10 Best WorthPoint Alternatives 2024

WorthPoint is one of a few places where items such as antiquities, coins, jewelry, and others are appreciated. It connects sellers of these items with prospects who know exactly what they’re looking for.

However, to use WorthPoint, one needs to pay. This often forces users to switch to alternative platforms.

There are several platforms like WorthPoint, some even better with wider range of items and features. Tias, Collectors Weekly, and GoAntiques to name a few. The best WorthPoint alternative is Rubylane which is not only free but has better range of antiquities and collectibles.

Down below, you’ll find more about these alternatives. Take a look.

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Best WorthPoint Alternatives

1. Rubylane

If you like how WorthPoint features a couple of vintages and antique categories, you’ll love Rubylane because this platform is all about vintage products.

Rubylane features anything from antiques, collectibles, and art, to jewelry, glass, porcelain, and even pottery products. On top of that, you can find silver, fashion, and even furniture (as well as lighting and rugs).

Even though WorthPoint might have many more product categories, Rubylane has all the vintage-type categories you would need. With such specific categorization, Rubylane can provide better If you are not sure what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find awesome items through categories such as:

  • Today’s arrivals
  • This week’s arrivals
  • Monthly finds
  • Gift ideas

While WorthPoint has many categories, these types of pages where users can endlessly browse are missing, which is one of many reasons why Rubylane is a decent choice.

And since both WorthPoint and Rubylane both have decent search engines, Rubylane allows you to search for dealers, which is convenient when you have a couple of dealers you get the best stuff from.

However, if you’re not there to shop and yet you’re not happy with “window shopping,” you’ll be able to relax with the help of Rubylane’s material provided for this purpose.

In the Relax category, you’ll be able to feel surrounded by the antiques with the help of Ruby Read Magazine, Ruby Lane Advantage, Top 50, What’s Selling, Newsletters, Testimonials, Blog, and Press Room.

All this is free of charge, and you don’t even have to register to access and enjoy this material. WorthPoint is missing, which shows that Rubylane is more customer-oriented by passionately providing some of the best materials both customers and dealers can enjoy and benefit from.

Rubylane is free to join and it’s free for all customers. And if you’re a dealer, you will have minimal costs of keeping your shop up and running on Rubylane.

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2. Tias

If you like everything WorthPoint offers but you’re mostly interested in jewelry, Tias is the best alternative platform you can visit.

Tias is a simple yet efficient platform that connects dealers with customers who are all about jewelry.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll most likely find it on Tias, as there are over 260,000 items advertised and up for sale at the time of writing.

While jewelry is the main Tias category, 30+ other categories include plenty of subcategories as well. With that being said, Tias is a lot more thoroughly structured than WorthPoint, which can be an advantage if you’re looking for something very specific.

There are over 50,000 pieces of jewelry, and yet if we count in all advertised items on the platform, there are hundreds of thousands of products ready for purchase.

Another Tias advantage is that the platform is completely free, and you still get to create an account and even keep a wish list without having to pay a monthly subscription.

Of course, Tias’ website doesn’t have the graphics that WorthPoint’s website does, it is very easy to navigate, which is another plus.

Considering it’s one of the oldest such platforms on the internet, you can still safely shop around since Tias has a trusted merchant guarantee badge.

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3. Collectors Weekly

Collectors Weekly is all about history, and it’s not only a platform that helps provide antiques and vintage items. It is also a website that teaches people about history and spreads awareness of some of the extraordinary pieces from the past.

Therefore, whether you’re a seller or a customer, you’ll love Collectors Weekly as it’s the right place to be.

Collectors Weekly’s advantage over WorthPoint is that it pulls all data and products from eBay and categorizes them well, so you might find vintage products and collectibles a lot more easily.

There are all sorts of products and they’re well categorized in the following categories; fashion, design, culture, home, machines, and collectibles. Each category has subcategories, so you can easily find interesting items you might not even think about.

Another significant advantage Collectors Weekly has over WorthPoint is the Show and Tell page, where users can freely share their favorite items, get inspiration, and spend time being surrounded by some of the best items out there.

While WorthPoint has a price guide, Collectors Weekly partnered up with an appraisal that can help you find out the price of your item so you can fairly advertise it, sell it faster, or get a quote on an item you’re looking to purchase before talking about the price with the seller.

Of course, Collectors Weekly is free to join and use, but the appraisal service isn’t free. However, you’ll get a discount if you use the service through the Collectors Weekly platform.

Also, judging by the prices, you can find really good items for affordable prices, which is another reason you might want to use Collectors Weekly instead of WorthPoint!

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4. GoAntiques

GoAntiques is a great WorthPoint alternative for everyone who is focused on finding the next best art antiques.

While WorthPoint provides a decent number of art antiques, GoAntiques is the go-to place if you’re specifically looking for this type of product.

GoAntiques features everything from advertising material, art, magazines, entertainment, fashion, sports, stamps, and even alcohol & tobacco or militaria and weapons.

Compared to WorthPoint, GoAntiques nailed down the categories and provided almost every category you can think of when you think of antiques.

The website is well made since you start by checking out the featured listings, finding new sellers, and then selling new items. Therefore, all you need is one look at the GoAntiques’ homepage, and you’ll be up to date with the latest available antiques.

Therefore, in comparison with WorthPoint’s homepage, GoAntiques has a slightly better flow for potential customers.

Combined with a powerful search engine that allows you to search the whole website in seconds, GoAntiques also provides a blog where you can learn more about items, dealers, the process, and antiques in general. However, the blog could be a bit more frequently updated.

The great thing about GoAntiques is that all sales are made directly through the platform. Authorize.net protects the platform and it supports PayPal and all other cards you can pay with.

Finally, the last GoAntiques advantage over WorthPoint is that it’s free to create an account as a customer, and if you plan on selling, you can get started easily with a very minimal fee.

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5. Collectors.com

If you’re after collectibles, there’s no better platform to join than Collectors since it’s designed in a way to help collectors find items they’re missing easily and effortlessly.

While WorthPoint also provides collectibles, collectibles are the Collectors’ specialty, and it’s the niche platform full of collectors and collectible sellers.

Even though Collectors.com doesn’t even make half of WorthPoint’s platform and products volume, it is a very specific place built for collectors.

With Collectors.com, you can find anything from coins, trading cards, comic books, autographs, action figures, various memorabilia to currency, and even stamps.

You can either search by category or search for something specific using the search engine. Collectors.com can check almost a thousand sites for you and provide you with all results in one page, including slightly over a million sellers and over 75 million collectibles.

Collectors.com has a much more powerful search engine than WorthPoint. You can search for anything you’re looking for and then even refine your search with the help of filters to ensure you narrow down the selection of collectibles to match your needs.

The website is very simply made and there are only a couple of pages, yet the work behind it provides one of the best services for collectors on the internet.

The best thing yet is that Collectors.com doesn’t cost anything to use or join, which is a great benefit compared to WorthPoint.

On top of that, you can become featured as a seller, so collectors come across your collectibles which is a huge advantage if you’re in the collectible-selling business.

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6. Andre Burgos

If you are into epicurean antiques, you might have had a hard time finding those on platforms such as WorthPoint.

That’s why Andre Burgos is one of the best alternatives when it comes down to epicurean antiques. If you are a big fan of food and comfort, you can find anything from wine and cocktail tools, corkscrews, culinary & tabletop sets, and various accessories.

Even though there are only a couple of categories Andre Burgos covers, each category has a really good collection where you can find plenty of products that fit the category.

I’ve also noticed that the products are affordable for the average collector yet are still very unique. You’ll love using and enjoying these items as much as you enjoy fine wine and food.

On top of that, you can complete any items from the collections with accessories such as knives, dresser & desk, smoking, bronze, and miscellaneous accessories.

If you are not sure what you’d like to look up first, Andre Burgos also has a neatly done homepage where you can find new listings and new features, so whether you’re there to shop or browse and get ideas, Andre Burgos won’t disappoint.

In comparison with WorthPoint, Andre Burgos is operating on a much smaller scale, but if this fits your interest, Andre Burgos has better offers than WorthPoint.

On top of that, Andre Burgos is free to use, and you won’t have to pay to be a member or to purchase items you like.

If you can’t find anything that sparks your interest, you can use the search bar that’s integrated into the site to do a specific search that can provide better results.

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7. Booneshares

Booneshares is more of a catalog which is the biggest difference in comparison with WorthPoint.

Booneshares holds auctions across the United States, and yet all of its items are cataloged and are available for anyone to see online.

Just like Andre Burgos, it’s important to note that Booneshares is also a specific marketplace for share collectors.

Of course, you can find other items such as autographs and other items related to shares on top of the shares.

Booneshares’ auctions are available for everyone around the world, and they hold really strong auctions where you can find items that you might not be able to find on platforms such as WorthPoint or others.

That’s a huge difference between Booneshares and the advantage of Booneshares for all share collectors.

What’s also great about the Booneshares website is that you can see starting prices and even learn more about each item in the catalog.

High-definition photos are also included, and you can inspect the items without even having to see them in person.

All items are cataloged under various categories, so you can find shares by country, by theme, by lot number, see auction top pieces, or even check out the full catalog.

The best thing is that you don’t even have to visit the auction, you can bid online, so even though Booneshares is based in the United States, it is ideal for collectors worldwide.

Most importantly, it’s free to register and place bids at the auction, and you might even be able to sell some collectibles to Booneshares as well!

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8. iCollector

iCollector works differently than WorthPoint since not only does it list all collectibles in various categories, but it also holds online auctions so you can get your hands on these items as quickly as possible, without overpaying for them.

At iCollector, you will be able to find anything from antiques, collectibles, coins, paper money, firearms, art, military items, jewelry, memorabilia, and others.

iCollector holds weekly sales where there’s always new inventory featured, and you can also find a list of many other auctions. If you prefer purchasing your collectibles and vintage items from an auction, iCollector is the “database” you shouldn’t miss.

The best thing about iCollector is that you only have to register for free to make bids at the live auctions. Both bids from the floor and online count as the same bid, so you don’t have to be physically there to get your hands on some special items that go through iCollector’s auctions.

Sometimes, iCollector even streams the live auction video and audio, so you even get the feel as if you were at a real auction while you place your bids online.

Therefore, iCollector works very differently than WorthPoint. Still, it can be a lot more enjoyable as you never know what you might come across and what items might catch your attention during the auction.

Anything from art, coins, collectibles, historical items, and even jewelry goes through the auction.

However, you don’t have to sit through the whole auction. You can quickly go through the list of items that’ll be shown at the auction to see if anything’s worth your time.

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9. Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is another auction-type platform that works differently than WorthPoint. It often brings many more valuable items and unique products that you might be lucky to grab.

This platform has different departments, which are categories for all types of products they auction. Each department has subcategories, so you’ll never miss out on even a very narrow and specific type of collectible.

This way, you can check all products even before the auction begins so you can do your research at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

The auctions are based in the United States, but they’re broadcasted on the Heritage Auctions website so anyone can join.

What’s interesting enough is that you can even see items that were sold through the Heritage platform, so you know what to expect or see what already went through the auction. This can give you a pretty great idea of what to expect to find at these auctions.

In comparison to WorthPoint, Heritage Auctions also excels at the free appraisal they offer to everyone willing to sell through their platform. They have over 125 experts in over 40 categories, so almost all historical items, collectibles, and antiques are covered.

Even better yet, Heritage Auctions doesn’t charge users to be a part of the auction, bid on items, and purchase items without any registration fees.

At the time of writing, there are just over 50,000 items available, of which you can buy about 2,477 items straight away.

So far, 5.6 million items have been sold through Heritage Auctions which clearly shows that this is the platform to be on if you’re looking to catch a great deal, find something very rare and unique, and yet get the chance to stay within your budget.

10. Trocadero

If you find the WorthPoint platform a bit too complicated or you’re looking for something a lot easier to use, Trocadero is a good alternative for those reasons.

Trocadero relies on an “old-school” website interface that still functions very well so you can effortlessly browse with speed and efficiency.

However, don’t let Trocadero’s website fool you. This website is full of valuable items you might be looking for, and it covers a wide range of item categories.

Therefore, Trocadero can be an essential source for collectors who want to build their collections or even find rare pieces they’ve been missing.

There are over 50 categories at Trocadero which are listed so you can quickly navigate the platform. However, some top categories include estate jewelry, new century items, artists, traditional or popular collectibles, dolls, vintage art, fine art, and antiques.

Just like many platforms, Trocadero also features subcategories for all categories listed on the platform.

When you’re done browsing through categories, you can check auctions that Trocadero recommends, shops they support, or services that can help almost anyone in need.

Joining Trocadero is possible, and it’s free, which is Trocadero’s huge advantage over WorthPoint. You can even join Trocadero to sell your valuable items to people who will truly appreciate it for a very minimal fee of $24/month for the Basic Plan.

There are 2 other pricing plans worth keeping in mind, depending on your selling needs:

  • eCommerce – $48/month
  • Enterprise – $73/month

This is a relatively new feature, and this was the pricing at the time of writing. For the latest pricing, visit the official Trocadero pricing page.


WorthPoint is one of the most sophisticated platforms with a wide range of items and effortless navigation that helps users find exactly what they need. But it does come with a fee that might not sit well with users who are not very active.

Instead, the best WorthPoint alternative is Rubylane.

Rubylane works similarly, yet it is free to use with plenty of ways to be active and engage with the content provided by the platform.

You can get access to a wide range of collectibles, antiques, and all types of vintage products, and browse them without registration which is why you should definitely pay them a visit.

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