23 Games Like Roblox in 2024

While some consider it to be merely a game, Roblox is actually a gaming platform that is quite popular and frequently visited by people from all over the world. It also contains the most watched forms of content around the world.

Roblox has a unique pull on both creators and gamers alike, due to its unique set of features. It not only allows you to play games, but it also gives you the tools to create your own and even enjoy games created by others.

Because of this, playing Roblox is all about using your creativity to build what you want and give it life. It provides a place to let your creativity run free, and that’s why both children and adults love it.

Why Would You Go for Other Games Like Roblox?

Roblox can become monotonous, prompting you to seek another gaming experience that maintains the spirit of creativity Roblox has.

When you are afraid that your children will come across inappropriate content, adult content, or third-party apps on Roblox, you’ll want them to use another platform that is clean and free from offensive content and apps.

There are many gaming alternatives to Roblox out there with comparable experiences. All you need is to dive in, try them out, and see how they stack up against Roblox.

If you find out that Roblox is not flexible enough for you and you’d like to try something different, you can test out these 24 Roblox alternatives to hopefully enjoy a new creative gaming experience.

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Best Games Like Roblox 2022

1. Lego Worlds

Not content to just run the creative game in the physical world, Lego is also overthrowing the gaming realm with its toy bricks in Lego Worlds. Just like Roblox, Lego Worlds gives players everything they need to build wondrous worlds using the iconic bricks.

When players find and collect different objects on the map, they will be rewarded with studs (the in-game currency). With these studs, you can buy all kinds of items.

If you want a house, vehicle, or some kind of tool, you can use Lego blocks to build it. If you create a blocky vehicle, you can then use that creation to explore the world.

The levels in Lego Worlds are home to Lego models that you can interact with. These procedurally generated worlds are completely unique every time, and full of adventure.

Getting tired of playing alone? Have your friends over for a construction spree. You’ll definitely enjoy some company and new ideas.

You have the freedom to change outfits, fly in a helicopter into the sunset, create various creatures, and even adjust the landscape.

This is truly a game you wouldn’t want to miss, and its many glowing reviews are reflective of that fact.

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2. Terraria

Terraria is a 2D game that blends classic action and creativity. You’ll have plenty of fun exploring its massive procedurally generated worlds and creating everything from weapons and armor to shelter.

If you enjoy a retro, pixelated 2D aesthetic, then this game is for you. The 2D worlds of Terraria get you going with scavenging and mining.

Terraria’s 2D presentation is much different from the 3D worlds of Roblox, but they do offer many similar interactions.

Along the way, you’ll fight all kinds of monsters in different biomes. If you look hard enough, you might even stumble into epic boss battles that’ll reward you with rare items.

It is up to you to use your tactics to defeat these bosses. You’ll have access to guns, magic, and other medieval weapons throughout the game. All you need to do is to craft whatever weapons you want to use.

What makes Terraria more interesting are the NPC characters you get to interact with. This game is so huge that you could spend months exploring and seeing everything the game has to offer. Just make sure you don’t get addicted!

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3. Minecraft

Minecraft is another exciting gaming platform that could take the place of Roblox. It involves using blocks called voxels to build your world.

The game’s construction system works in a similar fashion to the construction process of Roblox. The two have the same basic foundation where you are given a 3D world with an enormous amount of space to work with.

In Minecraft, all the elements are block-shaped. As a player, you’ll have to explore and collect materials to create an array of tools and items. Playing Minecraft feels almost the same as getting lost in the Roblox Universe.

In the game’s survival mode, you’ll need a defense strategy for your home and yourself. Watch out for those predators! The night has a lot of wild, wicked creatures that will hunt you in the dark.

Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all time, and it is sure to suck you in with its massive amount of play options.

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4. KoGaMa

Are you ready for the next big game? If you are, let me tell you about KoGaMa.

This game immerses you in a virtual world of possibilities. It even comes with pre-installed characters you can use as your avatar, but there is also an in-depth character creator.

When you aren’t making avatars, you’ll be competing with other online friends in races or just hanging out, having a good time in the virtual world.

Like Roblox, KoGaMa lets you create games, play with friends, and share your creations with other people online.

Every time you level up, you’ll come across more exciting things to do. Use your creativity and the terrain to give yourself an incredible gaming experience.

Want more games? Why not create your own? Surely you won’t want to miss the creative fun KoGaMa can provide! KoGaMa can offer you a Roblox experience without the potential dangers of the much more popular platform.

5. Boundless

Some games aren’t very honest with what their gameplay entails, but Boundless is everything its name suggests.

This game immerses you in a hostile world full of aliens, where you’ll get to explore different realms just like you do in Roblox.

Inside that world, you and your friends can create an empire that rivals the size and scope of anything found in Roblox.

As you navigate the terrain, you’ll see the action from either a first or third-person view, and interact with other players to receive unique information and maybe even gifts!

The gifts and info will lead you into a world of crafting, where you can end up building an entire city.

You must survive the elements while developing your crafting abilities.

Try Boundless with a few partners for a more immersive experience. This kind of community interaction that is the cornerstone of the Roblox experience is fully represented in Boundless.

Having some company by your side will be helpful as you set out on your journey of survival beyond the boundaries of Boundless’s safe spaces.

And that’s not all, the vibrant graphics bring the game to life in a way that far surpasses Roblox!

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6. Trove

Trove is an awesome game that offers several different gameplay modes. The multiplayer mode in particular allows you to make friends as you explore.

Like Roblox, Trove has high-quality voxel graphics.

In this game, you begin by choosing your character class. Each class comes with benefits such as different skills and abilities. The class you choose will have its own challenges, some being tougher than others.

To enjoy Trove, you have to craft and learn the game as you explore the different worlds. Sound familiar? You’ll also have access to customizable items that will enhance your gaming experience.

With improved skill and experience, you’ll reach higher levels that will take you to even more challenging worlds with better rewards.

When you arrive in these worlds, you’ll be able to create your own portals, discover new treasures, land in dungeons, and eventually build your own cornerstone home.

Besides creating games and adventures like Roblox, Trove also offers plenty of customization that will allow you to change your avatar’s appearance.

7. Creativerse

Creativerse is another game inspired by Minecraft and Roblox, and it uses the best parts of both of those games to make a strong competitor in the genre.

While playing, you’ll form your own virtual world with blocks. Invite friends over to share in a wonderful experience.

This survival game has a similar block environment that you can freely explore and craft in depending on your play mode.

While immersed in the 3D world, you’ll interact with animals and the landscape as well.

Enjoy fun moments crafting and gathering as much as you can. As you do those things, you’ll receive more recipes and gain access to new items.

The game is played in an environment where blocks are generated randomly. You’ll interact with creatures and plants, collect materials, make goods, build shelters, and much more.

What makes Creativerse more intriguing is that the game gives you more control over your building materials. You can rotate blocks, get blueprints, do wiring, and place logic gates. It even has a handy autofill feature to make your creations colorful.

But, you can only enjoy these perks if your character is able to survive.

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8. Minetest

Minetest is a sandbox building game with multiplayer support. You’ll play it using standard game modes or build your own virtual realm where you can invite friends to play.

Since Minetest is inspired by Minecraft and Roblox, the maps in the game are made up of thousands of blocks of many different types. You can even set the parameters for the map generator to fully customize the world you’ll explore.

As you progress in the game, new developments and crafting options will be added.

In Minetest, you have the power to create anything you want. Just don’t forget the survival part though, because you have to be alive to get more gifts for crafting. You’ll only reach your goals with the right crafting tools.

9. Growtopia

The only difference between Growtopia and Roblox is its 2D environment. In addition to the creation and social features, this game also allows you to grow things and trade them with other users.

Growtopia makes your interaction fun by allowing you to go to other realms or invite your friends to your own world.

And, if you are up for a fight, all you have to do is arrange it. Then you can vent some anger or aggression on the battlefield.

Growtopia might not have mission objectives in the same way Roblox does, but you aren’t limited when it comes to helping NPCs to gain rewards.

This game is creative, and has many features and elements that allow you to play with explorers, wizards, doctors, and even orcs. When you aren’t exploring or crafting, you’ll design dungeons, forts, castles, space stations, and more.

Create your own characters with the personality you want them to have, then set out to see the massive world of Growtopia. Or, you can play fun mini-games with other players the Roblox way. There’s just no limit to how much fun you can have with Growtopia.

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10. Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles is a game that takes you on a top-down adventure to a world full of block building and 3D action.

There are plenty of intriguing challenges to take on as you build your world one cube at a time. Explore other players’ worlds to see what they’re up to, and along the way, maybe even make some new friends!

When your world is ready, let your new friends come and have fun too. Having fun with friends isn’t a feature that is exclusive to Roblox.

Everything about Cubic Castles is charming. You get to develop realms, collect materials for construction, and then start building your new world.

When you visit other realms, you can acquire new skills to decorate your castles even more.

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11. Animal Jam

Kids love this next game a whole lot, especially since they get to create an animal, live a virtual life, play various games, and customize characters with items from the shop.

Like Roblox, Animal Jam also uses 3D blocks for building.

Animal Jam allows kids to discover the nature around them. They’ll get the urge to protect that world from monsters, dungeons, and other threats.

It also has other features, including going on adventures and adopting more animals.

But, Animal Jam isn’t just designed for kids. You can try Animal Jam today to see if it sucks you in like it has for so many other players.

Imagine pimping out your den with unique furniture, partying, buying new attire, and socializing with other players. In Animal Jam, you’ll never lack something to do.

Even with all of those features, the best thing about Animal Jam is its top-notch online security that ensures young players are safe.

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12. Terasology

Terasology is a fast-growing gaming platform where you can create a fantasy world with your own two hands.

Every single aspect of Terasology is in your hands. The game gives you a ton of tools and options to mold the world to your liking.

Terasology will give you the same feeling of adventure as Minecraft. Even though it’s a new game, Terasology is fully fleshed-out and takes you through the world creation process in a way that allows your imagination to run wild. It is almost as polished as Roblox, which is a much older game.

The game gets even more interesting when you let other players into your world. It provides you with a pristine environment to create worlds, just like Roblox, but with a few different concepts.

Terasology is still growing. Even so, you can still operate your flame torches, weapons, and flashlights in the same way you do with Roblox.

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13. Wurm Unlimited

Wurm Unlimited is a feature-packed game you won’t want to miss. It gives you the liberty to customize your gameplay to fit your style. What’s more, you can set your action pace, design skill profit rates, monster tally, and more.

In Wurm Unlimited, you’ll gather materials, frame your world, build your house, mine, and go on a PvP and PvE adventure.

You will have all of the customization options to make your kingdom look great. Just like Roblox, Wurm Unlimited’s graphics are pretty clean and polished.

With Wurm, you’ll expand your terrain as much as you want. The platform is well designed, with smooth animations.

14. World to Build

If you’re looking for a huge marketplace with hundreds of worlds and thousands of items to spice up your experience, then you should check out World to Build.

This game uses the social aspects of Roblox in massive, blocky worlds that are constructed with voxels. Meet up with friends to create, explore, and build fun new experiences.

Like many of the games on this list, World to Build is completely free-to-play. This opens up the game to everyone and allows a lot of creative diversity to fill the game with things you’ve never seen, even in Roblox.

15. Rising World

Rising World is a little different. Its graphics are much higher quality than other games on this list, which makes the environments look particularly realistic.

In this realm, you get to design tools that will help you overcome all kinds of challenges. When you conquer those challenges, you’ll gain access to even better technology.

You can modify the environment with furniture and fixtures, buildings, and other constructs.

Whether you want to hike high mountains or explore deep caves, Rising World’s huge open world makes it a possibility.

Rising World gets extra exciting when you join up with friends and buddies to explore its realistic world. Compared to Roblox, Rising World looks like a next-gen game.

16. Garry’s Mod

If you love manipulating the environment around you, then you’ll enjoy playing Garry’s Mod. This game/editing platform has detailed graphics in a 3D setting.

Use the physics gun to create your own fun, like spawning objects and melting them together. Or you can set out for missions like Trouble in Terrorist Town and more.

In Garry’s Mod, you’ll develop a game based on your storyline. It doesn’t need to have any goals or plot. You can just customize and manipulate the gameplay mechanics freely.

Design your cars, rockets, bikes, and other elements at will. The graphics are much improved compared to other games in this category, and you can invite your friends to the game too. Team up with other players in-game to do remarkable things together.

Did you know you can create an entire movie in Garry’s Mod? Many players have created funny shorts and feature-length movies in this game.

Just think about having the freedom to spawn props, characters, and other items. Garry’s Mod is a spectacular platform that lets you do anything you want, including manipulating just about anything you can get your hands on to create something wildly creative.

17. Fortnite

Fortnite has a freestyle interface that is almost similar to Roblox.

This game allows you to build and demolish crazy structures in order to protect yourself as you fight opponents across an increasingly large map.

Careful, this game can be pretty addictive once you immerse yourself in the fun.

The graphics and visual details of Fortnite are amazing.

The game’s maps are frequently updated, and building structures is a major theme.

In Fortnite, you can build anything, repair damages on buildings, and upgrade everything. Your teammates will feel protected in the solid structures you create for shelter.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world, and it has a massive player base.

18. Habbo

Habbo has been around since the year 2000, making it the oldest game on this list, and perhaps the origin for the social game genre. In it, players can explore nine different environments (or “hotels”) with their friends and hang out in the same virtual world.

You can join the 273 million other players around the world by creating your own Habbo avatar, customizing their appearance, and then jumping into the game to design rooms, care for pets, and even play mini games or complete quests.

You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll do when you log into Habbo, but it is guaranteed to be exciting and fun every time.

19. Survivalcraft

Survivalcraft is almost similar to Minecraft but has more survival elements.

The game drops you on an island, leaving you on the shores of a blocky world where you need to do everything you can to survive.

If you manage to survive, you’ll keep existing and get an opportunity to explore and mine for raw materials to make weapons and instruments.

The game features realistic weather elements that affect gameplay at regular intervals. Rain, lightning, hurricanes, the kind of weather you would expect when you have to survive on an island.

When the severe weather hits, you’ll need to make clothes to keep you warm. The crafting magic continues when you play in creative mode, which provides a comprehensive building experience.

Survivalcraft makes surviving more interesting.

20. UnTurned

UnTurned is all about open-ended survival. It uses a robust bleed-out mechanism that is far darker and more mature than what other games on this list offer.

If you’re injured and don’t get treated, your character will bleed out and be spawned into random maps with separate missions.

You must complete missions as you gather weapons, keep radiation levels low, and find tactics to outlive those zombies.

21. Mythruna

Mythruna is a developing platform that still has plenty of growing to do. Even so, the game is promising. It combines RPG elements with a living open world.

The game allows you to use your creative abilities to build fascinating voxel worlds in order to experience new role-playing elements.

The game’s developers want you to experience endless possibilities when playing the game. Most graphics in this game are block-shaped, while some elements are very close to looking realistic, such as the leaves and grass.

22. The Blockheads

The Blockheads is a game that allows you to control a number of blocky characters. In this expressive 2D block game, you need to create and destroy the very thing that makes up so many of the games on this list: blocks.

The Blockheads is set in a randomly generated, ever-evolving world. You can take control of that world and its many features when you need to build and demolish blocks or craft resources to build your structures.

Besides destroying blocks, you’ll be given the freedom to craft all kinds of items that you’ll need to progress through the game.

The game inspires innovation through the introduction of changing weather conditions and other features that present players with survival challenges.

The Blockheads game also exposes you to different terrains. This adds challenge to the game by having you conquer the oceans, climb mountains, dig deep into rocky caves, and maneuver through deserts in different weather conditions and seasons.

23. Pixel Worlds

Pixel Worlds is a 2D gaming experience. That’s practically the only thing that differentiates it from Roblox. In this game, you’ll create your animations and pixelated art to design your own games within the game itself.

Pixel Worlds gives you the liberty to farm and crossbreed all of the animals you have.

This will help you fight monsters, build, craft, and create your own adventure. You will also have plenty of opportunities to trade clothes, blocks, gear, and many other items with players at a chosen price.

Final Thoughts

All of these Roblox alternatives offer unique adventures and experiences you likely haven’t explored yet. Most of them are similar to Roblox, but some are more exciting and engaging than you can possibly imagine.

Like Wurm Unlimited, for example, a game that has a quirky charm and deep gameplay that can provide hours and hours of fun.

Each of these has something unique to offer you. So, if you are looking for something different or even a better experience than Roblox, try out these options and settle on the one you prefer.

Happy gaming!

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