10 Best Kahoot Alternatives (Free Included) In 2024

Learning can be fun and easy with a platform like Kahoot. Used by billions of people, Kahoot lets you learn while playing games.

Users are allowed to create what game they want to learn using their own questions. After creating, they can host or share the content with others. The platform is ideal for remote learning as what you create can be shared on any video conferencing platform.

Even though Kahoot is a great platform to learn, you might not consider it for one or the other reasons. There are plenty of other platforms that are equally good and better.

However, the best Kahoot alternatives are Baamboozle and Brightful, which give you access to millions of quizzes and games. They also offer great features and cater to the likes of students and professionals alike.

Let’s learn about these platforms in detail.

Best Kahoot Alternatives

1. Baamboozle

The best Kahoot alternative for young students is Baamboozle. It’s best for in-class games, as it allows you to play interactive educational games from a single screen.

However, you can play games online as well.

The best part about Baamboozle is that it has a free plan that teachers can use to try it out. You can play the game of the day and various other games for free.

Most games require Baamboozle+, but it isn’t very expensive. It gives you access to games such as Bowling and Snakes & Ladders, and you can even edit games or create custom games.

In fact, there are over a million games created by teachers and made accessible to all teachers on the platform! That means that you can access games such as Garfield Hates Lasagna, Two Clues One Food, and other custom games.

Your students will never get bored with Baamboozle.

Over a million teachers use Baamboozle, and there’s a good reason for that. It is very user-friendly, requiring little technical knowledge, and it hosts a variety of kid-friendly games that will keep your students engaged.

You can divide your class into teams and have them compete with each other. Adding a competitive element can make the gamified learning experience more exciting.

As mentioned, you can play games on a single screen. That is one thing that sets it apart from Kahoot, which typically requires students to have their own computers for the best experience.

Meanwhile, Baamboozle is optimized for a single screen, so just use a projector to project your screen onto the wall and start playing!

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2. Brightful

Next up, we have Brightful, which is also among my top Kahoot alternatives. Brightful, though, is better suited for older kids and mature audiences rather than young kids, so if your audience is a bit older, it’s the best alternative to Kahoot.

It offers games, live polls, and Q&As during your meetings. Games include popular ones such as Would You Rather, Charades, Trivia, Draw It, and many other lesser-known games.

It’s great for companies, as you can create custom trivia or charade games, even using your company’s wiki. Kahoot is great for students, but it is a bit insufficient for business needs.

Brightful offers the best gamified learning alternative to Kahoot for businesses, and it even integrates with popular video conferencing software that your team might be using, such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and others.

With live polling, you can get instant feedback that your team can use to improve the employee experience. For example, you can include multiple-choice questions, rating-based questions, and other live polls, getting feedback instantly while in the meeting.

That can allow you to suggest new proposals for the team.

With live Q&A sessions, you can even allow employees to ask their own questions and get answers to issues that have been troubling them.

However, Brightful isn’t only for businesses and team building. It’s great for education as well, especially if you are holding online classes, as you can create games that any student can join, even without an account.

There are hundreds of games to choose from, and you can customize the games to fit your individual needs as a teacher.

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3. Mentimeter

The next Kahoot alternative we will be looking at is Mentimeter, which is great for both businesses aiming for better team-building experiences and teachers looking for a way to keep students engaged in the classroom. Let’s examine the solutions Mentimeter offers for both use cases.

Let’s start with education. It’s great for students of all ages; it is used by many top universities, in fact, including the University of York.

There are templates that allow you to introduce icebreakers before virtual lessons and plenty of tools, such as Polls and Word Clouds, to help gamify remote learning and keep students engaged.

It’s great for both in-class lectures and remote learning.

For in-class lectures, you can run quizzes, create Word Clouds, and hold Q&A sessions. For remote learning, it integrates with popular tools like Zoom, Microsoft Team, and PowerPoint to help you upload presentations and present them remotely.

With gamified assessments like Guess the Number and Pin-on Image, you can test students’ knowledge in a fun and non-boring way.

For businesses, Mentimeter is a great tool for employee training and team building. Whether you’re holding a virtual webinar or hosting an in-person event, such as a conference, you can use Mentimeter to keep employees engaged.

It’s great for hybrid courses and webinars as well. People joining online can interact with you and submit answers to polls just like people in the room can, and with anonymous responses, you can gauge what your employees truly think about an initiative you are starting, for example.

Businesses can also take advantage of the ready-made templates for team building, marketing, brainstorming sessions and other business webinar tools.

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4. Gimkit

If you’re looking for a solution for creating educational games and quizzes that your students can play on their phones, Gimkit is one of the best alternatives to Kahoot to try.

It was created by a former high school student as a high school project, but it has grown into a large community.

You can create “kits” with multiple-choice questions that students can answer at their own pace. To gamify things even more, the app lets students earn in-app currency as a reward for providing the correct answers.

With the in-app currency they have earned, they can purchase upgrades and power-ups.

There are over 10 game modes in Gimkit, so things will never get boring. From Humans vs Zombies to The Floor Is Lava, these games will keep your students engaged at all times.

There are a few features that make Gimkit stand out. For example, you can use it to assign homework to kids – instead of them playing the games in class, they can do it at home, after class, to practice what they learned.

It also has a feature called KitCollab. This feature allows students to collaborate with you by submitting their own questions.

You can approve questions students have submitted and add it to a game, so other students can then answer those questions. It’s a great way to add questions that students have been struggling with.

Students can easily join a game with a game code.

Gimkit is great for schools because it has affordable plans that allow teachers at the school to use it. The unlimited plan, for example, allows an unlimited number of teachers at your school to use it.

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5. Blooket

Blooket, which is pronounced as “Blue Kit,” is another awesome alternative to Kahoot if you’re interested in a classroom engagement tool.

With plenty of trivia and review games, you can keep students engaged, as long as they have their own devices. They can connect to the game you are hosting by entering a special game code.

You can create your own sets, with your own questions, or use one of the ready-made sets, available for a variety of topics. Students are motivated to answer correctly with in-game rewards.

You can select from multiple game modes and even edit the game settings. Regardless of which question set you have, you can choose from several game modes.

That allows you to review the same question set several times without it getting boring for your students.

Teachers also get detailed score reports, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of how their students are doing and how well they understand the subject.

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5. Wordwall

One of the best alternatives to Kahoot for word games is Wordwall. There are tons of templates allowing you to create gamified quizzes and more for your students.

Some of the games include:

  • Open the box: Open a box to reveal the item inside.
  • Hangman: Hangman is a classic game in which you need to guess the correct letters to create words.
  • Crossword: Another classic word game is the crossword puzzle.
  • Labeled diagram: In this game mode, students have to drag and drop items to the correct place on a diagram or map.
  • Game show quizzes: Game show with timers for answering questions and bonus rounds.

All of these game modes and more are available on Wordwall. There are even arcade style games, like Airplane, and classroom management tools.

You can also customize games if they don’t suit your needs precisely. In addition, you can edit and customize the graphics and themes of the interactive games, including different fonts and sounds.

If you create a custom activity, you can share it with your fellow teachers so they can use it in their classes as well.

In addition to in-class interactive games, you can use the activities as assignments that students must complete. It’s a fun way to give out assignments while boosting student engagement, and you can see students’ results in your online dashboard.

One cool thing about Wordwall is that in addition to playing the interactive games online, you can print them out if you prefer.

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6. Genially

Another amazing tool for creating gamified learning experience and interactive lessons is Genially. It can be used in the classroom as well as for business meetings, team building and training, and more.

It has puzzles, escape games, sex education games, corporate breakout games, and a lot more. Regardless of your needs or use case, you can find a game that works well for it.

The best part is that there are tons of games created by the Genially community, which you can repurpose for your own lessons and meetings. You can also create your own game from scratch if you’d like.

However, with Genially, you are not limited to games in the slightest. It’s one of the best platforms for creating interactive videos, infographics, presentations, and training materials.

The interactive images are very useful for training purposes or education. You can create images with hotspots or elements that students can click on to gain more information, for example, with pop-up windows, audio descriptions, and more.

You can even embed web content, Google Maps data, and more in your interactive images. It’s all easy to do with the drag and drop editor.

The same applies to infographics. You can create interactive infographics with text layers, pop-ups, rich media, and embedded quizzes and surveys.

Students can explore the videos, images, infographics, and other media you created at their own pace.

It’s also great for creating assessments. You can test students’ knowledge with assessments that include sound effects, animations, and more!

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7. Quizalize

Quizalize is a platform that allows you to create quiz games for your classroom. It’s powered by ChatGPT to allow you to create quizzes in an instant for any topic.

Just enter a topic, and it will harness the power of artificial intelligence to create quiz banks. Of course, you should review the quiz questions before publishing them and using them in the classroom, but it’s an awesome tool that will help you save time and effort.

Not only will the quiz banks contain questions and their answers, but they will also contain hints and explanations.

Some topics, such as computer science, math, English, history, and others, have quiz sets already made and ready to use. You don’t have to create new sets for those topics.

Once you have created your quiz, you can assign a game to it, such as the Hoopzz basketball game or the Blockerzz 3D block world game.

Other games include Bearzz and The Adventures of Kleo the Koala. There are 10 games altogether for both solo and team play, allowing up to 100 players to play at once in different teams.

You will get in-depth reports with visualizations to help you understand where each student is holding and what they need to improve on, allowing you to provide better followup questions tailored for each student.

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8. AhaSlides

AhaSlides is a tool that allows you to add quizzes and games to your presentations, whether you’re holding a business presentation or a live class.

Games include Pick Image, Spinner Wheel, and several others. It’s easy to use, and it integrates with tools such as Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

It also provides plenty of templates that make it easy to add icebreakers to the beginning of your live class or lecture or create a team building presentation. With the live quizzes, word clouds, and other interactive features, your audience will never be bored if you create a presentation using AhaSlides.

Another useful feature is the Idea Board, which is great for brainstorming sessions with your team.

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9. Quizizz

Quizizz is a platform that’s very similar to Kahoot. It’s a platform for playing gamified quizzes.

It can be used for work, schools, and districts. Quizizz is quite popular as it’s being used in more than 50% of schools in the United States.

Businesses also use Quizizz including big names like Amazon, CapitalOne, Virgin Media, and P&G, amongst others.

With Kahoot, you can share your learning games to different video conferencing platforms.

It’s the same with Quizizz. Quizizz lets you easily share content to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Google Meet. In addition to quizzes, you can create presentations and polls with Quizizz.

Quizizz is an ideal software for asynchronous learning. The study tools can be used at any time while both instructors and students get meaningful insights and reports.

Similarly, instructors can create quizzes and polls to end at a specific deadline. However, students can always retake them at will.

You don’t always need to create quizzes with Quizizz, however. There are more than a million built-in quizzes you can pick from.

This includes quizzes in subjects such as English, Math, Social Science, Science, Creative Arts, Computer Science, Career Education, and World Languages.

Kahoot also features quiz templates but there are not as many as with Quizizz.

Using the software is easy; you create the content, share it for others to participate, and get instant results. Work organizations can benefit from using Quizizz.

It can help them engage with workers who are working remotely and also help with customer retention. The features are still the same with schools.

Quizizz encourages communication. There are different communication tools for users including email and phone.

Finally, Quizizz and Kahoot both feature mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices.

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10. Quizlet

Quizlet is a platform for school students to help them master any subject.

The platform is a renowned one as about 90 percent of its users get higher grades. Unlike Kahoot, Quizlet is strictly for academic use; not work or business.

For students who need an LMS to study, Quizlet is a more ideal platform than Kahoot.

With Quizlet, you can practice math, social science, world languages, science, arts, humanities, etc.

As a student, you can create a study plan and the software will walk you through it; the software features an AI assistant.

You never miss any study sessions as Quizlet will always remind you when it’s time to study. Furthermore, you can easily keep tabs on your progress.

Quizlet and Kahoot both feature flashcards. You can easily create your flashcards from scratch with Quizlet or pick one from the archives and customize it.

Also, your co-students who use the platform can share their flashcards for you to study with. Not to mention, you can share your flashcards as well.

Teachers and instructors can benefit from using Quizlet too. With Quizlet Live, you can create collaborative classroom games and share them with your class.

It’s like video conferencing as you just have to share a link for students to join. Kahoot does this, but only via third-party video conferencing platforms.

Quizlet features preparation packs created by experts such as Mometrix and Pearson. These are designed to help students get their dream grades.

The prep packs are premium content. There are more than six study modes including the notably research-based learn mode to help students ace their tests.

Like Kahoot, the Quizlet platform is accessible via the web or through Android and iOS mobile applications.

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Gamified learning platforms offer a great learning experience.

Not only do these platforms help igniting learners’ interest but add fun and excitement to the learning process. This makes it easy for students and professionals to absorb and retain information in no time.

All these platforms are great alternatives to Kahoot. Try the one you like.

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