good news is that I have compiled a list of EZdrummer alternatives that are either cheaper or free, offer a short learning curve, and are compatible with multiple operating systems.

Let’s find out more about them.

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Best EZdrummer Alternatives

1. BFD3

BFD3 is one of the most outstanding drum software available today. It is an upgrade from the previous BFD2 software.

It comes with seven new kits that were recorded in two different locations. Of the seven, you get dedicated rock, metal, jazz, and brush kits. It has a simple user interface so you can easily find your way around.

The interface is extendable so you can use it on larger screens if you want. The software incorporates a wide range of mix-ready presets so you won’t have to spend too much time trying to sort things out.

Of course, there is the option of creating your customized tracks. There is also a fully editable groove engine with a tool that allows you to create grooves.

The software’s powerful engine makes it possible for you to mold any drum sounds by returning, damping, and processing multiple mics.

The mixing engine includes DCAM-modeled compression, filtering, and other effects so you can create tracks that are awe-inspiring whenever you feel the creative juices flow. There is also a detailed equalizer allowing you to balance things out depending on the sound system you are using.

In case you do not like to work in complicated workspaces, you can take comfort in knowing that the BFD3 workflow enhancement lets you hide multiple drum and ambient mics so you are left with the most important ones only.

This software also allows you to listen to different audio samples seamlessly. BFD3 is relatively cheaper than EZdrummer.

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2. Addictive Drums 2

Addictive Drums 2 is another excellent software drum production studio with plenty of features and functions. It includes a variety of professionally produced acoustic drums so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

It also features live rhythmic performances and an array of special effects. One of the best parts about this software is that it has a simple user interface so anyone can get started quickly.

You can set the interface to Edit view which allows you to adjust different settings and carry out a range of editing tasks. You can also switch to the Kit view which allows you to have a look at the different drum sets available at your disposal.

The Kit view is the ideal pick for anyone who wants to create sound but does not know the name of the instrument they wish to use. This view displays the instrument involved so you’ll have a visual representation to eliminate any chances of error.

There is also the Explore Presets view that allows you to easily sample different settings. Another impressive thing about this software is that it includes a collection that makes it easy for you to get started.

A collection consists of ADpaks (drum kits), MIDIpaks (beats), and Kitpiece Paks (single drums). By selecting any of the collections available, you’ll be able to get a drum production experience to inspire your creativity.

Once you are well-acquainted with how everything works, you can easily mix and match different cymbals and drums to create a personalized kit. This software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

It is a relatively simpler drum plugin to use when compared to EZdrummer.

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3. MT Power Drum Kit 2

The MT Power Drum Kit 2 is a good pick thanks to its features and ease of use. It differs from EZdrummer because it is available to download and use, completely free of charge.

It is a sampler that offers a high-quality acoustic, realistic drum kit. The samples you get through this plugin are recorded using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure they conform to the highest possible standards of quality.

They are mainly suited for use in pop, rock, and metal productions. Another thing that distinguishes this alternative from other competitors is that all the sounds have been pre-processed using compressors and EQs to make them compatible with different mixes.

This plugin features a comprehensive Groove Library where you can find thousands of assorted rhythms. You can use the rhythms to create customized drum accompaniments.

You’ll be pleased to know that the plugin produces highly refined crash, ride, and hi-hat cymbal sounds thanks to the use of quality cymbals and microphones.

The plugin is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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4. Battery 4

Battery 4 is another impressive drum plugin you can turn to when you want to achieve high-quality production results. Unlike what you find in EZdrummer and other alternatives, Battery 4 makes setting up kits an instant affair.

Factory kits and samples are set up with clear color coding so you will know exactly where to click every time. You can also load your own samples and use the built-in color-coding system to organize them.

The plugin uses the drag-and-drop design MIDI to make assigning sounds to controllers a breeze. With this plugin, you get seven sampler modes that include groovebox emulation and classic.

The interface is quite impressive and features a waveform display that simplifies adjusting different functions. The plugin’s engine allows for instant cell rendering so you can build your kits quickly.

If you are looking for a drum plugin with exceptional effects, you’ll be happy to know that Battery 4 offers SOLID EQ, SOLID BUS COMP, TRANSIENT MASTER, tape saturation, LoFi, and a powerful convolution reverb.

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5. MeldaProduction MDrummer

MeldaProduction MDrummer boasts of a powerful sound engine that covers the entire range of percussion instruments. With this software, you can create different types of drunk sounds and scratches.

The drums can range from acoustic to electric and even percussion. You can also mix and match the different sounds so that you create something unique.

One of the things that makes it a better option than EZdrummer is that you can generate an infinite number of new drum sets with a single press of the button. You also get to analyze and import sample libraries with a click.

If you are feeling creative, you can even create your own sounds from the ground up thanks to the features and functions incorporated into the system.

Unlike other alternatives that tend to specialize in certain genres, MDrummer lets you create drum productions under any genre of music.

This drum plugin comes with a simple interface that can be resized to suit your preference. You can even customize it to get rid of buttons or icons that you do not need.

6. Steven Slate Drums 5.5

Steven Slate Drums 5.5 is another drum plugin that is sure to deliver. Once you launch it, you’ll be welcomed by the Kit view which features a layout with drum shadows ready to be populated by drums and cymbals from the library.

You can switch it to a Cells view that rearranges the drums in a grid style. Overall the interface is simple and easy to get used to.

When you are ready to start working, simply click on the Create button and start adding instruments. There are presets that make it easy for you to develop sounds with a click of a button.

You can sample sounds already within the system or create and sample your own sounds. You can also edit the sounds you have created by increasing volume, tuning, and even adjusting phase controls.

Compared to EZdrummer, Steven Slate Drums 5.5 offers extensive control over the things you can do.

Its individual articulation volumes, mic-level granularity, and dynamics are way better than what you get on EZdrummer.

This drum plugin is also quite customizable so you can personalize it to suit your preference.

7. Strike

Strike has a hyper-realistic performance engine that is definitely going to make your productions stand out. It has a world-class sample library so you can work with kits that conform to acceptable industry standards.

It has a variety of kits for you to choose from. Once you pick a kit, you can set the intensity, complexity, timing, groove, and dynamics of the track to suit your preference.

Unlike EZdrummer, Strike supports automation making it possible for you to program or record changes to any one of its parameters. You can connect a MIDI controller to your device and fine-tune your performance through knobs, sliders, and drum pads.

You also get a full mixing console that incorporates a variety of effects so you will always have something new to try out. Strike is compatible with Mac and Windows systems and devices with a minimum of 4GB RAM.

8. Tony Coleman Drums

Tony Coleman Drums can be a good pick for any drummer, songwriter, or producer.

In contrast to EZdrummer, it includes over 20GB of professionally recorded drum samples played by the legendary blues drummer Tony Coleman.

Its superior sound quality is owed to the use of top-of-the-shelf microphones and preamps. This drum plugin features an intelligent rhythm control that automatically corrects note timing so that you do not have to worry about getting things wrong.

It also runs on a powerful engine that produces realistic sounds in any DAW. It includes a comprehensive list of editing features such as pitch, compression, filters, and even EQ.

You also get a ton of studio effects to create memorable sounds. It has a pleasant interface with well-labeled sections that make navigation a breeze.

9. MODO Drum 1.5

MODO Drum 1.5 is another solid drum plugin you can use to produce amazing sounds. As soon as you launch this drum plugin, you’ll be welcomed by a clean interface with an image of a drumkit.

The minimalist look ensures that you do not get overwhelmed by the variety of features and functions that are available. There is a taskbar right at the top with different sections for settings and functions.

MODO Drum 1.5 incorporates real-time modal synthesis technology and up to 13 drum kits that can cover just about any genre of music you can think of. It lets you control every aspect of playing drums.

That means you get to choose a kit, decide on the room setup, and choose your favorite sticks, play style, and FX. There is also an integrated groove manager with over 1,400 grooves for you to choose from.

There is also a built-in Custom Shop that lets you acquire new kits whenever you want.

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10. Symbolyc One S1 Sample Pack

If you are into the hip-hop genre of music, Symbolyc One S1 Sample Pack may just be the best pick for you. Unlike EZdrummer, it is free to download and use.

With this drum kit, you get to enjoy up to 15 drum loops. You also gain access to 13 kicks and 15 snares. There are 10 percussion One Shots so you do not have to worry about running out of options.

Symbolyc One S1 Sample Pack also includes 20 hi-hats and six bass samples. As if that is not enough, you also get 10 melody loops.

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Wrapping Up

If you are looking for an EZdrummer alternative that offers tons of features and functions, a simple interface, and ease of use, BFD should definitely be on top of your list.

On the other hand, MT Power Drum Kit 2 or Symbolyc One S1 Sample Pack are good free options.

That said, most alternatives detailed above produce impressive results.