10 Best Gaming TVs Under $300

Having a TV that allows you to play Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 4 Pro at ease is always a great feeling.

The right choice of gaming TV plays a vital role in your overall gaming experience.

The best gaming TVs come with large sizes, excellent image quality, great resolutions like 4K, stunning High dynamic range (HDR) visuals, stable connectivity, and HDMIs to ensure you enjoy playing the games.

When it comes to enjoying the ultimate gaming climax, compromising on crucial features like resolution and display quality is not advised.

Thus, we can say that choosing the right gaming TV is essential to your gaming experience.

However, despite your love for games, you might be faced with a tight budget situation.

You want to enjoy the best gaming experience possible while on a shoe-string budget.

At times like this, the biggest mistake most people make is throwing the core features out the window.

Well, that’s wrong.

Do you know you can still get a well-performing gaming TV within your budget?

Even for as low as $300?

Now, you do!

You see, getting a small budget gaming TV around the $300 price tag doesn’t allow you to compromise on quality or size.

Although, you might find it hard to get the big-sized TVs of 60 inches and above.

A 55inch sized gaming TV isn’t off the table – and that’s a perfect size for any living room.

Despite these features, easily identifying the right gaming TV for you can be a herculean task.

From brand choices to some complicated spec information, making the right choice of budget gaming TV can be difficult.

To make it easy for you, we have taken the time to compile this list of the best gaming TV under the $300 price tag in the market today.

This list was compiled after several tests and considerations to ensure you make a more informed decision.

Let’s find out more below, shall we?

1. VIZIO V405-G9 40 Inch Class V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV

VIZIO 40" Class 4K (2160p) Smart HDR TV (V405-G9)

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Indeed a smart TV, this Class V-Series allows you to have access to popular apps and watch new shows that are fun and interesting in High dynamic range (HDR).

The V-series has a 4K resolution and voice control compatibility with selected devices.

It is a smart and fun device that allows you to enjoy your games on a 40-inch wide platform.

It has a full array LED backlight that gives uniformed lighting to the screen backlight, creating a brilliant picture performance.

It has an inbuilt Chromecast, which enables you to stream lots of Chromecast enabled videos and music apps through the TV

Enjoy fast performance through its octa-core performance and get to connect your game consoles and UHD-enabled Blud-Ray players through the 3 UHD-Ready HDMI ports.

VIZIO V405-G9 40 Inch Class V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV is a fun TV with excellent 4K resolution, high dynamic range visuals and contents that exceed your imagination and above everything else, affordable and within your budget range.

2. TCL 49S325 49 Inch 1080p Smart Roku LED TV (2019)

TCL 49S325 49 Inch 1080p Smart Roku LED TV (2019)

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Fun, Fun and Fun is all you will have with TCL 49S325.

The TV allows you to access all your favorites shows, movies, music, games and connect all your favorite devices through a simple interface.

It has a simple remote and dual WiFi band that makes access to your favorites and fun-filled content fast and easy in full HD.

The power consumption is moderate. The resolution is okay, though it’s not as great as a 4K resolution.

The LED allows for great picture quality, especially in a dimmed room.

It has 3 HDMI ports valuable for your game consoles and other devices. It is also futuristic as it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant functions. Its design is simple and smart and can be easily operated.

The TV is 49 inches, which says a lot about the fantastic views you would experience. It is also affordable and one of the best out there.

3. LG 43UM7300PUA Alexa Built-in 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2019)

LG 43UM7300PUA Alexa Built-in 43" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2019)

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What makes this TV outstanding is that it has plenty of advanced features, yet it’s easy to operate.

How sweet is that?

LG UHD TV UM7300 4K TV is a smart TV that provides you with the perfect picture and sound while watching shows, playing games or streaming apps on it.

With a quad-core processor, the pictures and sounds are enhanced to a wide range and the 4K high dynamic range (HDR) helps to enhance the pictures and sounds scene by scene.

Alexa and Google Assistant are at the tip of operation of this TV and it makes it more enticing to use.

With artificial intelligence, you can stream your favorites with great pictures and sounds quality.

You can hover over your favorite apps recommendations for as long as you want.

This LG TV also has inbuilt Airplay 2 which allows you to connect your iPhone or Apple laptop to your artificially intelligent LG TV.

You have a chance of being an active participant of the digital world, while having a whole new gaming experience with this LG AI TV.

And the best part? You don’t need to rob a bank to do so.

4. TCL 55S425 55 Inch, 4K LED TV

TCL 55S425 55 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV (2019)

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Getting a large TV within your budget range is pretty difficult.

Especially if it needs to have the best features out there.

However, TCL 55S425 55 Inch 4K LED TV is here as a chance at having a large TV within your budget.

With its 55 inch size, it’s safe to say that it is pretty amazing at such price range.

Aside from its outstanding size, it has 4K resolution which is quite impressive.

A 4K resolution gaming experience on a 55 Inch is simply amazing.

It is fast in performance and delivers a great HDR performance.

It is exceptionally good at gaming with its low input lag.

The interface allows you to stream your favorites all day long.

Although it is fantastic for gaming, its brightness levels are low making it more suitable in a dim room.

It is quite affordable and has plenty of features suitable for gaming.

5. TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 49" Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Roku 2017 Smart TV - 49S405

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This is another pretty amazing innovative idea from TCL when considering the price.

Although the company did not start out producing top-quality TVs, the TCL 49S405 49” is a massive step in their production process.

Kudos should be given to them for producing this TV at such an affordable price.

This TV exclusively works better for gamers who live alone or have just a few friends who play with them.

The size is big enough, but of course, you do not expect to get the best from the angle views considering the cost.

Nevertheless, the contrast, sharpness and picture quality are quite up to the standard.

Excellent features such as 4K Ultra HD, HDR as well as a refresh rate of 120hz makes it stand out.

It also has a low input lag.

This ensures quick communication between the controller and the action on the screen.

This feature is a big plus for gamers, especially those interested in racing games as a high input lag can slow down the game and make it frustrating and annoying.

This TV operates on a LED panel technology and also has a standard High Definition Multimedia Interface cable ports wherein you can easily plug in your game console.

There is no problem with the sound quality, but those that love to enjoy every bit of whispers and screams in their games can add external speakers to the purchased package.

You can even still get this without overshooting your budget.

This is one of the gaming budget TV that produces more output than the price inputted into its purchase.

For those interested in getting the best screen to enjoy gaming alone or with loved ones, TCL should be your main consideration.

If you want to enjoy a low budget 49” screen, then consider TCL 49S405.

6. TCL 49S517 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 49S517 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2018 Model)Check Price From Amazon

This is another beautiful gadget piece from TCL.

With its 4K resolution and top of the list contrast, 49S517 is a perfect alternative to the high budget TVs for individuals who want to enjoy the best from gaming.

Every part of it works best for both gamers and movie lovers, its color display is superb, and the HDR and refresh rate also beats the standard.

It has a low input lag; a feature every game lover always looks forward to when purchasing a TV.

For the price, it is good enough for all and sundry.

Although the angle view is not as strong as the larger-screened TVs, it is good enough for those who do not mind sitting in front of the TV while playing games or performing other functions.

It has a smart interface that operates on Roku TV, which you can enjoy the streaming of varieties of channels.

It also supports the Dolby Vision formats giving you better viewing experience.

There is not much more one can ask for from a TV of this price.

Its affordability makes it the first choice for many, and there have been lots of reviews on the TV which gives it an edge over the others when making choices.

7. TCL 40S325 40 Inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV (2019)

TCL 40-inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV - 40S325, 2019 Model

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The TCL 3 series is another low budget TV for gamers that is worth mentioning.

It comes in two different resolutions depending on the size you are interested in purchasing.

The screen has 720p resolution except for the 32S327 while the other bigger screens have 1080p screen resolution.

The resolution is just one of the multiple beautiful features that make the TV stand out.

It has good contrast, excellent response time and low input lag.

All of these are explicitly added to help gamers enjoy every second of playing the game without having to experience unnecessary delays.

The HDMI ports are also worth mentioning; there are three of them, and they give the best function.

There is also a unique composite input with a dedicated adapter.

The option of streaming from multiple channels is also available.

All of these features make the TV perfect for people of all categories with a preference for gamers though.

This can be the TV of choice for individuals or a group of friends who enjoy playing the game on a large screen.

It can also be a second option for gamers who wish to have an additional screen in their rooms where they can enjoy the game to the fullest.

8. Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV – Black

Sony 32-inch 720p Smart LED TV (KDL32W600D, 2016 Model)

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This gadget is officially one of the exceptions of Sony when it comes to cost.

It incorporates the best features and packages all gotten at an affordable price.

This smart TV has a resolution as high as 1080p and also has perfect contrast and sharpness.

The picture quality is superb, and it even beats Roku’s standard.

With a refresh rate of 60Hz and Motionflow XR 240, this 32-inch smart TV is designed to help gamers enjoy the perfect game speed that comes with each game; the racing games being a particular interest point.

The TV comes with a remote control, adapter and video adapter as well as good quality batteries.

This means Sony has specifically helped out with the additives that are usually gotten once you buy the TV.

KDL32W600D is a TV worth having as it also offers two powerful HDMI and USB input.

This makes it much easier to connect your game console as well as any other extensions you would want to add to the TV.

For special lovers of sounds and its beautiful effect, having an external speaker will not be a bad idea as the sound might need to be amplified, though the sound is good enough for those who do not care much about it.

9. Toshiba 43″Class 4K Smart LED TV Fire TV Edition

Futuristic is the right word for the Toshiba 43″Class 4K Smart LED TV Fire TV Edition.

Being a Fire TV Edition allows it to have an inbuilt Fire TV experience with an Alexa voice remote.

With its 4K resolution, you can view all the movies and shows you love in high quality.

It is most definitely an enjoyable moment all round.

Get to experience utmost superiority with the Alexa voice remote, which allows you to control anything and everything at your comfort.

Toshiba is known for its speed and performance, which comes in handy when playing games.

Your game consoles can be connected to any of the 3 HDMI ports on the TV, allowing you to have an amazing gaming experience on the 43″ Inch Smart TV.

Enjoy streaming your favorite apps and shows with high dynamic range visuals and contents.

With an HD antenna, Alexa is ready to search for every live show on-air and TV shows from your favorites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and so on.

You can also subscribe to your favorite TV stations and platforms to allow you to stream continuously with no interruptions.

What more can I say, it has all you can ask for and more and guess what?

It is totally within your budget range.

10. Samsung UN32N5300 32 Inch, 1080p, IPS TV

Samsung TVs are best for watching at angles.

If you are the type that doesn’t sit straight in front of your TV and likes sitting in corners or at angles, then this is your best bet.

This 32 Inch TV has a great view from angles.

And you can be doing other things while viewing a clear view of the TV.

Its resolution may not be as great as the 4K series, but it still gives great pictures and motions.

It is sure a great gaming TV as you get to play at any angle you want.

It is also good for a brightly lit room.

Samsung TV gives an amazing gaming experience and it is very affordable, hence, one of the best low budget TVs out there.


It is essential to bear in mind that these are low budget TVs so your expectation, although raised, should not be up to the standards of the TVs that are worth thousands of dollars.

We have carefully handpicked the TVs that can compete with the standard of those having a high cost. However, there might be one or two features that are either missing or not the best in these TVs.

For instance, some of them might not produce that specific sound you want because of the relatively poor sound quality. This is a minor problem though, as this can be easily resolved using an external speaker with it, which is equally affordable.

The number of HDMI ports is also significant in the TV as this allows you to enjoy the TV better as more gadgets can be connected to it.

The game consoles and speakers, for instance, will fit together easily when there are enough ports to readily available for connection.

The individual TVs also have their specific sizes. What makes this important is the need to consider the size of the room or space you want to install the TV before going ahead to purchase one.

For individuals with a big living room, going for a TV of 32″ or less might not just be a wise choice, so the TV does not end up looking like a tiny box.

Also for those with a small-sized room, a big TV might be unnecessary unless you do not mind having the larger part of your wall covered by a screen.

Whatever your take or option is, the TVs listed above are the best you will get for a low as $300 and even less.

They are tested and trusted with excellent feedback from those who have purchased and used them.

You also should make your purchase immediately.

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