15 Best Course Hero Alternatives 2024

Course Hero is a platform where students can access study materials and get homework help. Also, teachers can offer their services and make money.

The platform further offers a service for educators, letting them access case studies, lectures, syllabi, sample assignments, and many more. With over 100 million materials and over 20 million student users, it’s no question that Course Hero is popular.

Course Hero is not the only platform of its kind. Studypool, Brainscape, StudyDaddy are some good alternatives to try. Though the best Course Hero alternative is Chegg because of its great features.

Why discover alternative platforms?

On Course Hero, to access the contents, students have to pay up to $39 per month. This expensive pricing is one of the major cons of the platform.

The most affordable option is the annual plan which costs $9.95 per month, but you’ll pay $119.40 for 12 months at once.

Some teachers who use Course Hero also complain that the pay is low. The platform states that teachers can make up to $1,500 per month, but the amount is exclusive to top-tier tutors.

These are some reasons you may want to use a Course Hero alternative, and for that, you’re on the right page.

Check out some of the top alternative platforms to Course Hero below.

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Best Course Hero Alternatives

1. Chegg

Chegg is a far more popular platform than Course Hero, especially for homework help. The platform features expert questions and answers, step-by-step explanations, and study materials.

Chegg, however, is more prevalent among math students. In particular, the platform features an online math solver.

With Chegg, you can rent, buy, or sell books. Not to mention, Chegg also offers textbook solutions.

Interestingly, Chegg offers 24/7 homework help. With Chegg, you get replies to your homework question within 30 to 46 minutes.

Other tools you can access with Chegg include a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, citations, and expert proofreading. These tools are invaluable if you’re preparing a project or other publication.

You pay less for Chegg than Course Hero. While the Course Hero monthly plan costs over $39, Chegg Study and Study Pack plans cost $14.95 and $19.95 per month, respectively.

Find out the best alternatives to Chegg in this post.

2. Quizlet

Quizlet features many learning tools and flashcards. However, the best thing about the platform is that many of its tools and flashcards are available for free.

Consequently, Quizlet is a cost-effective alternative to Course Hero. You can upgrade to Quizlet Plus for $35.99 per year, about 70 percent less than Course Hero’s annual plan.

Notably, Quizlet features step-by-step explanations to study problems. The platform features explanations in more than 64 subjects, so you’ll likely find solutions for your course.

Quizlet solutions and explanations are the work of experts, which means you can trust them.

The use of flashcards makes Quizlet easy to use, potentially easier than using Course Hero, but it depends on your learning pattern.

Quizlet features a mobile app for Android and iPhone so that you can learn and study on the go. Furthermore, teachers can use Quizlet to prepare class content for their students.

Check out the top alternatives to Quizlet here.

3. Studypool

If you primarily use Course Hero for solving homework, Studypool is an alternative you should check out, although there’s more.

Studypool features solved homework questions from over 12 subjects, including mathematics, computer science, engineering, writing, programming, law, and more.

Most of these subjects have up to 20 sub-subjects. In comparison, Course Hero only features seven main subjects with over eight sub-subjects for most.

You’ll find more than 20 million homework help resources from Studypool and thousands of book guides on different academic titles.

StudyPool isn’t free. Pricing starts at $19.95 monthly, and you can pay $4.95 monthly with the annual plan. It’s less expensive than Course Hero, but know that these prices change from time to time.

Studypool lets you upload your school materials to help others.

Notably, the top student earner on the platform has made over $80,000.

Studypool will make a good Course Hero alternative if you’re a tutor. Tutors on the platform can make up to $7,000 monthly.

4. Brainscape

Brainscape is another Course Hero alternative that facilitates learning using flashcards. You can find or make flashcards in a plethora of subjects than other entries on this list.

The best thing about the Brainscape platform is its mobile app. Aside from letting you learn on the go, it enables you to track your learning progress, and you can share your flashcards with other users.

As a teacher, tutor, or educational institution, you can use Brainscape to curate content for your students. It allows flexible content and authoring as multiple people can contribute in real time.

Brainscape isn’t limited to academics. It also features a solution for companies, an option you won’t get on Course Hero.

Companies can use Brainscape to create digital flashcards to foster employee training.

Brainscape has two account plans; a free plan and a pro plan. As you’d expect, the free plan costs $0 per month, while the pro plan costs $5 per month.

You can use its free plan without missing any essential features as a student. The main advantage of the pro plan is that you can access unlimited cards.

5. Quizizz

Quizizz is described as “the world’s most engaging learning platform.” In essence, it’s a platform for schools, students, and teachers. In addition, it’s also a platform for work.

From its features, Quizizz isn’t ideal for homework help and textbook solutions.

Instead, it is suitable for students who need study resources in specific subjects and for tutors and teachers who want to create content for students.

Quizizz lets students learn by creating interactive quizzes and lessons. The platform is popular as over 50 million people from different parts of the world use it.

When you log in as a student, you’ll find many pre-made quizzes on different subjects.

The subjects aren’t different from what’s on Course Hero, as you’ll find quizzes on math, English, languages, science, creative arts, and social studies.

Notably, you don’t pay to use Quizizz as a student. You can access the quizzes and interactive lessons for free, which is the platform’s main advantage over Course Hero.

However, you must pay to use Quizizz as a school or teacher.

6. Shmoop

Shmoop is another noteworthy entry on this list. Unlike other Course Hero alternatives, Shmoop offers services for parents, students, teachers, and schools.

Shmoop matches Course Hero when it comes to studying resources. With Shmoop, you can access study guides on different subjects, including literature, poetry, history, math, biology, history, and more.

As a student, you can use these study guides and access videos, quotes, and grammar resources.

Conversely, Shmoop focuses more on high schools. You can access more than 400 high school courses as a teacher or school. The platform also features AP courses to help high school students prepare for college.

Notably, Shmoop integrates with many popular learning management systems (LMS). If your school doesn’t have an LMS, there’s a native one to use.

Shmoop’s Student and Teacher plans cost $14.99 per month and $150 per year.

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7. Edureka

Edureka is a popular e-learning platform with hundreds of courses. Although both are learning platforms, Edureka and Course Hero differ in many ways.

Edureka isn’t a platform for acquiring textbook solutions or homework help. Instead, you get access to full-length courses in different disciplines, especially in tech fields.

However, Edureka is invaluable as a Course Hero alternative for tutors. The platform offers one of the most streamlined solutions for teaching people online and making money.

You can tutor on the Edureka platform if you have in-depth knowledge about a particular field. The platform has a relatively rigorous selection process to ensure that only the best tutors are onboarded.

Edureka doesn’t feature monthly or annual subscriptions for students. Courses on the platform have individual prices, and you pay just once to buy them.

Note that courses on Edureka are relatively expensive – most cost over $1,000 – which is why it isn’t the best alternative for students.

Nevertheless, a handful of free courses come with the paid courses, so you get your money’s worth.

8. Numerade

Imagine using Course Hero, but instead of solutions and answers in text form, you get video lessons – that’s Numerade.

Numerade features over two million videos from expert educators, solving and explaining textbook problems, concepts, questions, and many more. Notably, most of these videos are on STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses.

More than 50,000 experts supply content to Numerade from globally renowned universities like Standford, UCSB, Duke, Georgia Tech, and Emory.

In essence, you can type in your question or upload an image and get answers quickly with Numerade.

However, Numerade already features an in-depth library of videos, so you can quickly search to find your desired solution. Numerade further features bootcamps, test preps, and an ask directory.

As a student, you’ll find Numerade fun to use with the Study Party option. It lets you connect with other students worldwide in live study rooms.

As a premium platform, you can use Numerade free for thirty days if you are a new user.

Afterward, you either pay $12.99 per month or $109.80 per year. Either way, Numerade is more affordable than Course Hero.

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9. Valore Books

One of Course Hero’s key strengths is its textbook solutions. If that’s what draws you to the platform, Valore Books is an ideal alternative option to consider.

Valore Books gives you access to millions of textbooks at unbelievably affordable prices. You can rent or buy textbooks, and if you have books you no longer use, you can sell them and make money.

Nevertheless, Valore Books is an education marketplace. You’ll find cheap textbooks from different sellers, and it’s up to you to choose a seller you prefer.

Notably, you don’t need to create an account to use Valore Books. You only need your email address, and you’ll get an order number afterward for tracking your purchase.

The best thing about Valore Books is that you don’t pay for shipping with most of the sellers. However, it takes around 4 to 14 days to get your order. If you pay for priority shipping, you can get your book within three to five days.

Furthermore, if there’s anything wrong with your textbook, you can return it and get a full refund.

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10. Bartleby

On Bartleby, you can post homework questions to get answers, access textbook solutions, and proofread your papers and publications.

Interestingly, Bartleby features six main subjects which include business, engineering, language, math, science, and social science.

Bartleby features over eight million step-by-step solved homework and textbook solutions. As a result, you may not need to post a new one, as your homework may already be in the database.

The Bartley Write feature is one of the best features you can get with Bartleby. It’s an AI-powered writing tool that incorporates a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and citation builder.

As an affordable Course Hero alternative, the Bartleby platform costs just $9.99 per month, although the price can change anytime.

In addition, as a new user, you can access the platform for a week for $4.99 before switching to the monthly plan.

11. Khan Academy

To use Course Hero, you pay $9.95 per month or $119.40 per year. To use Khan Academy, you pay $0 for life.

Khan Academy is one of the best free learning platforms on the internet, with solutions for learners, teachers, and parents.

The content you find on Khan Academy is made available by experts in various disciplines. However, most content on Khan Academy revolves around math and science.

Khan Academy features pre-K to eighth-grade courses, high school, and college. It covers a broader learning community than Course Hero.

Notably, Khan Academy features many AP courses, including calculus, statistics, computer science, chemistry, biology, economics, environmental science, physics, and more.

Khan Academy makes learning fun for students with mastery points. The more you learn, the more mastery points you gain, which is an evaluation of your knowledge of the course.

Tutors can sign up with Khan Academy, create classes, and share the codes for students to join.

However, you can’t earn as a tutor on Khan Academy – everything is done and received for free.

12. Skooli

Skooli is a platform for professional educators. As a result, it’s a Course Hero alternative geared towards tutors. Nevertheless, the platform offers solutions for students.

Skooli isn’t limited to tutors and students alone. In fact, it offers a solution to schools. The platform further has exclusive solutions for parents and organizations.

Students using Skooli can access one-on-one lectures from tutors, get homework help, and several student resources. Besides, the platform features resources for colleges, middle schools, high schools, and elementary schools.

Skooli is a Course Hero alternative to check out if you’re particular about pricing. The platform features a pay-as-you-go pricing model, so every penny you spend is accounted for.

You have four pricing plans to choose from, including the Starter, Genius, Mastermind, and Einstein plans. The Starter plan begins at $0.82 per minute, and you can stop payment anytime.

The other plans, however, have limited hours they run. For example, the Einstein plan costs $0.65 per minute but should run for a minimum of 32 hours.

Ultimately, Skooli’s pricing scheme depends on how much you use the platform.

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13. Answers

Answers, previously known as WikiAnswers, is one of the best Course Hero alternatives for homework help and textbook solutions.

The platform features ten principal subjects which include math, science, history, arts & humanities, social studies, business, engineering & tech, nursing, boating, and sports.

Also, Answers features more subcategories, while the platform works like a community.

With Course Hero, you’re guaranteed to get answers from experts only. However, anyone can contribute solutions to questions you ask on Answers. Nevertheless, many subject professionals use the platform; therefore, you can count on the solutions you get.

In addition to questions, you can also access study guides on Answers. You can also access a flashcard maker and math solver.

Unlike Course Hero, you won’t pay to use Answers. You only need virtual points to post questions; you can earn these points by contributing solutions to others’ questions.

Hence, the platform helps you learn in dual ways – by getting answers and providing answers.

14. Plexuss

Plexuss is well-known as a student opportunity network for finding the best schools and scholarship offers. However, the platform has one of the best homework helpers on the internet.

It’s a platform you can switch to if you’re dropping Course Hero because of its expensive pricing. Posting questions and getting answers on Plexuss is free.

You can publish homework questions on 12 different subjects on Plexuss. Solutions come from both experts and students like you. Notably, an answer from an expert is marked, so you can quickly identify it.

Another invaluable feature you get on Plexuss is one-to-one tutoring. However, the service is offered on a sister platform – Unlimited Tutoring – and is relatively expensive, costing $99.95 per month.

Nevertheless, you can interact with a tutor in real-time at any time; a feature you won’t get with the Course Hero tutor platform.

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15. StudyDaddy

StudyDaddy works in three steps. First, you post a question, second, you pick a tutor, and third, you get help. Like most Course Hero alternatives on this list, it’s primarily a homework help platform.

StudyDaddy keeps you in constant contact with your preferred tutors via LiveChat. The tutors on StudyDaddy are just as good as those on Course Hero, as most are Masters and Ph.D. holders.

Although Course Hero and StudyDaddy are premium platforms, they follow different pricing models.

With Course Hero, there are monthly and yearly plans to select. With StudyDaddy, you only pay tutors the individual prices they set to get their help – there are no recurring subscriptions.

When you post a question, different tutors with solutions will reach out with different prices. You then choose a tutor whose price you can afford.

Conversely, suppose you’re an expert in your field. In that case, you can join StudyDaddy as a tutor and get paid by students when you provide solutions to questions.

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Bottom Line

Listed above are some of the best Course Hero alternatives that can help students learn and get good grades.

While you can go for any that suits your learning style, I’ll recommend Chegg as the best Course Hero alternative due to its superior features, customer support, and affordable pricing schemes.

Chegg also offers helpful tools for students such as a grammar checker, citation generator, and plagiarism checker.

Happy learning!

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