15 Best NameMesh Alternatives 2023

Best NameMesh Alternatives

Do you want to launch a new business, company, blog, or website? If yes, know that choosing the right domain name is very critical. Already, there are so many registered domain names; more than 363 million registrations, according to BusinessWire.

With so many domains, the domain name you have in mind might be taken. Trying to come up with a new one can be a puzzle. This is why tools like NameMesh exist; to help you find the right domain name without doing much. You only need to perform a simple search with keywords.

Unfortunately, the NameMesh website has gone offline, leaving users wondering what happened. Fortunately, there are many sites like NameMesh such as Name|Grep, One Word Domains, and Namewink. However, the best NameMesh alternative is NameQL which is fast, and simple to use. It shows up countless relevant results in fraction of a second. 

Here we find more about these alternatives.

Best NameMesh Alternatives

1. NameQL

NameQL is a free and simple NameMesh alternative that helps you find a great domain name. It takes just milliseconds to sort through thousands of .com domains and presents the best ones according to your search. To use NameQL, you just need to search for any keyword or phrase.

As you type, the tool comes up with suggestions instantly. From the list, you can identify domains that are unavailable as they’ll be crossed out. For instance, if you search for “Facebook”, the Facebook.com domain, which is taken, will display as Facebook.

You can switch to the next page by clicking the forward arrow at the right of the screen. Conversely, you can switch to the previous plan by clicking the backward arrow at the left of the screen. Once you find an ideal domain name, click on it and you’ll get a popup window.

From the popup, you can choose to buy the domain or save it for later. The website is a BlueHost affiliate, so if you choose to buy, you’ll be redirected to the BlueHost website. If you choose to save, you can find the domains anytime by clicking on the Saved option in the menu.

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2. Name|Grep

Name|Grep is hosted by DigitalOcean. This is an ideal NameMesh alternative to use if you value privacy. Name|Grep will not track or store any of your search information. In addition, the platform generates very accurate domain names.

Once you type in your ideal keyword, you get a limited number of domains depending on what’s available. You can use the filters to set the domain length and select a particular TLD. Currently, the TLD domains Name|Grep support includes .com, .net, .org, .co, and .up.

There are also advanced filters. For example, you can select just consonants, vowels, phonetics, constellations, planets, zodiac, countries, tech, and city-related domain names to name a few.

Also, you can create sets – curated lists of related items that can be used to bootstrap the search for your domain name. This makes the domain generating process a lot efficient. You can click on any domain name to add it to your watchlist. This will be saved for later.

If you wish to buy the domain, simply click on the domain extension you’re interested in. You’ll be redirected to a domain vendor where you make the purchase.

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3. One Word Domains

If you need a one-word domain, this is one of the best NameMesh alternatives you can use. One-word domains are known to be very brandable. The platform uses machine learning and flexible filters to help you come up with the best one-word domain.

One Word Domains feature a database of more than 1370k domains across 90 TLDs. However, since most .com one-word domains are already taken, most of the domains available are other TLDs domains like .io, .live, .inc, .app, .co, etc. You can still find .com domains regardless.

To use the platform, enter a keyword in the top search bar. You’ll get all available TLDs for that keyword. You can click on related keywords to find other similar domains. From the domain list, you can click the Buy Now button to purchase the domain name from Namecheap.

Unlike NameMesh, One Word Domains isn’t completely free. The free option gives you access to a limited domain list. You have to subscribe to get the full package. The pricing plans include:

  • À La Carte Plan: $9 per month
  • Set Meal Plan: $29 per month
  • All-You-Can-Eat Plan: $49 per month

You can get 60 percent off all plans if you opt for an annual payment.

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4. Namewink

Namewink is more of a business name generator than a domain name generator. Nevertheless, you can generate names for your business, startup, company, app, blog, website, or any project. It’s one of the best NameMesh alternatives for brandable names.

It’s very simple to use. Enter a keyword, set the filters, and click on Create Names. The secret to finding the right domain/business name is by setting the right filters.

The first option is the Business/Industry. You can select a particular industry or allow the tool to auto-detect the industry from the keyword.

Next, you set the TLD. Namewink features almost every TLD there is; you’ll find the popular ones a-top the list including .com, .io, .co, .org, .net, and .app. Going further, you have to set the Fusion Logic.

You either set your keyword to come first or come last, or you use the Fusion AI which is recommended.

Finally, you select the preferred registrar where you would like to buy the domain. Namewink is an affiliate partner for Namecheap, GoDaddy, and Domain.com. You can then click on Create Names.

It takes a few seconds to bring up a list of available domains with each domain name in a different section. Once you find an ideal domain, click on Get It Now to purchase.

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5. NameBounce

With NameBounce, you can find unique domain and business names in just seconds. The domain generator website was launched in 2009 and has users from about 200 different countries.

Like most other NameBounce alternatives, you just need to enter a keyword, select a domain extension, then click on Go. From the domain results page, you can filter the domains according to length and syllables. Also, you can set the domain’s term to start or end with your keyword.

You get an almost endless list of domains with NameBounce. If you find a domain you’re interested in, click on it and you’ll be redirected to Domain.com where you can buy it. NameBounce doesn’t feature the option to save domains for later.

NameBounce is free but it has a Plus option – The Business Naming Tool Kit – if you need full access. This Plus option is available via Teachable.com and costs $47 USD. However, you can get it at a discount now for just $27 USD.

Aside from the domain name generator, NameBounce features other exclusive tools like the YouTube Name Generator, Blog Name Generator, and StartUp Name Generator; you can still use any of these.

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6. Namelix

Namelix is a website you can use to generate short brandable names for your website and business. You can easily filter the results to get the best and also save the names for future recommendations.

From the Namelix homepage, enter your ideal domain keyword and click on Generate. On the next page, select the length of your domain – Short (3-6 letters), Medium (6-12 letters), Long Names (12+ letters).

Next, you have to choose the name style. You can either go for brandable names, multiple words, non-English words, compound words, misspellings, real words, rhyming words, or person names. Clearly, you have a lot of options with this NameMesh alternative.

Click on Generate one final time and the website will load with results. What you get are visual results, like logos.

When you click on any image, you’ll see if the domain is available and how much you can register for it. To save a name for later, simply click on the Love icon.

Namelix works with several domain registrars, including BrandBucket and Namecheap. You can easily buy a domain from any of them.

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7. Looka

If you need a NameMesh alternative for business names, you can use Looka. It’s an AI-powered tool that lets you generate business names according to different criteria. For example, you can generate business names by abstract idea or by industry.

You can easily click on any of the abstract ideas or industries featured on the homepage. Otherwise, enter keywords in the provided space. Looka allows you to enter more than one keyword using commas.

Also, you have to set the name length – from 0 to 20+ characters. Looka generates business names in real time. As you type your keywords and adjust the word length, you get the results below the search bar.

Looka is a NameMesh alternative that delivers insights. When you click on any domain name, you get the search volume; this will help you know if a business name is popular or not.

You can also view domain availability. Looka will list out all available domain extensions with the business name. With one click, you can purchase the domain from Domain.com.

Furthermore, you can view alternative domain availability, check the name’s online reputation, and social media availability, among others.

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8. DeepNamer

Here’s another AI-powered NameMesh alternative.

DeepnNamer exists to help you save time in selecting a domain or business name. You just have to describe your ideal domain with a keyword and allow the AI to suggest the best names for you.

You can then choose the best name from the best names and either purchase the domain or share the results with your team. From the search results, you can sort by .com or other TLDs.

This NameMesh alternative has a unique feature with Live sorting. Live sorting allows you to sort the results in real time; you can sort from shorter to superior domain names.

You can share domains you like with others on Facebook, Twitter, or email. You can also just copy the link. Also, you can export all results or selected domains in a single file.

You can benefit a lot from the DeepNamer free plan. However, you can skip searching and simply purchase any of DeepNamer’s premium domain names. From the premium domain page, you can search for an ideal domain with keywords, by TLD, by category, and by price.

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9. InkForAll

InkForAll is a popular SEO platform and it features one of the best domain name generators. Using AI, InkForAll will generate ideal domain names without you doing much. The platform works differently from other NameMesh alternatives.

With InkForAll, you don’t have to just enter a keyword. You’re to write a description about your business in not less than 35 characters.

However, you must create an account before you can use this NameMesh alternative. You can easily create an account using your Google or Facebook account.

After entering your business description, click on create and the AI will generate results. InkForAll doesn’t affiliate with any domain registrar, hence, you can buy domains directly. You can only copy the domain name. You can also save your favorite domain names.

You can only run five domain name searches with InkForAll for free. There are premium plans available to get the full package. The plans include:

  • InkForAll Pro: $35 per month
  • InkForAll Pro Unlimited: $99 per month

If you pay annually, you get the first two months for free.

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10. NameKrea

NameKrea focuses on generating creative and SEO-optimized domain names with AI. It’s a 100 percent free NameMesh alternative created by Data Scientists, deep learning engineers, and digital marketers. To use NameKrea, simply describe your dream website name with at least two keywords.

The domain generator loads in less than two seconds and delivers a result of five domain names. You can click Generate More to generate the next five domains and so on. There’s no limit to the number of times you can generate more.

NameKrea doesn’t only help you generate a business name, it also generates a heading for you. Hence, with this NameMesh alternative, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

With an SEO-optimized domain name and headline, your website will rank higher in search engines and you’ll get more visitors. From the search result, you can either copy the domain and heading or purchase the domain from Namesilo, Namecheap, or Domain.com.

11. Namecheap Beast Mode

Namecheap is one of the most popular domain registrars. Most NameMesh alternatives listed in this article will redirect you to Namecheap to buy domains. With Namecheap Beast Mode, you can find game-changing domains.

Notably, Namecheap Beast Mode is very mobile-friendly and how it works is very simple. Enter your keywords – you can enter as many keywords as you want – and choose your ideal domain extension. As an international domain registrar, you can find almost any domain extension in Beast Mode.

Furthermore, you can expand your search results by selecting options like Use Domain Hacks, Drop Last Vowel, Pluralize Nouns, Show Premium, and more. Finally, click on Generate and you’ll get your domain results.

With Domain Hacks, you get unique expressions of your company name as a domain. Also, you can easily find alternative domain names with Namecheap Beast Mode and use collaboration mode to share your results with others.

You can add any domain you like from the results to your cart and purchase right away. The domains are usually listed according to price with the most expensive coming first.

12. Domain Scout

At number 12, we have Domain Scout. Domain Scout does a lot more than most other NameMesh alternatives. For example, you can search for expired domains, spin keywords, use domain hacks, and monitor domains.

You can start using Domain Scout for free by creating an account. You can start generating domains even if you have no keywords in mind. With the Keyword Spinner, you can combine your keywords with other keywords to form new ones.

The expired domain search is an advantage since thousands of domains expire every day, including premium ones. Domain Scout monitors expired domains from various sources and you can sort them to find an ideal name for your business.

To use the domain name generator, select the name length and extension and click on Generate. The tool will generate random, brandable, and keyword domains. You can directly register domains with GoDaddy, Namecheap, Domain.com, Name.com, and more.

The Domain Scout free plan won’t allow you to monitor domains, view advanced domain stats, or access Moz Data. These are advanced features you may not need. However, if you find them useful, you have to pay $12.95 for the professional plan.

13. Namefruits

Namefruits is described as an intelligent domain name generator. If you’re a startup or company, you can use this NameMesh alternative to find the best business name. Namefruits took up to 10 years to design so the tool is renowned.

The platform is easy to use. To get your ideal domain, you have to answer a series of questions relating to your business or company. It’s important that you answer these questions to get the best possible results.

With Namefruits, you’ll get results on your name search in about 15 minutes. It can take up to an hour to optimize your results. You get more than just domain names with Namefruits.

The tool will list out facts and backgrounds about your domain, quality check, future tips, and you also get a Namefruits certificate. The certificate gives you the right to use Namefruits’ suggestions.

Namefruits isn’t a free NameMesh alternative. You can only use the tool for free for testing. After that, you have to purchase it to continue using it. You don’t subscribe. You just pay a one-time fee. The tool costs $99.

14. Nameboy

Nameboy features a business name generator, blog name generator, startup name generator, and a brand name generator. They all work similarly and you can go with any as a NameMesh alternative depending on what you’re looking for.

This tool is one of the oldest and most popular name generators on the web. Simply enter your target keyword and you get instant results. The best available TLD is large and bold. You can find other domain extensions in the list under it.

The list of domains is almost endless. You can always click on Show More Results to get the next name suggestions. You can sort the list to easily find what you want.

Nameboy lets you view the Whois information of any of the domains with one click. For premium domains that are not available for fresh registration, you still make an offer. Most of these premium domains are sold on Domain.com.

On the other hand, if the domain is available for registration, you can buy it from BlueHost by clicking on the Buy button.

15. NameSnack

To close this list of best NameMesh alternatives, we have NameSnack. This is a straightforward business name generator that uses AI along with other naming techniques to generate the best results.

So far, the NameSnack website has helped more than 1000 businesses get the right business name.

From the homepage, simply enter a good keyword and click Generate. Next, choose your industry and again, click Generate. You can use NameSnack to search domain or keyword search; all for free.

NameSnack includes two main domain extensions in their search results – .com and .co.uk; you can sort through both easily. Simply go through the results and find the domain name that best suits your business.

From the search results, you either click on the domain link or select Create A Logo. If you click the domain link, you’ll have to pay for the domain. Otherwise, you can simply select Create A Logo and use the generated business name.

Bottom Line

Your domain represents your online brand. You have to get the right domain to make your company and website stand out from the other 300 million+ domains.

You can try out any of the 15 best NameMesh alternatives listed in this article to generate brilliant domain names for your business.