Grammarly vs Ginger – Which Is Better?

English grammar is complex. As a writer, editor, or publisher, it is difficult to be 100 percent right all the time unless you are a professional. Even professionals do make mistakes at times. 

Thankfully, we have grammar checker software that can scan your text for errors in word structures, sentences, phrases, clauses, punctuations, etc. 

While there are so many grammar checker software available like ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, etc., not all can be relied on. If you are looking for a reliable grammar checker, Grammarly and Ginger are good options. 

Here, I will be comparing Grammarly vs Ginger for you to know the best among the two. 

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the most popular and most used grammar checker software. Millions of people use it; a record of about 30 million users daily. It was launched to help improve lives by improving communication.

The software was founded in 2009 by Dmytro Lider and Alex Shevchenko. It is an AI-powered software that checks for grammar errors in real-time.

Grammarly - Your #1 Writing Assistant

Fixing grammar, spellings, style, tone is no more a task. Grammarly does it all at the click of a button. For smooth writing and brilliant communication, trust Grammarly!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

You can use the web editor from your browser or download any of its apps and extensions on your device. It is also available as a keyboard.

Currently, Grammarly boasts over 2,000 enterprise and institution clients with more than 400 members’ team strength. 

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What Is Ginger?

Ginger is both a grammar checker and spell checker tool. It was launched in 2007 by Yael Karov, two years before Grammarly’s launch. Likewise, its assets were bought by Intel in 2014.

The Ginger software processes language using patented software algorithms, and it features a database of words. These are unique algorithms that work to correct written sentences in texts up to 95 percent.

Ginger is mostly used on mobile devices as a keyboard, but there’s also the Ginger Page for desktop and web use. It is freemium software; hence, you can use it for free to an extent before subscription. 

Grammar Checker


Just as its name implies, Grammarly can check for English grammatical errors. It can also check for spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, and misused words, amongst other things.

The software checks this in real time if you’re typing directly in the writer or with the keyboard. If it’s a prewritten work, it scans through the text and lists all grammar errors and corrections in a tab. These errors are also underlined with red within the text. 

Some corrections noted as optional or not too relevant are underlined in blue. You have the option to correct all errors by clicking on their replacement manually, or you can delete/ignore them if they are intentional.


Ginger Software can correct all types of grammar mistakes. This includes the regulars like capitalization, spellings, punctuations, and others, including contextual spelling, misused words, consecutive nouns, etc.

The software checks for errors using patent-pending technology. This technology relies on Ginger’s preset grammar rules that cover adjectives, verbs, nouns, conjunctions, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, and commas.

Errors in texts when detected are underlined red while the correct words are underlined green. These errors are automatically detected as you type and laid out for you to select and make corrections.

If you want to check for errors on an already written document, you should use the Ginger Proofreader. 


Grammarly is a better grammar checker than Ginger as it uses artificial intelligence (AI) while Ginger uses its patent-pending technology (predefined grammar rules). 

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Sentence Checker


Sentence structure problems are among the major errors that Grammarly checks for. It does what the developers tag “clarity focused sentence rewriting.” The software will point out sentences with too many words, verb confusion, and more. This feature, however, can only be accessed with a premium plan.

A punctuation check is one of the vital aspects of Grammarly sentence checking. It ensures that periods, commands, apostrophes, and semicolons are rightly used. The software also checks run-on sentences and word choice.

Sentence errors are underlined in blue and also listed out on the correction tab. You can ignore or click on the corrections to apply.


Ginger features a Sentence Rephraser tool. As the name states, this is a tool that checks your sentences and provides solutions on the best way they should be written. It doesn’t show you just one way to rewrite a particular sentence but in different ways.

An advantage of this tool is that it helps complete sentence fragments, while the built-in English idioms make rephrasing top notch.

For regular sentence checking, the grammar checker handles that. Like the Sentence Rephraser, Ginger also has a specific punctuation checker tool that corrects all types of punctuation mistakes.

Furthermore, the Ginger Spell Checker also points out several sentence errors, especially those that have to do with the parts of speech. 


Ginger has a specific Sentence Rephraser tool that gives it an advantage over Grammarly whose sentence checker integrates with the grammar checker. 

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Style Checker


Grammarly enables you to set how you want to sound while writing; these are featured as goals. To set your writing style, you get to set your audience, formality, domain, tone, and intent.

Your audience can either be expert, knowledgeable, or general. Likewise, informal, neutral, and formal are the featured formalities while featured domains include academic, business, general, etc.

Grammarly - Your #1 Writing Assistant

Fixing grammar, spellings, style, tone is no more a task. Grammarly does it all at the click of a button. For smooth writing and brilliant communication, trust Grammarly!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

There are eight different tone styles to choose from, including friendly, urgent, optimistic, etc. Finally, your intent can be to tell a story, inform, describe, or convince.


Unlike Grammarly, Ginger doesn’t have support for a style checker. This means that the software doesn’t check your tone, intent, and others. The software is focused mainly on grammar and punctuation correction.

The best you can get for a style checker on Ginger is the Personal Trainer. This is a trainer module with exercises to help tailor your writing style in the best possible ways.

It analyzes your writing and then generates exercises based on your mistakes.


In this Ginger vs Grammarly comparison category, the winner is Grammarly as it has many options for customizing your writing style. 

Passive/Active Voice Checker


The Grammarly software features a passive and active voice checker. However, it is only available for paid plans and cannot be used for free.

Nevertheless, for free accounts, passive voice texts are highlighted in orange when you click on Premium; it’ll be up to you to decipher a solution.

The passive and active voice checker doesn’t flag off all passive voice texts as errors. It only checks for misuse i.e., when there are excess passive voices in your text.


Passive and active voice are among the grammar rules upon which Ginger works. They are featured under verbs.

However, this cannot be accessed when you write or scan a prewritten text on the Ginger Page. It can only be detected when you make use of the Sentence Rephraser.

The Rephraser generates alternative sentences in the active voice. You can get up to three alternatives at the page bottom.


Both Ginger and Grammarly can check for passive voice in the text, but I recommend using the Grammarly premium version for reliable results.



Grammarly displays synonyms for every word when highlighted. In fact, you can get up to 4 synonym variations, depending on the word, and you can apply any of them by clicking.

For the Grammarly keyboard on mobile, just click on a word, and the synonyms will be listed in the completions bar.

Grammarly - Your #1 Writing Assistant

Fixing grammar, spellings, style, tone is no more a task. Grammarly does it all at the click of a button. For smooth writing and brilliant communication, trust Grammarly!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

You can access Grammarly synonyms on every Grammarly variant, excluding the Microsoft Word add-on (both for Windows and Mac PCs).


What Ginger features is a Synonyms Finder, as a separate tool from the writer. This means you can’t access synonyms as you write.

To get synonyms, navigate to the Synonyms finder, enter the word, and click on search.

Several synonyms will be displayed, identify the ideal one, and then navigate to the writer to add it. By clicking on any word featured in the Synonyms Finder, you can open another synonym page for that word.


While you can access synonyms on the go with Grammarly, you’ll have to check one after the other with Ginger. Hence, Grammarly wins due to ease of checking synonyms. 

Supported Languages


Grammarly is a grammar checker software that supports only the English language.

However, it supports different variations of the English language. This includes the American, Australian, British, and Canadian English languages. You can set your preferred English language from your account’s customization settings.

Although grammar check is supported for English only, you can set your primary language to other languages like Arabic, French, German, etc.


Ginger has a built-in translator that supports over 40 different languages. In addition, you can directly input more than 40 languages.

The translator is best to use if you want to check grammar in other languages. Simply write in a language that you are very familiar with, make all the corrections, and paste the text into the translator.

A downside of this translator is that it could take minutes to complete.


In this Ginger vs Grammarly comparison checker, the winner is Ginger, which supports multiple languages. Comprende!

Personal Dictionary


Grammarly allows you to maintain a personal dictionary. Hence, you can save non-English words, so they won’t be flagged as errors as you type.

Once Grammarly points the word out for correction, select the ‘Add to ‘Dictionary’ option.

Grammarly - Your #1 Writing Assistant

Fixing grammar, spellings, style, tone is no more a task. Grammarly does it all at the click of a button. For smooth writing and brilliant communication, trust Grammarly!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Words in your personal dictionary can be managed (added, edited, or removed) from your account’s customize settings.  


Ginger features a personal dictionary for saving your words. The personal dictionary can be accessed from the Ginger Page. In fact, it is featured separately from the Writer; hence, you cannot add words as you type.

You can add words from the Personal Dictionary page by simply entering them and clicking on the “+” sign. Also, you can manage the ‘added words’ from this page.

The words in the dictionary are alphabetically arranged for easy sorting.


Managing personal dictionaries is more comfortable with Grammarly as the software supports adding words as you type.

Plagiarism Checker


The Plagiarism Checker is a premium Grammarly feature. It’s simple to use; you either type in the text or upload a document file.

Grammarly utilizes ProQuest’s academic databases – one of the largest full-text databases in the world. Hence, they boast of detecting plagiarism from over 16 billion web pages.

The plagiarism checker scores your work by the percentage of their uniqueness. It also provides ideal resources to make corrections.


Unlike Grammarly, Ginger doesn’t feature any plagiarism checker. As mentioned earlier, the software is focused mainly on grammar and punctuation correction.


With access to databases of over 16 billion web pages, Grammarly wins over Ginger as the software with the best plagiarism checker functionality. 

Compatible Platforms


Grammarly is a grammar checker that can be used almost anywhere. To begin with, you can access Grammarly from any web browser on PC. Not to mention, it has a standalone desktop app for Mac and Windows PCs.

Additionally, Grammarly incorporates browser extensions for Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox browsers. That way, you can check your text as you write on any website.

As mentioned earlier, there are Grammarly add ons for Microsoft Word on Windows and Mac PCs. Finally, there’s a Grammarly keyboard for mobile and tablet devices (iOS and Android).


Ginger is available as a desktop app for Windows and Mac PCs. When installed, it activates grammar checking on all text editors such as MS Word, Notepad, etc.

Furthermore, it is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Safari. For iOS mobile and tablet devices, you’ll have to purchase the Ginger Page app for about $10.

Interestingly, you can only use the Ginger keyboard on Android devices for free.


Grammarly wins due to more supported platforms. Also, it has more browser extensions as well as a keyboard for iOS and Android devices. 

Customer Support & Resources


Grammarly provides help for users via the help center. This help center features helpful articles on several topics such as Account Basics, Issues, Billing & Subscription, Tutorials, etc.

However, there’s no way to reach their support team directly. The option on the site is to fill and submit a contact form. Also, the Submit a Request page walks you through a knowledge base.

You can directly contact their support team by email if you are seeking a partnership. Nevertheless, you can join Grammarly communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for help on any issue. Other resources include a blog and a specific tech blog.


You can contact Ginger’s support via a contact form. However, this is only for technical support cases. You will also have to provide your name, email address, country, city, and phone number.

In addition, Ginger features a help center. The help center articles are divided into 4 categories; General, iOS, Android, and Desktop.

Furthermore, each category features subcategories, including Getting Started, Features, HowTos, and Billing, amongst others.

Other resources available on Ginger include a blog and press release center. You can connect with Ginger on social media via Facebook or Twitter.


Ginger wins over Grammarly here with access to a contact form, although Grammarly has a more informed help center.


Grammarly pricing

Here are Grammarly’s pricing plans:

  • Free plan – $0 per month 
  • Premium Monthly Plan – $29.95 per month 
  • Premium Quarterly Plan – $19.98 per month (charged at $59.95)
  • Premium Annual Plan – $11.66 per month (charged at $139.95) 
  • Business Plan – $12.50 per month/member (minimum of 3 members)
Grammarly - Your #1 Writing Assistant

Fixing grammar, spellings, style, tone is no more a task. Grammarly does it all at the click of a button. For smooth writing and brilliant communication, trust Grammarly!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Ginger pricing

Below are Ginger pricing plans:

  • Free plan – $0 per month 
  • Premium Monthly Plan – $20.97 per month 
  • Premium Annual Plan – $7.49 per month (charged at $89.88)
  • Premium Biennial Plan – $6.66 per month (charged at $159.84)


Ginger and Grammarly both feature free plans. However, Ginger premium plans are relatively cheaper than Grammarly’s. 

Ginger vs Grammarly – Similarities & Differences


  • Both Grammarly and Ginger can check for grammar.
  • They both have free and paid plans. 
  • They can both check for passive voice.
  • Both Grammarly and Ginger feature synonyms.
  • They both support personal dictionaries.
  • Both Ginger and Grammarly feature browser extensions.


  • Grammarly uses AI while Ginger uses patent-pending technology. 
  • The Grammarly app is free for all mobile devices, while the Ginger mobile is premium for iOS devices.
  • Unlike Grammarly, Ginger does not feature a style checker.
  • Ginger facilitates direct contact via a contact form, while Grammarly doesn’t allow direct customer support.
  • Most of the Grammarly features are integrated with its writer, while Ginger features are mostly independent.
  • Ginger doesn’t feature a plagiarism checker, unlike Grammarly.
  • Grammarly has more browser extensions than Ginger.

Pros & Cons

Grammarly Pros

  • Free plan
  • Grammar checker 
  • Style checker 
  • Passive and active voice checker
  • Personal dictionary 
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Available on all major devices and platforms
  • Browser extensions and MS word add ons

Grammarly Cons

  • Poor direct support 
  • Supports only English language

Ginger Pros

  • Free plan
  • Grammar checker
  • Voice checker (active and passive)
  • Moderate support and resources 
  • Supports over 40 languages
  • Personal dictionary
  • Browser extensions

Ginger Cons 

  • App not free for iOS
  • No style checker
  • No plagiarism checker

Grammarly vs Ginger: Which Is King?

We have compared Grammarly vs Ginger side by side. The winner here is Grammarly. There’s a reason why Grammarly is the most used grammar checker software, and that’s because it gives the best results.

Not to mention, Grammarly has more features. Also, with AI, Grammarly can discover more errors than Ginger. Besides, you can use Grammarly almost everywhere.

Finally, you can use Grammarly for free in a lifetime without paying, although you can benefit more from its premium version.

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