15 Best LALAL.AI Alternatives 2024

LALAL.AI is an online tool used for stem separation. It can remove instrumental, vocal, piano, drum, acoustic, electric, bass, and synthesizer recordings from songs.

Separating an audio file into tracks produces music stems, which may include voice, bass, percussion, and other instruments. For example, a drum stem is an audio file that includes all the drum tracks from the source audio.

Despite its stem separation capabilities, users still struggle with LALAL.AI time restrictions, even on the paid versions.

Even when users pay through their noses for LALAL.AI standard and high-volume packages, they are still restricted to the number of minutes for each package.

Also, LALAL.AI can only remove individual stems one at a time during the stem separation process. Despite having limited time for each paid package, users cannot remove more than one stem during each process.

Furthermore, with the two main packages available for users, it is more expensive than some competitors who offer a higher standard of service for the same job.

The cost of LALAL.AI pay-as-you-go pricing increases quickly over time. This makes it more expensive than other alternatives providing better services.

Also, users soon realize they have minimal control over the stem separation processes and only have access to email support.

Users pay far above the industry average for LALAL.AI services and only realize they have minimal control over the processes and lack adequate customer support.

While LALAL.AI is a good online tool used for stem separation, several sound professionals prefer more sophisticated software that addresses the peculiarities of their professions.

Fortunately, LALAL.AI is not the only stem separation tool. I have listed some of the best alternatives to LALAL.AI in this post.

Take a look.

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15 Best LALAL.AI Alternatives

1. Audacity Free and Open-Source LALAL.AI Alternative

Among the best alternatives to LALAL.AI is Audacity, an audio editing and recording software. It is open-source and free software with no usage limitations for audio recording and editing programs.

Audacity is comparatively simple to use and can be integrated across disciplines, allowing Machine Learning developers to integrate fresh, deep models into the software quickly.

Even though LALAL.AI is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, developers can’t integrate fresh deep models into the software.

Like LALAL.AI, Audacity has many applications; it can remove vocals, instruments, and any voice or sound from songs.

It can even record and mix a complete album, while you can add voiceovers, eliminate background noise, autotune recordings, eliminate misspelled words, and uncomfortable silences.

Audacity allows users to create interviews, record podcasts, edit music, work on voiceovers, and edit different audio files. It allows audio recording in either 16-bit or 24-bit formats.

Audacity remains one of the best for users looking for an easy-to-use but a feature-rich program to record, edit, and mix audio clips.

Even for students, Audacity encourages active student participation and deeper learning.

Whether it is voice isolation and reduction to produce karaoke songs or isolated voice tracks, Audacity remains one of the best to achieve these.

Finally, even though free, it is better than most commercial audio plugins or software due to its extensive feature set.

2. PhonicMind Popular Alternative to LALAL.AI for Audio Processing

PhonicMind is another brilliant alternative to LALAL.AI. It uses a deep learning algorithm to remove vocals and instruments from songs.

It started as a state-of-the-art vocal remover before evolving into a stem maker. PhonicMind has transformed into a phenomenon where you can remove the bass, drums, and other instruments and play the percussion track, the lead guitar track, or an incredible remix of your favorite song.

The deep learning algorithm PhonicMind uses listening to music continuously to understand it, thereby demonstrating the aesthetic potential of machine learning. It uses a neural network to study about 20 minutes of music in less than a second.

PhonicMind also uses a neural network to isolate the song’s layers effectively before separating the stems.

Like LALAL.AI, PhonicMind can separate and save every track in your song as a separate audio file. PhonicMind allows the music file to be downloaded so the user can hear each music segment separately.

It is possible for amateurs to easily produce unique mixes with PhonicMind, as the challenging part is done for you. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month; the plan page reveals the features of each package.

3. Splitter.AI

Splitter.AI is an open-source web tool based on Deezer technology. Like LALAL.AI, it uses artificial intelligence to split music in great detail.

It is quick and dependable, allowing users to download each sound and tweak it independently to hear how it changes the tune. A very interesting part of Splitter is how user-friendly this technology’s applications are.

Splitter provides users with a quick and excellent sound extraction that has already been divided into stems for your faster use as a producer. Splitter users get five stems when a song is broken up; these include drums, piano, vocals, bass, and other sounds.

Unlike LALAL.AI, Splitter has a free version that allows users to upload as many audio files as possible at less than 15 minutes per song. It also allows users to change their music’s pitch, tempo, or speed.

However, it does not allow the usage of unlicensed tunes, but users can still buy songs and upload them to Splitter.

The premium version, called Splitter Pro, includes a browser extension and Splitter studio, where you may use various audio tools to rebuild or deconstruct audio. Its special audio tool, Unverb, uses artificial intelligence to deliver a dry signal to users.

4. Moises

Moises is the product of a groundbreaking algorithm for track separation and isolation. Unlike LALAL.AI, Moises was created by musicians for musicians.

One of its distinguishing features is the artificial intelligence-driven audio track separation. This characteristic is available on both web and mobile apps.

Another distinguishing feature of Moises, unlike LALAL.AI, is its sophisticated metronome and audio speed-changing capability. This feature is accessible only on the mobile app. It can accelerate or decelerate the music play along with synchronized chords using chord detection.

Moises makes it possible to isolate all the song tracks and then fill up the instrument tracks with the user’s playing, just like a learning lesson. There are free and paid versions of Moises.

Like LALAL.AI, you can test the algorithm and some features using the free version. Still, most of the important and practical functions are only available as paid features, as the number of uploads, song length, and track retention time is all rather restricted in the free version.

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5. iZotope RX

iZotope RX is a recent version of iZotope’s audio restoration software.

It is magnificent for audio recording, mastering, and audio-for-video post-production. Even though it has some similarities with LALAL.AI, it is a well-known brand for audio mixing.

iZotope RX can turn previously unusable audio into something that can be used. It also resolves typical audio issues like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings to mend seriously damaged audio utilizing Spectral Repair.

It is a showpiece of its updated modules and algorithms like De-Hum that eliminates all hum interference. This also includes the wireless ring that works effectively without creating artifacts or degrading the audio quality.

iZotope RX has new and updated features, including:

  • Spectral Editor in Logic Pro
  • Restore Collection
  • Improved De-Hum
  • Improved Music Rebalance
  • Guitar De-Noise
  • 32-Tab Limit for Audio Tabs
  • Loudness Control
  • Voice De-Noise
  • Mouth De-Click

All these features and many more have made it a better alternative to LALAL.AI for music producers.

Unlike LALAL.AI, iZotope RX boasts De-plosive that removes all plosives from any track, De-breath and De-ess algorithms, and Leveler, which uses an automatic clip gain envelope to smooth out any volume irregularities.

The Instant Process tool in iZotope RX makes it possible to delete unpleasant coughs and scene-robbing sirens with just a click, a feature unavailable with LALAL.AI.

The Improved Music Rebalance in iZotope RX determines which instruments are the bass, vocals, percussion, and others in a mix and adjust the gain for each. It can also remove or isolate the vocals.

However, all these magical features don’t come cheap, as the pricing starts from $299 and can be as high as $1,999.

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6. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is a great audio editing and recording software for wav and mp3 files. It can modify audio, create music loops, evaluate, capture, and batch convert.

Like LALAL.AI, Wavosaur’s advanced features include vocal remover, silence remover, pitch shift, interpolation, and exporting multiple wav files. It can also export files using Excel, Matlab, or PSpice.

Some of the features of Wavosaur include:

  • Swappable Patches
  • Batch Processing
  • Scrub, Search, Bookmark
  • Audio Effects
  • Record Multiple Simultaneous Tracks
  • Virtual Mixing
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Spectral Analysis / FFT
  • Speech Synthesis (TTS)
  • Voice Changer

Unlike LALAL.AI, all the features of Wavosaur are free.

7. Wavepad

WavePad, like LALAL.AI, is a music editing software. It is used to edit and create music, voice, and other sound recordings. Unlike LALAL.AI, it has a batch-processing feature that enables musicians to convert or add effects to several music or audio files on a single platform.

It functions as a WAV or MP3 editor and, like LALAL.AI, supports file formats like au, aif, flac, vox, gsm, wma, real audio, and other file types. Some of the known features of Wavepad include:

  • Special effects like chorus, distortion, and reduced vocals
  • Supporting auto-trimming and voice-activation
  • Supporting stereo or mono, 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits
  • Allowing users to transcode tracks or apply effects all at once with batch processing
  • Working with numerous files simultaneously on various screens
  • Allowing music creators to record, clip, copy, paste, remove, amplify, reverse, reverberate, echo, and apply other effects to audio files.

Lastly, WavePad’s built-in restoration feature lets musicians eliminate click effects and other noises from audio files. It is available for one-time payments, offering assistance online via phone, email, and other channels.

Wavepad pricing starts from $49.99 and can be as high as $139.99.

8. StemRoller

Another alternative to LALAL.AI is StemRoller. StemRoller creates vocals, karaoke, and stem tracks from songs like LALAL.AI.

Unlike LALAL.AI, it can locate songs online and separate them into four stems: the vocals, bass, drums, and everything else. It is based on Demucs, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence/machine learning research initiative from Facebook.

Unlike LALAL.AI, StemRoller makes it possible to easily remove voices from any song on YouTube with only a few clicks, just as it can also remove the instruments.

It relies on Demucs to separate each sound recording into four sections: vocals, bass, percussion, and others, while allowing the user to keep only one if required.

StemRoller allows users to split vocals from instruments without restriction and accurately; unlike LALAL.AI, it is free.

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9. AudioStrip

AudioStrip is another alternative to LALAL.AI; it uses artificial intelligence to split a song’s voices, tracks, and background music.

It employs artificial intelligence and deep learning that has been taught on massive databases of musical material to offer users the best results.

Like LALAL.AI, AudioStrip supports many audio file types, including m’a, wma, mp3, wav, ogg, and flac.

AudioStrip allows music producers and other amateurs to employ artificial intelligence models more easily without needing highly developed technical knowledge.

AudioStrip can simultaneously isolate instrumentals and vocals from several audio files using the AudioStrip Batch.

Unlike LALAL.AI, it uses the AudioStrip Transcribe, which uses artificial intelligence to transcribe the instruments and produce the transcribed music as MIDI.

AudioStrip is incredibly efficient and user-friendly; however, like LALAL.AI, there are some restrictions on the use of all the features on the free version. A premium account version of $3.99 monthly allows users to enjoy all the features.

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10. SongDonkey

SongDonkey is free and simple-to-use software capable of separating the instrumental and vocal parts of any audio or music track. Unlike LALAL.AI, it is easy to use, even for amateurs without editing expertise.

It uses artificial intelligence to automate the entire process. Unlike LALAL.AI, it is completely free, and there are also no usage restrictions. Users need an audio file in mp3 or wav format to use SongDonkey, and the vocals and instruments in the song will be extracted via the online tool.

Unlike LALAL.AI, SongDonkey remains one of the best free online tools for separating the instrumental and vocal parts of a track or audio file. All the features are available on this free online tool.

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11. Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover is an online vocal remover tool that uses artificial intelligence to precisely split the vocals and the background music in a song.

It is another alternative to LALAL.AI, but both use powerful voice and instrument extraction algorithms.

Vocal Remover extracts voice and instrumental components from music and splits them into two separate audio files. Unlike LALAL.AI, users will get their song’s acapella (no instrument) and karaoke (no vocals) versions.

Vocal Remover is not only easy and quick to use, but it is also totally free. However, Vocal Remover only works with audio files that are no more than seven minutes, after which the song cannot be loaded.

Vocal Remover is still a useful and fascinating internet tool that produces top-notch outcomes. It is great for remixing music and making mashups.

12. DeMIX Essentials

DeMIX Essentials is a standalone software that combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence sound isolation algorithms with sophisticated spectral editing.

This LALAL.AI alternative offers new, high-quality separations for remixing, sampling, or producing Acappella and backing recordings that automatically remove vocals, drums, bass, and other sounds.

DeMIX Essentials, like LALAL.AI, is ideal for creating original instruments and producing high-quality vocal removal and sampling.

It allows users to play along with their favorite musician, muffle the lead vocal, play a solo instrument, or play the drums.

Unlike LALAL.AI, DeMIX Essentials can boast infinite, non-destructive track separations, practical merge track features, and a built-in multichannel mixer.

It also allows users to supply the deleted vocal and associated reverb on individual tracks for complete vocal control.

DeMIX Pro, another version of DeMIX Essentials, offers unequaled flexibility. DeMIX Essentials comes in handy for DJs, music producers, remix artists, musicians, and instructors who want to separate voice and percussion, construct backing tracks and samples, and quickly remix current audio from existing sources. DeMIX Essentials pricing starts from $129.

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13. Cubase

Cubase is another LALAL.AI alternative that creates new tracks, edits audio files, and establishes custom workflows to expedite multiple procedures across projects via a centralized gateway.

It is an on-premises music production tool. Unlike LALAL.AI, Cubase has a quantized panel that lets users utilize warp markers to control the pitch, tempo, distribution, and audio arrangement over several tracks.

Cubase allows players to edit and experiment with chords and patterns, play recordings with a MIDI controller, and improve the performance of chords by voicings, adjusting tension, and other elements using the chord pads.

Unlike LALAL.AI, Cubase has numerous functions like spectral comparison, scale helper, sample tracks, colorized mixer channels, batch exporter, notepad, latency monitoring, and others.

Cubase users can use MediaBay to examine and edit projects, events, and tracks and search and arrange content. Cubase pricing starts at $128.38 per feature.

14. X-Minus.Pro

X-Minus Pro is a free online tool that uses artificial intelligence like LALAL.AI. It is used to remove or isolate vocals from music.

Unlike LALAL.AI, it is an online application that employs open-source software with customized models from here. The model is trained on 900 songs from different genres.

Even though registration is optional, registered users get access to more options and greater separation quality. The voice and karaoke tracks are provided separately in isolating vocals from songs.

X-Minus Pro allows users to alter the pitch or tempo of any track. It also allows users to keep the exact pitch after altering the speed without changing the pitch itself.

The website also has a sizable music collection with vocals previously cut from the entire track. The tracks on X-Minus Pro are divided into many categories, such as pop, classic, jazz, Romanian, American, rock, etc.

Overall, X-Minus Pro is a fantastic tool for removing vocals and karaoke from music, and users get to enjoy all these features completely free.

15. Audioalter

Audioalter is free audio editing software. It is a LALAL.AI alternative that can play any audio file backwards, modify frequencies, remove vocals, trim audio, detect BPM, change volume, and much more.

Unlike LALAL.AI, Audioalter does audio reversing. It can edit applications and effortlessly reverse sound in only a few clicks.

Audioalter supports audio formats like wav, mp3, ogg, and flac. It also offers various features besides 3D audio, like a Bass Booster, Key Detector, Noise Reducer, Converter, and 8D Audio.

Audioalter can adjust playback speed, eliminate background noise, and equalize settings. It also offers audio effects like low pitch, high pitch, echo, filters, and several transitions and titles.

However, it has a 50MB file size restriction.

Conclusion: What is the Best LALAL.AI Alternative?

The best LALAL.AI alternative is Audacity. This open-source and free software is comparatively simple and can be integrated across disciplines.

It can remove vocals, instruments, and voice or sound from songs. It can even record and mix a complete album, while you can add voiceovers, eliminate background noise, autotune recordings, eliminate misspelled words, and uncomfortable silences.

Lastly, it is better than most commercial audio plugins or software due to its extensive feature set.

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