15 Best LearnWorlds Alternatives 2024

LearnWorlds is a platform that lets you create, sell, and promote your online courses. The tool is ideal for anyone looking to monetize their skills and experiences.

What’s exciting about this platform is that it lets you create an unlimited number of courses, offers mobile-responsive templates, and is multilingual.

LearnWorlds has an intuitive drag-and-drop feature, offers a 30-day free trial, supports extensive reporting and analytics, supports eCommerce, and has tons of integrations. It also has a mobile app builder that lets you build an app for Android or iOS and customize it for your brand.

Despite all these wonderful features, LearnWorlds fails to impress everyone. For instance, it doesn’t have the bulk upload functionality for courses, has no free plan, and is not so beginner-friendly. Not all plans offer a dedicated customer success manager which is another downside.

Luckily we have several LearnWorlds alternatives in the market that we can consider. In fact, I have listed some of the best below.

Check out what each one has to offer.

Best LearnWorlds Alternatives

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is an easy-to-use platform that lets you create courses for your team. You only need to drag and drop all media types to a built-in design. Add videos, documents, and presentations to the platforms.

It also lets you add xAPI, SCORM, or cmi5 files to ensure that the course remains interactive. Moreover, you can share content from other video platforms like Prezi, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and Slideshare.

If you wish to assess your team members, TalentLMS allows you to add assignments, tests, and surveys.

TalentLMS is an excellent platform for organizations. You can easily chart a learning path for your students, track their progress, and assign roles and responsibilities.

The beauty of using TalentLMS is that you can add your brand colors and logo to personalize the platform for your company.

Unlike LearnWorlds, Talent LMS has a free version that gives you access to 10 courses and allows up to five users. What’s more, you get unlimited email support with the free plan.

But if you want more features, check out their pricing page for paid plans. The available packages include Starter at $69/month, Basic at $149/ month, Plus at $279/month, and Premium at $459/month.

If you have more than 1000 users, you can contact their support to get a custom quote.

2. Thinkific

Thinkific is an online platform that lets you create online courses and sell them. The platform lets you create vibrant communities and earn extra by monetizing memberships.

The platform has impressive features that let you easily create your courses. They include:

Course builder – The feature comes with a drag-and-drop function that you can easily use to create your course, and you do not need coding knowledge to do this.

Self-paced and scheduled classes – Students can learn at their own pace or choose to go at the speed of their peers.

Live lessons – The options add variety to your teaching methods.

Completion certificates – Upon completion, students get certificates and the platform also incorporates quizzes and assignments to assess students’ progress.

Multimedia lessons – Thinkific lets you add interactive files, videos, and externally-hosted content to enrich your course content.

Communities – You can create communities that bring in your students and let them engage with each other and with you.

Thinkific App Store – You can access over 80 apps on the store, which aim to enrich your course content, enhance your experience, and improve your marketing.

Thinkific has a free plan that lets you access incredible features. The free version enables you to create one course. You also get one community, one administrator, unlimited students, email, and chat support. In contrast, LearnWorlds’ plans are paid.

If you wish to create unlimited courses with Thinkific, you can purchase their most popular package, the Grow plan, at $149 per month. You can also select other packages from their pricing page, including the Start plan at $ 74/month and the Expand plan at $374/month.

3. Docebo

Docebo is an AI-based learning suite that lets you create and manage content, deliver training materials, and assess the impact of your training.

Docebo has several learning tools that you can select based on your needs. Here are the top ones:

Shape – It lets you create content within minutes. You can easily convert resources into short learning and engaging pills in multiple formats.

Content – The Docebo platform aims to attract, upskill, and retrain your team members. This tool ensures that you always have fresh content for your team members. You can efficiently collate information from various sources and partner with other content creators.

Learn LMS – If you want to create audience-specific pages, the Learn LMS feature has drag-and-drop functionalities that let you quickly do that. The feature also has free extensions like eCommerce, automation, certifications, audit trails, custom domains, and gamification to enhance your experience.

You can also ease the impact of your learning programs using Docebo’s Learn Impact features. Docebo has ready-to-go questionnaires, optimized surveys, next-step actions, and built-in reporting.

The learning analytics feature gives you a deeper understanding of your learning programs so that you can improve your business. The learning feature analytics is what makes Docebo stand out from LearnWorlds.

The Docebo learning suite has many features, which is why their price is customized based on your needs. Contact their experts on the contact form provided on their pricing page for a custom price for your business.

4. Tovuti LMS

The Tovuti LMS is the software you can create and disseminate online learning experiences.

If you want to create an e-learning platform, then this platform will let you create lessons and courses to ensure a linear learning program for your students, complete with assessments.

Tovuti LMS also offers coaching support to new users to help them get started. The platform has a tutorial library with instructions for new and experienced users. In addition, you will get access to professional services that enhance your usage of the platform.

The administration feature in Tovuti LMS lets you create reports, build memberships, track learners’ progress, and use KPI dashboards to easily monitor your business’ performance.

Tovuti LMS comes with Zapier integration and an open API, Single Signal on (SAML & OAuth 2.0), to enhance communication across other platforms.

You can also schedule your emails, set reminders, and create pop-up alerts using Tovuti LMS if you wish to further customize your brand by changing logos and colors to make the Tovuti LMS interface look like your organization’s brand.

The gamification feature of Tovuti LMS makes learning fun. Learners can compete to earn leaderboards and award badges. Besides, you can include games inside the lesson to improve content delivery. LearnWorlds doesn’t have this feature.

To get started on Tovuti LMS, look at their plans on the pricing page. You will then choose your plans based on the number of users, including 50 users at $775/month, 250 users at $945/month, 500 users at $1325/month, and 1500 users at $1925/month.

Other plans include the Enterprise, which includes more than 1500 users, and the Federal plans. You will contact the company for a customized price for these two plans.

5. Udemy Business

Udemy Business is a platform that offers customized learning experiences. This platform stands out because it has courses that are already customized. Hence, you will choose from the 16,000+ courses available on the platform.

Udemy Business lets you select appropriate courses for your team members so that you can use them to engage, develop, and retrain the team. With this, you should be able to boost your team’s productivity. Also, you can incorporate wellness programs to improve their well-being.

You can customize the learning experience by utilizing integrated solutions offering cohort, immersive, and on-demand learning. These customization options give Udemy Business an edge over LearnWorlds.

To access Udemy Business, you will select from the three plans available on their pricing page. You must contact the sales team for pricing to access the enterprise and the leadership development program plans.

You can also purchase the Team plan at $360 per user per year.

6. LearnDash

Another LearnWorlds alternative to consider is LearnDash.

LearnDash is a learning management system for WordPress that you can use to create impressive learning courses. It comes with a drag-and-drop course builder, so you can easily create course content.

LearnDash has a focus mode that allows learners to learn in a distraction-free environment.

Also, the advanced quizzing feature of LearnDash helps you to create meaningful questions and assessments. You can create any of the eight question types with LearnDash, including multiple-choice, single-choice, free text, survey, filling in the blank, essay, matching, and sorting.

The assessment features on LearnDash have advanced options to enhance your quizzing experiences. You can insert media and show all assessment questions at once.

Also, you can limit attempts, randomize questions, block progression, set time limits, and provide hints. LearnWorlds doesn’t have these functionalities.

Learners can easily engage with LearnDash by setting automated notifications and engaging in discussion forums. The platform lets you award badges and certificates. You can also award course points and utilize leaderboards to motivate learners.

LearnDash comes with sophisticated marketing and sales options to sell your course quickly. Different and popular apps have been integrated into the platform to enhance user experience. LearnDash has integrated Slack, Paypal, Zapier, Gravity, GamiPress, and Mailchimp.

If you are looking for a platform that easily integrates with WordPress websites, then LearnDash is the right app.

To access the features of LearnDash, you can visit their pricing page to select the version that works for you. You can purchase the WordPress plug-in at $199/year for one, $300/year for up to 10 sites, and $799/year for multiple sites.

You can also purchase the LearnDash Cloud, a complete website, at $29/month.

7. Lessonly by Seismic

Lessonly by Seismic is an easy-to-use platform that you can use to enhance your team’s performance through training and coaching.

You can use Lessonly by Seismic to create lessons for your team and skyrocket their productivity. The platform lets you collect course materials from various sources.

You can create interactive courses, simulate real-life experiences, and use video recordings and role plays to enhance learning for your team.

Lessonly by Seismic also comes with a function that lets learners practice what they have learned. You can also assign coaches to teams to enhance sales and use it as a plan to highlight knowledge gaps. I haven’t seen this feature on LearnWorlds.

Lessonly by Seismic allows for both in-person and online training.

Contact their sales team to get a demo or purchase a plan for your company.

8. Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn gives educators pedagogical autonomy. Educators can engage their learners and track activities inside and outside the classroom.

It allows educators to select and utilize best teaching practices. Educators can also choose online classes and physical classrooms or use hybrid models.

With Blackboard Learn, you can integrate other teaching technology because the platform is built with tools, data access, and integrations that make joining other platforms easy.

The platform also makes student assessment easy. You can use anti-plagiarism and other accessibility tools to engage best and assess students. Blackboard Learn sets a clear learning path so learners and educators can track their progress on the app.

Educators can also offer personalized support to their students using the Blackboard assist feature. This feature makes Blackboard Learn stand out from LearnWorlds.

You can try the 30-day free trial of Blackboard Learn. You can also purchase a personalized version of Blackboard Learn by contacting the support team.

9. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos develops e-learning solutions for companies. It has an easy-to-use learning management system, comprehensive learning, and SAP Litmos training.

The beauty of SAP Litmos is that you can easily integrate it into your company’s ecosystem so that learning can be part of the organization’s culture. It comes with security features, including a built-in firewall, and is GDPR-compliant to ensure that data is encrypted.

SAP Litmos has a robust reporting system that allows the company to measure and influence performance. The system can track course completion and test content popularity to guide you in selecting the best approach for your company.

You can access training anywhere, 24/7, even when they are offline. It has integrated over 35 languages to allow learners to select their preferred language of learning.

SAP Litmos has an inbuilt tool so learners with disabilities can utilize the platform. On the other hand, you will have to integrate an external tool into LearnWorlds to make it friendly for learners with disabilities.

The app has different plans, including the SAP Litmos LMS, SAP Litmos Course, and a package that combines both SAP Litmos LMS and Courses. You can check their pricing page to request prices for your preferred package.

10. Instructure

Instructure allows you to deliver engaging learning experiences because it has features that will enable you to design your curriculum and instructions.

The platform has everything in one place, including course content, quizzes, grades, data, and insights. Instructure also lets learners interact with their peers and instructors. Because of the features available on the app in person, online, and blended learning is supported.

You can also download a mobile application to access the learning materials on Instructure anytime and anywhere.

If you want an e-learning app with a free plan, then Instructure is for you. LearnWorlds, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a free plan.

Their free plan lets you create instruction-based content, including assignments and quizzes. You also get personalized learning with this plan and can integrate third-party applications and use the Canvas Mobile App suite.

You can contact Instructure support if you wish to purchase paid plans.

11. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a platform that inspires and promotes business productivity through learning. This platform empowers companies to train their staff with the skills needed to make them more productive. On the other hand, LearnWorlds lets anyone create and sell online courses.

The platform combines technologies to improve learning experiences by promoting content retention and learner engagement.

Absorb LMS comes with Snowflake’s intuitive design that lets you gain instant access to data. It also analyzes the data to gain insight into relevant information for your company.

The AI-powered platform also comes with content libraries. It can integrate with apps like Zoom, Namely, Webex, Oracle, and Microsoft to ensure users have all they need for effective learning.

To get a customized price for your company, go to the Absorb LMS pricing page and answer the questions on the site.

12. Eurekos LMS

Eurekos is an online tool that lets you create engaging and interactive content online. You can use the tool to deliver learning continent to your clients through platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Adobe, or any app of your choosing.

It has drag-and-drop features, an intuitive interface, and more than 40 customizable interactive learning tools to help you create excellent learning content.

With more than 100 languages, you can tailor your course content for a global audience. In contrast, LearnWorlds has only 10 languages.

You can customize the features on the platform according to interface, messages, emails, and buttons to enhance user experience.

Eurekos has a feature that allows in-person training. You also get documentation, webinars, and live online training on Eurekos.

You can try out the free personalized demo. However, contact support to purchase a premium version of Eurekos.

13. Cornerstone

Another similar platform to LearnWorlds is Cornerstone.

Cornerstone LMS is a learning management service platform for modern workforces. It offers a learning platform for businesses to enhance skills and knowledge across development, careers, and mobility.

It comes with AI-powered experiences that offer personalized learning. You will be able to access learning content from different fields and for different skill sets. Additionally, you can assess how your team is performing using the performance management systems on the platform.

The Cornerstone LMS is also a great human resource tool. You can use it during recruitment and onboarding. You can also use analytics to select and reward employees.

The platform is organization-focused, unlike LearnWorlds, which helps you create and sell online courses to your target audience.

Contact their support team to book a demo for your organization.

14. eFront LMS

eFront LMS is a platform that supports complex learning ecosystems. The highly customizable platform allows you to choose between on-premise or private cloud hosting. You can also take charge of your security and resources on the platform.

Also, eFront LMS has a web-friendly web builder that allows you to match the interface with your company’s designs.

The e-learning platform is also mobile-optimized so that users can choose between devices.

You can purchase different eFront LMS plans on their pricing page. They have other packages, including Business at $1000/year, Enterprise at $1500/year, and Large enterprise at $2500/year. You can also get a tailored custom plan based on your needs.

In eFront LMS, all the plans come with a dedicated customer success manager, which differs from LearnWorlds, where only the Learning Center and Corporate plans have a dedicated customer success manager.

15. Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is another LearnWorlds alternative that allows you to create high-quality educational content for your company. You can create course content on Academy of Mine by uploading SCORM 2004 and 1.2 or create the courses directly on the platform.

The platform offers self-paced courses that include PowerPoint, videos, HTML, SCORM, surveys, quizzes, and assignments. You can also host real-time classes with instructor-led training features in virtual classrooms.

The app also lets you complete virtual classrooms, each with its administrators in charge of enrollment, reporting, and administration.

Academy of Mine tracks learners’ progress using quiz scores, certificate records, and how much time a learner is spending per module.

The platform lets you connect to your favorite tools using API and integrations. You can connect to Facebook, Google Analytics, Zoom meetings, Go Webinar, Go To Training, Single Sign On, and Custom JavaScript.

You can sell your course continent with Academy of Mine on customizable shopfronts. You can also connect to eCommerce platforms like Shopify. You can also accept payment using Braintree, Stripe, Authorize.net, and PayPal.

Academy of Mine is created for various industries, including academics, large enterprises, public administrators, and small businesses. LearnWorlds, on the other hand, is not industry-specific but mostly targets online trainers and educators.

You can purchase a plan on their pricing page. Select from the Essential or Professional plan at $599 and $999 per month, respectively. You can also get an Enterprise price that comes with custom pricing.

Final Word

My best LearnWorlds alternative is TalentLMS. The platform was built for training success and can efficiently be utilized by teams and companies.

TalentLMS is highly customizable. You can change the interface to match your company’s. Also, you can easily manage teams while still feeling like you are right at home. The user interface is also intuitive, meaning you do not need to be an expert.

With TalentLMS, you get excellent training experiences for your team, customers, partners, and employees too.

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