13 Best Sites Like FlexShopper 2023

FlexShopper is a lease-to-own website that allows you to buy products from major brands without paying for them entirely upfront. Instead, you’ll make weekly or monthly payments for up to a year to rent the product; once all payments are completed, you’ll legally own it.

Since you’re only leasing the product until you’ve completed all payments, you can always return the product (as long as you have completed the initial lease term of 7-29 days) and terminate your contract. If you return the product in good condition, you will no longer be required to complete the rest of your payments.

That’s what sets lease-to-own apart from various “Shop Now, Pay Later (SNPL)” programs that allow you to pay for a product over a few weeks or months. With lease-to-own, you can typically return the product in the middle of the lease agreement and release yourself from any future payment obligations, so it’s a win-win for you.

Sites like Progressive LeasingLeaseVille, WhyNotLeaseIt are good substitutes to FlexShopper but the best site like FlexShopper is Katapult. It’s a much better option if you’re looking for a larger credit line and better flexibility. Katapult doesn’t charge you for late payments either.   

The need to discover alternatives to FlexShopper

While FlexShopper is popular, it’s not for everyone. To start, you can’t use it if you live in New Jersey, Minnesota, Wyoming, or Wisconsin.

You will also get a spending limit of just $2,500. You can call and request a higher limit, but you can’t automatically qualify for a higher spending limit from the get-go like you can with various FlexShopper alternatives.

Or, perhaps you’re looking for an option that doesn’t charge any late fees. FlexShopper isn’t very clear on this, only saying that it “may” charge fees for late payments.

Besides, not everyone will be accepted by FlexShopper. You don’t always need good credit, but FlexShopper does take your credit into account, and you must also show proof of income, a bank account in good standing, and more.

If you don’t qualify for FlexShopper, you may still qualify for one of the FlexShopper alternatives below. Some even report your payment history to the credit bureaus, allowing you to improve your credit score at the same time.

Unfortunately, many blog posts exploring “FlexShopper alternatives” mistakenly present BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) platforms instead of rent-to-own options. While the two might seem similar at first glance, BNPL options don’t typically allow you to return items and release yourself from future payment obligations if you can’t afford to keep paying.

Let’s get into it.

Best Sites Like FlexShopper

1. Katapult

If you need a larger credit line than what FlexShopper offers, consider Katapult. It gives you a spending limit of up to $3,500, $1k more than what FlexShopper provides.

That allows you to buy more items or more expensive items, giving you more flexibility in your shopping.

Katapult allows you to purchase from a wide range of brands, including Lenovo, Motorola, America Best Appliances, and more. With flexible payment plans and no credit history required, Katapult is the best alternative to FlexShopper.

While Katapult won’t perform a hard credit check when you apply, you will need to provide information such as your SSN, a valid credit or debit card, an address, etc. to qualify.

Furthermore, Katapult promises to never charge late fees, unlike FlexShopper, which may charge late fees on missed payments.

Katapult also offers two shopping options: Online or in person. You can use the Store Locator to find retail stores near you working with Katapult or online ecommerce stores.

Applying for a lease-to-own contract with Katapult is a short and easy process. It will typically take a few minutes – you’ll just need to provide some basic personal and income information.

You’ll generally make a small initial payment when shopping on Katapult. However, the total lease term can extend for up to 18 months, which is around six months longer than the max lease term with FlexShopper, allowing you to make smaller payments over a longer period.

Katapult is A+ rated with the BBB, and it has excellent ratings on TrustPilot as well, so you know you can trust it.

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2. Progressive Leasing

Progressive Leasing is a fantastic alternative to FlexShopper because it is the company that many of your favorite stores, like Overstock.com and Best Buy, use to power their lease-to-own programs.

Some famous stores and brands that work with Progressive Leasing include:

  • Dell
  • Best Buy
  • Overstock.com
  • Lowe’s
  • Mattress Firm
  • Cricket
  • Kay

If you are a regular customer at any of those stores, Progressive Leasing is the FlexShopper alternative for you.

No established credit is needed, and you may still qualify with poor or bad credit. However, not everyone will qualify, as Progressive Leasing does take your financial situation into account.

Use the Find Store page to discover retail shopping options that integrate with Progressive Leasing near you. What sets Progressive Leasing apart is that you don’t typically submit an application directly to Progressive Leasing.

Instead, once you’ve found a store near you, you apply with them. So, you can apply at a Lowe’s store near you, or you can apply for a lease-to-own contract with Best Buy in person or online.

The initial spending limit can vary, but Lowe’s says that it’s up to $2,500. Typically, the lease term lasts for up to 12 months, and there is an early purchase option available.

3. LeaseVille

LeaseVille offers a no-credit-needed rent-to-own program that allows you to quickly qualify for a spending limit of $3,500. That’s $1,000 more than what FlexShopper offers!

You can apply for a LeaseVille contract even if you have no credit or a bad credit score. Not everyone will qualify, though, as LeaseVille will look at your financial health, the standing of your bank accounts, your employment, and other factors to determine whether you can enter into a contract.

Applications are typically approved or denied instantly. However, some applications may require a manual review, in which case it should take no longer than one business day.

LeaseVille offers several rental options. While the typical lease agreement lasts for 12 months, you can also buy out early within the first 100 days to save money.

If you cash out within the first 100 days, you’ll pay the cash price only and save money. That gives you a bit more time than FlexShopper, which requires you to pay in full within the first 90 days to qualify for the cash price rate.

After the first 100 days, you can still buy out early by paying 50% of your remaining balance. Otherwise, you will own the product once all payments have been completed (26 payments over the course of 12 months).

In-store pickup is available for some items. Using LeaseVille, you can purchase MacBooks and electronics from other famous brands and pay for them over time.

4. Preferred Lease/Acima

Preferred Lease, also known as Acima, offers a much higher credit line than FlexShopper, with a spending limit of up to $4,000. The actual spending limit you will have access to will depend on your financial situation, and it can also be as low as $300.

According to Preferred Lease, it supports over 15,000 retailers, allowing you to buy furniture, electronics, tires, and a lot of other products.

You can use the Store Locator to find retail stores near you; you can apply for a lease agreement online, or you may be able to head to a store in person and apply there.

You can also check out the Online Marketplace to find online retailers to shop from. Right now, some participating ecommerce stores and online merchants include:

  • Best Buy
  • Nectar
  • The Tire Dealer
  • Bargain Furniture and Appliances

Acima is also a better choice than FlexShopper if you want to build your credit score. According to Acima’s FAQs page, it reports your lease activity to the credit bureaus, and it claims that it can help you improve your credit score.

While FlexShopper says it “may” report your activity to the credit bureaus in its service agreement, it then goes on to say that late payments can hurt your credit score. Therefore, I’m not sure the opposite (that on-time payments will definitely help your credit score) is true.

Acima also now offers a more flexible way to pay – get the Acima mobile app and get a special LeasePay Mastercard to seamlessly pay for items in stores.

5. WhyNotLeaseIt

WhyNotLeaseIt is a lease-to-own program, available at Sears and Kmart stores. If you’re a Kmart or Sears customer, it’s the best FlexShopper alternative for you.

Furthermore, it seems to be available in New Jersey, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. However, the early buyout option is not available in those states, so you’ll have to continue with your lease agreement until the end of the period.

You can apply online or in a store. When you apply online, you’ll get a special approval code that you can bring with you when shopping in store.

Use the Store Locator tool to find a participating store near you.

The minimum lease term is five months, which is longer than FlexShopper’s minimum lease term. However, in most states, you will also have early buyout options at 30, 60, or 90 days.

If you buy out within 30 days, you’ll save the most money, only paying 5% extra. If you buy out within 31-60 days, you’ll pay 8% over the cash price; it’s 10% if you buy out within 61-90 days.

You don’t need a job to apply, as other forms of income, like your Social Security income, can be enough.

A cool thing about WhyNotLeaseIt is that it says that normal wear and tear is accepted when returning products after the minimum five-month lease term. In other words, the product doesn’t have to be in excellent condition anymore.

6. RTB Shopper

RTB Shopper is one of the best FlexShopper alternatives. It offers a spending limit of up to $5,000, depending on your application, which is double the maximum spending limit that FlexShopper offers.

With excellent ratings on TrustPilot and over 10,000 products available, RTB Shopper is a first-class lease-to-own choice. It works with Best Buy, which means that same-day pickup is typically available for most products, providing there is a Best Buy near you.

A credit history is not required to qualify for RTB Shopper, though you will need to provide an ID and other information. Applying won’t affect your credit score, but making late payments might.

WhyNotLeaseIt makes it possible to buy furniture, electronics, gym equipment, and a lot more. Not all products at Kmart or Sears are eligible for the program.

7. No Compromise Gaming

Are you looking to buy high-end gaming computers, but you don’t have the cash on hand to pay for an expensive gaming laptop right now? No Compromise Gaming is the best alternative to FlexShopper for gamers.

A wide variety of gaming computers are available, and you can rent to own with flexible payment options. Available payment options include:

  • Once per month
  • Twice per month
  • Once every two weeks

You don’t need credit to apply, but you do need a verifiable source of income. Typically, you’ll get notified of your approval within a few minutes.

No Compromise Gaming provides technical support throughout the lease agreement, and they’ll even provide repair services and pay for shipping if your computer gets damaged while you’re leasing from them. That applies even if the warranty is no longer active.

However, they won’t repair common damages like coffee spills.

No Compromise Gaming is a BBB-accredited business, and it’s been in business for a decade, meaning it’s very trustworthy.

In addition to gaming laptops and computers, you can also buy headsets, keyboards, and other accessories for gaming computers.

Also, if you are an existing or previous leaser, and you have made 5 monthly payments or 10 bi-weekly payments on time, you are eligible for a spending limit increase.

8. Own It Now Online

Own It Now Online is a rent-to-buy company selling furniture and appliances and serving certain areas in Florida like Vero Beach, Daytona Beach, and Orlando. It offers an online store with quick delivery to those areas.

What separates Own It Now from FlexShopper is that Own It Now has a six month “Same as Cash” (SAC) offer. That means that you can buy out early anytime within the first six months to save money – that’s around twice as long as FlexShopper’s SAC time limit of 90 days.

Own It Now won’t run a credit check when you apply, but you will need to show proof of income to qualify. Payments can be made weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

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9. YuKeep

YuKeep is a rent-to-own website that allows you to rent and buy household items, electronics, musical instruments, and more. To qualify for YuKeep, you must prove a minimum monthly income, which will vary based on the cash price of the product you’re leasing.

For example, if the cash price of the product is less than $1,000, you’ll only need to prove a monthly income of $1,600 or more.

However, unlike many competitors, YuKeep allows you to use a prepaid card to pay.

One thing that makes YuKeep better than FlexShopper is its VIP program, which you can qualify for by paying off a contract in full or making payments on time for five months.

VIP members enjoy benefits such as:

  • Up to 20% off YuKeep products
  • A longer lease term of up to 24 months (double that of FlexShopper’s 52 weeks)
  • No initial payments
  • A Same as Cash offer good for 150 days instead of 100
  • The ability to lease VIP products and products not listed on YuKeep

For example, for a pair of Apple AirPods Pro, VIP members can currently pay $11/week instead of $14/week.

In any case, the SAC offer, even for non-VIP members (100 days), is a bit longer than FlexShopper’s 90-days period.

Another cool thing about YuKeep is that you can save money by making a larger refundable deposit when you first lease an item. This deposit is not an initial payment but a security deposit that will lower your regular lease payments.

YuKeep has a nice selection of products with mixed reviews on Facebook.

Many people were happy and recommended YuKeep to others. The main complaints pertain to processing and shipping times, which can sometimes take longer than expected, and customer service that could be improved.

10. Rent-A-Center

Rent-A-Center is a rent-to-buy company selling furniture, electronics, bikes, appliances, and more.

Using Rent-A-Center, you can get a spending limit of up to $5,000, double that of FlexShopper’s limit. Rent-A-Center won’t report your payments to the credit bureaus; instead, if you can’t pay, you can return the item to release yourself from future payment obligations without hurting your credit score.

You don’t need a good credit score, but you do need a source of income.

Rent-A-Center now accepts PayPal and Venmo as valid payment methods for AutoPay, unlike FlexShopper, which does not accept them. In addition, you can pay in store or even over the phone (a fee may apply to phone payments).

Finding a participating store near you is as easy as entering your zip code.

Another cool thing about RAC is that it allows you to pause payments and pick up where you left off later. This is a feature that FlexShopper doesn’t seem to offer.

When you pause your payments, you will have to return the item until you can afford to resume payments again. You will then get the original item or a comparable item of a similar quality back.

There doesn’t seem to be a time limit on how long you can pause payments for, but RAC only keeps your payment history for two years, so you’ll need to provide proof of your previous payments after that. You will then continue with the lease agreement instead of starting all over again.

RAC also provides free same-day delivery. Its Same as Cash offer is also a lot longer than FlexShopper’s – four or six months, depending on the product.

After 4-6 months, you can still save money by doing an early buyout.

With the competitor price match guarantee, you can be sure that you’ll always get the best deal when using RAC.

Rent-A-Center is A rated with the BBB.

11. Aaron’s

Aaron’s is an excellent FlexShopper alternative if you want to buy furniture, home appliances, electronics, exercise equipment, laptops, and more.

Unlike FlexShopper, it allows you to return an item in the middle of a lease agreement and then reinstate the lease agreement at a later time. There is no time limit on when you can reinstate your agreement, and it is available for most products, excluding lawn equipment and a few other categories.

The SAC offer period varies but is generally 120 days, according to Aaron’s, which is longer than FlexShopper’s SAC period.

Aaron’s network of stores offer free delivery, and service and repairs are included throughout the lease term.

The company has an A+ rating with the BBB. It has also been BBB accredited since 2012.

12. ColorTyme

ColorTyme is a subsidiary of Rent-A-Center and an excellent FlexShopper alternative. You can buy stuff like mattresses, electronics, computers, furniture, appliances, and more.

Just enter your zip code to start shopping. Free delivery is available on many products.

You can apply online or in a store. ColorTyme has an A+ rating with the BBB, compared to FlexShopper’s A- rating.

13. American First Finance

American First Finance offers several financing options to consumers, one of which is its lease-to-own option. Enter your zip code here to find participating retail stores in the area.

One participating chain is Conn’s HomePlus, where you can buy furniture, computers, appliances, and a lot more.

You can get approved for a spending limit of $5,000, double that of FlexShopper’s limit of $2,500. No credit is required, and early buyout options are available.

Wrapping It Up: What Is the Best Website Like FlexShopper?

Katapult is the best website like FlexShopper. It can give you an automatic spending limit higher than what FlexShopper will give you, and its network includes both in-store and online shopping options.

No credit is required, and Katapult has excellent ratings from consumers and an A+ rating with the BBB.

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