15 Best Outreach Alternatives 2024

Generating leads and closing sales is the goal of every business owner. Achieving this goal manually can be challenging, and that’s where a tool like Outreach comes in.

Outreach is an intelligence and engagement platform that enables sales teams to gain actionable insights, manage workflows, and handle the sophisticated buying process in real time, to meet and exceed sales goals.

What makes Outreach.io popular is the real-time AI coaching automation that helps in onboarding and training reps. The virtual assistant guides reps with relevant content so they know how to interact with each customer before, during, and even after the call.

Reps can also use the platform’s proven messaging and playbooks to set the stage for key sales activities, such as social media touches, emails, and phone calls.

Besides, the application shows you how buyers react to various sales activities so you can make decisions based on available data.

Despite these incredible features, Outreach has some drawbacks, too. To begin with, their prices are too high for small and medium-sized businesses to afford. Second, most salespersons find it difficult to navigate the platform’s complex interface.

Additionally, it doesn’t integrate with modern platforms like Google Sheets, which is most people’s primary spreadsheet tool. Plus, it has a steep learning curve.

Not to worry about these drawbacks, though. I have compiled the best Outreach alternatives to help improve your sales process.

Let’s take a look.

Best Outreach Alternatives

1. GMass

The email marketing tool makes sending mass email campaigns from Gmail a piece of cake. This tool lets you send sales emails to various prospects straight from your Gmail inbox.

You can automatically personalize email campaigns and track campaign engagements with precision. GMass also simplifies the scheduling of emails and follow-ups.

GMass has a super user-friendly interface. It works inside Gmail, meaning you don’t need to download an extra email automation app or get used to a new interface. You only need to add the GMass Chrome extension, log into your Gmail, and start sending email campaigns.

Unlike Outreach, GMass integrates with Google Sheets. That said, you only need an email finder to find your prospects’ email and upload the list to a Google Sheet. Next, connect the file with GMass and let the sales reps instantly build an email list from those contacts.

But that’s not all. GMass integrates with Zapier, allowing your sales team to automate the sales process. On top of that, this application comes with an automatic Build Email List tool to stream the email list building for you.

Just perform a Gmail search using a specific keyword and the app will create an email list consisting of the email addresses of customers and prospects associated with the keyword.

When you send an email campaign, GMass generates a report that shows the number of total recipients, unique opens, unique clicks, replies, and unsubscribes.

GMass has three pricing plans. Standard costs $19.95, Premium costs $29.95, and Enterprise costs $49.95.

2. Yesware

This Gmail and Outlook addon gives you everything you need to schedule meetings, email prospects, and follow up straight from your inbox. Yesware has an easy learning curve because it’s integrated into your Gmail or Outlook inbox, which are platforms you’re already familiar with.

Yesware offers email, presentation, and link tracking right from the inbox. While Outreach features link and email tracking, it doesn’t have PDF or presentation tracking, which is an essential element in the sales process.

The presentation tracking in Yesware gives you important insights into the prospects’ level of engagement. You’ll receive a notification whenever prospects open or view a presentation as soon as they do it.

Next, you’ll view the presentation report that will contain insights into the average engagement stats and view times per user and per page.

This feature helps you to understand buyer interest and ways to improve presentations to boost engagement.

Besides, Yesware lets you create and organize campaigns and templates into various customizable folders and share them with the team. The customization of folders streamlines inbox productivity, making your life easier.

You can access Yesware for free or upgrade to the Pro, Premium, and Enterprise versions at $15, $35, and $65 respectively.

3. Salesloft

Salesloft is a B2B sales engagement tool that allows sales teams to close deals. It offers cadence automation that takes all the guesswork out of lead nurture, pipeline generation, and customer renewals. With this feature, you can orchestrate every call, meeting, email, and interaction.

Each activity is automatically synced back to the CRM. As a result, you can engage in personalized interactions throughout the sales journey; from the first lead response to sales and even past sales.

The platform makes sales opportunity management a breeze. No one is in the dark as far as the pipeline is concerned. Managers can view the reps’ pipeline dashboards. They can quickly see at-risk deals and help reps to take the necessary action.

Workflows are automated too, giving the reps the reminders, nudges, and recommended steps needed to keep deals on course.

Automating low-value tasks enables reps to work faster. Besides, they can start their day and run it in one app while their tasks are automatically synced to the CRM.

Salesloft also features call recording and coaching to help you understand how each conversation impacts sales. You can now scale and replicate the best-performing reps’ behavior across the entire team.

I prefer using Salesloft because of its seamless import process. Unlike Outreach that must import an organization’s entire database when sending an email, Salesloft only allows relevant contacts to be imported.

Salesloft doesn’t reveal its pricing on the website. You need to contact them for a quote.

4. Mixmax

Mixmax is a sales engagement platform that upgrades your Gmail inbox with instant scheduling, unlimited email tracking (free), send later, reminders, surveys, and polls.

The email tracking feature alerts you whenever someone opens a message. If you’re sending an email to a group, the tool shows the individual that opened the email, prompting precise follow-up. Besides, you can see how individual attachments and links perform and use the insights to gain more engagement and replies.

Mixmax allows you to choose how you want to receive notifications. You can decide to get email notifications, desktop notifications, or Slack notifications.

And that’s not all. You can engage with your team or prospects without ever leaving the inbox. For example, there’s an option to add collaborators on a customer email so they can view forwards and replies and keep the same invisible to external users.

Do you want to increase reply rates? Use Mixmax to embed polls and surveys in your messages. Polling makes event planning a walk in the park.

You can conduct a group poll and schedule an event on Google Calendar after getting all the replies. Outreach doesn’t have extra features like polls and surveys.

When it comes to pricing, Mixmax offers a free plan. The paid plans start at $9 per user per month.

5. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 was released in November 2016. It combines enterprise resource planning, intelligent business applications, and customer relationship management.

This platform helps you to generate sales based on insights. Once you know the channel that most customers prefer, you can link your reps to those customers. It all starts by unifying data from several sources, giving you a 360-degree view of customers.

Next, you can export segments to the platform to implement marketing campaigns. Executing campaigns is easy, as you can use the built-in AI to foretell customer needs and focus on sales-ready prospects.

Dynamic 365 lets you enrich and unify customer data so you can create customer profiles across multiple channels. Besides, AI-driven recommendations let you unveil new audience segments.

This tool takes B2B collaboration to a new level. You can connect and collaborate with the sales team, accelerate productivity, enhance engagement, and integrate experiences.

Dynamics 365 has more features to drive accurate sales forecasting than Outreach. You can quickly analyze and trigger actions after collecting insights from dashboards, proactive alerts, workflows, and AI-driven data.

The pricing varies depending on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform you’re using. For instance, the Sales platform costs $65 per user per month for the first time and $20 per user per month for subsequent subscriptions.

6. Groove

This sales engagement platform is designed for Salesforce users. However, it also integrates with Outlook and Gmail. The tool’s activities are logged into Salesforce. These include outbound and inbound emails, calls, meetings, and tasks.

With Groove, you can send multichannel emails, manage workflows, and A/B test emails. The application lets you see 100% of the sales activities so you can understand what drives revenue.

Groove claims to give reps more time (20%) so they can focus on higher-value tasks that drive results. More importantly, the platform accelerates digital transformation because it lets you eliminate sync errors, is easy to configure and scale, offers excellent data security, and has low administrative costs.

Groove’s interface is easier to use and navigate than Outreach’s.

Groove doesn’t provide pricing details. You need to request a demo to access the tool’s pricing.

7. Revenue.io

Revenue.io is an AI-powered RevOps platform providing real-time guidance to sales teams at the most critical moments. The platform surfaces and recommends what works, enabling reps to optimize their revenue operation and deliver predictable results.

Reps can focus on having more conversations with buyers because Revenue.io automates trivial tasks and optimizes workflows. Sales teams can use the power of AI to transcribe, record, and analyze each conversation for more effective selling and coaching.

When reps face objections from prospects, they need to know what to say to convince the buyer and close the deal. Luckily, Revenue.io provides real-time guidance so reps can know what to say at such moments.

Unlike Outreach that has a steep learning curve, Revenue.io has an easy learning curve with user-friendly features that teams start using in no time.

Moreover, the platform makes guiding new reps stress-free. Faster ramp times are achieved, as new reps get guidance to navigate through any situation as if you’re right there with them. Simply put, reps can deliver the right message regarding pricing, competitors, and more.

Revenue.io provides pricing upon request.

8. Gong

This tool analyzes the interactions between reps and prospects on web conferencing, phone, and email and delivers relevant insights to your team to help them close more deals. The outcome is more revenue, extra time saved, and reduced onboarding time.

Gong shows a single view of all interactions across the deals to give you a good understanding of the pipeline to ensure sales don’t go south.

Having a 360o view of deals equips you with insight to guide the team so they can strategize and close deals. What’s more, you can assess the reps’ behavior and replicate what’s working.

Gong integrates with numerous applications such as Zoom, Office 365, Zapier, Zendesk, Dialpad, UberConference, Hubspot CRM, Google Workspace, and many others. Outreach doesn’t integrate with most of these apps.

Gong provides customized pricing upon request.

9. Hubspot Sales

Hubspot Sales is another SaaS sales tool to help you streamline every bit of your marketing workflow. It is a reliable sales management software for your sales teams. It may not be ideal for cold emailing, but it has some of the most powerful sales marketing automation features you’d want to explore.

Hubspot Sales lets you send follow-up emails automatically. It offers a built-in activity stream to log the history of each lead. This can help you streamline your link-building and prospecting activities through lead scoring.

You can design customized email templates to share with your teams and improve your sales process. Its sales pipeline editor makes the design process effortless. Besides Hubspot CRM, this tool also integrates with Salesforce and other tools for prospecting.

Using Hubspot Sales is a great advantage to you because it will allow you to link to Hubspot CRM for swift contact management. The tool also gives you access to customizable reports to use when tracking your campaign engagement. Plus, it has excellent customer support.

Although both Outreach and Hubspot Sales have sales analytics, sequences, and a dialer and are available for Outlook and Gmail, Hubspot Sales is more powerful, especially when paired with Hubspot CRM. This combination will get your lead and customer data in a central place.

Hubspot Sales also has unique features like Live Chat to help you connect with prospects as they view your conversational bots and website to ensure quality leads.

It also comes with an Android and iPhone app. You also get to enjoy its extensive task management functionalities and workflow governance within the tool.

Hubspot Sales offers a free plan and three paid pricing options including a Starter Plan at $45/month, Professional Plan at $800/month, and Enterprise Plan at $3,200/month.

10. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management tool that also functions as an account management tool to assist you with your marketing and sales process. This deal-driven platform is pretty proactive and will automatically organize and track your emails and calls and synchronize your schedules across devices.

It enables you to visualize your sales process from the beginning to the end. This boosts your efficiency, eliminating second-guessing among teams.

Pipedrive is easy to set up and utilize, with a straightforward, manageable, and visually appealing user interface compared to Outreach.

To help you organize your contacts, correspondence, and teams, it provides features like contact timelines to see prospects and determine who to contact, smart contact data to pull information about contacts and know your prospects, customers, and leads, and the mail tab to track your critical emails.

Pipedrive provides a library of email templates and a tool to help you build your own. With Its lead generation chatbot, you can set preprogrammed questions and capture new leads and add them to your pipeline using the lead booster. It also includes workflow automation

It offers third-party integrations with Google G Suite, MailChimp, Google Maps, and Zapier, among others. The tool also works with Xero to produce and track invoices and enrich your financial reporting.

Pipedrive has three pricing plans including the Essential Tier at $12.50/user/month, an Advanced Tier at $24.90/user/month, and the Enterprise Tier at $49.90/user/month. It also provides a 14-day trial.

11. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is another SaaS mail merge and a marketing tool used by Gmail and Outlook users. The marketing automation software doubles up as a lead generation tool to help improve your lead management tasks.

It helps you send automated follow-up and bulk emails with custom fields and generate reports to help track the email opens and click-through rates. Woodpecker supports automated replies and drip campaigns.

With Woodpecker, you get a custom lead management feature and engage in prospecting through the Google Chrome extension. It also works with email clients like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook for efficient email marketing.

It offers a 7-day trial and also charges $39 per slot. The other pricing plans are quote-based. Outreach doesn’t offer a free trial.

12. Klenty

Klenty is a sales management platform for automating processes related to drip campaigns, email marketing, cadence tasks, lead management, and tracking prospect activity.

Some of its notable features include customizable fields, event-triggered email, image library, email campaign management, admin controls, domain blacklisting, and CRM plugin.

It makes it easy for your sales teams to upload contact information, send personalized emails and follow-ups while detecting replies, out-of-office messages, and bounces.

Sales teams using Klenty can upload contact details, send personalized emails and follow-ups whilst automatically detecting bounces, replies, and out-of-office messages. You can also detect any duplication and collision beforehand and prevent it.

Klenty’s dashboard enables you to identify those prospects in cadence, view prospect status, sort prospects according to filters like those who replied, who completed cadence, who bounced, those who unsubscribed, and so on.

While Outreach doesn’t offer prioritization in sales activities, Klently always prioritizes prospects and builds intent in the rest. It is also a more user-friendly software that allows you to onboard in five minutes.

Klenty also integrates with applications like Salesforce, Freshsales, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Hubspot. The tool offers support through FAQs, documentation, and an online Helpdesk.

It has three pricing plans including the Startup Plan at $35, Growth Plan at $60, and Enterprise Plan at $100.

13. Freshsales

Freshsales is a sales automation solution that sales teams need to attract quality leads, drive deals with AI-powered insights, nurture relationships with customers, and engage in contextual conversations.

It has built-in email, chat, phone, and telephony. It automates the sales process to increase productivity and efficiency among sales reps. The AI provides insights into the deals to go after and other actions that need to be taken while predicting revenue with sales forecasting.

You can take the necessary step forward to ensure efficient pipeline management. This is the perfect tool to help your marketing teams find sales opportunities, organize client information, and personalize and automate email campaigns.

The software offers a lightweight solution with sensible pricing tiers, customization options, and an AI assistant. It also works with other software to provide a vast feature set, including over 30 languages. It also supports many different currencies.

Freshsales is niche-focused and mainly targets industries such as real estate, SaaS, hospitality, insurance, retail, healthcare, finance, and more. On the other hand, Outreach doesn’t narrow its use to specific industries.

Pricing details for Freshsales include a free plan, Growth Plan at $15, Pro Plan at $39, and Enterprise Plan at $69,

14. Skynamo

Skynamo is an all-in-one field sales management software designed for distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

It helps sales reps to prioritize account visits, recall and track client communications, streamline order submission and onsite information, and plan their day and route effectively.

Generally, I find Skynamo easier to use than Outreach. Besides, the customer details and history are always available, making it easy for reps to start a customer engagement with full knowledge of past info and integration, even if you’re taking a customer account from another colleague.

Management can gain insight into the day’s activities of sales reps, the problems they face in the field, and more. This will help to train them on how to focus on what is driving success.

Skynamo works on your inventory, ERP solution, and accounting to ensure tailored processes for sales teams.

Skynamo’s pricing is based on the number of users, integrations, features, and reporting requirements of the user. It provides a no-obligation custom quote that suits the specific needs of the business.

15. ClickPoint Software

ClickPoint automates the sales follow-up process to eliminate guesswork among sales teams by helping them reach and connect with more leads and prospects.

It captures inbound web leads and phone calls, intelligently prioritizing their delivery to sales reps and teams Besides sales force automation, ClickPoint is also a call center and inside sales lead management software.

Through automated lead prioritization and guided selling, the teams will work their leads efficiently without any complexity. This will help win more deals for the business.

This cloud-based sales force automation tool incorporates efficiency tools such as local presence dialing which identifies and reaches 60% more sales opportunities.

Through integration with RingResponse, the sales department can reach prospects through automated text messaging and email nurturing making it possible to capture them at the right time during their buying journey.

The tool empowers teams to handle massive leads effortlessly and ensure you receive maximum ROI from each prospect by enforcing sales follow-up and prospecting. The simple user interface designed precisely for sales reps help them with tools to reach more prospects.

ClickPoint features a powerful API and other professional services that integrate with your in-house applications. Other capabilities include iOS and Android applications, customized dashboards, workflow automation, animated scoreboard reports, scripts, pre-built lead source integrations, guided selling, and IVR phone capture and routing.

ClickPoint allows sending text messages to any prospect or lead from the communication center. Their text messaging service is better than that of Outreach where texting only works for those numbers purchased through the platform.

ClickPoint pricing starts at $450/month for a team of five users. For an additional user(s) you’ll have to pay $65 per active user per month.

In Conclusion

Mixmax is the better alternative to Outreach. This is because it offers instant scheduling of tasks to help you stay organized.

With email tracking and reminders, you’ll be able to draw in prospects at the right time and convert them.

The most notable feature I like about Mixmax is the ability to engage my team members or prospects right from the inbox.

It helps to streamline the workflow, leading to more efficiency and productivity. Mixmax has everything I need to successfully boost leads and sales by acting on time.

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