Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Review

In order to build a membership website, it is highly recommended that you use a membership plugin. 

There are many reasons why you need a membership plugin, one of which is the difficulty of controlling access to your premium content amongst others. 

Hence, a membership plugin takes away the challenges of managing membership websites.

There are several membership plugins available; therefore, picking the ideal plugin might not be an easy task. 

You can choose to use any of the free membership plugins available, or you can subscribe to a premium membership plugin. 

In this post, we will be reviewing the Digital Access Pass membership plugin, which is a premium membership plugin. Also, we will cover the DAP membership plugin features, pricing, alternatives, and more. 

By the end of the review, you would have learned enough about the DAP Membership plugin to make up your mind about it.

What Is Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin? 

The Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin, known by its function (a membership plugin), is a plugin for those running membership websites. The DAP membership plugin was built primarily for WordPress websites, but presently, you can use it for a custom website built in HTML/PHP.

Membership websites are websites with contents accessible only by approved members. Besides, membership websites also sell products, content, or services to site visitors. 

The essence of creating a membership website is to provide secure content which is not accessible to non-members.

You can utilize the DAP membership plugin in several ways, some of which include:

  • Setting up an automated membership website 
  • Handling payments via different payment gateways, subscriptions, and more
  • Running free membership websites which do not require payment or subscription 
  • Transforming regular websites into membership websites that generate income from membership subscriptions

The DAP membership plugin is easy to use, and it is compatible with many WordPress shopping carts. 

Besides that, you can use it to protect specific files or webpages rather than an entire website, and you can also use it to lock down audio files, video files, image files, ebooks, and more. 

How Does The Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Work? 

The DAP plugin works by letting you receive payments, manage subscriptions, drip contents, upsell products, collect affiliates, and more. 

As a site admin who wants to make use of the DAP plugin, all you need to do is pay for a preferred plan then download and install the plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

Installing The DAP Membership Plugin 

To successfully install the DAP plugin on your WordPress website, your web hosting provider must meet the following requirements:

  • PHP version 5 or higher
  • MySQL version 5 or higher
  • PDO for MySQL
  • Support for JSON
  • Support for mbstring
  • Register Globals 
  • Support for FOPEN/CURL
  • Support for MCRYPT
  • Session Save_path 
  • High memory limit

Note: if your hosting provider does not meet all of the criteria stated above, the DAP Easy installer will not be able to install the DAP membership plugin on your website successfully. 

After a successful installation, you need to set up and configure the DAP membership plugin from the DAP dashboard before you can start using it.

Features Of Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin

Below are the features of the Digital Access Pass membership plugin:

  • WordPress Compatibility: The Digital Access Pass membership plugin was made primarily for WordPress CMS, so it is compatible with it. Its design is optimized to meet the WordPress standards and to blend easily with any WordPress theme or design. The plugin also supports non-WordPress websites like HTML and PHP websites.
  • Advanced Control/Management: DAP membership plugin has advanced control and management features that make it easy for site admins to manage their membership website. You can classify members based on their payment status, registration date, services used, and more. Its advanced search feature makes it easy to find site members using their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. 
  • Language Support: Aside from English, the DAP membership plugin supports international languages such as Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, etc. Therefore, you can publish or send web and e-mail contents in any international language supported by the DAP membership plugin. The advantage of this feature is that you get to attract and keep membership subscribers from other parts of the world.
  • Content Dripping: With the DAP membership plugin, you can set contents to drip at any given time interval of your choice. It is ideal for site administrators who do not want to release all their contents to members at a time. You can set almost any type of content to drip, including blog pages/posts, audio files, video files, images, etc. 
  • Content Synchronization: Rather than dripping contents individually, the DAP membership plugin lets you synchronize contents and drip all of them at once or simultaneously. You can synchronize web content, email contents, or other files for more effective and faster performance.
  • Tru-Protector: The Tru-Protector feature makes it possible for users of this plugin to protect any file at any location. This feature ensures that web source files and other important files are safe and secure. It also has a download protection feature that secures random files with different file extensions, including .mp3, .mp4, .pdf, .zip, and others. 
  • Secure RSS Feeds: Digital Access Pass membership plugin lets you secure your website’s RSS feed. It makes your RSS feeds private and only accessible to approved site members. The DAP membership plugin issues a unique Feed Key to each member for access to the RSS feeds, and members can customize the contents available to them from the RSS feeds. This feature includes built-in feed sharing protection that prevents members from sharing the feed contents to others by locking down the account of such members.
  • Built-in Affiliate System: Site administrators who want to launch an affiliate program can do so using the DAP membership plugin. There is no need to install an affiliate plugin on your WordPress website. Therefore, site members can easily register affiliate accounts and help to bring in new members via referrals. 
  • Sneak-Peek: The Sneak-Peek feature can let you build your SEO and attract more site members. It shows half the contents of your site post or content with the ‘More’ tag. When visitors click on more, it redirects them to register or subscribe to view the full content. They are likely to continue if the Sneak-Peek kindles their interest.
  • Shopping Cart: The Digital Access Pass membership plugin features a shopping cart that allows site members to shop with ease. Site administrators can carry out 1-Click or 2-Click upsells as well as 1-Click downsells via multiple payment gateways. Therefore, you can set one-time offers as well to make payments and purchasing processes simple for both members and administrators.
  • Auto Cancellations: All cancellations carried out by site members are automatic, and site administrators do not have to do any work. The plugin automatically restricts such members from accessing site contents almost immediately. A post-cancellation access feature makes it possible for site members to access contents after cancellation if approved by the site administrators. 
  • Offline Payment: This plugin lets you accept payments via offline methods like bank transfer, deposit, or other online payment gateways not featured. It saves cookies once a member initiates any payment process and stores the intended payment amount. The plugin makes it easy for you to enter these offline payments into the system as if they are made online. 
  • PayPal Payment Support: With the DAP membership plugin you can receive payments via PayPal. Personal or business PayPal accounts will work and integrate easily with the DAP membership plugin. Site members can pay for subscriptions or purchases using their PayPal accounts or credit cards. Once the transaction is approved, the money is debited from their PayPal account. 
  • Stripe Payment Support: You can receive payments via Stripe with this membership plugin. Site members can pay for subscriptions or purchases directly from their Stripe accounts or using credit cards. Once the DAP approves the transaction, the money is debited into your Stripe account. Nevertheless, you can use any Stripe account with the DAP membership plugin. 
  • Coupon System: A featured coupon system lets you accept coupon codes by members for a given payment discount. You can implement this feature on PayPal, Stripe, and regular credit card payment.
  • Built-in Email Broadcaster: The DAP membership plugin incorporates a built-in email broadcaster. Site administrators can make use of this feature to send custom emails to all site members or selected members. An auto-responder feature with Amazon SES lets you set automatic response emails and schedule them for delivery at any time. 
  • CSV Import: You can import a CSV list from any third-party software on your computer. The import feature lets you access and work with such lists directly on the plugin.
  • Forum Integration: The plugin works with all WordPress forum plugins, including popular ones like bbPress, SimplePress, BuddyPress, and XenForo. 
  • Third-party Email Server Support: The plugin supports the use of third-party email servers. Supported email servers include Mandrill App, Amazon SES, SMTP, and AuthSMTP. This makes it possible for you to send out more emails and not worry about sending limits associated with your host webmail.
  • No Limits: No limit associated with any of the features provided by the DAP membership plugin. You can sell an unlimited amount of products and services, accept an unlimited amount of members, broadcast an unlimited amount of emails, and more.

Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Plans And Pricing 

Digital Access Pass Membership is available in four different pricing plans, which include:

  1. DAP 1-SITE: $227 one-time payment 


  • DAP 1-Site license 
  • Content Dripping 
  • Affiliate Module 
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Email Autoresponder 
  • 1-year DAP Upgrades and Support 
  1. DAP UNLIMITED SITES: $297 one-time payment 


  • All features of the DAP 1-SITE plan
  • DAP Unlimited Sites license 
  1. PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP: $39.99 per month when billed monthly


  • All features of the DAP Unlimited Sites
  • DAP and WCP Unlimited Sites license 
  • 2 Hour Concierge Setup tooltip
  • Strategy & Brainstorming tooltip
  • Free 1 Hour Premium Support
  • (CCP)
  • (SSP)
  • (S3MV)
  • DAP Ticket (help desk)
  • FB Share To Unlock (FSTU)
  • (FLM)
  • DAP2DAP (D2D)
  • DAP Header Login (DHL)
  • IPN Redirect
  • DAP Social Login (DSL)
  • DAP Connect (DC)
  • Unlimited Free Installations tooltip
  • Lifetime WCP and DAP Upgrades and Support 
  1. ELITE MEMBERSHIP: $49.99 per month when billed monthly


  • All features of the Platinum membership plan
  • (SPC)
  • CreditStore (Gamification)
  • (SSP)

Note: All four pricing plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers can cancel their subscription anytime within the first 30 days and get paid back in full. 

DAP Support And Documentation

DAP provides reliable support services to customers. Therefore, customers can send contact DAP by sending a message via the Contact Us page and get a reply within 6 hours. 

Also, you can reach the DAP support team directly via email: or via phone with +1 914-844-2525. 

Besides that, DAP offers a support ticket system for handling technical related issues and questions. A ticket sent via the support ticket system is dealt with at a faster rate than the regular contact; it does not take up to 6 hours.

Support is free so long as you have a paid plan, although premium support is also available. For premium technical support, DAP charges you a minimum fee of $50 to provide support via phone or video. 

The support service is, however, not 24/7, they are only available Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM and they are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

There is a well-detailed documentation section with content on how to set up and use the plugin. 

The documentation section features written guides and videos that explain the entire installation and necessary setup procedures to make the plugin functional. Also, there is a knowledge base where users can quickly get answers to their questions.

Best Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Alternatives 

The DAP membership plugin is not the only membership plugin available for WordPress; there are so many others. 

Below are some DAP membership plugin alternatives:

1. MemberPress

MemberPress is a popular WordPress membership plugin used by many WordPress clients. It is relatively easy to install and set up for use. It has some top-notch features that make it an excellent alternative to the DAP membership plugin. 

MemberPress lets you receive payments from site members or subscribers via several payment gateways just like DAP. It supports PayPal and it also supports the Stripe payment gateways.

The plugin lets you restrict content to non-subscribers or non-members of your website. You can also restrict content, like web pages, posts, tags, files, etc. based on member status and others.

MemberPress also supports content dripping and coupons in similar ways, like the DAP membership plugin.

Besides, MemberPress supports mail and forum integration. You can also use it with forum plugins such as BuddyPress and others to create a forum. 

MemberPress integrates well with mail services such as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, etc. The plugin is compatible with Amazon Web Services for improved site management. 

2. aMember Pro

Another widely used membership plugin is the Member Pro plugin. Though not primarily built for WordPress, you can use it to create a membership website on WordPress CMS, and on other platforms. 

Using the plugin is easy. It lets you register an unlimited amount of members/subscribers and sell an unlimited amount of products/services.

A simple management panel makes managing members, subscribers, and their purchases very simple. You can restrict contents and files, view reports, drip contents, and more using the aMember Pro plugin. 

The plugin features a shopping cart and an email newsletter. A help desk is available, so members/subscribers can easily send in complaints. It also lets you register and manage affiliate members.

You can receive payment via different payment gateways with aMember Pro, and it also features a coupon system. It supports English and six other international languages, including French, German, and Chinese. 

3. WishList Member

This membership plugin is fully compatible with WordPress CMS. With WishList Member, you can convert any website to a membership website. Installing the plugin for use is very simple, and it comes with a lot of amazing features. A Getting Started Wizard runs you through the installation and setup process, so it is completed in no time.

The plugin features a well-detailed dashboard from where you can manage all members and subscribers. You can view all available members, their payment/subscriptions, and their membership status. The number of members and levels you can register on WishList is also unlimited.

With WishList, members can protect their content with just a single click. Also, you can protect any content, and you can restrict members’ access to such content.

WishList also features content dripping and sneak-peek display just like DAP.  Several payment platforms are available on WishList Member, including popular ones like PayPal, ClickBank, and Stripe. 

WishList Member allows one-time and recurring payments/subscriptions from subscribers. 

The plugin supports third-party email subscribers like MailChimp, arpReach, Infusionsoft, Drip, and many more. 

4. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a multi-functional software that does more than membership management. It works as a drag-and-drop website builder so you can build your membership website directly with it. The software provides you with themes and lets you create different membership sections.

Also, Wild Apricot processes payments made with credit cards and PayPal. It can hold payment details for recurring payments and subscriptions. Once payment is made, it automatically sends out invoices and updates the member profiles accordingly. 

You can also use Wild Apricot to sell event tickets. The software features a simple email system via which you can easily send and receive emails from customers. There would be no need for accessing your mail via other mail servers.

The software has a mobile app that makes membership management easier. You can access all of its features directly from your mobile device, and your site members/subscribers can do the same.

5. StarChapter

StarChapter software makes association management very easy. It is user-friendly software with impressive features that sets it apart from other membership plugins. The membership management portal is accurate in providing details of site members and subscribers. 

You can use the StarChapter to manage different types of content, including blog posts, pages, forums, and media files. You can restrict content for non-site members or non-subscribers. 

You can even use it to create an eCommerce website where you can efficiently sell your products and services to visitors. Payment is securely processed, and you have a wide range of payment gateways to choose from. 

This software is also useful for event management. It lets you sell event tickets on your website so people can register for such events and make bookings. You can also collect newsletters and send automatic email invitations, reminders, etc. to multiple persons at once.

6. MemberMouse

The MemberMouse plugin does a lot when it comes to membership management. It provides you with a management portal where you can manage your membership site efficiently. 

Selling products/services, collecting subscribers, and registering members are some of the tasks you can do easily with MemberMouse membership plugin. 

MembershipMouse lets you protect site contents using passwords in a way that permits only approved members to access the site contents. You can also use the MemberMouse to schedule content to drip at any given time. 

Nevertheless, MemberMouse supports upsells and downsells, and also makes it easier with the use of SmartTags. It features support automation such that customers can manage their accounts themselves without involving the site administrators.

Conclusion: Digital Line

The Digital Access Pass membership plugin is functional for running any membership website. Aside from that, you can use the plugin to create an eCommerce or file download website. 

Basically, DAP works with WordPress, HTML, and PHP websites, which means almost anyone can make use of this plugin. Since it was primarily built for WordPress, it works very well with the platform and is compatible with several other WordPress plugins. 

The plugin has a lot of features, which makes it a complete membership plugin. With the DAP membership plugin, you won’t need to install any other WordPress plugin or software as it does everything.

Complete documentation is provided so customers would find it easy to install and make use of the plugin. You also get reliable support, though it is not available all the time.

However, some customers might not be very comfortable with the pricing, considering it is relatively high when compared to other available alternatives.

To sum it up, the outstanding DAP membership plugin features make the plugin worth paying for. Besides, finding a membership plugin with as many features as the DAP plugin can be quite challenging.

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