15 Education Software Examples 2024

Educational software refers to any computer application that enhances learning. It includes classroom management software, student information systems, language software, reference software, and more.

Schools are known to be slow to adopt new technology. But since digital transformation has impacted how every industry works, they too, haven’t been left behind.

But that’s not all. As a human resource manager, you’ll find educational software valuable when it comes to teaching a new skill to the existing employees or onboarding new staff.

Educational software makes learning more effective and efficient. So, as a teacher, student, school administrator, and parent; you’ll find the software essential.

Not only do these educational tools improve your learning experience, but they also facilitate communication and reduce inefficiencies.

In this post, we’ll cover various examples of educational software in different categories. Learning management tools like Google Classroom, ProProfs, TalentLMS, and Schoology allow professors and teachers to upload and organize different course material for student access.

We also look at examples of student information systems, such as Wisenet and Workday. Their purpose is to store and track student information, such as attendance records, grades, and more.

Next, we’ve got classroom management software that teachers use to make lesson plans more interactive by engaging students. Examples include ClassDojo, Socrative, Edmodo, LanSchool, and Dyknow.

Not to mention, there are assessment software examples, such as Kahoot!, GoReact, and Canvas. This category of education software provides learners with a portal for taking computerized quizzes and tests.

Read on to discover what software might meet your needs.

Learning Management Educational Software

1. ProProfs

ProProfs is the world’s most user-friendly cloud learning software for deploying community training programs like sexual abuse, compliance, and HR training. The platform is lightweight, clean, and straightforward, and it can help you set up online employee training in minutes.

Persons of all levels of experience can use it for both pre-and post-training support. A quiz-making tool, surveys, collaborative capabilities, and advanced reporting are all part of its software suite for workplace training.

This application contains various features, including its Q&A, which promotes knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer social learning.

ProProfs also enhances the reporting and analytics necessary for gaining insights into course participation, completion rates, engagement levels, and knowledge gaps.

Additionally, you can manage course assignments, tracking, learner groups, and group admins, all in one location with a centralized and secure virtual classroom.

As the icing on the cake, a premium library of 100+ ready-to-use courses and templates is available through ProProfs LMS. These materials make it simple to carry out branding.

This tool has tons of good features; however, the one disadvantage is that only a premium plan and above can give you full access.

ProProfs’ pricing starts at $2 per month for each learner (billed yearly). However, for 15 days, you can try any plan for free.

2. Schoology

Teachers can use Schoology’s clickable resources to help make the world more accessible. Since there are so many different methods to deliver information, students are assigned a variety of tasks.

The software is simple due to its pleasant design, unlimited options, youngsters, and educators. The bulk tool for duties is also exceptional in terms of quality!

Schoology contains various features, such as the different types of evaluation question elements that are available. It can also personalize training by assigning tasks to individuals.

Its ability to connect courses is outstanding and you will also love the messaging it offers and how it will be sent to your inbox.

Schoology excels at combining all aspects of classroom management into a single, user-friendly interface. Its team has also done an outstanding job cooperating and integrating with other educational software and tools (such as EduCannon, TurnItIn, and Google Drive).

It is pretty beneficial to create and disseminate educational materials. Schoology offers consumers a customizable learning platform through which they can engage in a one-of-a-kind digital learning experience.

Students can share their work on a local and worldwide scale. Additionally, the software provides a very adaptable e-platform.

It includes data, analytics, and tailored learning, as well as robust communication and teamwork.

Schoology can take a long time to implement a new feature. Its team performs an excellent job of looking for new ways to improve free and enterprise solutions.

However, once these features have been authorized or are being worked on, it can take some time to find their way from development to users.

Schoology has a monthly payment of 10 dollars. It also provides a free edition to its customers.

3. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a Google Apps software for education that allows teachers to quickly create and manage lessons, provide timely feedback, and communicate with their students.

You can use Google Classroom on any device, including your phone, tablet, and laptop. You can also create assignments, post information about lessons, make announcements, share links and YouTube videos, and much more.

Google Drive can be linked to the classroom and all materials shared in a Google Classroom will be uploaded to Google Drive, enabling you to access them from anywhere. In the classroom, you can also construct a quiz that you may share with the students.

Google Classroom is exceptionally user-friendly and anyone may use it without any prior training. It has a broad application and isn’t limited to class assignments and material because it’s integrated with Google Drive, Slides, and Docs.

It allows the tutor to keep track of when students finish assignments and evaluate them after submitting them.

Google Classroom keeps students updated about new updates to classes and assignments through real-time notifications. It can also bring in a massive number of pupils to the organization.

You’ll be amazed at how well-organized and neat your job can be with such little effort. If you’re worried about your students’ development and advancement, using Google Classroom for your online teaching will make it easier for you and them.

Google Classroom features several helpful tools that make teaching and learning organized and straightforward. It allows you to produce various materials directly within the assignment, and teachers may check for plagiarism and provide rubrics and comments to each project.

However, this application lacks a password-protect feature for files when you’re sharing with other people.

The pricing of Google Classroom ranges from $3-$50 per year. But there’s a free version if you want to test things out.

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4. TalentLMS

You can divide the site into different fractions to allow different departments to use it. Everything is organized in a user-friendly manner, and you may get information in various methods.

The app is adaptable, allowing your team to create or purchase courses to meet your specific requirements. It can also generate graphs and statistics for customers based on their usage and track group or individual development.

TalentLMS has excellent analytics, writing capabilities, is highly customizable, has numerous helpful integrations, and is, above all, a cost-effective LMS. Another big plus is the customer service.

There’s a knowledge base, a customer success manager, a helpdesk, and a live chat channel to assist with any concerns. Additionally, every question you ask gets an immediate and enthusiastic answer.

With TalentLMS, you can make and maintain distinctions in training tracks for your company’s staff and clients. This educational app also works effectively when a client is removed from the system or added to a new group.

Unfortunately, some computer functions are not available on the mobile app, such as watching a video while reading text in a lesson, which is only available to computer users.

TalentLMS price ranges from $59- $429 per month billed yearly.

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5. Litmos

Litmos is well-known learning software that is simple and straightforward to use. The software is primarily used for employee, customer, partner, and compliance training.

When Litmos is incorporated into the system, it provides many unique characteristics that are critical for businesses.

To begin with, it facilitates the improvement of both internal and external groups’ performance training. It also improves the speed with which you can upgrade your skills.

Moreover, Litmos offers an online course builder in the form of a module that uses content development tools that support numerous formats.

The app also provides virtual instructor-led training, as well as exams and quizzes to measure information retention.

Litmos assists in the development of eCommerce, easy management of your programs, and an update for each one with messages and notifications.

But wait, there’s more. Litmos delivers personalized learning routes, data, and dashboards for assessing performance and seeing the impact of learning.

Gamification and leader boards are available to motivate customers and provide an accurate and meaningful survey and feedback. However, the support team resolves production difficulties over a long period, resulting in lower customer satisfaction.

Litmos has a price range of $6 to $2500. Litmos provides a 15-day free trial version to its customers, which is a bonus!

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Student Information Software

6. Wisenet

With a set of integrated applications, Wisenet’s cloud-based platform enables higher educational institutions to support effective learning outcomes, boost stakeholder engagement, increase productivity, and grow business.

Wisenet has been the leading vendor of cloud-based apps for education and training providers for more than 20 years. It works directly with clients to consistently develop all products and services and stay ahead of the competition using worldwide leading technology.

This software gives you the option of assigning ownership to individual leads, which is really useful. It’s also great for monitoring client information and storing all documents in one location. It helps save time on processes that would otherwise take a long time.

On top of that, multiple users can find all client documentation and records in one place with just a few mouse clicks in real time.

They’re constantly looking for ways to incorporate useful technologies into their LMS, such as SurveyMonkey, USI registry, Xero, among others. And their assistance is prompt and helpful.

They also seek methods to improve the system’s operation regularly to provide more value to clients.

The challenge you’ll find in this app is that the quantity of licenses available is limited and the price continues to rise.

Wisenet’s pricing starts from 101 USD per month billed annually.

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7. Workday Student

Workday Student is a student and professor information system that connects to Workday Financial Management, Payroll, Human Capital Management, and Workday Grants Management.

It brings a complete campus together in a single cloud-based, customizable, and user-friendly application. Workday is well-planned and also simple to get to.

It’s a multipurpose program that can be used for HR, student data, CRM, and much more. Additionally, you can do a lot of work on programming with just one login.

This makes it easier for big enterprises to engage and reduce the number of programs that need to be logged into daily.

The app offers an excellent way for instructors to send announcements, homework, comments, and other information. It gives students room to keep track of approaching deadlines and share thoughts with their peers.

It’s beneficial for students looking for internships and jobs since it preserves past application data, saving time if someone uses the systems to apply for jobs/internships regularly.

Moreover, employees can enter their work hours, request absences, view their upcoming payments, change their personal information, and much more. As if that is not enough, this app is compatible with iPhones.

Sadly, it’s challenging to keep track of all the details because there are so many features.

Workday Student’s cost starts from $2 per student per year.

Classroom Management Software

8. Dyknow

For K-12 schools and districts with school-issued devices, Dyknow is the premium monitoring option. Dyknow Classroom Management gives teachers the tools they need to overcome distractions, boost student engagement, and successfully use technology in the classroom.

Teachers can use Dyknow to see real-time thumbnails of all students, restrict websites and applications, engage students, and check student activity history after class.

Dyknow also assists K-12 administrators and tech coaches in obtaining comprehensive device usage statistics to discover squandered dollars by assessing how school-issued devices and technology tools are used.

Isn’t it great to be able to see all of your screens at once? The Real-Time Activity Tracker is helpful in determining how many students are visiting various websites and identifying a student or two who are visiting sites they shouldn’t be.

You can also send a private message to a pupil who has strayed from the subject at hand. Additionally, the freezing screen feature can also be quite useful.

Sure enough, the app’s ability to combine and rename some classes will amaze you.

The only challenge is that you’re limited in terms of the length of personalized messages you can send to a person. In some cases, a longer message option would be preferable.

Dyknow’s cost ranges from $10 – $2/student license billed annually.

9. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a classroom management system that focuses on positive reinforcement and parent contact. It’s good to be able to keep track of activities and display the kids’ and parents’ success and places for improvement.

You will not believe how the language of appreciation and reporting can be tailored to the demands of the classroom. Additionally, being able to show parent-child conversations as well as public messages is another added feature.

ClassDojo also helps parents in monitoring their children’s performance. This will help a lot, especially when you are busy as a parent and cannot attend school meetings. You can send a message to your child’s teacher and ask for updates.

This software allows you to provide students with real-time feedback on their actions, participation, and work. You can create separate classes for each term you teach. Your children can pick or choose from a variety of character portraits.

You have the option of customizing when and why students gain points. Moreover, you can use a projector to show whether pupils are winning or losing points.

There’s excellent sharing in classrooms, message forums, and post-student activities in the software’s unique portfolio. This makes it simple for parents to keep track of school activities and recall them.

The challenge in this app is that sometimes the emails sent are delayed.

ClassDojo’s cost starts from $7.99 per month.

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10. Socrative

The advantage of immediate feedback in the learning process can’t be ignored. For the classroom or the office, Socrative provides an efficient way to monitor and evaluate learning.

The monitoring and evaluation save time for educators while providing learners with fun and engaging interactions.

Learners will be actively engaged in fun activities involving the entire class in collaborative learning, such as the popular Space Race quiz, instead of watching the clock.

Socrative is an excellent software used in assessing in-class low-stakes formations. It enables the students to measure their understanding and estimate how the class is performing generally.

Do they understand and can you move on, or do you need to go over it again? It can be entered and exited multiple times during class without causing any disruption.

Socrative assists teachers in identifying areas where students require additional instruction allowing gaps in comprehension to be identified and filled as they arise.

The problem is that you can’t download the scores in bulk. You have to download one question at a time, which is time-consuming.

Socrative’s cost starts from $59.99 per year.

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11. LanSchool

LanSchool has been delivering purposeful technology in the hands of passionate instructors for over 30 years, thanks to Lenovo’s support.

LanSchool’s classroom management, filtering, and student safety solutions help students learn and collaborate more effectively and maximize teaching time while keeping kids and school networks safe.

It’s beneficial to monitor, limit the exposure, and share programs and pages on other displays from a central location. It greatly helps in the differentiation of a lecture because everyone is actively engaged in the subject.

Students will follow your routine in a little window by looking at your screen. You don’t have any issue when a student can’t focus on the monitor ahead of time due to lighting concerns or their classroom location.

One disadvantage of LanSchool is that scripting is too complicated to set up.

LanSchool’s pricing is customizable based on your needs.

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12. Edmodo

Edmodo helps students, instructors, parents, and administrators improve their learning skills. It allows learners to connect with people and consumers to realize their potential.

Edmodo is also the world’s largest learning network for students, instructors, and administrators in grades K-12. It can keep customers engaged throughout the learning process.

This educational tool provides a free administrator account for customers to activate, facilitating the speeding up of learning programs. It also gives badges to students who score high marks on evaluations.

Moreover, it provides a network that connects students, administrators, and parents through online classroom discussions.

Additionally, Edmodo assists students in creating polls and establishes a community network for improved learning and communication.

It also allows customization of the app by customers to meet their specific needs and keeps track of their progress. However, this software does not have a login feature that allows parents to supervise their children.

Edmodo is free for students and educators. But schools and other learning institutions may use it at $2500 per year. Customers can also benefit from the app’s free trial.

Assessment Software

13. Kahoot!

In organizations of any size, Kahoot! transforms presentations, training, and events into engaging experiences. Anyone can develop and deliver engaging learning experiences, known as kahoots, on any topic in minutes using Kahoot!

The exciting part about Kahoot! is how it keeps students engaged. They respond to queries and can see what their peers are saying. Furthermore, they compete with one another, yet in a pleasant manner.

The students are then motivated and interested in the subject of the class. Other teachers have also produced kahoots that you can view publicly and modify to your students’ lessons, making it a little easier for a teacher to put something together quickly.

The speed can be changed to meet the demands of the students. However, while using this app, it can be difficult to format math.

Kahoot! offers school and business pricing plans. The school plan has a free version and a pro version at $3 per teacher per month. There’s a premium version at $6 per teacher per month.

The business plans range between $17 to $59 per host per month for individuals and $14 to $39 per host per month for teams.

14. Canvas

Canvas is highly versatile and allows you to ‘paint’ whatever you want. It also allows natural connectivity to Office365 or Google out of the box, thanks to LTI compatibility and a good API.

You may design your personalized combination of learning, authoring, and evaluation tools using the hundreds of plug-in programs accessible on the marketplace.

With the help of a vast community, it’s simple and convenient to begin teaching. You’ll love the elegance with which third-party solutions, such as Zoom’s redirect, are included.

The default multi-level screen is also an added advantage. It’s very simple to navigate and update.

From both the classroom and the mainstream press, there are various ways to connect knowledge and the mainstream press.

A touch screen is similar to a blogging website that allows users to write and upload text or video. On the other hand, learners can graduate from their peers with the help of their teacher rubrics.

Canvas supports integrated learning outcomes, copy-paste HTTP links, LTI integration, and RSS support.

For a better user experience, it features an open API and integrates tools like Google Docs, Ether Pad, and media reporting.

It offers a content editor that allows users to customize their profiles according to their needs and analytics. However, canvas customization needs to be improved to promote customer experience.

The cost of Canvas per user per year is $22.50. It also provides customers with a free trial version.

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15. GoReact

GoReact is a skill development tool that uses interactive video evaluation software. It enhances human connection by providing accessible tools for collaborative learning and tailored feedback.

Also, learners record or live stream presentations, performances, and demonstrations using GoReact. The work is later evaluated by educators and peer reviewers using customized rubrics, markers, time-coded feedback, and other tools.

As a result, there is a higher level of involvement and faster skill development. There is also a feature that allows you to leave a comment through speaking and signing.

Additionally, the software makes uploading YouTube videos very simple. However, GoReact has not enabled email notifications for every time someone comments on your video.

GoReact’s pricing starts at $57 per user per year. Discounts may apply for at least 100 users.

Bottom Line

Online digital learning has widely influenced educational systems. Through every feature given in the learning platforms, we have seen how each of them has contributed to the learning sector.

This tool will help you if you want to boost your educational standards. Look for the best features and analyze the software above to make sure you do not install a program that is of no use to your field of work.

Sure enough, you will be able to choose a software that best fits your needs.

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